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Kick off your shoes and stay a while.
... However ...
My wisdom is only my Wisdom.

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Possible only One Person out of a Thousand is interested in Metaphysics. That One Person is mentally and spiritually more mature than the masses of mankind. From within these masses a few people arise and You are One of them...

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? What is a Self ?
? Who is my Soul ?
? Who really are We ?
? Do we have Free Will ?
? Do Animals Have Souls ?
? Was Jesus a Real Person ?
? How many Lives  do we live?
? Is there a Secret Government ?
? Is there only One Absolute Truth ?
? Are we all prisoners on this Planet ?
? Are UFO Beings our Friends or What ?
? Are Aliens more evolved than we are ?
? Are some more equal than others ?
? Is our World  a  Planned  Event ?
? Why is the World so Messy ?
? Do you desire  to be Free ?
? Is there Life and Death ?
? Are  All  Aliens  Bad ?
? Why are you Here ?
? Does God Exist ?
? Who Are You ?
? Who Am I ?
? What is Truth ?
? Are Dreams Real ?
? Is God  Good or Evil ?
? Do we all live but Once ?
? What do we do about Life ?
? Is there only individual Truth ?
? Are Animals  Lower than Man ?
? Are we nailed to a matter cross ?
? Are Religions Our Biggest Enemy ?
? Is living in matter real or an illusion ?
? What is the  Best Way  to live our Life ?
Please take into consideration that the above questions and answers are only opinions of my individual mind. Individual minds however do not actually exist - all of us are the Creator's Mind dreaming our life. We witness our life with a human awareness. Life or Creation is the Creator's Dream - it is our Dream!  To awaken from this Dream is our Destiny...
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The Soul-Mind and the Body-Mind
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The Apple of  Eve and Eve
The Mind of God in Action
Our World - Our Creation
What is a Human Being?
Man the Infinite Creator
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The Boiling Water Pot
The Realization of Self
The One Thing Sublime
What is Metaphysics #3
The Observer's  Position
Awareness and Ingenuity
A Universe full of Illusions
It is a very unique Treasure
The Merry-Go-Round Of God
What is the Purpose of Life?
Are we lost in Virtual Reality?
Reality is Perception is Illusion
The Time Lords and their Pulses
WoW - Woofs of Wisdom - WoW

I Am the Within
Forever I am what I am Without
All my Expressions are Finite and I am all of Them

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... Truth is Simple ...
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? Hu R We ? | Soul ONE Speak | You Are Life
Soul reflections in Matter | We created our own Spooks
The Uni and the Net -- Words of Realization | The World is our Mirror
We are The Reality of the Within | Observations | Conspiracies are made in Heaven

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Time is the frequency upon which I paint my Dreams
And when my brush touches the fabric of Space
A billion planets unfold and become Illusions
They are accepted as realities in the minds of the children I Am
See Maukie First

? .. ? .. ?   The Great Hour Glass of Questions   ? .. ? .. ?
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? Is all the hype about the Internet a technique to divert us from the real thing ?
? Are we moving into the Fourth/Fifth Dimension of our creative endeavor ?
? If the force of the universe is Love why are so many people suffering ?
? Are we created by some God or did we do the creating ourselves ?
? Why are so many people suffering because of religious wars ?
? How long is it going to take before things improve ?

? Is the nature of our ordinary life like a dream ?
? Who or what is this force people call God ?
? What is wrong with the world nowadays ?
? What is conscious self-development ?
? What is the Christ Consciousness ?

? What is the purpose of Life ?

? What are these UFOs all about ?
? Is physical reality the only real reality ?
? Why are some people wiser than others ?
? Is reincarnation a belief or an actual reality ?
? Do we indeed live before birth and after death ?

? Are all human beings hypnotized and do not know it ?
? Why are some people mature and others are like children ?
? What is Time really and what is Space... and who creates them ?
? Is physical reality an artificial environment and if so... why is this so ?
? What is the purpose of Religions and is the Bible the answer to our needs ?
? Has the race of mankind been dominated by negative forces for ages and ages ?
? Is it true that Life is meaningless and that we must make Life meaningful somehow ?

Many questions and others propositions are answered in the many Works of Gerardus.  His essays are shared all over the Internet and you are welcome to capture them cost free. You may ask for the latest issues by contacting him at QuickNotes. And yes naturally, if you want to check out whether this chap is for real or not, join The Famous CosmicCookies List where he shares his Cookies. Or join the newly reincarnated Email List called TriLite where he shares his views...

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~ Brian's Poem ~

If you dream you are alive, you are asleep
If you think you are awake, you are dreaming
If you know you are dreaming, you are awake
If you dream you are asleep, you should weep!

Gerardus here:
In the beginning of August 2004, Brian Chan, my Eternal Friend as I call him, visited me in Oliver for a few days. Brian has no computer and he is not familiar with the Internet. However, he knows more than any website and this includes mine! After looking at my Pages for an hour or so - Brian made the following comments...
Brian here:
Hello Gerardus... you keep adding your thread to the tangle and tapestry of the mind of God, who's as surprised and glad as the rest of us, that one more part of itself bothers to value awareness so well that it shares its wellspring with the whole of humanity and with the wit of clarity and humour...
!  Judging others shows a lack of understanding or Love  !

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TriLite's Second Incarnation

An open Metaphysical and Philosophical Discussion List, where posts about the Sciences and World Affairs are welcome. This is TriLite's second incarnation within ten years. Share your Heart and Soul in preparation for complete openness in the higher densities. If you know of any previous TriLite Members please send me their name and address or send them an Invitation. No doubt we are refreshed and a lot wiser by now. Let's round up all the old Members and discuss what we have learned in all those years. Naturally any other Soul may join as well!  The purpose of the List is to discuss the transition to the 4D/5D reality!  We must break the 3D Mind-Bubble that became our prison. We need to connect with our intuitive or infinite Self. We must face Expansion... Openness... Infinity!  Great Times Coming Up...

Post excerpt from Fred:
The key to the Truths existent in all of creation is the concept of limitation. Specifically, it does not in fact exist! This is where organized religion steps into the fray. By creating a false illusion of limitation, it facilitates control over the masses, which was/is the entire point of its existence to begin with. As long as humans in 3d reality can be made to believe in limitation, they can be controlled. For more of Fred's writing Click Here...

Post excerpt from Mahroukie:
To me spiritual practice is effortless. Natural... Spontaneous... Joyful... No big deal... No working at... No trying... No promotion... No higher and lower...

Post excerpt from Gerardus:
We as Souls are actors and we all have our lines or script. We follow our script as if this is the only Truth there is. Truth however -is- What We Are!  This Truth cannot be expressed in words. We as Souls play in a Global Performance repeatedly and in each lifetime we have a different script again. The thoughts and words in our script are but temporary opinions and they create a personal reality in which we are the main actor. Dropping our script and our personal history is Self-Realization...

From Leonard's post...
Excerpt from the book Three Magic Words by U. S. Andersen:
I have complete confidence in the wisdom and the power of the Universal Subconscious Mind. I do not predict the manner in which each of my thoughts will manifest; I have complete faith that TIL moves in the most perfect manner. There is no such thing as lack unless it is accepted; the universe has infinite supply. Vigour and health, abundance and success are mine, for I choose only such thoughts. Love abounds in a universe where I am one with the immortal Self, the Universal Subconscious Mind, TIL. My every decision is answered from a perfect and inexhaustible source of power...

From Sal's post...
There are beings at every level of the Universe -- some have microscopic limited awareness and some have the awareness of entire galaxies. In fact, galaxies are conscious beings on a higher level. We are Gods in our own right, living in a sea of Godhood that is simultaneously aware of itself and the entities that make up its body.   Sal's Website - Right Here...

From David's writing...
When you were born, you were closest to the fundamental diagram of the human body, the original mould. Later, as you live, you work upon the mould, making your own unique contributions, relative to your own unique will. Your will came with you from the spirit world, and goes with you when you die. Your independent will defines the independent nature of your spirit. David's Website is Right Here!
... Thank you for the TriLite Symbol David ...

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