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     Life is not a test. Life is a celebration. Life 
     also is a discovery and an experience. And above 
     all life is a must. You can never be dead. Living 
     in a human body is but a small aspect of life. The 
     purpose of human life is to mature as a Divine
     Consciousness. Full maturity is enlightenment. Be 
     prepared to come back. <028> 

     Creation is a never ending thought or an infinite 
     idea. Thoughts manifest themselves in physical 
     reality. You and I and the world are thoughts 
     within thoughts within thoughts. We are processes 
     of thoughts. That's why we change. The physical 
     universe and all we observe are thoughts that are 
     perceived by our senses. Our reality is a sensory 
     reality. <029>

     You are the physical expression of your soul. The 
     only way for your soul to experience the physical 
     world is to project itself into a physical 
     dimension. Your soul has many physical 
     expressions. You are but one of them. Your soul is 
     a representative of the only real thing. The real 
     thing is God for there is only God. God is an 
     infinite neutral force. You are this force!  <030>
     The world for most people is what they see. Their 
     reality is created by their senses. What they 
     perceive has been projected by thought. Most 
     people do not know that their life on earth is the 
     result of their own thoughts. That's why they 
     suffer. Most people are lost in their own 
     creation. Nobody can help them. They have to learn 
     what to think! <031>

     Intuition is really remembering. Man knows all 
     things but he has forgotten most. The world is a 
     spaceship of our own making. The moon is also a 
     spaceship. It is inhabited by our older brothers. 
     When you have overcome all skepticism, you are at 
     the level of God. You are anyway, but you don't 
     know it! <032>

     Great God in which I dream, awaken me. Great God 
     in which I trust, heal my mind. Great God in which 
     I dwell, heal my body. Great God in which I think, 
     clear my thoughts. Great God in which I breathe, 
     clear my lungs. Great God in which I am aware, 
     speak to me. Great God in which I live, obey my 
     words. <033>

     You are the presence of the creator in creation. 
     You are the son of God, you are a Christ. You and 
     you alone control your destiny. Your destiny is 
     determined by your thinking. You are here to learn 
     to think. You are here to learn to love. You are 
     here to partake of the good things of life. You 
     are here to share in the abundance of creation. 
     You are the son of God, you are the Christ! <034>

     Truth is beyond learning for it is beyond time and 
     space. Truth has no opposites, no beginning and no 
     end. It merely is.  Darkness is not anything by 
     itself. Darkness is a lack of light. An ego is not 
     anything by itself either. Egoness is a lack of 
     godness. <035>

     Matter is a self-organizing activity of the 
     unconscious side of mind. It can be measured by 
     the sensory system that in itself is created by 
     mind. The physical universe is an unconscious 
     creation and it is measured by the consciousness 
     or God who discovers that it is a precise 
     measurement of itself and that it is good and 
     understandable. The consciousness or God in Man is 
     the creator and the measurer. We are here to 
     measure and enjoy our creation! <036>

     Look into the mirror and behold the face of God! 
     This might seem preposterous to you but the more 
     absurd you find this, the more wrong you are. The 
     face of God is what you see. And just in case you 
     want to see the naked body of God, look at the 
     entire universe. Whatever you see, it is God. You 
     can't miss! <037>

     Experience is the school in which we learn that 
     all action is the result of thought. Thought is 
     the power of the universe and it is more powerful 
     than we can imagine. Thought is God at work! 
     Thought is the very force that created the entire 
     universe, visible and invisible. Your thoughts 
     will promote you to the level of Christness. <038>

     All my lives are but different dreams. Since all 
     my dreams are real, I keep forgetting that I am 
     not awake. Great God within me, let me awaken to 
     the creator I am. Great God, awaken the world of 
     man. <039>

     Most people think that they have been created by 
     some God. This is nonsense.  Man is God 
     experiencing creation. The only way for God to 
     experience creation is by means of man 
     universally. In other words, the God in man 
     created the universe and mankind in order to 
     experience itself as the creator and as the 
     created. There is only God. <040>

     It is difficult for man to understand that he is 
     God, for man has entered an aspect of his own 
     creation in which he has lost contact with his 
     source. Man is the effect of his own cause or 
     source. Since he is the effect at this very 
     moment, he cannot look back at his cause and 
     recognize himself. <041>

     God is the only One who lives in its creation for 
     all of creation is God. If this indeed is so, who 
     lives your life? Do you live your life? Are you 
     you or are you God? Who are you? <042>

     The Bible says Adam fell into a deep sleep. And 
     nowhere is it stated that he ever woke up. Being 
     asleep means being separated from the source. 
     Indeed our conscious mind or our ego mind is 
     separated from the source of existence. Our 
     unconscious mind or source mind is still perfectly 
     connected. This means that we only have to 
     consciously reconnect ourselves in order to 
     awaken. <043>

     My thoughts are the forerunners of my future days. 
     I will meet what I think.  My destiny is a self-
     created environment in which I will encounter what 
     I have thought. I am the creator of my reality. I 
     am responsible for my reality. I am the law! <044>

     The world of man believes in the source of 
     scarcity. This is the source into which the 
     abundance of the universe mysteriously disappears. 
     Since man believes in scarcity, there is scarcity. 
     For what is believed in, is created. Man believes 
     in things that are even worse. Like damnation, 
     hell and evil. <045>

     God created your body and lives in it. Now that he 
     lives in it, he has forgotten who he really is and 
     who created this form. Remember, you have a 
     personal state in creation. As a matter of fact, 
     the whole Shebang is yours. To get to know this 
     again is what you have accepted by living in a 
     body. <046>

     The right hand of God attends to boredom. That's 
     where the masses hang out. The left hand of God 
     opens doors, the doors of awareness. Please enter 
     these doors without fear. You will find that 
     behind all doors your very self is waiting to 
     welcome you!  All doors are opening into the 
     Christ mind. <047> 

     You are the universal mind ajar. Open it up and 
     you will be the Christ. Open your mind and you 
     will realize that you and the father are one!  We 
     all live in the one universal mind. This one mind 
     in action is creation itself. This one mind or 
     consciousness is all there is. You are the eyes 
     and ears of the creator. You are the very mind of 
     God. <048>

     Creation is the dream of God. Since we are this 
     God, we can change our dream any which way. To 
     bring this about however does not depend on 
     others. It depends on us! At all times we create 
     our reality by our thinking. Our thinking is our 
     responsibility. <049>

     Matter is a vibration of the unconscious side of 
     mind. Matter then is vibrating mind. Human beings 
     and all other entities are vibrations of the 
     conscious side of mind. Since we are this mind, 
     conscious as well as unconscious, we are the 
     medium that vibrates. It is therefore possible to 
     know what's happening any place, any time for 
     what's happening happens to us! <050>

     Physical reality is an illusion that is 
     experienced as real. The body and its senses are 
     attuned to physical reality and therefore this 
     illusive vibration is perceived as a reality in 
     and by itself. Our physical universe is a 
     vibration of consciousness that is attuned to our 
     Senses which convey to us a reality of separation 
     and division. The separateness or division however 
     is a cosmic illusion for the vibrating energy of 
     consciousness only portrays to our perception a 
     specific reality. This reality is our physical 
     environment. Matter is vibrating energy or 
     consciousness. <051>
     Infinity, time and space, past and future are 
     concepts of the physical plane. This plane is an 
     illusion however and it is only real to those who 
     believe in it. Since infinity, time and space, 
     past and future are part of the physical 
     environment these concepts are part of the 
     illusion. Physical reality is like a dream when 
     sleeping. It is a reality that is agreed upon by a 
     hypnotized population who believes in it. 
     Realities are created by beliefs. Infinity, time 
     and space, past and future are illusionary 
     concepts that are created by the combined activity 
     of the senses and the brain that fools the 
     hypnotized human mind. 

     The realness of the physical universe is a dream 
     that is experienced while we, as God, are asleep. 
     The physical is only real while we are dreaming. 
     Our physical environment is a cosmic dream that is 
     absolutely real to the dreamer. We, as God, are 
     this dreamer. When we leave our body we escape 
     this reality for a while until we reincarnate 
     again into human form. Attainment of the Christ 
     consciousness is the permanent awakening from the 
     dream of creation. 
     To attain the Christ consciousness means to have 
     transcended the matter dream. Only a Christ or a 
     Buddha is awake! All human beings eventually will 
     attain this status and title. <052> 

     Ignorance manifests itself as fear. Fear is a lack 
     of love. Love is gained by awareness. Awareness is 
     gained by experience. Experience is gained by 
     living lives. Since living lives is what we are 
     doing all is well.  Wisdom is realized ignorance. 

     The earth is a school for young souls. Do not 
     become confused by their childishness. Allow them 
     to worship their idols. Remember that the majority 
     of earth souls live in ignorance of their 
     greatness. Love them by letting them be. Strive on 
     in discovering your self. You are the force called 
     God. <054>

     I have peace of mind for I have accepted what I 
     am. I am the great God dreaming. I am dreaming the 
     dream of creation. I am the father dreaming that I 
     am the son. I accept being the son of God. I 
     accept being the Christ. Great God, in which I 
     dream, awaken me. <055>

     Matter = Energy = Consciousness. The atoms and 
     molecules in our universe are not really things in 
     and by themselves.The energy and awareness of 
     atoms is consciousness. The substance of the 
     entire universe is consciousness. Consciousness or 
     mind is the infinite processor of the combined 
     energy of all divided awareness. Consciousness or 
     mind in various vibrations produces the illusion 
     of physical reality. Consciousness manifests its 
     ideas into forms by means of forming vibrating 
     bodies of itself that are the forms of the ideas. 
     The idea is the very form!  All matter bodies or 
     vehicles are consciousness or cosmic aware energy 
     in forms that are equal to the idea consciousness 
     has of itself. Consciousness is a self forming 
     cosmic putty. <056>

     In the physical plane of illusion the human body 
     does not really exist except as a teaching device 
     for the mind. Consciousness, mind or soul is the 
     creator who in its travels through the universe 
     experiences its creations and learns from them. It 
     does this by living in its creations by means of 
     inhabiting a body with its consciousness. The body 
     also has a built in ego-mind. This ego-mind finds 
     the body absolutely real. The ego-mind is the fool 
     of creation. <057>

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