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- - CosmicCookies 030118 - -
This poem especially spoke to me. Thanks for sharing the beauty of these words. Peace and love,
Sharon Pacione ( Wdestiny44@aol.com )   Sun, 19 Jan 2003

Born_to_Question@hotmail.com writes:
I have read a fair number of snide comments on this board, people trying to make themselves, seem and feel better than others. So yeah the vibes haven't been good. It is not an atmosphere I like. While I could play the ego game with you all and fair reasonably well, it is not the road I intend to travel....

John here: Hi Richard!
I've refrained from involving myself in "the" debate but have followed closely. In my NPCO (not politically correct opinion ) both you and Gman are w-r-o-n-g! You've each assumed that you "knew" what the other "believed" in -- or, at least, what the other way "saying". Discussions get distorted when there are semantic differences that continue unresolved. Did I miss it? I can't recall a "meeting of the minds" on the broad definitions of "knowing" and "belief with both of you "coming from" the 3D mentality. Until there is full "resolution" on the meaning and use of the language appreciation for opposing or "tinting" views is assured. Did either of you -- in the past discussions, note that "knowing" is usually historical in origin, and, believing is anticipatory -- has to do with consequences? I understand the influences that present and give you some desire for anonymity. With all the abuses of the information available about us on the Internet; caution is certainly advisable. I joined this group shortly after it was originated -- the "old" TriLite. At the time, I had been studying metaphysics some 25 years and I was very impressed with Gerardus's knowledge, intuition, inspiration and particularly with his patience with contentious, often eager, learners. However, I did not -- in those "early years" (about 7--8 years ago), feel intimidated or, at risk, by putting personal info on the website. Indeed, we even had a "Picture Parade" for the subscribers who felt like revealing themselves. (There were a few who "hedged" on this -- by supplying a cartoon in lieu of photo ( grin )

I was "so" impressed with the erudite Gerardus, that I drove about 800 miles to visit with him -- in '95, I think it was, when he and Ellen were "Snowbirds" doing winter in Apache Junction, Arizona. It was a most enjoyable visit and confirmation of my opinions. I was no longer in the "belief" mode but in the "knowledge" (knowing) mode. I recall that you stated that there was little (or, no) difference to you in whether you "believe or know" something -- they are the same. Do not my remarks, above, indicate that there "may be" a little difference? It's OK to unsub Richard. :-)) Come back and let us know what you find "out there" -- could be that something better than TriLite has arrived. I don't know. Also, come back even if you don't find something better. You ask good questions and I enjoy seeing G-man flow with responses. Yahtahey!
John Granath ( icmeinu@aol.com )   Wed, 22 Jan 2003

- - CosmicCookies 030122 - -
Amen, brother, amen!!!   Me thinks maybe you were Solomon in another life! :-))) Love,
Sharon Pacione ( Wdestiny44@aol.com )   Wed, 22 Jan 2003

- - - Appreciation - - -
Dear Gerardus,
For what it's worth, I appreciate you and think you're gorgeous. Love
Julie O'rourke ( julieo2000_es@yahoo.com )   Thu, 23 Jan 2003

- - - CosmicCookies 030126 - - -
I'm telling you, Solomon had nothing on you! :-) Peace and love,
Sharon Paciaone ( Wdestiny44@aol.com )   Sun, 26 Jan 2003

- - - CosmicCookies] 030211 - - -
I'm reminded in reading this of a portion of Chief Seattle's famous quote that says "we are not the web of life, we are merely a strand in in... what we do to the web, we do to ourself." Some people might take what you've written in this particular post as exactly what they wish to hear...no responsibility to anyone/anything but self... There is wisdom in what you've written, but only the wise will see it. To others it could be exactly the words they've been waiting for...to continue apathetic ways of being in the world. But, then, we can't be attached to what people do with information/knowledge, can we?

We can take the knowledge we've accumulated and use it in a wise way to be of service not only to our self, but to all around us which, when we are really wise, we remember our connection to. This is the essence of love. Peace and love,

Gerardus wrote:
"We are Mirrors in God, but Originals of our own."   I love this...exactly how I BE-lieve.
Sharon Paciaone ( Wdestiny44@aol.com )   Wed, 12 Feb 2003

Hello gerardus - How Are You?
I'm sure we must have some telepatic connection. A couple of days ago I was browsing the Phoenix-Ascended-News-Group and came across some of your postings. I wasn't sure it was yours, but it made me think about you and about those days on the Bridge-L list in 1997/8. And, . . . surprise, surprise, . . . here you are! Your email came just the day after. How are you by the way? Any major break through in the past 5 years? Please keep in touch....
B. Pramana ( bpramana@yahoo.com )   Mon, 24 Feb 2003

Dear dear Gerardus,
Definitely, you may post my queries! If it can help other poor confused people then it will all be worthwhile. Thank you so so much for this. I will sleep easier tonight, knowing all I have to do really is to let go...surrender. Lots of love,
Julie O'rourke ( julieo2000_es@yahoo.com )   Sun, 9 Mar 2003

-- Good Example - -
Gerardus here:
Each member of Humanity is being tested by their choices. If it ever came to pass - it is better to be put to death by any tyrant, or by any Mr Push, than chose Violence over Peace. That is the test or choice for all Humanity - one by one...

Chris here:
You said it ALL right there, brother! Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and the rest of the gang are surely smiling down upon thee!
Chris Slatten ( divine.polarity@fuse.net )   Mon, 10 Mar 2003

- - - - CosmicCookies 030319 - - - -
Thanks Geradus...it is all about fun..my artwork is a bit garrigh and silly...but it's enjoyable...!!!....I wish I could express myself,as you do...such depth and wisdom...your a rare bird indeed!!!..Love..

Hi there...this cookie was just wonderful!!!!!! Maxxi
Maxxi ( bluemaxxi@juno.com )   Wed, 19 Mar 2003

- - Thank You - -
I just wanted to let you know that your cookie for today really spoke to me. Thank you very much.
Margaret Jones ( doubletaurus2002@yahoo.com )  Fri, 21 Mar 2003

God Bless...
Hello *smile*
I love your website - and your daily cookies :))) God Bless xxxxxxx
Joseph ( JsphnLan@aol.com )   Sat, 29 Mar 2003

Today's cookie was especially tasty & nutritious....
Hi Gerardus......
I would never understand your writing if I didn't "leave" and let the aspect of me that is YOU read it.  Understanding is instantaneous.  The title of one of your precious books says it all here.....   "Be Still...for I Am you...and speak".   Namaste,
Cynthia Moore ( cynthia.moore7@gte.net )   Wed, 2 Apr 2003

My remarks apply to the entire cookie of today....
(John here: My remarks apply to the entire cookie of today)

While all my Forms in Beingness
were but the Modes of Consciousness
but States of Mind that so appeal
but Dreams of Life... not really Real.

Poem: 08165-1980

This should be in your "Top Ten" John Granath ( Jongranath@aol.com )   Sun, 13 Apr 2003

I have just read today's Cosmic Cookie....
Your cosmic cookies are very life-enhancing and I often forward them to my friends. So again, thank you for those daily shares of wisdom and insight. Namaste
Mary Sanchez ( mary85502@yahoo.com )   Wed, 23 Apr 2003

Message through your Website.....
Quick Notes...   Hello Gerardus...
Just recently (within the last year) I have set out on a personal journey to develop greater self-awareness. Yesterday I discovered your website...and the strange thing is, I can't remember for the life of me how or where I found it!!! I now understand that nothing ever happens by chance...all things happen for a specific reason. "Seek and ye shall find"... I have certainly found something truly wonderful and awe inspiring here! THANK YOU!!! Best wishes,
Left no name -- ( rkropeln@yahoo.com )   Apr 25 2003

I loved this poem and was with you till the end...but...
I loved this poem and was with you till the end...but...

why give the ape a bad name??? It's man who should hang his head in shame
Peace and love,
Sharon Pacione ( Wdestiny44@aol.com )   030426   [ Gerardus here: I sometimes do for everybody ]

Sharon's recommendation to her own list:
Hi Everyone: Here is the poetry site from a very wise soul, Gerardus. Enjoy.
! Gerardus' Grist ! ALL MY POEMS !     She also recommended my ! Cosmic Cookies !

Keep on keepin' on and best wishes,
Thanks for the belly laugh, your paragraph below was great. Laughter is indeed the best medicine, even for us 'getting older' types. Which I suppose is all of us. I think you have more energy and pizazz than most people half your age, G. Keep on keepin' on and best wishes,
norgesen ( norgeson@hotmail.com )   Sat, 10 May 2003

............ This is what Gee said:
Besides all this, Time at my age, is not of the least importance, for I am not even sure whether I am alive or dead from minute to minute. Half of me is not working anymore and the rest needs to be put horizontal every few hours in order to keep the juices flowing to the right departments. Not that I notice any difference, but then I am just too busy to check it all out once I get this carcass in a sitting position in front of this contraption called a modern and technological piece of equipment of the greatest order with incredible speeds going nowhere. Hail Bill Gates and his Buddies naturally...
Gee Tee

Cookies? Still available?
Dear Gerardus,
are you still there? your inspiring cookies? the mailing list? I sure miss you and all of it! If you get this message, I'd greatly appreciate your please letting me know. Joyful blessings & love, Mie
Milea ( ang@psynet.net )   Thu, 29 May 2003

Your Website is AWESOME!!!!!
Patti here,
By a few twists of fate, I was lead to the Joseph Campbell discussion group, read a few posts there and discovered the words of Gerardus, then links to his website, then this list, and here I am. All in a matter of a weekend! Wow! After a lifetime of searching for each morsel of information....

Now that I've written half a book... I will close ... and look forward to becoming a part of this group! As soon as I read some of Gerardus' writings, I knew I had found a treasure... at least one other person who had thought the same thoughts I had....along my journey... and then I learned there was a whole group..... Wow! I'm so pleased to be here! ( Patti's note was shortened a lot - Gerardus )
Patricia Ann Laessig ( pattisez@yahoo.com )   Mon, 02 Jun 2003

Yes!!! You have put the pieces together!!!
You didn't 'shock' me, Gerardus, so I guess you 'solidified' what I'd learned from all the other sources I have studied...and you said it in such a way that it becomes.....acceptable. I just love you, and what you are doing! You inspire me to go forward with my own writings.... and maybe that website with my poems is 'where its at' after all... I can finish the book form of them as well, and offer that too.... but to put them out there on the net... would help many, as you have done... though mine are more subtle... well some of them anyway..... very, very different. than yours... but sometimes one voice can be understood-- and bring the pieces together---as you have done for me. I will go back to reading your website... you have done your homework well.....very well indeed.....and sharing all this is quite a daring task!!!!
Patricia Ann Laessig ( pattisez@yahoo.com )   Wed, 4 Jun 2003

Thanks Gerardus!
I have also received this interesting note from Mac ( It was all a mistake ). So Gerardus it looks like I'm back in the fold on Collander! Your question is interesting re who am I? Actually I'm still figuring that one out - That is why I'm here. To experience and to learn and to practice ascension - whether that be for this lifetime or the next. Oliver, B.C. - that is a real learning experience. I have read your posts with much interest. Your opinions are interesting - some I take to mind or heart some I throw out. Isn't it good to know that we have that choice. Thanks for taking the time to send me the posts. I very much appreciate.
Lenore Gervais ( meadospa@telus.net )   Wed, 11 Jun 2003

Dear Gerardus,
I appreciate the work you have been doing. I have looked over your website enough to realize that your insights are important, and at this time would like to invite you to "The Wanderer Dialogues" group that I have just created. Actually, I have literally JUST created it and was hoping for feedback, as if it was a beta version. I am inviting very few individuals to go have a look for the next few weeks before I take the next step and advertise. I value your opinion, especially if it is as open and honest as possible. Thanks in advance,
Paul Kandrah ( essent321@yahoo.com )   Thu, 07 Aug 2003

From the Poems of Gerardus....
[Judith here] This arrived just when I was thinking about what I (thought) I 'needed' to do today, and my (true) desire to do very little. I've concluded, after reading this Light and wonderful poem by Gerardus, that what I (think) I 'need' to do will get done when is needed. For now, think I will just go outdoors and watch my garden grow. Thanks! For sharing this… Hugs to all
Judith Bailey ( judithbailey@aspectslink.us )   Sun, 17 Aug 2003   [ Poem 09201-1980 ]

Hi Gerardus.......
I loved today's cookie...it makes the dream which is today so very special. Namaste,
Cynthia Moore ( cynthia.moore7@gte.net )   Wed, 10 Sep 2003

Rules, What?
Gee wrote;
Every list has some rules. They are needed as well as that they need to be enforced.

Mahrouk here:
Gee just thought I'd say I am very comfortable with letting you make all the decisions and enforcing all the rules. I have tried a couple of other lists but never lasted beyond a month. This is THE only list I am on and have been for what ?? 6/7 years? I have to thank you for the HUGE amount I have learnt....
Mahrouk Vevaina ( mahrouk@vsnl.net )   Thu, 18 Sep 2003

- - - Did you like you Cookie? - Gerardus - - -
My Gerardus, You are one amazing baker!! Those tasty treats are addictive. Infinite recipes of love baked in starlight. Yes, I read my cookie several times and I will probably frame it. :)   You can pierce right to the heart of things.
Mantis Miracle ( Mantismind@aol.com )   Tue, 23 Sep 2003

- - - - An awesome poem Gerardus! - - - -
For we know so well... the Sufferings of each other... by the Togetherness of Us.
In Pain of Loving... and Hands so Free.

John here:
I am very touched by it because it speaks to me -- and my beloved (whose presence I have abstained from for over two years ... separate story). I will send her a copy. Thanks for all your efforts in sharing your gifts and talents.
John Granath ( Jongranath@aol.com )   Sun, 28 Sep 2003 [ Poem/Cookie 030928 ]

- - - - Quick Notes / Message via Website - - - -
Hello Gerardus...
I love this site and insight. Thank you for sharing and inviting me in. I enjoy reading your posts also.
Peggy Porter ( peggy.porter@sbcglobal.net )   Thu, 2 Oct 2003

- - - - Quick Notes - via Website - - - -
Thank you for your kind words. The more I read, the more I believe you are sharing my mind. Your site is a wellspring of inspired thought. I look forward to learning more. sweetspirit (peg)
Peggy Porter ( peggy.porter@sbcglobal.net )   Fri, 3 Oct 2003

- - - Clarity if Insight - - - ? - - -
Gerardus here:
Meditation is not necessarily sitting quietly and banning all thoughts in order to receive something worthwhile. Clarity of insight happens whenever it is received because nothing was in the way! I have found that meditation can take place during any and all activities, but especially so when on treadmills or on cans...Wisdom does not enter a mind full of words - Gerardus

Leonard here...
I have always maintained that formal education causes 'Brain Damage', having mostly avoided such education myself. This does not go down too well with my Cambridge educated daughter, nor my wife who are both teachers. Of course I am joking, but there is some truth in this, for my own great wisdom was acquired out in the fields on the farm, mostly alone.....not much thought stimulous there. It was only later that I also acquired my great modesty! ( Gee comments here --- Chuckle!  Priceless comment Leonard!! )   I like this 'Cosmic Cookie' by Gerardus from my morning mail.....who would pretend to be modest???
Leonard A Wilkinson ( rainbowlen@yahoo.com )   Wed, 22 Oct 2003
[ Cosmic Cookie - Man's Thought is the Director of God's Power.]

- - - Website Message from John - - -
Hello Gerardus...
About your Website -- Wow! Gman, you have created a veritable warehouse of information. Where will I ever find the time to read all the facinating bits and pieces that you have collected -- along with the tremendous amount of original creations of your own? Thanks for your unselfish dedication to making information available that has the potential of opening thousands and thousands of inquisitive minds to find their own reality and godhood. I am honored to know you and I want to express my gratitude to you for your unselfish devotion to the soul development of each individual who strays into your sphere of influence and light.
John Granath, Orange County, California, USA ( ICMEINU@aol.com )   Sun, 2 Nov 2003
( Gee here: Thank you John - I am honoured to know YOU! )

- - - - Your Finest Moments - - - -
Dear Gerardus....
That poem is indeed one of your finest moments. The God that I Am salutes the God that You are. Thank you.
Cynthia Moore ( cynthia.moore7@gte.net )   Sat, 22 Nov 2003   [ Poem 11228-1981 ]

- - - - - - - [ Poem 11228-1981 ] - - - - - -
Gerardus wrote:
~ From the Poems of Gerardus ~   (One of my finest moments)

Agreed. Today's cookie was especially tasty. :-)   Much love to you,
Meredith Tupper ( meredith@pintsize.com )   Sun, 23 Nov 2003

- - - - - Leonard here / Cookie Lovers- - - - -
It was interesting to hear Gerardus state that most of his past work was channeled...... I read a lot of channeled material and trust my intuition to select from this information what is of value to me. From this material comes what I regard as the leading edge of my thoughts.... I do value Gerardus's Cosmic Cookies highly in this regard. Among my channeled readings are work from Seth, Bashar and Abraham.
Leonard Wilkinson ( rainbowlen@yahoo.com )   Sun, 14 Dec 2003

Post to TriLite...
Poster: Rather, I'm getting weary of the hair-splitting, obfuscation and back-flips.

Mahrouk here:
hmmm! well yes I can see why it would look like that to you. I guess you have the option of putting your beliefs & judgments aside, for a moment and attempting to see where Gee is coming from. You may say it's not a threat to you but I think ANY new perception of the world is a threat to one's identity and perception of self.

"All truth passes through 3 stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."   -- Arthur Schopenhauer
Mahrouk Vevaina ( mahrouk@vsnl.net )   Wed, 04 Feb 2004

My name is Janet.....
Hi there, my name is Janet. I live in Louisville and have much contact with LL/Reasearch. I am just a lurker on the A2Ks site. I really resonated with your reply to Leslie. I always say this density is about learning to Love thru the Chaos. We could have chosen a galatic beach somewhere in the universe with very little chance of Ascension, but we all chose to jump into this Teach/Learn world. Learning to see the illusion and becomeing the observer feels so much better than buying into the fear. I would like to see more of your writings. Thanks........May Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love...........
Janet Louisville ( Jnut40@aol.com )   Thu, 4 Mar 2004

Hi Gee, thinking about your generosity...and...
Your time and knowledge and your ability to handle the many many different people and topics that pop up on TriLite. And above all your humour... I believe TriLite and Gee has had a lot to do with what I am today! Thanks and love,
Mahrouk Vevaina ( mahrouk@vsnl.net )   Mon, 08 Mar 2004

Poem: That Makes me God...
Boy is that true enough! - - Good summation of one of our most compelling dilemas.
DGClark ( kundalini@novagate.com )   Sun, 14 Mar 2004

Poem: To Find The Total Me...
Hi Gerardus,
I enjoyed this poem because I can personally relate to the message/feeling I got from it. I've been chasing my wife around the bed posts (metaphorically speaking,) ever since she said, "I do." 17 years ago. I often wonder what it would be like for her to have the same wiring as a male... then she'd see it's no picnic having some intrusive drive, very often unfulfilled, a yearing to connect, or feel wholeness, through sex connection, that is entirelly at her mercy. I used to enjoy poetry analysis in High school Lit. classes back in the early 80's. Let me tell you my take on this... Please let me know if I'm in the ballpark? Thanks! - Ahem: ( Gerardus here: your analysis was dead on! )
DGClark ( kundalini@novagate.com )   Sat, 27 Mar 2004

Article: We created our own Spooks...
Leonard here....
I just read the piece on "We created our own spooks".....What a wonderfully articulate article it is!.. You expand so lucidly on how 'We create our own reality, absolutely'....thank you... May I just say that my own view is not that I need to awaken more, but simply exercise my total trust in who I am and use my total freedom to create as I choose. with love,
Leonard A Wilkinson ( rainbowlen@yahoo.com )   Sun, 04 Apr 2004

Delighted with your Books...
Hello Gerardus,
Both, Erika and I are delighted with your books! Thank you very much indeed! You are treating this challenging subject in such an engaging way that it's a pleasure to read. It is the poet speaking rather than the engineer. Your books are pleasant music whereas mine is like a blueprint :-).  Nothing wrong with a blueprint if you want to build something, but music is more fun for most. Erika marvels at how well you express yourself poetically in what is not your mother tongue. ( This note was shortened - Gerardus )
Joachim Wolf ( joawolf@bellsouth.net )   Sun, 4 Apr 2004

Hi there Gerardus....
Gosh, I am surprised to find out you are a real person.... as such. It almost seems as if I am getting your cosmic cookies for somewhere other than the planet, but of course that may be true indeed. You are indeed a MD energy form of sorts which I suppose we all are. I was telling my friend the other day that I wonder what Gerardus is really like and where he lives. Love all of your cookies, thankyou thankyou thankyou.
Mary Jean The Light Being ( maryjean.smallman@ualberta.ca )   Tue, 6 Apr 2004

[CosmicCookies] Extra Bytes...
Loved the cookie bytes, so many people from the past who posted comments, names I had forgotten. I would have responded to the email directly, however, I did that once, and blew up the cookie jar. I thought I would be kicked off the list haha. Thanks Gee, I forward the chocolate chips cookies frequently :). Wellness to you both!
Sandra Dozier ( sandrafd@webtv.net )   Wed, 7 Apr 2004

Hi Gerardus,
I think it is wonderful that you are still writing after all these years and still spiritually viable. I don't know how you do it. Thank you for all your efforts in a world which quickly forgets. In love and light...
Beverley Fenton ( seekerbeve@yahoo.co.uk ) Sat, 10 Apr 2004

Gerardus and Sal - Speak...
Gerardus wrote: Truth is what we are and opinions are what we have!

Sal here:
Gee, that's one of your best quotes. I hope it's on soulwise.net somewhere.
Sal Rachele ( srachele2004@yahoo.com )   Mon, 12 Apr 2004

Meredith, do you remember this???
Gerardus here: I sent Meredith a little note she wrote to me in 1998 and this is her response:
OH MY GOD!!! Gawain! Fiona! Bob Garth! Georgette! Carol Hathor, I knew her way back when... John Granath, same ICMEINU address since 1998! Annelie! Mahrouk since 98! Piers! Sam! Gerard! Olga! Sandra! Vieme! Floyd! Mantis! Leonard! What a trip down memory lane! So far away, so long ago, and I'm still learning. You've been a part of my life longer than my current partner! :-)  I'm thrilled to be on your site, in such great company. May my words stand tall among the well-deserved praise for the G-man. You are the best. Much love to you,
Meredith Tupper ( meredith@pintsize.com )   Thu, 15 Apr 2004

Message through your Website...
Hello Gerardus...
Your site and your writing are GREAT. I have known your writings since about 20 years ago, when I purchased a package of "shareware" to be used on my 286 IBM computer. They were called "New Age Notes". They still are NEW and will continue to be so, as all universal TRUTHS are! Cheerio! and best regards.  Kartar Singh, Malaysia.
Kartar Singh ( kartars@streamyx.com )   Fri, 23 Apr 2004

Hi Gerardus...
I've pinned this cookie up... not that it is the only one I like...  ( Cookie 295 )
Kartar Singh (ilamvadhi@yahoo.com) Mon, 12 Jul 2004

Hello Gerardus...
I always believe what Gerardus writes and that is why it is the absolute truth.
Mary Jean Smallman ( maryjean.smallman@ualberta.ca / Edmonton )  Mon, 26 Jul 2004

Gerardus here: The above was a comment to Cookie 306
( The bottom line reads: PLEASE... NEVER BELIEVE WHAT GERARDUS WRITES ) Thank You MJ !!

Great Cookie...
Yes, that is a great Cookie, posted it to a couple of other forums. Thought (or Cookie) for food... ( Cookie 309 )
Jenife Ransom  :-)  ( jenifer@toast.net ) Wed, 28 Jul 2004

Leonard also made a comment. Here it is:
You mentioned my name so here is what you say about your SELF in my todays 'Cosmic Cookie'
......how could I disagree....?
Leonard Wilkinson ( rainbowlen@yahoo.com ) Wed. 28 July 2004

CosmicCookies 040811- #320
Hello Gerardus...
Hi, I was on holidays for a couple of weeks. Hope Brian came to visit you, etc. His wife is very nice. Told her - love to see you up here some day. I will chat with Brian asap. Trust you are keeping as well as your poem indicates.
Mary Jean ( maryjean.smallman@ualberta.ca )  Mon. 16 Aug 2004

I TAKE. !!
Gee wrote:
And yes, I can be teasing sometimes. Take it or leave it...

Mahrouk here:
I TAKE. !!
Sometimes you tease. Other times you may provoke. Other times you a soo funny. And then wise and then serious and then sad and then bored and then....

Mr. Gee, Don't you dare change who you are, except when you feeel like change. :)
Mahrouk ( mahrouk@vsnl.net )   Fri. 10 Sept. 2004

(((( Hugs to GEE whiz ))))
Gee, does a great job as a moderator, and, an even better job as a friend, he's one of a handful of people who enrich my life daily, i'm glad to have him around :) but, like all of us, he has had his own personal life challenges to rise above, over the past few months perhaps, it's just the summer coming to an end, and, now fall is setting in the air, winter will be here before we know it and; then it will be spring again :)  hmmm...something to ponder.
((((hugs to GEE whiz)))) & ((((hugs to all)))   in love and light,
Susan ( muchgathersmore@yahoo.ca )   Thu 9 Sept. 2004

Great posting philosophy...
Gerardus here:
Speak and somebody listens.
And even if nobody does - speak anyway...

Hello Gee,
That's a great posting philosophy, Gee!   I think I'm getting there myself... and, I really enjoyed your post, too, Susan! So you think you are form 6D? How did you reach that conclusion? I think I might be too, just been considering that lately, in the back of my mind. I think I may be one of the Wanderers spoken of in the Law Of One material...have you heard of that?   Hugs to you both, :-)
Jenifer ( jenifer@toast.net )   Wed. 15 Sep 2004

Dear Gerardus,
Thank you very much for your insight in your thinking. I know now why I came back to this board. There where some understandings to be gained. Over the last few weeks I gravelled with certain concepts, and could not get an understanding of them. You provided me with this understanding.
Detlef ( dgeorg@optusnet.com.au )   Mon. 20 Sep 2004

Nice Cosmic Cookie Poem you sent out today, Gee.
Transcendental writers like you are pretty special.  Thanks,
Nuse ( nusenud@msn.com )   Sun. 3 Oct 2004

Hello Gerardus...
I love you! You have a new fan over here. Thanks for the wonderful service you do for the Universe by just being you. Thanks for replying to my question yesterday. I love you Gerardus!
Rosalind ( rosalindlewis@hotmail.com )   Sat, 9 Oct 2004

Dear Ellen...
Gerardus here:
I am not sure whether the following message ought to be on this page.
Anyway - it is a Kudo - so here it is!

Dear Ellen;
I just wanted to share this with you very quickly. I find Gerardus' web page most fascinating. Many things I do not understand, and do not agree with, but the whole philosophy of things, is amazing. The questions and answers are spectacular. I already spent a few hours, just reading crying and wowing. He truly touched on some subjects deep in my heart.

May I suggest to you my dear Ellen? Do not let this man get away. You will never find one like him ever, your lifetime is not long enough to do so. Life is wonderful if you make the best of everything. I know you love your parents, (but make Gerardus, You and your marriage your priority.) You have a big heart give some to all, without neglecting and hurting anyone. That is all I had to say for now. Here is an internet hug for you.
Eve   Sun, 14 Nov 2004

Dear Friend...
DavidM here:  What you have written on your pages has encouraged and inspired many souls. I could never express in words the joy that your words have revealed to this soul.

Alchemists work toward what they call the marriage of the spirit and the soul. The spirit, which is all of us, needs nothing. The individual soul needs only one thing, union with the spirit. Words will never tell the truth. Your work has served the purpose of the spirit. Rather that telling "the truth" your words have helped point the direction to the soul that is seeking its reality. That pointing is all that needs to be.

This 3d world is a dark place that is becoming darker. So many of us are lost in the darkness. We have needed your words and continue to need them. Do you sense the angels that surround you? Do you feel the warmth? Do you hear the hum? Namaste...
David Meurin ( dave@awfuldarkforest.com )   Thu, 18 Nov 2004

Hi Triliters,
I am posting this piece with John in mind, no need for you to read it Gerardus! John will no doubt concur with the views expressed in this note. I see myself as a discriminating observer of the world around me, and do not feel it is necessary to make judgements or form opinions, just watch and trust that all is well. Doing only what makes me feel good. Great appreciation is due from me to Gerardus for his continuing contributions to my world, through this Trilite group and the daily 'Cosmic Cookies' that I enjoy so much. Is not just being the 'Enlightened Gerardus' not satisfying enough for each moment you spend in this fabulous third dimension. Sure sounds good to me!
With Love, Leonard.   Sat, 27 Nov 2004

Gerardus here on TriLite:
I am not sure that we have the world to battle - I find that what people battle are the thoughts they have gathered about the world...

Chris here:
Brilliant!  Brilliant!  Brilliant!
Gerardus, you can say more in one sentence than most can in a whole book!
Chris ( divinepolarity@yahoo.com )   Sun. 5 Dec 2004

Break-up to Wake-up...
Very interesting reading, Gee. I applaud both of you and your willingness to grow. The part about being together voluntarily and living in the moment -- such wise advice. Thank you for sharing this. I learn a lot from you. Have a great weekend with Ellen,
Meredith Tupper ( meredith@pintsize.com )   Fri. 10 Dec 2004

Cosmic Cookie #529
Love and Light, Triple Trinity
Patti Webber ( tripletrinity000@yahoo.com )   Sat. 11 Dec 2004

Cosmic Cookie #427
Brilliant!!!..............simply, brilliant...........smile
Patti Webber ( tripletrinity000@yahoo.com )   Tue. 14 Dec 2004

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