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     The universe, high and low, is a relationship. It 
     is a living relationship in which all things 
     affect all others. It has always existed. In this 
     relationship entities are created by thoughts and 
     these entities produce new thoughts again. These 
     thoughts in turn change all entities. Which 
     produces more thoughts again. The one thought 
     creates the other and all entities, thoughts and 
     things form the relationship the universe is. All 
     thoughts, entities and things are alive. There is 
     only life in the universe. There is no death. This 
     life is the dream of consciousness. Forever 
     changing, forever new. <154>

     Your conscious mind is seemingly separated from 
     the consciousness of the universe. Your conscious 
     mind can focus upon the inner reality of itself. 
     This however has to be practiced and perfected. 
     Your conscious mind can be in touch with the very 
     source of your being. Your conscious mind is an 
     infinite screen that can reveal unlimited 
     awareness. To create this infinite screen is what 
     human life is for. <155>

     Our feelings have cosmic realities. They project 
     outward and affect the environment we live in. 
     What we feel inside, we create outside. Our 
     feelings create time and circumstances into which 
     our experiences occur. We create these happenings 
     and we are responsible for them. We should let our 
     feelings create happiness, abundance and love for 
     the world of mankind and for ourselves. <156>
     Matter is space bundled up and space is matter 
     spread out. Matter and space in different ratios 
     are the infinite chaotic void or quantum foam out 
     of which all things are created. Creation, high 
     and low, is the manifestation of its thoughts. 
     Thoughts align the chaotic void or quantum foam 
     and mold all things according to their patterns. 
     The chaotic void or quantum foam is the unlimited 
     or infinite supply source of chaotic or free 
     dancing energy out of which all things are 
     created. Thought aligns this free dancing energy 
     into patterns of all varieties and complexities, 
     including life entities. The thought is the 
     entity, be it stick or stone, be it man or clone. 
     Thought expressed in the matter world is the 
     physical universe as we see it. Matter is 
     solidified thought or trapped consciousness. <157>

     Matter in the form of electrons and atoms does not 
     really exist. Matter is not a substance. Electrons 
     for example sort of pop in and out of our 
     dimension as required and they certainly do not 
     behave as small rotating balls or mini solar 
     systems. Physical things are forms that are molded 
     from free cosmic energy foam and are perceived by 
     us as physical objects. Our matter world consists 
     of dancing energy fields that continually mix 
     themselves with all kinds of other energy fields. 
     Dancing energy fields do not necessarily limit 
     themselves only to our three dimensional reality. 

     Our three dimensional reality is sculptured upon 
     the screen of our awareness in a similar manner as 
     our TV pictures are painted on our TV tubes. Bits 
     and pieces at the time. Our surroundings are 
     energy force fields that are picked up by our 
     senses as pressures and are translated by our mind 
     into material reality. Also we do not live in a 
     three dimensional universe. We live in a wide open 
     multi dimensional totality. We are but aware of a 
     very small aspect of this totality. 

     Our senses limit us to a three dimensional 
     existence while we live in a wide open 
     unobstructed universe. We have hypnotized 
     ourselves and only see the shadows of reality. Our 
     universe is a multi dimensional infinity but we 
     only perceive a sliver of the total. We are 
     cheating ourselves. We only see but one paper 
     flower and miss the infinite garden of beauty 
     because our awareness sense is very limited. 
     Living life in a material plane is existing like a 
     dummy. <158>

     The combined effects of our brain and mind create 
     our time and space awareness. This allows us to 
     experience our daily life. The dramas of our daily 
     life take place within a limited time and space 
     cosmic theater. It is like a private enclosed 
     universe with definite boundaries and laws. Within 
     this man-made environment our ideas and feelings 
     align free cosmic energy and build the stage for 
     our life on earth. 

     Our emotions expressed in cosmic energy patterns 
     become our existence on earth and we perceive and 
     accept this as the matter world. Our feelings 
     create our environment and reality. When we are 
     asleep our brain waves change and cancel out our 
     time and space awareness. When we leave our body 
     at so called death, time and space collapse 
     entirely, for brain activity has ceased completely. 
     The mind however, free from the body, then 
     continues its journey and meets other experiences 
     either on earth or other places depending on its 
     needs. <159>

     The universe is like a gigantic symphony. It is 
     absolutely beautiful and it plays forever. 
     Everyone participates in this symphony and all of 
     us play our favorite instrument. None of us sounds 
     the same as any other player but yet we create 
     spellbinding music. When we listen while we play 
     we sometimes feel that others are out of harmony. 
     We feel this way because all we really hear is our 
     own tune. <160>

     Some scientists tell us that about ninety percent 
     of our universe is missing. They call the missing 
     parts the dark areas. It is quite likely that they 
     are right for about ninety percent of our brain is 
     in the dark as well. Whenever we are able to open 
     ourselves completely to universal awareness and 
     its revealing scope we will easily rediscover the 
     missing ninety percent of ourselves. The universe 
     is not something with a specific quality or a 
     certain boundary. The quality and the greatness of 
     the consciousness depend on the quality and 
     greatness of the consciousness that is 
     experiencing the beauty of its own reality. The 
     universe is as beautiful as the clarity and 
     greatness of our awareness. For a man living on 
     the street the universe does not even exist. For a 
     Buddha or a Christ, beings with crystal clear 
     awareness, the universe is an overwhelming and 
     perfect whole. Not a neutron is missing. <161>

     The entire universe, high and low, visible and 
     invisible is a dream that is accepted as reality 
     by the participant in the dream. Consciousness or 
     mind is the dreamer. All participants exist within 
     the reality of the dream. They are the sole 
     creators of the dream reality experienced. To 
     become aware that you are dreaming and experience 
     that you are the consciousness of the dreamer is 
     awakening to the God you are. Being a fully 
     awakened participant means being in full control 
     over creation. <162>

     Opinions about the universe are about as reliable 
     as the opinions of a book of which you have but 
     read one word. Whether the writing you are reading 
     is wisdom or nonsense is up to you. Millions of 
     people all over the world are suffering. Are these 
     people God in action? <163>

     Before we were fully capable of living in physical 
     bodies full time we had trial periods of living in 
     them. It's like astral traveling in reverse. At 
     that time we divided our existence between living 
     in the etheric plane and the physical plane. At 
     the present however the material plane is like a 
     human trap. We can only get out when the body 
     expires. We sure have improved being physical. 
     Haven't we? <164>

     Before we entered our physical creation we had to 
     take measures to insure ourselves that we would 
     stay in the physical for the duration of our 
     endeavors. By means of the fear of physical death 
     and by forgetting who or what we really are we 
     have succeeded in prolonging our visits to earth 
     to enable us to continue our creative experiments. 
     Basically our resistance to change and our 
     ignorance keeps us firmly attached to this earth 
     plane. Our real home is the etheric plane. There 
     we live in energy bodies. Living in the etheric is 
     easier than living on earth. Living in a physical 
     body is tough. <165>

     We as a consciousness and therefore as a creator 
     create our own physical body and live in it. We 
     the creator and we as our creation are so 
     intermingled that the one is almost the other. 
     There is a constant interaction between ourselves 
     and our manifestation as long as we live in it. We 
     however do not just create the body we also create 
     its experiences. Our thoughts are all powerful. 
     There is no power greater than thought. Thought is 
     the almighty creator. <166>

     We, the source of creation, have descended into 
     our own matter world in order to experience our 
     physical creation. We, the source, are mankind. 
     And every man, woman and child is the source. We, 
     the source, have deliberately become human beings. 
     And now that we are human we love ourselves 
     even more. Mankind is beautiful and we are its 
     creator. Remind yourself of this. <167>

     The many simultaneous lifetimes you are living are 
     like the many simultaneous channels on your TV. 
     Your soul is able to tune to any lifetime it 
     wishes like you can tune to any channel. Neither 
     your Soul nor you are bound by time and space. 
     Your soul and you are manipulators of time and 
     space. Your soul is the producer of your lifetimes 
     while you are the watcher of your shows. Your soul 
     and you are one. 

     In order to keep you in the physical as a body 
     beautiful, your awareness and your desires have 
     been focused towards the physical. Which is 
     similar to living in a beautiful three dimensional 
     movie theater in which you have been watching the 
     movie since birth. No wonder you don't know 
     anything about the outside world. Before you can 
     leave this movie theater for good you have to 
     finish watching and producing the show. Whatever 
     you do however and wherever you're doing it you 
     will always experience your own production. You 
     are the creator of your life always! <168>

     Our body is our sculpture and our temple. We form 
     it, we live in it and it is our being in flesh. We 
     as consciousness will always identify with some 
     kind of image of ourselves. Consciousness needs 
     something to be aware of. We will always be a 
     combination of matter, energy and consciousness. 
     Being human means being all three. <169>

     The world and all the things in it are not of a 
     solid physical substance. All things are energy 
     vibrations. Physical life is a state of mind. 
     Physical things are forms of energy. The entire 
     matter-time-space continuum is a dreamland in 
     which spirits experience a physical state of 
     being. Our physical world is a breeding place for 
     consciousness, human consciousness. At birth we 
     enter our illusion and we find that our world is 
     real. The physical creation is a cosmic dream. 
     Only gods can enter. <170>

     The reward of life is in the moment. There is no 
     heaven, there is no hell. There are only states of 
     mind. And in the infinite ages of the universe 
     there is only the moment. The moment in which we 
     are given the opportunity to appreciate the state 
     of mind we have created. When we have learned to 
     raise our awareness to cosmic communion we have 
     entered the kingdom of God, the Christ 
     consciousness. We can reach this kingdom by living 
     in the moment of nowness. <171>

     All beings in the universe are equal and our 
     relationship forms the diversity of creation. We 
     have always been here. We only create different 
     roles for ourselves in order to keep it 
     interesting. On earth it appears as if there are 
     old souls and young souls and as if there are 
     creators and the created. But in absolute reality 
     there is only one consciousness. We all are this 
     one consciousness relating to itself. We are the 
     universe at play. We are the play of God. <172>
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