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     The world we experience is the result of our
     thoughts. We are the creator of the world we live
     in.  The world is our thoughts manifested in the
     actions of life.  Think differently and the world
     will change. <001>

     We can feel and sense the power of the universe
     flowing through us. It is in us and we are of it.
     This power surrounds us. It protects us and it
     guides us. We are the children of the universe and
     the masters of ourselves. <002>

     We are thought in action. We are the action of
     universal consciousness. We are consciousness in a
     matter body. Our body is the body of God! <003>

     Our identity is God's identity. Our knowingness is
     God's knowingness for the one mind is our mind. We
     are the spirit of God expressing love for all that
     is. We are all that is surrounded by the love of
     perfection. <004>

     Our life is a self-expression of God for we are
     God. Our life is perfect for God is perfect. We
     are the life of God and we express the abundance
     of the universe.  We are the expression of love.
     We are God as man. <005>

     The very life we live is universal consciousness
     in action. The world of the physical is a world of
     appearances. It is thought that is visible. <006>

     The energy within us is the power of God. This
     power will heal us for it will heal the world of
     man. This power will enlighten us for it will
     enlighten the world. The words we speak are the
     words of God. <007>

     We are one with God for the spirit of man is God.
     Our life is reflecting a perfect whole for we are
     at peace within the Love of God. Oh spirit within
     us radiate our Love to the world of man. <008>

     Since our life is the result of our thoughts there
     is nobody we can blame for what we experience. We
     are the sole cause of what we are and experience.

     We are the eyes of existence and we behold the
     beauty of creation. We only see the pleasant and
     the beautiful for our eyes only see the face of
     God. We see and deserve all the abundance of the
     universe for we are God living in our own
     creation. <010>

     Whatever we need we receive for the universe
     radiates abundance. The goodness and the abundance
     we receive are the birthrights of the gods we are.
     Great God within us help us share our abundance
     with the world. <011>

     Man is universal consciousness and all things are
     created by consciousness. We are the authors of
     creation. We are not the product of it. The
     creator within man is God dreaming that it is man.
     There is only God! <012>

     We are the creator of the universe dreaming that
     we are human. Most people think that they are
     themselves but all of them are the creator
     dreaming. None of them is really real. Ordinary
     life is a dream. Enlightenment is the awakening!

     Since we are God we do as we please. We create and
     we destroy. We pollute and we purify. We hate and
     we love. We kill and we heal. We remember and we
     forget. We do all this within the one mind we are
     for all games are played in consciousness. <014>

     Man is the presence of God in creation. Since we
     do not know this we create accordingly. To
     recognize our identity with creation is wisdom.
     God and man universally are the one rolled into
     the other. <015>

     The activity of the total universe is the play of
     God. The reality of the physical universe is an
     illusion. However, the beauty is real! Creation is
     an infinite idea. It is a play in consciousness or
     mind. We are the players and the play. <016>

     You are greater than you could possibly imagine.
     You Are God. Yet at the same time you Are man. You
     are God and man simultaneously. You don't have to
     believe it, you are anyway! <017>

     Every human being is a different expression of
     God. Every human being is God differently. But God
     they are! God the creator lives in its own bodies
     all over the universe. You are this greatness.

     An open mind is the first step towards
     enlightenment. Enlightenment means that you
     experience God's total presence living as you.
     You know then that at all times all is well with
     the world. Mankind is God asleep dreaming lives.
     Man awakens to his greatness only after many
     dreams or lifetimes. <019>

     The universal force or the light or God only
     enters its creation in a hypnotized state of mind.
     This mind is the mind of man asleep. To awaken or
     realize enlightenment is an absolute certainty for
     all human beings. Man is God asleep! <020>

     Awareness is the insight into what is, which is
     knowing. We all come to earth in order to become
     aware that we are the creator of the universe.
     When we descended into our creation we temporarily
     lost our awareness as the creator. Don't worry
     about it. Just enjoy being man! <021>

     The body of man is an extension of the soul of
     man. The body lives in environments into which the
     soul could never enter. The soul of man has many
     extensions all over the universe. The soul or
     Spirit of man is the very creator individualized.
     It's a personal creator doing its own thing! <022>

     Peace is the acceptance of what is. Peace is not
     having things your way. Your life are your
     thoughts manifested into physical reality.
     Thoughts do not exist in time but you do! Your
     future is created by your thoughts of the past.

     God is like air. And air is used and abused. God
     is also like electricity. You can use it to bake a
     cake and you can use it to kill. God or universal
     energy is a neutral energy. To learn how to use
     this neutral energy is the task of every human
     being. This energy doesn't care how it is used!

     Thoughts are things that exist beyond time and
     space. Time and space are aspects of our mind or
     consciousness. The physical reality of time and
     space is the playground upon which we exchange our
     thoughts for happenings. Yet all activity takes
     place in mind. <025>

     Whether you know it or not the miracle is! For all
     of us are the very miracles of manifestation. We
     are God descended into matter bodies. We are the
     very void of silence alive. We are man, we are God
     and we know it!  Life is a universal celebration
     for God and man. <026>

     I am the universal poet and creator.  However I
     appear as an ordinary human being. Sometimes I am
     masculine and sometimes I am feminine. Once in a
     while I appear as a queen or as a queer. However,
     one thing is for sure. I never appear as myself.
     I am God and I am all of you! <027>

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