E.T. 101
The Cosmic Instruction Manual

Table of Contents Introductory Information The Intergalactic
New Collegiate Dictionary
Transmutational Procedure The Mission Troubleshooting Assistance

The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution

An Emergency Remedial Earth Edition

Co-created by Mission Control and Zoev Jho


This third-dimensional publication of
The Cosmic Instruction Manual
for Planetary Evolution
is dedicated to all our relations.
—The Intergalactic Council

Table of contents

Introductory Information

The Mission
Special Note from the Publisher
A Word from Mission Control
How to Use the Manual

Gerardus here:
This Book is absolutely worthwhile to own and read. Excellent Cosmic Reality Information for all those interested in what's happening on our planet in the next few years. I highly recommend this Book and the best way to get all the 'info' is to email the Author: Diana Luppi