~  TriLite Members Quotes  ~

~  Collected since 2005/03/19  ~
( Not kept up to date )

001 - Life is already perfect. (Gee) 

002 - Words are Fine - Silence is Better. (Gee)

003 - What am I, some quoting fool? 
      I say new stuff all the time, no old stuff. (Ben - son of Jen) 

004 - Life is a dreaming game where all dreamers are the One Dreamer. (Gee)

005 - I am a "one and only" holographic segment of TIL and the "I am" (self) 
      is the only essence of originality in my consciousness. (John G.)

006 - Divine Order arises from Divine Chaos. (Jen) 

007 - Every cloud has a silver raining. (Jen)

008 - Truth is different from reality. (Sal) 

009 - We live on the cutting edge. (Sal) 

010 - Does this path allow me the freedom to discover the truth for myself, 
      or does it dictate a rigid system or theology i must follow in order to 
      be saved? (Sal) 

011 - Reality is perceived while truth is known. (Sal) 

012 - Dimensions are like worlds within worlds. (Sal) 

013 - The brain is the most complex object known to man. (Sal) 

014 - The mind is the instrument of the spirit and the bridge to the soul. (Sal) 

015 - Freedom is just being who and what we truly are. (Sal) 

016 - The fourth dimension is the bridge between the worlds of matter and 
      the worlds of spirit. (Sal) 

017 - When we cross the bridge to the fifth dimension, we leave the worlds of 
      duality and enter into an entirely different world of love and unity. 
      The fifth dimension begins with the etheric plane, an invisible realm 
      beyond the astral and mental levels, and, a doorway to the heart. (Sal)

018 - Much gathers more. (Susan) 

019 - Much is the only thing that can gather more. (Susan) 

020 - You won't become more, if you associate with less. Susan) 

021 - "I" IS what I "IS" 'cause that's what I "IS". (Susan) 

022 - GEE WHIZ !!! (Susan) 

023 - NOTHING like a good game of "chest". (Susan) 

024 - A purr-fect life always includes a "magic wand". (Susan) 

025 - Dogs have masters, cat have slaves. (Susan) 

026 - NO, is an answer. (Susan) 

027 - Life should be a three-way street, sometimes your way, sometimes my way, 
      and sometimes our way. (Susan) 

028 - The Great Spirit of God blesses the traveler, who journeys the length, 
      width, and depth of the light". (Susan) 

029 - I'd rather have a few days of bliss... once in a lifetime, than to never 
      have tasted bliss. (Susan) 

030 - Always have your elevator in the "up" position, you might be amazed 
      at who might want to take a ride on it. (Susan) 

031 - Somewhere in Texas there is a village... that is missing it's idiot. 

032 - Sometimes it is better to De-Bush and Re-Tree. (Susan)

033 - This planet is controlled by Brute Force, Fear and Lies. Good thing 
      it's only an experience. In a way, it is getting to know what Truth IS. 
      First of all we need to experience and know all the Lies. What's left 
      over is Truth! It's what we are! (Gee)

034 - Gerardus open your mouth... and your whole mind becomes a parade. (Susan)

035 - The difficulty of life is in the choice. (lynda schwenger)

036 - Be completely happy and content with exactly who you are and what you 
      have. (lynda schwenger)

037 - Few are the lives that are lived without regret. (lynda schwenger)

038 - The true nature of God is love, wisdom and power which correspond to 
      heart, mind and will. (Sal)

039 - Regardless of what steps you take next in your life, remember one 
      thing -- who you are is always greater than anything you can conceive. (Sal) 

040 - The way to ensure the best possible future is to awaken to our fifth 
      dimensional selves and look upon the HEAVEN within. (Sal) 

041 - There's no limit on how far we can expand. (Sal)

042 - There are no original quotes - only words we have forgotten about. (Gee) 

043 - Telling truth creates enemies. (Gee)

044 - When it comes to energy, we are like fish looking for water. (Sal) 

045 - Pain is resistance to what is. (Sal) 

046 - Suffering is resistance to pain. (Sal) 

047 - The cause of all suffering is making someone or something wrong. 

048 - The cause of separation is judgment. (Sal) 

049 - The cause of judgment is separation. (Sal) 

050 - The circle of fear: Fear creates attachment. Attachment creates pain. 
      Pain creates experience. Experience creates memory. Memory creates 
      thought. Thought creates Fear. (Sal) 

051 - There are more paths for information to flow in one human brain than 
      there are atoms in the known universe. (Sal) 

052 - You can transcend karma by learning to love and forgive yourself and 
      others. (Sal) 

053 - The greatest paradox is the fact that we are evolving back into the 
      Godhead and simultaneously becoming individual gods in our own right. (Sal) 

054 - Darkness is the absence of light. Darkness is also ignorance. 
      Darkness is also the void. Darkness is also a concept that opposes 
      the light. Darkness is an illusion. (Sal) 

055 - Evil is the act of separating out one or more aspects of Creation and 
      judging them as being less deserving of love than other aspects of 
      Creation. (Sal) 

056 - Everyone eventually wakes up, but it can seem to take forever. The 
      worst that can happen is that we will take a very long time to learn 
      our lessons. (This assumes there is no such thing as the "second 
      death" where souls get recycled back into the Godhead if they don't 
      learn fast enough) (Sal) 

057 - Not my own, but worth saying: "I'm not perfect. I once thought I had 
      made a mistake, but I was wrong." 

058 - Also not mine: "Those of you who think you know everything are 
      annoying to those of us who do." 

059 - What if everything you think you are is not you, and everything you 
      think you are not is really you." (Meditate on this seriously for 
      as long as you can.) (Sal) 

060 - Free will and predestiny are both true. Predestiny involves becoming 
      aware of all the choices you have made, are making or will make in 
      the future and the infinite variety of paths that result. (Sal) 

061 - Everything is possible, including the possibility of impossibility. (Sal) 

062 - Once you've truly awakened, it is impossible to go back to sleep. (Sal) 

063 - We are God pretending to be separate and desperately looking for a 
      way back to ourselves. (Sal) 

064 - We are 12-dimensional beings pretending to have only three dimensions. (Sal) 

065 - My present self is my future self to my past self until it becomes my 
      present self. (Sal) 

066 - At some point in the future, we will realize we are already 
      enlightened. (Sal) 

067 - We are eternally innocent. Nothing can change this, although we can 
      believe we have sinned. (Sal)

068 - No Being, not even God or TIL, knows it all consciously! 
      God or TIL is the Fire behind the Heat - but the embers do the burning.
      We are the embers engaged in the Fire of Life (Gee)

069 - All judgments proves a lack of awareness. (Gee)

070 - We are infinite Giants living and thinking like limited Dwarfs. (Gee)

071 - The worst kind of blindness is when we are unable to see
      that the cages we keep ourselves in, are of our own design. (Chris S.)

072 - Awareness and creativity are identical twins. (Gee)

073 - The universe is a YayaNono - everything contradicts each other. (Gee)

074 - Lust is a very healthy passion. (Gee)

075 - We all create our own universe right from scratch. (Gee)

That's it for now! - Gee