? ... What is My Purpose in Life... ?
... My name is Gerardus Everardus Tros and I was born on Dec. 25 1927 ...
... I am a bringer of Light ... It is genuine and Free ...

I came to this Planet
in order
To raise the level of awareness of Humanity.

I do this by means of my Writing
I began to write well over thirty years Ago.

All my work is on the net and it is absolutely Free.
To read it all could well take the better part of a Year.
Thousands upon thousands of people have enjoyed my Work.

! This is Great !
( Check and See )

Reading my Writing
... raises ...
The level of your Awareness.

?  What is the Purpose in your Life  ?

!  Share my work and you have found your Purpose  !

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The words above are true for people who believe that they live in a physical reality. The actual reality is that they live in an illusion. All of them are dreaming that they live in physical bodies. Not so! Your body is an illusion and your life is a dream. Your body is a figment in a dream! All of us are The Universal Consciousness dreaming. The dream is creation! What does this make you? You are this dreamer - it is time to awaken...

Creation is the expression of The Universal Consciousness or The Infinite Light. It expresses itself in order to entertain itself by means of its expressions. Humanity is one of these expressions. My best article! Click and Read ...

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