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     Scientists have come to the conclusion that there
     is no God or supervisor who looks after the
     universe or actualizes it. The relationship or
     mental activity of all live-in participants of the
     universe, high and low, creates or produces the
     cosmic totality. This cosmic totality or the
     universe is the actual relationship of its

     All participants seemingly live as separate beings
     within the oneness of universal consciousness.
     Each participant contributes according to its
     actions. The creative power of the universe is our
     collective consciousness driven by individual
     wishes and desires. The many worlds of the
     physical universe are but small aspects of the
     total reality of the universe.

     The total reality of the universe might contain
     infinite realities. All that exists however does
     exist in mind or consciousness. There neither is
     an inner nor an outer, there is only
     consciousness. <208>

     Since the future is not determined, we are given
     the choice to choose it. By choosing it we
     determine it. Our mental activity or choice
     expressed in physical reality is the world as it
     is and as it should be. We live here. We express
     ourselves here. To live any other place or to live
     in any other manner would make us prisoners of the
     universe. <209>

     Many people might consider themselves prisoners of
     some universal or worldly system. They are only
     prisoners of their own mind. Living on earth again
     and again will set them free. Life is a process of
     evolution. Each man is somewhere within this

     When this process has come to the point where an
     individual becomes consciously aware of a process
     of evolution he can help his process by making it
     a conscious evolution. Before this point it was
     only an unconscious development. To make this
     evolution a conscious evolution is most
     commendable. <210>

     Matter is slowed down mind. Mind is self-
     organizing life energy. Life energy is universal
     spirit. A human being is matter, mind and spirit.
     The combination of these three determine the state
     of your evolvement. If you're mostly matter,
     you're a mountain. If you're mostly mind, you're a
     genius. If you're mostly spirit, you're a living
     idea.  Whatever you are this time around the next
     time you will be more mind or spirit. Evolution is
     consciousness doing its thing. Which is changing
     matter into mind into spirit. <211>

     Our higher selves or our Christ selves consciously
     create images of themselves by thought and hereby
     produce new forms of life. These images are you
     and I and everybody. We are thought projections of
     our God mind. We are children of consciousness.

     We, as these children, take on our own reality
     and, in our turn and time, we also become creators
     of new forms of life. We all are creators. We are
     children born out of consciousness with the
     likeness and ability of the universal creator. We
     all are aspects of consciousness with individual
     varieties and diversities. None of us however is
     either more or less than any other being. All of
     us are the same consciousness. There is but one

     Since we live on earth at the present and are
     subjected to earth time, it might seem to us that
     we are created by beings who are higher than us or
     more powerful. This is not so.  Our higher selves
     or Christ selves are thought projections or
     children themselves and are born or cast from the
     same consciousness you and I are.

     This consciousness is the womb of all creation. It
     is the same in ordinary life. A parent is not more
     or better than the child. The child is as much an
     expression of consciousness as the parent is or
     anybody. The child is consciousness in form.
     Whether it is young, old, ugly or beautiful, it
     makes no difference. These distinctions are but
     human preferences. Consciousness has no
     preferences. It is always itself! <212>

     Some of us think that there was a time that could
     be called the beginning of creation. There was no
     such time. Yet, consciousness creates and destroys
     in cycles. Consciousness does not always express
     itself into forms, either physical or otherwise.
     Sooner or later there are changes in the mode of
     manifestation in which consciousness collects all
     its children and hides within itself.

     This is the stage of non-being in which there are
     no manifestations. Then all diversity and variety
     has ceased. Then once again consciousness goes
     through a stage in which it dreams and creates
     diversity. Different than before but not
     necessarily better or worse. It is a cycle of
     being and non-being. It's called the breath of

     Scientists think of a beginning and call it the
     big bang. Before this bang however there was
     another and another and so on and so on.  In
     every cycle consciousness expresses itself
     differently. In different galaxies, different planets,
     different worlds, different people, different
     trees and different flowers in new and different

     Creation appears and disappears like clouds, like
     leaves on a tree, like you and I. Yet as always,
     consciousness is but itself, you and I and the
     neighbors. <213>

     The universe is the dream of consciousness on
     display. In order to appreciate this dream we have
     to experience it. That's why we live on earth as
     human beings. The dream of consciousness becomes
     reality and in order to recognize it for what it
     is worth we fall asleep and live the dream. We are
     on earth to discover that our dream reality is our
     creation. We must awaken from this dream,
     sometimes by pain and sorrow and sometimes by
     pleasure and joy. But awaken we will. This is what
     life is all about. <214>

     The persistence of perception makes us believe
     that the world we live in is solid and real.
     Scientists prove that solidness is an illusion and
     realness therefore becomes appearance. When we
     look from in here, what we experience out there is
     an interaction of energies. This interaction gives
     us the impression that there is something out

     In actuality, the in here and out there are one
     and the same energy fooling itself. This energy is
     consciousness or mind. We perceive the world the
     way we have been taught to perceive it. Our
     conditioning determines what we perceive. The way
     we see the world is created by the perceiver. The
     world is a mind trick. <215>

     The earth is a school with a million grades.
     Grades are not necessarily attended in sequential
     order. We go through a grade or experience
     whenever the circumstances in the world are
     suitable to teach us that certain lesson. The most
     difficult lesson to learn is that we are the
     creator of the lessons as well as of the school.
     Every time we leave our body and we feel good
     about ourselves we are ready for a more mature
     lesson. <216>

     The fundamental activity of our matter world is
     indeed fundamental or rather an activity founded
     on mentality. All events that occur in our space-
     time world are the result of mental forces. These
     mental forces are the thoughts and ideas that form
     or create our matter-space-time world. Whatever we
     experience in our material world are the
     reflections or results of mind. We, in our matter-
     space-time capsule, are tossed around by thoughts.

     To hang on to anything in life slows us down on
     the path of enlightenment. Especially hanging on
     to ideas. We have come here to appreciate our
     creation and the emptier our mind is the better we
     are able to appreciate. Appreciation without
     personal involvement is enlightenment. <218>

     Life is the dance of cosmic energy. It dances and
     woos itself continually. The dance and the dancers
     are the same. All things in the material reality
     are energy force fields disguised as the world of
     sticks and stones. We are figments of this energy
     and our energy or soul is disguised as a human
     inhabitant of earth. Human force fields or souls
     interact and dance to the music of life. The
     rhythm and harmony makes them grow. The dance of
     life is the dance of God disguised as man. <219>

     The dance of sub-atomic particles is similar to
     the lives of many people. All events seem to
     happen by chance and life seems to depends on
     luck. This naturally is not so. All events in life
     for the ignorant as well as for the wise are
     governed by thought. If you cannot think for
     yourself you fall prey to the thoughts and desires
     of others. Events in all worlds, great and small,
     are determined by the actions of consciousness.
     Matter does not move by chance. <220>

     Modern scientists have proven that the universe is
     an unbroken wholeness. There are no parts, there
     is no separation. Life on earth contradicts this.
     However, the scientists are absolutely right. All
     members or aspects of the universe are mutually
     dependent and interconnected by a permeating,
     universal, living energy that creates and is all
     things. We are not just human beings living in
     different and separate bodies. We are
     interconnected and directly dependent upon this
     permeating, universal, living energy. This
     permeating energy is undetectable. We are this
     living energy, our way! <221>

     There are only ideas in the universe. There are no
     worlds, there are no planets, there are no
     galaxies, there are no realities. There are only
     descriptions or ideas about worlds, about planets,
     about galaxies and about realities. Man is an idea
     himself. To know anything else but ideas or
     descriptions is not possible. We, as an idea,
     compare ourselves to other ideas and thereby think
     we know others or things. We are ideas sensing
     others ideas. We live in mind or consciousness
     only. The universe and all worlds are mind or
     consciousness structures. All forms are posing
     mental energy or standing energy waves. <222>

     As long as our inner feelings are divided between
     love and hate, good and bad, happy and sad, nice
     and nasty or pleasure and suffering , our outer
     world is created that way. What we feel inside, we
     create outside. The God mind or creator under our
     command is an automatic manufacturer of the world
     as seen from the inside. This is the way the
     universe works. <223>

     All things are really thoughts and all thoughts
     are really things. There is basically no
     difference between a thing and a thought except
     for the range of vibration of the cosmic energy
     they consist of. When we live on earth we are
     subjected to our senses which are normally attuned
     to the frequency range of matter. When we are out
     of the body however we are more attuned to the
     frequency range of thoughts. This frequency range
     is higher.

     Things and thoughts are but a cosmic octave apart
     in frequency. When we leave our physical body at
     promotion time we drop our lower frequency range
     of vibration and we keep humming along recognizing
     things in a higher frequency range. Our world then
     has become an energy environment. This energy
     environment is consciousness or mind expressed as
     energy. In this energy environment we continue our
     life until we return to earth for our next
     physical expression. <224

     The universal consciousness or mind is actually a
     multi-split parent mind. All personalities, people
     and things emerge from this parent mind and live
     in a dream state of self reflection that does not
     allow them to realize that they actually are the
     one parent mind. We are unconscious of our true
     identity. We suffer from a separation syndrome
     that can only be healed by becoming whole.

     This wholeness is what all of us are looking for,
     lifetime after lifetime. During these lifetimes we
     try to fill our emptiness by engaging ourselves in
     all kinds of activities that in the long run do
     not really satisfy us. We are hungry for our
     greater self, not for activities. As a human
     being, we live in some kind of dissociated state
     from our greater or higher self.

     We are sub-personalities of our parent mind and
     only by conscious efforts and radical realization
     can we, as individuated or dissociated dreamers,
     merge with our universal or parent mind. This
     parent mind is the creator of the universe that by
     means of its sub personalities creates according
     to their individual wishes and desires.

     All human wishes and desires however are not too
     effective towards inner fulfillment. We are
     missing our wholeness of being in the first place.
     Our wishing well has an empty source. This
     wholeness will be found when we enter the Christ
     consciousness or the kingdom of God. This is what
     all of us are working on life in and life out.
     Great mind in which we live possess our soul.

     Any being, thing or form is nothing in and by
     itself. Only by its interactions with others
     becomes each identity what it is. The universe
     therefore is only of value to itself because of
     its expressions. All expressions of the universe
     are expressions of universal love. The inter
     relationship of all expressions is the love affair
     of the universe. Life, all life, is the expression
     of love. <226>

     In our three dimensional physical reality sub
     atomic particles appear and disappear
     spontaneously. Human beings do the same thing!
     Human appearances seem to last longer because the
     human time frame is at synchronism. Sub atomic
     particles have the same importance to the universe
     as human beings. Both are necessary in order to
     establish the other. It's a mutual act of
     creation. <227>

     Eternity is in the moment for the moment is
     eternity. Not a day nor an hour will ever be lost
     for the great mind in thought is creation. Mankind
     is its memory. <228>

     Within the infinity of time and space all things
     exist only for an instant. They do not exist
     before or after this instant. Since we are living
     at the same time as our environment and the things
     within it, we recognize that all things are real.
     Our life span on earth however is zero compared to
     infinity. Within the infinite spectrum of time and
     space lifetimes bodies and things are but mind
     created dreams or illusions. Within the instant of
     our dream, however, our life in the physical is
     real and lasting. Human beings are only relatively
     real.  Like all other things, the only real thing
     in the universe is the universal consciousness or
     creator. We are this consciousness. We are this
     creator. <229>

     The light from a prism contains all colors. The
     universal energy contains all things. Man, the
     creator, is the lens or prism through which all
     things are created from universal energy. Man, the
     creator, lives all over the universe, in different
     forms with different souls. There are no other
     creators. <230>

     Miracle of miracles, mystery of mysteries, I am
     energy, I am man, bending and stretching, carrying
     and holding, energy as matter. I see the world,
     forms and shapes, animals and flowers, boys and
     girls. Alive and aware, each in their own way. All
     participating within the one and all, creating the
     universe we are being God! <231>

     The universe as an unbroken wholeness can never
     become aware of itself by itself. In order to
     become aware of anything the unbroken wholeness
     radiates itself into centers of consciousness or
     mind units. These mind units become all forms
     necessary in order to create a universe of
     infinite variety.

     Each mind unit or co-consciousness has the
     identity of the unbroken wholeness. Each co-
     consciousness or mind unit creates its own role in
     the play of creation. All centers of consciousness
     relate to all others for all forms, unknown to
     themselves are participating aspects of the one
     universal mind that loves all aspects as itself.
     We are self expressions of love in an infinite and
     universal relationship. THE UNIVERSE IS SELF
     EXPRESSED LOVE! <232>

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