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     If the creator or the soul can create and sustain 
     a body now there is no reason to deny its ability 
     to create again and again in order to fulfill 
     itself. We are souls or spirits now as much as we 
     will ever be. The laws of mind and spirit do not 
     change with the passing of the physical body. The 
     laws are forever. <087> 

     Involution is the idea. Evolution is the unfolding 
     of it. Involution precedes evolution. Evolution 
     follows the idea with precision. Life or existence 
     is the primal mover. Life moves within and upon 
     itself. Every time I have an idea and act upon it 
     I am life expressing itself. <088>

     You are not your face. You are not your name. You 
     are not what you eat. You are not what you have or 
     have not. You are not what you wear. You are not 
     what you drive. You are none of the Above, so who 
     are you? You are the creator of the universe. You 
     are the great nameless force of creation. You live 
     on earth in order to experience your own creation 
     and to fully accept the responsibility for it. 
     Keeping yourself busy is the goal of the ego and 
     solving difficult problems is the most rewarding 
     occupation the ego can think of. The more 
     difficult it is, the greater the reward seems to 
     be. Keeping the ego busy is but delaying and 
     delaying finding the inner self, the God you are. 

     Religions always reinforce the ego either by 
     praise or by guilt. Praise and guilt are the 
     cornerstones of the ego. The ego is a self created 
     God of insanity. The ego is a false identity. It 
     is a self created thought-form of your past deeds. 
     The activities of the ego keep you from becoming 
     interested in the real you. The real you is the 
     Christ. The ego is the anti-Christ. <091>

     To give yourself the most misery is to deny or 
     reject the God you are. As long as you keep living 
     with the god of insanity, the ego, the more hell 
     you experience. The ego is the very source of 
     ignorance. Deep down the ego neither likes nor 
     loves itself. It is the source of hate because of 
     its feelings of inferiority. To fight your ego is 
     useless. Your ego does not exist, you only think 
     it does. <092>

     Miracles are the expressions of love. The human 
     being is one of these expressions. The creator in 
     all its unconscious knowing expresses itself as 
     itself and voila mankind. You and I are 
     expressions of love. We will recognize this more 
     and more because we slowly become more and more 
     aware. <093>

     My activity is the activity of the great mind 
     working through me. My life is the activity of the 
     creator manifesting reality. My reality, my 
     thoughts are inspired by the only realness in the 
     universe. I am that realness. I am the creator. I 
     am the Christ of creation. I and the father are 
     one. <094>

     I am in the light and of the light. The light 
     surrounds me and it protects me. I am the very 
     light of the Christ. The Christ I am shines forth 
     from the being I am. I am life, I am Love. I am 
     the very son of God. I am the Christ, I am the 
     light. <095>

     God is existence. Existence is impersonal. 
     Existence can not be a person. However, you and I 
     are existencepersonified. We are the very God 
     that is in the form of a human being. We are 
     consciousness personified. We are the very light 
     of the Christ. <096>

     You can never lose the God within. However, it is 
     possible to forget about it. That's the position 
     most people are in. To remember who or what you 
     really are means to forget about who you think you 
     are. Whoever you think you are is but the memory 
     of your doings. You are the very light of God. 

     Change your thoughts and you change the universe, 
     you change God. For the universe is the expression 
     of God. Your thoughts and God's thoughts are one 
     and the same. They are from the same mind. <098>

     God is not a guide. Guidance implies that there is 
     a right way and that there is a wrong way. There 
     is only God's way. Whatever you are doing now or 
     whatever path you're walking you are walking the 
     path of God. Because you are God. Not until you 
     understand this are you going anywhere. <099>

     To be centered in consciousness means that you 
     neither love nor hate. It means that you are 
     neutral or divinely indifferent. Only then 
     compassion arrives. Because awareness has entered 
     your mind. An aware consciousness is neither for 
     nor against. It is neither me nor you. It has no 
     ego, it has God. <100>

     The physical universe is created by mind. The 
     physical universe and all the worlds in it are the 
     playgrounds of the mind of God. The spiritual 
     universe is created by imagination. The spiritual 
     universe and all beings in it are the 
     relationships of the visions of God. The visions 
     of God are beyond human imagination. Poets, 
     however, can see the shadows. <101>

     God is existence. Existence has no opinions. And 
     whatever opinions you have, they are holding you 
     back. As long as you have opinions you are biased. 
     To be biased means that you are an ego with a 
     certain attitude. Existence or God is neutral. 
     Attitudes are human. Neutrality is God. Existence 
     is neutrality in action. <102>

     Most people are like a container. The container 
     holds their life. They do not like what is outside 
     the container. They always stay inside of it. They 
     live in a prison. Life is more than they like. It 
     also is more than they dislike. They are afraid of 
     what they really are. They Are life. <103>

     When the human mind opens up into the universal 
     mind the ego disappears and the heart of God 
     reveals itself. Thinking then is redundant. For 
     then we know and feel what we are all about. These 
     feelings are the feelings of the heart. Then we 
     will experience that our human mind was a self 
     made prison. <104>

     Your conscience is a self made concept. Your 
     conscience is the result of all the feelings you 
     experienced during all your lifetimes. Most 
     consciences are biased. They are full of personal 
     conclusions. Conclusions are the result of 
     conditioning. Conditioning is very subtle 
     brainwashing. There are no right conclusions! 

     The universe of time and space is the breeding 
     ground of the sons of God. The Buddhas and the 
     Christs are the products of time and space. Time 
     and space are the mills of creation. Sooner or 
     later all of us will be raised to the greatness of 
     understanding that the world was but a dream to 
     awaken from. However, all dreams are real. <106>

     Soul of the ages I am, open the channels of my 
     mind and inform the masters of the universe that I 
     am on my way. Insist that they speak to me so that 
     I might awaken to the light I am. Remind them with 
     kindness and gladness of heart that I am their 
     servant and equal. <107>

     The ego of man is an aspect of man that does not 
     realize that it is a self created falseness. It 
     keeps looking for the origin of the universe as 
     well as for the origin of itself. Both of them are 
     non-existent. The universe is! Which means that it 
     never had a beginning and that it does not have an 
     end. Changes within it however most certainly 
     exist. The universe is nothing but change. Big 
     bangs however are not beginnings. The riddle of 
     the origin of the universe is part and parcel of 
     the universe. All things are inseparable and one 
     including riddles and explanations. All ideas, 
     opinions and theories are aspects of the universe. 
     The proof is in the pudding. Parts or portions of 
     the universe, including explanations, are 
     illusions of the human consciousness. 

     These illusions are to be transcended. The 
     physical reality of the universe or the visible 
     reality of the universe is a projection from the 
     invisible universe. The invisible universe 
     provides the energy for the visible universe to 
     exist. The visible and the invisible are 
     vibrations of cosmic energy or consciousness. The 
     one we see and the other we don't. They are like 
     the many different phenomena of electricity and 
     its applications. Some are visible and others are 
     not. All are from the same source, consciousness. 

     All things are created from chaotic cosmic energy. 
     Scientists call this energy quantum foam. Chaotic 
     cosmic energy is unselective consciousness. This 
     kind of energy is not anything by itself. It is 
     undetermined or free consciousness. Chaotic cosmic 
     energy can be aligned by thought. Once this energy 
     is aligned by thought it assumes the position or 
     posture of the thought. Chaotic cosmic energy or 
     unselective consciousness responds to thought like 
     water to its container. Thought and its power or 
     selective consciousness is the one and only 
     original creator. Selective consciousness or 
     imagination always existed. Creation however, in 
     any plane, is optional. <109>

     I am the one consciousness or universal mind. 
     However, I am not consciously aware of this. I 
     have seemingly divided myself into separate 
     beings, creatures and things. All beings, 
     creatures and things are aware as the creations 
     they are and all are alive in their own manner and 
     degree. I am then all beings, creatures and things 
     with different levels of awareness and I live 
     according to what I am. I am consciousness in 
     action. I am the unconscious creator of the 
     universe and I am conscious and aware as my 
     creations. I am them and live as them. Since my 
     self awareness is in my creations, I cannot be 
     consciously aware as the creator. So who really am 
     I? I am the unconscious creator of the universe 
     and I am conscious and aware as all beings, 
     creatures and things that live all over the 
     universe I am. <110>

     Many many ages ago we, as human spirits, had the 
     desire to live in a physical reality. Our desire 
     and need for physical experience was sufficient to 
     solicit the help of our older brothers. Under 
     their guidance and supervision the earth was 
     prepared for human existence. For ages and ages 
     and more ages we prepared ourselves with great 
     anticipation for incarnations into forms of 

     In the beginning our bodies were but clusters of 
     matter and energy. These forms had no resemblance 
     to our sophisticated bodies of the present. At the 
     start of our physical endeavor we could get in and 
     out of our matter bodies easily. We only lived in 
     them for short periods of time. Time and space 
     were commodities that were absolutely strange to 
     us and since they are a self-created brain mind 
     activity it took many experiments and millennia to 
     create proper time and space awareness. 

     Slowly but surely we accomplished creating matter 
     bodies of greater complexity and started to occupy 
     them for longer durations. The matter worlds were 
     wild and dangerous and in order to grow and 
     prosper we often called upon our older brothers 
     for help and guidance. We finally have arrived at 
     the present and we have advanced to the stages in 
     which we are so familiar with living in bodies 
     that the thought of living without them is quite 

     We desired to live in matter forms and now that we 
     do we think that matter is the only commodity. Our 
     return to the spiritual world is advanced 
     considerably by remembering our source. The source 
     is the very self or creator we are. Living on 
     earth is carrying the matter cross. It is the 
     burden of our desire. <111>
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