Pleiadian inspired message...

We are fast approaching a grand shift of consciousness and energy 
aided by streams of higher energies coming in from many sources aiding 
in the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. Wondrous 
beings are now getting involved in the process, beings which quite 
frankly are surprised humanity on Earth is still around. Due to our 
primitive aggressive warlike nature and technology superseding our 
spirituality many thought we would have done ourselves in by now. 
Those who are focused primarily on the physical and personality selves 
are unaware of this process other than how it materializes in the 
world of their focus.

The most powerful consciousness and energies are the love and healing frequencies. They move down the vibrational continuum from consciousness to light then energy and mass. Scientists are realizing we are an energy universe and mass consists of energy. Some quantum physicists are realizing the two steps above energy which are light then consciousness. In truth we and the world we live in is condensed consciousness and consciousness is cause the physical is four steps down the ladder. The highly evolved beings are working from the top down inspiring literally heaven on Earth a movement back to Eden. Yes this includes off world visitors for the continuum has many levels and life exists all along the continuum.

There are beings of pure consciousness, beings with magnetized light bodies, beings with energy bodies, and beings with less dense physical bodies just out of our frequency. There are actually worlds within worlds existing right along side of us. The veils between worlds are becoming thinner due to the vibrational lifting and healing process which is well underway on Earth. You are never alone in this multiverse and you will begin to catch glimpses of these other realities. Orbs, shadow people, nature spirits and yes even what is referred to as UFOs will be dropping in and out of your experience. The more you welcome and initiate this experience with an open mind and loving heart the more it will make itself known to you.

We want to clear up some information spoken on our behalf which is in error. Many are led to believe we are here to save them, beam them up and relieve them of their soul lessons. Many are led to believe we will intervene and stop the Earth's healing process. Some think they will ascend, levitate, bilocate at the last moment in the throws of a great quake or tsunami. While anything is possible logic dictates if you have not already levitated, bilocated and ascended most likely it will not be done the instant you need it. It is a process. We are not maids you hang the clean room sign on the door handle and come back to see all your messes cleaned up.

We are messengers inspiring you to clean up your own mess and step out of denial of what this civilization is doing to the Earth. We are also delivering the basic message of action/reaction, the consequences of continuing to act in a way that is harmful to Humanity and the Earth. We are not maids nor are we baby sitters, we serve Creation, honor the Creator in all Creation and there has been a great call from the consciousness you call Earth and many who reside upon her for assistance in what can only be determined as a grand shift which includes cleansing and a quantum leap in evolution.

We are guiding those who are rising to the occasion to make the necessary changes in their lives to flow with the Earth in her healing process. In some cases this means moving from certain areas which will not fair well due to the toxicity of consciousness and deed. It is great to think positive, focus on heaven on Earth but do not be in denial of natures flow and movement or turn a deaf ear to your soul which is screaming at you through your feelings. This grand awakening and healing is not an overnight drive through manifestation. It is a PROCESS and that process involves many levels often with lessons and healing on each level. We are here to assist in the process, not to do it all for you but to assist you in your own Self Mastery.

There are influences that have been very active in undermining the Earth's destiny which is to awaken, heal and join the rest of the universe in peace. The energy on Earth is sufficient now to remove these influences which have been very active with those you call the elite or cabal. The unseen forces behind the forces that pull the strings with you leadership. Once these forces are removed and the awakening humanity comes to the realization of these groups and what they have done in the past their fate will be sealed. What was once a mystery will be unveiled for all to see. It is happening as we speak.

It is imperative that each individual make their own Spirit, God, Creator connection. Realize you are not just a body and a personality. In truth you are a spirit that has a body and personality and that spirit has the ability to transcend all the levels and become one with the Source itself. This awakening once experienced makes the unknown known and an awakened being is very hard to suppress or manipulate. Do not look to your leadership for the truth or support, learn to lead yourself and manifest from within.

Do not wait for the talking heads delivering a controlled message to inform you. Do not seek God outside of self and learn to see the Creator in all Creation which includes you, your neighbor and all life. Transcend cultural and religious boundaries - you all came form the same source and to that same source you will all return in spirit - you are one family. Understand the meaning of omnipresence. Only then will you experience Heaven on Earth.

James Gilliland