!  Judging others shows a lack of understanding or Love  !

~ Brian's Famous Poem ~

If you think you are alive, you are asleep
If you think you are awake, you are dreaming
If you know you are dreaming, you are awake
If you dream you are asleep, you should weep!

Gerardus here:
In August 2004, Brian Chan, my Eternal Friend as I call him, visited me in Oliver for a few days. Brian has no computer and he is not familiar with the Internet. However, he knows more than any website and this includes mine!  After looking at my Pages for an hour or so - Brian made the following comments...

Brian Chan here:
Hello Gerardus... you keep adding your thread to the tangle and tapestry of the mind of God, who is as surprised and glad as the rest of us, that one more part of itself bothers to value awareness so well that it shares its wellspring with the whole of humanity with wit, clarity and humour...

!  We Are The Infinite Light Experiencing Human Lifetimes  !