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     A crystal clear mind is not fooled by perception. 
     A mind like this knows that the world is a posture 
     of vibrating energy or consciousness. Physical 
     matter is vibrating cosmic energy or thought being 
     itself. Creation is thought in form. 
     Investigations of matter have proven that it is 
     vibrating energy assuming postures or force fields 
     that are created by our thoughts. Our senses 
     accept these postures as physical forms. 
     Multitudes of vibrating energy postures flow in 
     and out of each other. They are synchronized and 
     separated by space time orientations. 

     This makes it possible for us to perceive only one 
     world at one time. However all worlds do exist 
     simultaneously. All worlds flow in and out of each 
     other for all things are vibrating energy 
     mixtures. We only see one world however for all 
     others are vibrating energy constructions with 
     frequencies that are beyond our perception range 
     at this space time conjunction. The universe is 
     like a three dimensional movie that we are able to 
     enter and experience at any space time interval by 
     traveling the space time continuum. 

     This is how we enter or incarnate into different 
     worlds as different people. We are all these 
     people simultaneously. Whenever we leave our body 
     we are able to travel beyond space time to any 
     past or future world in the universe. We enter any 
     world scenario at will by synchronizing our mind 
     or thoughts with a certain desired life 
     environment in order to fulfill the ultimate 
     attainment of our soul or spirit. We are time and 
     space travelers who seemingly stand still while we 
     live in a body. The body is a taxi through time 
     and space. <134>

     The creative source or universal mind is a mind 
     that functions as a multi-mind. This one universal 
     mind behaves in all its thoughts or creations as 
     if they have an independent mind of their own. All 
     thoughts or creations of the source are creations 
     with free and independent minds for these minds in 
     turn are creators themselves and create according 
     to their liking. The creative source or universal 
     mind is a holographic creative source that 
     multiplies itself into duplicate sources. All 
     duplicate sources are perfect in and by themselves 
     for all are perfect clones of the original. 

     We as man are thoughts from thoughts from thoughts 
     but yet we still are the original creator. We 
     could consider ourselves split personalities with 
     different qualities of the one and only mind we 
     are. The one and only mind we are is the dreamer 
     who dreams creation and at the same time lives as 
     all the created who all have independent and 
     different opinions about the original dreamer and 
     its created activity. 

     We are not only many people all at once we also 
     are ourselves and the creator all at once. We are 
     the beginning and the end. We are the creator 
     thinking that we are man. We are man thinking that 
     we are the creator. <135>

     All things already exists, for all things are in 
     the universal mind. We are this mind. All we have 
     to do is awaken to the absolute reality of this 
     mind. Great mind in which we dream, awaken us! 

     Reality is what we experience. What we experience 
     we experience via our mind. Our mind can only 
     dream. Dreaming is thinking is creating. What we 
     experience is our dream and our reality. Our 
     reality is a dream. We are God dreaming reality. 

     We have always been spirits. We always will 
     continue to be spirits. Human beings we are only 
     occasionally. While we are human as spirits we 
     will learn about physical reality. We have created 
     this physical reality. We are creators. In order 
     to experience our physical reality in a physical 
     way we live in it as human beings. Only then can 
     we experience how good a creator we are. We 
     created a lot of pollution that slowly will kill 
     billions upon billions of life forms including 
     billions of human beings. It is a positive lesson 
     for it will teach the masses that we are the 
     creator of the world and all that is in it. We 
     will create again all that was lost. The thought 
     of all things is always in the mind of the creator 
     we are. <138>

     All lives are lived in mind. In your mind in the 
     soul's mind in God's mind. It's all the same mind. 
     Since mind is beyond space time your mind should 
     be able to recall lifetimes of the past as well as 
     of the future. Now if mind is all that smart how 
     come you are struggling to understand all this? 
     Because ego minds like to. Ego minds always like 
     to struggle. It makes them feel real. <139>

     The creation of the physical universe was a daring 
     endeavor that was accepted by all the spirits of 
     mankind universally before they were physically 
     expressed. To be projected and expressed in a 
     physical body was the wish and desire of all 
     participants. Once you have started this daring 
     challenge there is no alternative but to finish it 
     by becoming enlightened. Once you are enlightened 
     you have learned that the matter universe is a 
     gigantic dream in which you were lost. You were 
     day dreaming in a cosmic way. All dreams are real. 

     Never again my dearest friend will life for you 
     begin or end. For you have reached a stage of life 
     in which you will be without strife. Yet there is 
     still much to learn in this here mind and earth 
     sojourn. But you will always know beyond a doubt 
     that you are God within and out. And for now my 
     dearest friend this little poem has reached the 
     end. <141>

     The universe does not contain any observers. It 
     only contains participants. All things in their 
     own way create or change the universe. This small 
     composition will change the universe. Even if it 
     is not understood. If you didn't do anything all 
     your life you would still change the universe. You 
     can't help but participate. You are it! <142>

     In the past scientists had almost ruled out the 
     existence of consciousness or mind. They assumed 
     that matter was the only reality. At the present 
     they have determined that matter actually does not 
     exist and that consciousness or mind is all there 
     is. There is evidence that the matter space time 
     matrix is a creation of the human consciousness. 
     It also has been postulated that there is an area 
     that does not exist in either time or space. It is 
     the dream land area of our mind. <143>

     The universe in all its forms spiritual, mental 
     and physical is a forever growing process of 
     becoming. This process of becoming is the 
     collective production of all the free minds within 
     creation and their independent creative 
     contributions. The universal mind lives in all 
     free minds and stays forever in the background 
     ready to be shared among its participants. It's 
     like a bank into which all of creation deposits 
     and withdraws without records. The bank never goes 
     broke. It's a closed system. <144>

     You cannot know your own perfection until you have 
     noticed and honored all those who are created and 
     perfected like you. The perfection or misery you 
     see around you depends on your state of awareness. 
     A Christ or Buddha sees perfection. An ordinary 
     man sees confusion because he is still confused 
     himself. <145>

     You are not your thoughts neither are you your 
     ideas. You are the very self having these thoughts 
     and ideas. Thoughts and ideas are the cosmic 
     nourishment of creation. Within this nourishment 
     are the ingredients of greatness. On these 
     ingredients you raise yourself to forever grow in 
     awareness. Awareness is unlimited. <146>

     Our conscious mind is the pilot of our God 
     beingness. This mind sets the goals and the inner 
     creator brings them about. We are on this earth to 
     follow the path of our feelings. Our feelings are 
     the causes of our experiences. All of us create 
     the realities necessary to bring us home. We 
     create what we need to arrive. Our conscious mind 
     is the window through which we observe what the 
     inner mind has created for us in the world. We 
     must examine this outside scenario for if it is 
     not to our liking we must stop creating it. 

     We alone as the creator are responsible for what 
     we experience. The universe and the world we 
     experience is the product of our feelings. We 
     cannot blame the product. We must change our 
     feelings. Our conscious mind is the maker of 
     distinctions. It is endlessly creative in its 
     actions. Our conscious mind is free. Since it is 
     free we are therefore able to judge ourselves. 
     Free will is necessary in order to create our own 
     reality. We are self-choosing God beings in a 
     universe that leans our way. We are here to learn 
     and enjoy. Don't be too hard on yourself. Remember 
     the more you think you understand the more you 
     don't. The more magic you see the more you miss. 

     The universe, high and low, is the being I am. 
     Sometimes I am physical and sometimes I am only in 
     spirit form. Whatever I am I am. My spirit form is 
     my natural form and my physical form is optional. 
     My consciousness is seemingly divided among the 
     many forms and spirits I appear as. All these 
     spirits and forms are aware as independent 
     separate creatures in creation. However, I am all 
     of them, knowingly and unknowingly. <148>

     I am the only one in the universe and the universe 
     is my being manifested. I never speak of my 
     infinite greatness. It is self-evident. Before my 
     greatness can be known one must equal my greatness 
     in being in order to grasp the infinite being I 
     am. The infinite beings who understand my 
     greatness appear as individualized God 
     personalities. They function in different 
     capacities in order to be what I am in them. I am 
     the one in all as all. <149>

     Our lifetimes are but dreams. Real, yes, but 
     dreams. Since time and space are aspects of our 
     dream all dreams take place at the same time. 
     There is only the present. All beings, worlds and 
     things are but temporary illusionary objects 
     within the dreams of the God we are. Our dreams 
     are real. But yet when we awaken from our dreams 
     we will know that there is no other reality than 
     the reality of the absolute consciousness. <150>

     Look at the world and what do you see? Images, 
     images and nothing but images. There is no real 
     substance out there. What you see, sense or bump 
     into is neither solid, fluid or gassy. It is a 
     cosmic energy force field in a power posture. It 
     is a force field of energy that your conditioned 
     conscious mind experiences as physical reality. 
     What is out there is not physical at all. You 
     accept it as physical substance. You create it and 
     your creation fools you. It is self-created magic 
     by the great magician you do not know. You are 
     this magician at play. <151>

     Within the forces of matter is a sleeping 
     consciousness which contains all the power of the 
     universe. In every particle, cell or atom is 
     hidden the omniscience of the creator. The full 
     force of creation is within all its members and 
     particles. Consciousness is consciousness. 
     Unlimited, undivided, always itself. Consciousness 
     is the source of thought. Creation is thought 
     being itself. Thought being itself is 
     consciousness at play. <152>

     We, the childlike laughter of the infinite. We, the 
     eternal delight of the universe. We are the very 
     play of creation. Creating ourselves and then 
     forgetting who we are. To find ourselves playing 
     the game of God in man. The consciousness we are 
     is the source of all creators in creation. We are 
     the very life of delight being ourselves in others 
     peeking out. <153>
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