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     We have indeed succeeded in creating a most 
     complex physical body and live in it. All we have 
     to accomplish now is to find our way home. Great 
     mind in which we create show us the way. <189> 
     After millions of years of experimentation by 
     trial and error, by ignorance and wisdom, mankind 
     has finally arrived at the present. One great 
     difficulty was to live fully in time in a self-
     created bodily form. And now that we live in a 
     body in a matter-time-space reality we cannot 
     imagine living beyond it. The turmoil in the world 
     at the present is the bottoming out of our matter-
     time-space world creation. 

     All of us are completely fooled by the superhuman 
     efforts that have been accomplished. Many of Us 
     are completely seduced by the body beautiful and 
     its ego syndromes. The matter world is a make 
     believe world and is a shadow of our greater 
     reality. We live here but we don't belong here.All 
     of us will be returning slowly to our original 
     higher dimensional energy states. Our future time 
     on earth will be spend by concentrating upon the 
     perfection of our mental capabilities. <190>

     To feel no other, means that the world and the 
     universe is felt as the being you are. It means to 
     feel whole. It's the feeling of enlightenment.  To 
     feel that way is to be the Christ of Creation. 

     Any virus, bacteria or killer bug has just as much 
     right to live and flourish as any other being in 
     the universe. The size, shape or action of any 
     creature is absolutely irrelevant to its right to 
     be. All of them have their place in life. All of 
     them are the self or God. Disrespect for viruses 
     means to have no self respect.  For all life in 
     different functions is the very self we are.  To 
     respect others is self respect. <192>

     To renounce the world because it is vain or sinful 
     or to renounce it because it is an illusion is a 
     sign of ignorance. The world is a mass thought 
     construction of mankind and it is a valid reality 
     in consciousness. 

     It is a mass mind image of cosmic energy. All 
     beings, things or realities in the universe are 
     different mind or consciousness constructions. All 
     of them are only relatively real. The one and only 
     real thing is consciousness itself. We all live in 
     it and are it forever. <193>

     Suppose that your body or the world is space and 
     that your mind or awareness is time. Now with a 
     little bit of imagination you could let your mind 
     or awareness and time travel all over your body or 
     the world or space. Then stop where you want to 

     Do you know what you would see? Do you know where 
     you would be? You would see what you see now. And 
     you would be where you are. For as always you are 
     witnessing the reality of your being. <194>

     Our body is a condensed aspect of our mind. Our 
     thoughts have become physical reality. To learn 
     that this is so is the reason for living on earth. 
     We must also learn that our mind or consciousness 
     is universal mind or consciousness. Neither God 
     nor devil has forced us to be where we are doing 
     what we are doing. We came to this reality of 
     miracles as voluntary participants - so that we may 
     learn to become the magician. <195>

     The universe is made out of thoughts and the 
     density of these thoughts determines the level 
     of reality. Within physical reality thoughts are 
     semi-solid and matter or solidified thought within 
     this reality falls within a certain density range. 

     The type of physical matter is determined by the 
     vibrational differences and the density of cosmic 
     energy or consciousness. Matter is vibrating mind. 
     Solidity and density are relative and energy 
     bodies can move through matter without any 
     hindrance or resistance. Living in an energy body 
     is a funny experience for you can move through a 
     brick wall. You can also move from place to place 
     by thinking. Moving from place to place is moving 
     from thought to thought. The whole universe is 
     nothing but a great mind through which thoughts or 
     things move like patterns of sunlight move through 
     the deep blue sea. All thoughts or things combined 
     make up the great mind itself. 

     Some aspects of this mind are visible because 
     these aspects or thoughts radiate a specific 
     cosmic energy field that can be detected by 
     certain sensors. These sensors are the senses of 
     our physical body. What we sense in our physical 
     universe are energy fields or pressures. 

     In the universe there are only thoughts. Thoughts 
     are radiating energy fields that influence each 
     other in certain ways. No energy field reacts the 
     same as any other and therefore the universe is 
     diversity. Not any one thought or thing is 
     identical to any other thought or thing. <196>

     Would you create a universe and live somewhere 
     else? Would you create a world and let people 
     pollute it? Would you create a human body and then 
     let them spoil it? Would you create a mouse and 
     then let the cat eat it?  You certainly wouldn't. 
     Well neither would I. I do all things myself. I am 
     the almighty God and creator and I am you! <197>

     By the time you have learned how to think you have 
     already formed many opinions. Then before you know 
     it you either try to defend or transcend them. All 
     this creates tension or contraction. This tension 
     or contraction is the very feeling of discontent 
     within you that becomes your personal resistance 
     to freedom and happiness. In order to be free and 
     happy you must drop all opinions and attitudes. 
     You must become an impersonal God mind and radiate 
     divine indifference. <198>

     Religions are supposed to release mankind from the 
     inner feelings of inferiority by having them 
     surrender to their gods. Most religions however 
     create inferiority in the first place. The gods of 
     all religions are false gods for they are man-made. 
     The original problem therefore is not resolved. 
     Religions and their different beliefs create 
     tensions between different societies and most 
     often this leads to war and destruction. Sometimes 
     wars are necessary however because immature people 
     need an outlet for their negative energy. 

     Religions are institutions that have control over 
     the activities of their followers. As a result 
     most people renounce self-responsibility for they 
     believe that their gods are responsible for their 
     Mankind in the previous stages of development 
     needed a self-created cosmic parent. This period 
     of mankind is coming to an end. All religions 
     eventually will be transcended and abandoned. 
     Mankind will grow towards their Christ-self, the 
     true God they are. 

     The only key to real happiness is direct intuitive 
     awareness that you are the God that is. Self- 
     knowledge is the only salvation and happiness. 
     Knowing that you are God however does not make you 
     a Buddha or a Christ. <199>

     Your will is God's will. And whatever you do is 
     fine with God. God or existence is not picky. As a 
     matter of fact God could care less. God is an 
     impersonal force like electricity. Living on earth 
     teaches everyone how to use this force. The earth 
     is a school where semi-conscious beings awaken 
     to crystal clear awareness. <200>

     The essence of the universe is mind. This mind 
     dreams billions of independent personal realities 
     simultaneously. All these independent realities 
     form and are relationships of mind with itself. 
     Dreaming is a must in order to relate. Dreaming is 
     projecting aspects of yourself into a certain 
     state or activity. 

     Mind is so powerful that these aspects or 
     realities become actualities in different 
     dimensions of time and space. These actualities or 
     people find themselves separated and independent 
     from any source and adopt their own identities for 
     they have free will. With their limited awareness 
     they believe that some god or creator created them 
     in order to be looked up to. 

     Sooner or later however some people become aware 
     that they are dreaming and that all other people 
     or realities are parallel dreams or aspects of the 
     same consciousness as they are. Most people 
     however find this a most hilarious idea because 
     they all think that they are wide awake. <201>

     All dreams or aspects of dreams are thoughts. 
     Thoughts are the projections or products of mind. 
     Thoughts are things. The universe is full of 
     things, all thoughts. The universe is mind 
     dreaming and projecting itself infinitely. <202>

     All things in the universe, visible and invisible, 
     are cosmic energy in vibration. Different 
     frequencies create different material. Compatible 
     frequencies attract and incompatible frequencies 
     reject. The soul or mind is a vibrating cloud of 
     cosmic energy and is super imposed upon a certain 

     The body is visible the mind is not. Neither is 
     the aura. An experienced soul or mind can live 
     with any form or body but a young soul prefers a 
     good looking one. A body is nothing more than a 
     remote controlled Instrument. Sooner or later it 
     wears out and is put away. The body is a space 
     suit for the mind. <203>

     Our mind cannot ponder realities. It can only 
     relate to ideas about realities. Our mind cannot 
     relate to things. It can only relate to ideas 
     about things. And here is another thought. What is 
     gold, what is water, what is air? What is wood or 
     steel or cotton? 

     They are but names. We have given all things a 
     name. But what are they really? We don't really 
     know what anything is. All we can say is that 
     things are dancing energy. And what is energy? 
     Molecules, atoms, electrons, muons, protons, 
     kaons, butter, cheese. Names, names, names and 
     more names. What is it really? <204>

     We only experience a limited version of total 
     reality. Our perception is limited to a certain 
     range. We create our reality according to our 
     limitations. The more we understand, the more we 
     can prove to ourselves that reality is a self-created

     Sooner or later we will see through our illusion. 
     We will know then the truth behind it. One facet 
     of the truth is that all of us create exactly what 
     we need to experience in order to awaken. The 
     dream we create is our lesson. <205>

     The physical reality of the universe is a pattern 
     of cosmic energy that is created by the collective 
     consciousness of all Beings. The physical reality 
     of the world is a pattern of cosmic energy that is 
     created by the collective consciousness of mankind 
     and the beings responsible for mankind. The beings 
     who are responsible for mankind are our older 
     brothers in consciousness who sometimes emerge 
     from the invisible and seem to soar in UFOS. They 
     are the guardians of mankind, the keepers of the 

     The world and all its activity upon it is the 
     direct product of man's consciousness and 
     manifests itself in a process of constant change. 
     Whatever we experience on earth is a three 
     dimensional scenario of cosmic energy. It is the 
     direct result of our thoughts. This active and 
     moving pattern of the world, in all its details 
     and greatness, is literally the view of our 

     What we see however is but the physical spectrum 
     of the activity. The energy exchange behind the 
     physical activity that produces the physical 
     effect is beyond our range of vision. All activity 
     in the world is the result of our thought. It's 
     quite a show. <206>

     It is quite normal, that in a world full of 
     creators of which most are unaware that they are 
     creators, the created activity is quite hectic. 
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