... You create your own Reality ...

Who or what are You?
You are the Lord of your own Creation!

You are the Infinite Force of Creation
Creating your own Reality.

All this by means of your Beliefs!

Your beliefs are the thoughts that Create.

Your beliefs are your truth.
Be careful what you belief!

Your Life is what you believe it to Be!
All things depends on You!

You are The Lord and Creator
all happenings and circumstances that happen to You!
This includes your joys and your suffering.

The sooner you realize this - the sooner you get the hang of it.

Your beliefs are the clue to your existence.

... This is the way things Are ...

! ... You are the Creator manifested as a Human Being or Soul ... !

You live this human life in order to understand this
Master the opportunities given to You.

! ... So Be It ... !