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     An immature mind believes in miracles but a mature 
     mind knows that miracles are natural. Since human 
     society lives with an immature mind people believe 
     that the world needs to be saved by a miracle 
     doer. This is nonsense. The earth is a school for 
     human maturity. Every human being, one by one, has 
     to learn that he lives in an immature society 
     which thinks itself to be mature. Maturity is 
     sanity. <058> 
     The human form we live in and our character, 
     portray the very show of creativity our soul knows 
     how to muster. Our personal qualities are our soul 
     displayed. Our level of maturity and sanity are 
     the signs of evolvement we have reached within the 
     illusive time spectrum of our human drama. The 
     earth is a cosmic school of learning in which we 
     try to advance ourselves with what we have created 
     up to now. We will do this again and again. <059>

     When the human God mind started out in creation it 
     was innocent and totally ignorant. Many ages and 
     ages have passed and finally we have arrived at 
     the present. Some of us are learning that we are 
     dreaming and others declare to be awake while yet 
     asleep. A few have totally awakened! They are the 
     Buddhas and the Christs. Creation is a cosmic 
     factory that produces more and more enlightened 
     beings. <060>

     Every human baby that is born is inhabited by a 
     human mind or consciousness. This human mind was 
     never born and will never die. The baby however 
     will grow old and disappear. The human baby is 
     brand new every time. Not only is it brand new 
     every time but every time it is more evolved. The 
     human mind has been on earth many times. The human 
     mind or consciousness has learned to create and 
     manifest better human bodies for wiser human 
     minds. <061>

     Your conscious mind is not the great mind that 
     created you. Your conscious mind is a specially 
     designed aspect of the great mind. Your conscious 
     mind is an instrument that lets you function in a 
     physical environment without detecting immediately 
     that the physical environment is a mass of 
     vibrations of cosmic energy or consciousness. This 
     conscious mind, the mind it thinks it knows, is 
     the very hindrance to get the real you promoted to 
     the regions of Buddhahood. Your conscious mind is 
     the very weight that keeps you where you're at. 

     Our conscious self is but a small aspect of our 
     high self out of which we emerge. The conscious 
     self is an instrument of perception that seemingly 
     roams around on physical planes relaying 
     information and experiences to the high self who 
     dwells on other planes. The high self forwards 
     little selves into locations of creation or other 
     planes in order to experience modes of different 
     Life. Locations of creation or other planes are 
     states of mind. All states of mind are within 
     consciousness or God. A state of mind is a certain 
     experience or awareness. <063>

     Since time and space are an illusion within the 
     reality of the absolute, perceiving in the physical 
     worlds must be based upon a very specialized code 
     of not perceiving. Within consciousness or within 
     the absolute all past and future happenings are 
     occurring simultaneously. To not perceive all 
     happenings at once and perceive the ones we do 
     perceive means that we are very specialized 
     indeed.  The human machine most amazingly and 
     expertly is God disguised by skin and bone. <064>

     The human body, brain, mind and spirit working in 
     combined activity is a cosmic Bio-Computer housed 
     in a human body through which we experience our 
     physical universe. The physical universe is our 
     creation. Man is the creator by means of the God 
     he is. God is the medium of creation. Man is the 
     means. <065>

     For existence to be existence is normal. For 
     existence to be man is a miracle. You have to be 
     man first before you can understand that you are 
     God. Existence is an expression of love for 
     itself. Mankind is the only expression of love 
     that can understand its own lack of love. A lack 
     of love is caused by a lack of awareness. <066>

     Consciousness, mind or the inner universe is what 
     you see outside of yourself including yourself. 
     The whole phenomena is a cosmic illusion. The 
     inner and the outer universe are the one mind 
     being itself. The total universe is consciousness 
     or mind that projected itself into a dream called 
     creation. All projections are aware of themselves 
     and of others at different levels of perception. 

     Innocence is wisdom and it is unaware of evil. God 
     is innocence. The innocence of God is the state of 
     mind of the Christ mind. The Christ mind knows God 
     for it knows that it is God. It is the self 
     recognizing the self. <068>

     Most people use their mind to simplify their life. 
     I use my life to simplify my mind. Great God in 
     which I dream, awaken me. Great God in which I am 
     aware, speak to me. Great God in which I am, 
     possess my soul. <069>

     There are millions of worlds, some better, some 
     worse. All of them are schools for consciousness. 
     Consciousness living in bodies visible and 
     invisible is the creator learning about its own 
     creation. The creator creates unconsciously and 
     the whole of creation is our school. In this 
     cosmic school we learn about ourselves 
     consciously. <070>

     The great unconscious creator rises from 
     unconsciousness into consciousness by being born 
     into the physical creation. From the regions of 
     time and space, the great creator grows and 
     evolves into beings of great intelligence. To 
     become great is a matter of conscious self 
     development. Don't wait for the masses. <071>

     The atoms, the molecules, the rocks, the plants, 
     the animals, the people, the stars, and the 
     galaxies are vibrations of aware energy. This 
     energy, this consciousness, this miracle is the 
     very God and creator that is. And all things, 
     great and small are the creator being itself. And 
     I, in all my greatness and smallness, I am this 
     creator!  <072>

     Television pictures on your screen are dots of 
     colored light. Most people think that the picture 
     is real. The realness of it however is made up by 
     the viewer. Things are the same in ordinary Life. 
     The reality of the physical world is made up by 
     the people living there. There is no world as we 
     perceive it. You are the creator watching your own 
     created movement of cosmic energy. It is your mind 
     in action. <073>

     The entire universe, visible and invisible, is a 
     gigantic mind dreaming. It is your mind. All 
     happenings or dreams in this mind are thoughts or 
     ideas of the dreamer. You are this dreamer. These 
     thoughts or ideas are not objective or real. They 
     are the mental reality of the creator. Once again, 
     you are this creator. To become aware of your 
     total dream and know all happenings in the 
     universe is enlightenment. This means that you are 
     the master of creation. Then you are the Christ! 

     My body is the extension of my mind and what I 
     experience, I experience in mind. What I become 
     aware of and is recorded in my mind becomes part 
     of the universal mind. For my mind is the same 
     mind. The more and more I become aware of either 
     by experience or by direct awareness becomes or is 
     part of the great mind. Eventually I will know all 
     Things for my intuition or direct awareness is the 
     creator's mind in action. My mind is that mind! 

     Our higher self is our real self. The Christ of 
     creation. Our real self manifested many aspects of 
     itself into the physical reality we call the 
     world.  It experiences all these aspects 
     simultaneously. You and I experience only the 
     aspect we are. We are little selves. We can 
     experience other aspects of our real self at all 
     times however. The more evolved we become the more 
     we will learn to do this. <076>

     The world is a state of mind. The world is not 
     really real or a place. It is relatively real. The 
     world is Real in mind. It is not real as solid 
     matter. All things are a state of mind. The world 
     is a thought formation that slowly changes. It 
     changes when we change our mind and that's why it 
     changes! <077>

     Truth is something that has to be discovered. It 
     cannot be bought, rented or given away. Once you 
     have found it you know that it includes all 
     religions and sciences. Before you discover truth 
     you suffer from a cosmic itch. Truth is the 
     ultimate joke on yourself. <078>

     God is not the creator. God is the very substance 
     or aware energy out of which the universe is made 
     of. Sentient beings or spirits are the creator. 
     These beings have always existed. God and spirits 
     are two of a kind. They are one but function 
     differently. Sentient beings or spirits are the 
     experimenters of the universe. Spirits fool around 
     with God and God keeps them happy. It's a funny 
     universe. <079>

     All people create their own God. This is an ideal 
     arrangement for everybody can have his own foolish 
     creation. Naturally all these different gods exist 
     in mind only. Like the rest of creation does. 

     When we recognize what we really are and what our 
     brothers are, we will realize that judging them, 
     in any way, is without meaning. For in the 
     presence of knowledge, all judgment is completely 
     eliminated. The presence of knowledge enables 
     recognition to replace perception. All of us are 
     the creator playing roles. The world is awesomely 
     complex. <081>

     Innocence has no attitude. All attitudes are ego 
     based. To diminish our ego and become more God 
     like, we have to drop our attitudes. To be 
     unbiased, innocent and loving is being the Christ. 

     Great God in which I live, make me see the Christ 
     in all my brothers. Great God in which I am aware, 
     speak to me. Great God in which I dream awaken me 
     to the Christ I am. Great God in which I trust, 
     possess my soul. Great God in which I dwell be 
     what you are in me. <083>

     The evolution of the individual I am, the 
     unfolding of my personality, the enlightenment of 
     my soul and the illumination of my spirit can only 
     happen to the same degree as that I let life flow 
     through me. Life is the very God of my existence. 
     Life of God flow through Me. Light of love, fulfill 
     my being. <084>

     The personality or soul we are is an expression of 
     the universe in whatever stage of development we 
     happen to be. All stages are perfect. All stages 
     are God living as man. Great God in which I live 
     make me see my brothers as they really are. Make 
     me see them as God alive. <085>

     The physical universe is the body of God. It is a 
     manifestation in forms of the mind of God. The 
     manifestation of the physical universe may have 
     beginnings and ends within itself but the 
     originator neither begins nor ends. The 
     manifestations of consciousness are essential in 
     order for consciousness to reach self realization. 
     The body therefore is essential. Consciousness 
     needs something to be conscious of. Consciousness 
     creates and thereby knows itself as itself. <086>
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