... The Internet and the Universe ...

?  What is this Mighty Man The Creator up to Next  ?

The following is a gross simplification of the processes of creation and the description of the original entities responsible for this endeavor. It is not meant however to belittle the Forces of Creation and/or the Universe. Neither is it meant; to shock you into a state of confusion. On the contrary it is meant to describe and emphasize the tremendous accomplishment of the creation of the matter worlds and all creatures upon them. All this, is truly an infinite Celebration!

God is the energy of creation.
The other night, in one of my many dreams I was wondering about the Internet and all its interconnections and I thought well, there it is: a perfect example of the creations of Man the Creator! I have no idea how old the Internet-System really is and neither do I know who the original creators were. To me it is just a commodity and for the rest, well it's just there and I use it a lot. It's the same with the Earth actually. I don't really know how old it is and I also do not know the names of the original creators. All I know is, that it was not God, for God is the Energy of Creation. Not the Creator! So, who created the Earth and all the rest? Well, it's very simple! The Earth and all the rest was created by the same creators who created the Internet-System. Man! Yes, Man Universally. Well now... isn't that a shocker?

Anyway, all this became crystal clear in my dream.
Funny dreams I have... sure. However, I'd advise you not to believe them and I suggest you just let them pass through your mind. Anyway, I feel that my dreams are my personal revelations and most often they turn out to be true. I like the thoughts in my dream! Well, that God is not the Creator of the universe is quite the statement naturally and no doubt it needs a bit more thought or creation. Well, let's try. We begin with the Internet-System and its famous Cyberspace and then slowly wander over to the Earth and its Space and all the things we see upon this Earth and around it.

It's absolutely splendid.
So what really is this Internet-System? Well, as we know there are millions of pieces of wire involved, internet-servers and their computers, and then there are the people like you and I with our computers and modems. And not to forget our thoughts, ideas and other tales or tall stories that travel across this Cyberspace...

This CyberSpace?
What really is Cyberspace, but wires, terminals, computers, modems and more of the same on the other end. It is not really a Space, for it is a massive investment in material equipment of a very sophisticated nature. Wizard stuff! Well, except the wires naturally and the telephone exchanges and all the tools to keep track of things. That's ordinary stuff. Anyway, the Internet-System is a form of matter that is utilized in a certain fashion and by golly the fact that you read this, proves that it works. All this is the very creation of mankind! A tremendous feat of engineering and cooperation for mankind. How would we ever do without it? It's absolutely splendid. Meanwhile, we also need electricity to run all this equipment. By golly, that might be the most important ingredient after all. Sure the energy or Essence that runs the show is the power of electricity and we even could call this Power God maybe. In any case - please pay the bill...


Well, let's try to list out the requirements for the Internet.

1 - People and their Thoughts.

2 - Computers and their Modems.

3 - Cables, Wires, Terminals and Connectors.

4 - Real Estate, Buildings and their Phone Exchanges.

5 - Listservers or Collectors of Thoughts on Computers.

6 - Electrical Power Generations Systems and their Operators.

7 - And naturally the ingenious Creators of the entire Internet System.

Now! Let's wander over to the Earth and see what we have there. We certainly have the first: 1) People and their thoughts. Before the Earth existed however, these people were Spirits and their very thoughts created the Earth and all that goes with it. Who were they? Well, they were the first Spirit Thinkers or Creators who visualized that it might be possible to create something that was different than themselves in form or substance. Maybe they are the Super Archangels or Time Lords, the true Originators of Mankind Universally. They put their minds to work and their long contemplations were eventually realized in the simplest terms naturally. They created matter and their creations were something, that closely resembled their thoughts with a slower vibration or speed naturally. Their Thoughts became visible. Like magic! Hmmmm...   This Hmmmm sounds like Ohmmm...

Is this what needs to be remembered?
Their very first creations were like the feeble beginnings of the Internet-System and its equipment. It took a lot of doing and thinking to make their creation work. Once it got started however, well there was no stopping it. They are both so huge now, that the originators can hardly keep track of it. This is especially true on Earth, because the creators of it live in their own creation and by golly they have forgotten who or what they really are. They do not know anymore when and where it all began! Aha... is this what needs to be remembered? Well, wouldn't you know it! Hmmmm...

That's why they began to live there!
So for the creators of the Earth and for the creators of the Internet, we see that we not only have the first item on the above list but - also the last, number 7. Naturally, when they began creating, they were not aware of all the possibilities, for if that was so, it would be useless to start the whole thing in the first place. It is the experience and the very surprises along the way that make it interesting. The reward is the Journey! That's why the creators of the Earth began to live on Earth by means of us. Please tell me - where is this Earth? Hmmmm?

Our bodies are very important!
Anyway, point 1... and point 7... are taken care of. They are the Thinkers or Creators! Now, how about point 2? What does it represent but our own bodies or vehicles we as Spirits live in. As a matter of fact, our bodies make it possible to create the computers, keyboards, the phone exchanges and all the interconnections in the first place! So, our bodies are very important! The point however is - who created our bodies? Well, our bodies are our own thoughts slowed down to a frequency that makes our bodies believe that they are real! They are made of a substance our body minds call matter. Matter however is Mind in Form. Next question: what are body minds? Body minds are Spirits functioning in a matter reality, they merge with brains and senses and accept matter to be real and solid. In other words - body minds are a combination of two minds - the spirit or soul mind and the body mind. They merge or unite and they become the collectors of memories of the experiences in matter. Again and again... Hmmmm.

The very universe is the power supply.
As a matter of fact, once we look at the list of seven points again, we find that points 2, 3, 4, and 5 are the things we are able to create, only because we live in bodies (Which really means; that bodies enable us to handle a specific energy that we as Spirits would never have been able to handle). We form, mold and shape it into forms we call material things. All these things really are energy moving with speeds that we as body minds can see, experience and then say - this is real. Well, I'll be Hmmmmed indeed! Well, what about point 6? Sure, that's an easy one, for it is the very power of the atom with its many electrons, or the energy of the universe itself that is at work here. The very universe is the power supply. There is lots! It's God doing its Job... Hmmmm...

Generally we use and abuse them.
Well, what are atoms and their electrons? Good question! And you know; I must take a big leap here, for nobody really knows what they are for sure - we only think that we know what they are and what they do. They fuel the entire matter universe and if you are really nice to me I'll tell you what I think they are. They are the Essence of the Universe or God and everybody lives on them. We eat them, pump them in our tires, make computers out of them and generally use and abuse them in any and all places. If it was not for these atoms or energy vibrations, we would be Spirits again! I think they are the very Essence or Energy of Creation...

Like little bats out of hell.
Naturally they are not really matter at all, but you know, for now - we could call them the movements matter is made of. And since they are actually the Energy of Thought, the material things in the world are an illusion! Material things are the slowed down Energy of Thought or Consciousness. Slowed down but not solid. These tiny wavicles move like little bats out of hell. You can only see them when they appear by the billions and vibrate in synchronism in order to create an Energy Field that we are able to experience. And then we say - I see a girl, or a bird, or a car, or a frog. What we see or experience are slowed down thoughts. Hmmmm... is that what matter really is - a slowed down Energy Field? Material things are Frozen Energy Fields of atomic or electromagnetic vibrations. Funny stuff - this matter!

Body, Mind and Soul?
So what points are left on the list? Well, only point 6.  Points 2  3  4 and 5 are like Body, Mind and Soul - they are what WE are!  Hmmmm...  What are mind and matter really though? Well, it's quite simple. First of all mind and matter form a continuum and this continuum is an aspect of the Energy of the Universe. They are Expressions of the Universe! So really then, the creators of the Internet System and the creators of the Earth are one and the same Force or Entities. Some are more powerful and crafty than others naturally - but they are all made of the same Energy! They all are our Creative Mind at work! Surely this means that the Creative Energy of the Universe creates all things and it does this by means of Mankind and other Beings. So, who created all we have spoken of? Mankind naturally... The Creator in Man! The Universe, acts by means of Mankind and other Beings and they create all Things and Beings through out all densities....

The Nest of Nothingness.
This really means; that Man is the active aspect of the Universe, and the inactive aspect of the universe is the Source. However, this inactive aspect of the universe in actuality is the most active of all! It's Life Itself by Golly! All things have to come from some form of Energy and maybe this energy is really the Infinite Subconsciousness - The IS - the so called Nest of Nothingness or Void. Creation itself then arises out of The IS - it becomes reality.

Everything you see is made by Co-Creators.
One thing is for sure - the universe could not do one thing on its own. Man and other Beings are the active aspects of the Source - or the Creators! We could say that Mankind and other Beings are Co-Creators and they are therefore the creators of the Internet System as well as the very creators of the Earth. This means naturally, that everything you see is made by Co-Creators. Yes, the Internet as well as the Universe! Well now, come to think of this - that's worth at least another ---- Hmmmm?!?

Man is not just a being on earth.
Man is a universal being and lives in all densities or dimensions in all kind of different forms.
All universal beings are aspects of a symbiotic relationship.