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     Imagination is God in action. All realities in all 
     dimensions are imagination on display. Imagination 
     is the creator of creation. Creation is a free 
     play of the creator. You and I are this creator. 
     At this very moment we live in our creation, in 
     our own created matter bodies. Most of us are 
     still lost in our creation. Before we can 
     appreciate our greatness we must be able to enjoy 
     what we have created up to now. Start enjoying, 
     it's mandatory. <112> 

     Ideas from our human creative mind enter into the 
     universal mind like seeds into soil. The universal 
     mind has within itself the power to develop our 
     original thoughts or ideas. That's what the 
     universal mind is for. The universal mind or 
     creator is the unconscious side of our 
     consciousness. Consciousness originates and the 
     unconscious creator produces. That is the law. 
     Your law!  Ask and you shall receive. <113>

     Once you have come into the world and have created 
     a mature mind you have accomplished what you came 
     to do. There are no other feats to accomplish 
     except being here and knowing this. You are God 
     living in a certain aspect of your creation. 
     Living in your creation does not mean that you 
     have to compete with others for first place. Being 
     man as God does not mean that you have to own more 
     than others. Being rich or poor is of no value. 
     Being here and understanding who you really are is 
     sufficient. <114>

     The infinite universe is not out there some place. 
     It is within the very consciousness you are. There 
     is no universe out there. You are experiencing 
     images of your own infinite mind. You keep 
     thinking however that you as a person are 
     separated from all the rest. The infinite universe 
     is the very self you are. The self you do not 
     know. There is only you. There is only mind. By 
     expanding in awareness your small world becomes an 
     infinite universe and all things become you. <115>

     Man is not just man alone. Man is also God. God is 
     not just God alone. God is also man. Man is God 
     and God is man. Mankind and all other brothers in 
     the universe form a united family relationship 
     that is created by the universal consciousness in 
     order to relate to itself as itself. This 
     universal consciousness or mind is present in 
     different degrees in all universal participants 
     and relatives who are all relating by means of 
     this one consciousness. This consciousness is the 
     one and only link between all beings, creatures 
     and things. We are a consciousness family of one! 

     Indeed, indeed the universe expands. The universe 
     is an expanding thought or idea. Actually it is an 
     infinite amount of ideas which are expanding or 
     contracting at all times. Universal consciousness 
     or mind thinks and thereby produces the universe. 
     Thinking is creating. Every thought or idea you 
     and I have changes the universe and makes it 
     either bigger, better or different. The thoughts 
     or ideas of all thinking beings are the universe 
     as manifested. Our thoughts and the universe are 
     the same thing. <117>

     The universe is the result of all thoughts in the 
     same way as our body is the result of our thoughts. 
     Our body is the visible aspect of our mind. Body 
     and mind are one. Our body and mind are both 
     vibrations of energy. One aspect is visible, the 
     other is not. Our mind has produced an instrument 
     that enables it to live in a physical reality. By 
     means of our body, our mind lives on earth. Our 
     body is our idea of ourselves. We have lived in 
     thousands of bodies. Our body is an instrument 
     that lately has become the master. In order to 
     change this, we must become more aware of the real 
     master. The real master is our consciousness or 
     mind. To recognize our real master is good work. 

     The reality of the world is the reflection of the 
     thoughts that create it. These thoughts are yours 
     and mine. The way we think and what we think is 
     directly responsible for the world we live in. We 
     live in and with our thoughts. Although at the 
     present we live in a world of chaos we are still 
     the creator of our own reality. The chaos should 
     not bother us one bit. When we understand that all 
     of us create our own reality we begin to grasp the 
     great difficulty of trying to help others. We can 
     only help by example and education. Loving others 
     or feeding them is not sufficient to change them. 

     Life has no end result or reward. Life itself is 
     the reward. The inner search has no reward. The 
     search is the reward. Who is to reward you? God? 
     You are God!  Life is God being itself. Be 
     yourself. Different stages of life are better or 
     worse than other stages of life. Some lifetimes 
     are harder than others. We will meet whatever we 
     need in order to expand our awareness and love for 
     ourselves. To love ourselves includes everybody. 
     Life is universal justice. Life is absolutely 
     fair. <120>

     Life as a human being is experiencing a dream. The 
     dream is real. The dream is only real until you 
     awaken. Then you could ask where is my dream? You 
     however are no longer there. So who is there to 
     ask? The awakening is the realization of the 
     Christ consciousness. It means the culmination of 
     all the human dreams you endured or enjoyed. It is 
     not a reward. It is your birth right. <121>

     The past is memory. The future is imagination. 
     Both are products of mind. The past and the future 
     are aspects of the present. We think about them 
     now. Time and space, past and future, are relative 
     realities. They are aspects of our dream. The 
     dream of the creator we are. Great God in which we 
     dream awaken us! <122>

     Forget about the past and forget about the future. 
     Live in the moment of nowness. Living in the 
     moment of nowness gives you a crystal clear 
     awareness. A crystal clear awareness is a state of 
     pure meditation. It's knowing God. It's knowing 
     yourself! <123>

     The only God you will ever know is the God that 
     lives within. Do not be concerned about your ego. 
     Do not pay attention to what does not exist. Live 
     knowing that you are forever. Forever is the 
     moment of nowness repeated. <124>

     Oh soul, Oh beautiful soul take me under your wing 
     and guide me on my way. Remind me and guide me in 
     silent words towards the happiness I am. Remind me 
     and guide me to find the self I am in God. Remind 
     and guide me to find the Christ I am. Beautiful 
     soul come and possess me. <125>
     When you are looking at yourself you are looking 
     at your thoughts in form. The very being you are 
     is the creation of your thoughts. Most of these 
     thoughts are beyond your conscious knowing. This 
     is as it should be. Your conscious awareness 
     should be free to appreciate your life in the 
     physical reality. Your body is sustained by its 
     own consciousness. The person you are is the 
     creation of the soul you are. In all the ages of 
     existence your soul has been creating bodies. You 
     are the very creator in action. To discover this 
     is your task. <126>

     Science and religion are the outer and the inner 
     expressions of our consciousness. They represent 
     the two sides of our being. Both are aspects of 
     our dream of creation. The one is man, the other 
     is God. Not any one thing is really real or solid. 
     The only absolute is our universal consciousness. 
     This consciousness dreams about science and 
     religion. Neither discipline is either right or 
     wrong. Their approach is from opposite ends. They 
     are both aspects of the same dream. All Things 
     take place within the one consciousness we are. 
     Not any one dream is really real. Yet no dream is 
     ever forgotten. <127>
     God speaks to me in a million ways. In every 
     flower, in every tree, in every brook and in all 
     the birds that fly on by I see the God I am. The 
     sound of God is not only the silent voice within 
     but it also is all the sounds without. In love and 
     in war I sense the God I am. Sometimes loving, 
     sometimes fighting but always there undeniably. 

     The universe is created by those who live within 
     it. It is a closed system that is free and 
     unlimited. All that is within it is the very 
     creator in all its forms. Some forms are more 
     aware than others. No form however is more or 
     better than any other. All forms are partners and 
     relatives who live and play in a cosmic playground 
     that is their very home. How beautiful it is 
     depends on you. <129>

     Mysticism and the new physics reveal that the 
     reality that is experienced is created by the 
     consciousness experiencing it. Which means that 
     many people could witness the same happening 
     together while yet each one of them experiences 
     different happenings. Funny isn't it? Most of us 
     knew that a long time ago. That's why people 
     always disagree. They see what they create. I 
     don't blame them after all they are the creator. 

     Darkness is not a problem. Shine your light and it 
     disappears. The ego is no problem either. Once you 
     know who you are ego will disappear like darkness. 
     Where God is ego cannot be. <131>

     We all are a consciousness and we all are on 
     different levels of awareness. We are this way 
     because we are becoming aware at our own speed. To 
     discover that all of us are the universal mind is 
     the task we have accepted when we became seemingly 
     separated and isolated. With this arrangement it 
     is possible to relate to ourselves by seemingly 
     being others. It's the joke of the universe. <132>

     Mysticism and physics have reached an 
     understanding of nature that cannot be expressed 
     by words or language. They have reached a position 
     where words no longer express their knowing. It 
     means that they cannot speak about something as 
     existing or non-existing. Nothing seems to be real 
     or unreal. They are on the edge of discovering 
     that physical reality including the world is an 

     What they are saying is that we are and that we 
     are not. They are looking directly into mind or 
     consciousness and they have discovered that we are 
     dreaming. People who have reached Buddhahood or 
     Christhood have awakened from the matter dream we 
     call creation. They are capable of changing 
     creation at Will. They have mastered the matter 
     world and they are able to change our dream. It's 
     called doing miracles. <133>
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