! ... I Am Nobody ... !

H: Who are you?

G: Nobody...!

H: Well, everybody is somebody.

G: Not me - I am nobody...!

H: Well, who is the person I see right now?

G: That person appears to be a person but he is not.
     He is universal energy looking like a person.
     As a matter of fact - you create - the person you see.
     You create the perception or image in your head.
     I am similar to an image on TV - not actual!

H: Well, what I see is a person or human and he looks real.

G: All things look real in your head... in your dream.

H: Are you suggesting that I am dreaming?

G: Yes!
     Actually you as a person are not dreaming.
     You as God or T I L are dreaming that you are a person thinking
     that you are you and see me!

H: You speak in riddles.

G: I only speak in riddles to those who do not understand.

H: Do you say that I am God or T I L ?

G: Yes!
     God is what I call T I L - The Infinite Light.
     All of us are The Infinite Light or T I L in human form.
     There is nothing else - but T I L !
     All things universally and all beings are T I L.

H: Does T I L know about all this?

G: No!
     T I L is not a knower.
     T I L also is not self-aware.
     T I L becomes aware and self-aware in and as a human being.
     You as a human being are supposed to learn and know about all this.
     It has to do with who or what you are.
     Here's a question for you: Are you your body?

H: What else could I be?

G: You are not your body!
     You are a spiritual being having a human experience.
     You are Consciousness dreaming that you are a human being.
     Humans think that they are their bodies.
     Most human beings live in an illusion thinking that it is real.
     Bodies as such do not exist!
     There is only Cosmic Energy or Spirit or Light.
     This Spirit or Infinite Light is dreaming that it is humanity.
     It dreams that IT is you - just the way you are.

H: Why would IT want to do that?

G: You as T I L do that in order to become 'Aware of Self' in a human body.
     Becoming self-aware of who or what you actually are is called awakening.
     Awakening to the Self You Are.
     Quit dreaming so to speak...
     Krishna did / Buddha did / Jesus did / many others did.

H: Are these people more or better than others?

G: No, they are not - they were/are awake. They still exist!
     Most of humanity is asleep and dreams.
     Their lives are dreams created by their thoughts.
     Their thoughts, their beliefs and their feelings create.
     Their world is a self-created dream they accept as reality.
     They are able to create because they are the creator dreaming that
     they are human. Human beings are instruments of T I L
     by means of which it creates...

H: What is reality?

G: God or T I L is the only reality.
     All other things are illusions or appearances in a dream.
     This dream is what we call creation.
     The whole of creation is a dream - not real or actual.
     That is why I answered your question: who are you - with - nobody!

H: If you are nobody - am I nobody?

G: That's right!
     There are no bodies or people.
     There are only appearances who seem to be humans or whatever.
     Creation is a universal illusion so to speak.
     It exist as a dream-happening in Consciousness.
     T I L is this Consciousness.
     All things and beings are Consciousness or T I L in form.
     There is nothing else!

H: All this sounds spooky!

G: Yes!
     It's a spooky world and universe - all of it.
     It's very weird and an unreal show that appears real and actual.
     But only when we are still dreaming.

H: How do we awaken?

G: We awaken by living our dream in a conscious manner.
     By knowing that we are dreaming and that we are the dreamer.
     We are the Self, or The One, or The I Am of the universe.
     We eventually awaken because of our dreams and the way we live them.

H: I am puzzled by all this...

G: That is good!
     Keep puzzling about who or what you actually are.
     Before you know it - you will awaken.
     You are 'The I AM' of creation.
     You only appear to be a person or a human.
     You are a temporary figment in an endless dream.
     Your ego is an illusion kept alive by your thoughts.
     You are not your ego, nor your body, nor your thoughts.

~ You Are The Infinite Light In Human Form ~

As The Infinite Light we created the entire universe in Consciousness and when the images were well established we endeavored to live on many planets. Planet Earth is one of these planets. We as The Infinite Light are disguised there as human beings. Most humans do not know this however and all throughout their many repeated existences they search for explanations. The answers become apparent the longer they keep incarnating into human form.  Sooner or later, the 'Light They Are' arises to the top so to speak and voila - they realize who or what they actually are!  All this takes place in a three dimensional environment and when this realization has taken place they are ready to be promote to higher levels of being. This period is rapidly approaching and many of us will recognize that we are TIL. A brilliant future will be our destiny. The 'Light We Are' lives within. The Infinite Light - TIL - IS Creation...