! ... You Are ... !
The Infinite Light in Human Form.

... There is no greater being than the one you Are ...
... If you don't know this "you do not know" who you actually Are ...

Who creates physical reality?
Physical reality is created by each individual human consciousness or soul with the same ease as that their dreams at night are created. Physical reality is accepted as real and our dream reality at night is experienced as an illusion. These are the accepted assumptions of the masses - nothing could be further from the truth...

! ... In actuality both realities are perfect illusions ... !

Not too many human souls know this! The greatest majority of human souls are lost in the illusion of physical reality. They have been brainwashed into believing that physical reality is real and in addition they have assumed that physical reality is the only reality that exists.  Now... make sure you read the next sentence twice! Fairly soon, millions of people will change their mind about these false beliefs and assumptions. An enormous wave of awareness is sweeping over this planet...

... Millions of people will change their Mind ...

An enormous evolutionary wave of higher awareness will bring millions of people into Unity Consciousness in a relatively short time. This wave is in progress and eventually billions of human consciousnesses or souls, one by one, will realize that all human souls are The Infinite Light in human form...

In addition to this - some people will slowly but surely discover, that all beings, entities, creatures or souls do not actually exist! They only 'appear' to exist. All are dream figments or characters in the dream we call creation. Actualities and Appearances are two different things...

You as The Infinite Light are 'dreaming' that you are all beings, entities, creatures or souls in the entire universe. You are the dreamer of All That Is! Your dream becomes the accepted reality on all universal levels! There is not one single item or thing anywhere that is not an event or feature of your dream...

This dream is experienced and accepted by all human beings as their daily reality and therefore it is accepted as "The Truth of Their Existence". This is only true however as long as You/They are dreaming the dream of creation...

This is why we as The Infinite Light in human form could say: We Are The Truth, above and beyond all happenings, for all happenings are only appearances in our dream. We are The Truth and the Dreamer!  Meanwhile, we as human beings, in and by ourselves, have opinions and not all of them are true!  So, watch it, what you are reading right now could be nonsense. You decide!  You are The Law...
Yes... you are The Infinite Light and Dreamer! As a matter of fact - as mentioned before - you dream the entire Creation! This means that individual human beings or souls do not actually exist. They/You only appear to exist. You are a dream figment! You as a human being appear as an 'event' in the dream of Creation. Your trouble is that you as a figment in your human dream have accepted that you as a human being are alive and actual. This is not so! You are a dream-character only!  All of Human Life is a subjective reality or dream. Others call it Maya or Illusion...

In our infinite dream of Creation all human beings are appearing and disappearing temporary events. Humans are precisely equal to what happens to sub-atomic particles. We all come and go according to the requirements of The Infinite Light and its dream. Now... my curiosity is asking - is there anyone in control of this dream? Yes there is - all dreamers are. They are able to change the dream for they have choices! To become consciously aware of this is a major aspect of awakening...

Possibly, all this is an amazing revelation and intellectual shocker. Like... where does Creation go when you as The Infinite Light quit dreaming? Naturally this is not going to happen right away - but if it did - your dream of Creation would collapse into nothingness - like all dreams do. Could this be happening when we reach Cosmic Consciousness? Aha! Very nice question Mary-Ann...

... Here is the man many people call Jesus ...
... He is supposed to have said ...

"I am the Truth and the Reality"
.. as well as ..
"I and the Father are One"

... If Jesus indeed said That - He was a very smart Soul ...

! ... This means that he knew that he was The Infinite Light ... !
?  My question to you - Do you realize This  ?

The human being in which The Infinite Light lives is very small. Its greatness as The Light is infinite!  That's why "The Infinite Light Within You" is able to create the illusion of physical reality with the same ease as the illusions in your dreams. We need to remember here - that Human Life is a subjective experience. All of it is a happening that we accept as our so called physical reality - but in actuality it is an illusion. All of it takes place in consciousness only...

To completely understand Universal Life in its Totality
The Infinite Light and its dream of Creation
Human souls is a most difficult Task.

( Good thing we do not have To )

... However it's very easy to be "The Infinite Light" you as a consciousness Are ...
... All of Life in the entire universe is doing this constantly without Effort ...
... It's the easiest thing there is - just be what you are and Smile ...

... Please Remember ...
To enjoy what you are as a human consciousness or Soul
The purpose of your human Existence.

... Please ponder on the following for a While ...

?   Did You Know   ?

That Human Life is a Mystery full of Miracles ...
... and ...
... that you ...
! ... Are one of these Miracles ... !

?   Did You Know   ?

That what you as a consciousness look at
you instantly create in the moment you look at It.

! ... You are not an ordinary human being - you are The Infinite Light looking at It ... !

?   Did You Know   ?

That you live in an energy universe and not in a material Universe.
That all beings, creatures, things and Souls
Specific Magnetic Energy Force Fields.

That your infinite creation or Dream
consist of
Specific Soul-Energy Aspects
Individual Awareness
that are floating
The Infinite Universal Consciousness.
Into which humans look when they look into Space.

Thus when you are looking at the so called out There
You are looking at The Infinite Universal Consciousness
also known as
The Universal Matrix of Holographic Quantum Energy
- shortly called -
The Cosmic Information Spectrum.

This spectrum is your Infinite Subconsciousness
The Infinite Light You Are.
You as a human soul float and live within this Totality.
You are a consciousness-cocoon floating within the Whole.

When you as a human being look at your Surroundings
Become aware of happenings or Objects
You as a human consciousness or Soul
- collapse -
Cosmic Information Spectrum Energies
Your own specific human Reality
You as a Human Consciousness or Soul experience what you Observe.

! ... You create this right on the Spot ... !

You as a human consciousness or Soul
- create -
Your own reality because you Are
The Infinite Light or The Infinite Creator.
Human Form.

What you are looking At
Create your human reality From
Your Universal Mind or Consciousness
Into which you are Looking.

! ... You are looking at what you actually Are ... !

From this Cosmic Information Spectrum
You Select
The Happenings and Lessons You Need
In order to Awaken to the "actuality" of your infinite Greatness.

You Are
All That Is
Always have Been.

Your very existence as a human being is the very Happening
! ... Getting to know YourSelf ... !

Aspects of these Happenings
Living many lifetimes or Dreams
So called human Beings.

Each human lifetime is a tiny aspect of the Discovery
- That You Are -
! ... The Infinite Light of Creation ... !

?   Did You Know   ?

... That All Religious People Are Mentally Immature ...
... All of them are followers and none of them is Authentic ...
... All are brainwashed by their Parents and their Contemporaries ...
( All this is perfectly normal for planet Earth )

When "The Sleeping Infinite Light Energy" Within
- Awakens -
The average human being begins to learn something about Itself.

Until Then
All Human Beings
"The Walking Dead"

! ... If you do not know "who or what you are" you are still Asleep ... !

( For more on this 'sleep' read this Article )

Original 2010/02/02   Revised 2011/08/23