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Hello Friends,
I would like to introduce you to the writings of Gerardus Tros - a metaphysician, spiritual poet, Canadian, ( and "snowbird" now in Apache Junction, AZ ).  His writings are right from the heart and usually leave one with a happy thought to carry through the day.  If you like it, and would like more, ( Cookies are gifts and are fat free, no calories! ); there are instructions at bottom if you want to be on his list.
John Granath ( ICMEINU@aol.com )   Mon, 4 Jan 1999

CosmicCookieCafe 990102
I don't know if I can send you mail this way, but I loved this one.  Damn you are good.  Do you write all your cookies or what?  Thanks (Poem: NOT LESS)
Dawn Fitzpatrick ( dawnfitz@hotmail.com )   Mon, 11 Jan 1999

Dear Gerardus....
Last week I received your books and disks for which I thank you very much. I have installed it on my computer and I see that you have done an enormous amount of work. I need some time to read and digest it. Greetings and thanks to your wife (in the background) for sending the package. Love...
Gerard Engelbarts ( ger22@csnet.nl )   Mon, 1 Feb 1999

Beautiful... "God needs equals... not followers".
That is really great Gerardus.  What an empowering statement!  I believe that I understand what you are saying and I have wanted to say the same thing many times around scared, fear-based overly religious people to make them understand that we are pieces of God and how empowering that realization can be.  Your statement summarizes it beautifully.
Thank you. ( dsfgroup@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca )   Sun, 21 Feb 1999

Gerardus here:
I do not know the name of this person...

I don't know who you are, my friend, but I'm sure glad I subscribed to your cosmic cookie letter.  That piece on the purpose of life is INCREDIBLE!!!   I've sent it to everyone I know...who knows, one of them may even WAKE UP when they read it.  Anyway, I want to thank you for putting everything I believe onto paper in a way that's succinct, honest, fun and TRUE!  Now I'm going to go out and demonstrate the purpose of life....and have some FUN!  Thank you. I look forward to lots more truth.
Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Carr-Allen
Boca Raton, Florida ( bountyre@bellsouth.net )   Sat, 27 Feb 1999

The Book - BE STILL...
I'll have you know i was stuck, on line.... i started reading "be still" and then i just couldn't stop.  i just kept reading and soaking things in.  in some places, i was really confused, but in others, i found myself sitting here nodding my head knowing exactly what was going on.  it's amazing, i love it!  it peaks my interest to the highest and my mind just goes on and on, sometimes just stopping what i am doing and saying..."oh, i get it", or "that makes sense now".  i'm sure my brain will be busy for days on "be still" and i have to buy the book, so i can reread it a little more comfortably.  it just makes me feel great!!!  Peace and love
DIANE K SUKEL ( LADIDIANE@prodigy.net )   Thu, 4 Mar 1999

Hello Gerardus,
Your cookies this morning were delicious! And your vision is my own as well.  I love you and all your good work!  Thank you sincerely.  Peace, Love & Light
Rhonda Patrick-Sison ( RPat@aol.com )   Thu, 6 May 1999

Hi and thank you for such a quick response!
I was just browsing and came upon The Anonymous Book of Wisdom - I just read on. I am totally convinced, I KNOW that whenever I truly need an answer to something or divine guidance and if I ask for it inside with much sincerely, it always comes. I have been feeling this anger inside, so I searched the Net using that word. I came up with a bunch of sites but yours was a complete accident... or rather a non accident, since nothing happens accidentally. It was the qoute #130 about state of Mind and Attitude. Right on the money... Thank you very much, Olga-Shakti ( mailbox@hibiscustours.com )   Thu, 06 May 1999

Hi there,
I read your Cosmic Cookie today, and the hair on my arms is standing on end again!  As it does so often when I read your stuff.  You are so right in what you say.. it is exactly what I have been thinking about and want to write about.  I think our institutions and society are a reflection of our minds.  I have been damaged by several confused and delusional people in the mental health profession.  I think the mental health profession is "mentally ill", and it's that way because the institution itself is a reflection of the fact that we are all damaged pyschologically in ways.  I think I'm very psychologically well compared to a lot of people.. and that's why I've been suffering so much.  I see the pain and hurt in the world, the craziness of it all, and the fact that people don't care about each other, it's so hurtful to me.  I think it's very important that more work be done in the area of psychology.. because this is where the hope of mankind comes in.  Once people's selves become more whole, the world will reflect it.. and become a better place.  Thanks again for you Cookies.
Betty Foote ( bettyf@pathfindermail.com )   Wed, 02 Jun 1999
Gerardus wrote: Cosmic Cookie -- Is it really possible...

Hello Gerardus...  Wow... I can see that I could peruse these pages forever.. unfortunately, I have washing to do. Dunno which is more exciting.. hehehe  Seriously tho'.. your page is fantabulous!!!
Thanks! "No Name"   Jun 12 1999

My dear Gerardus,
You're a sweetie :^)  AND a cosmic cookie!  To save you the effort I surgically inserted your very uplifting guestbook message into the Magick River Guestbook, which can be accessed from most of the pages except for the Welcome, Index & Dam Alert webpages.  Your not being able to locate it easily means I ought to put it somewhere more prominent.  Positive feedback is also non-fattening, as long as it doesn't all go to the head!  To check your entry, please go to http://www.xlibris.de/magickriver/guestbook.htm  Meanwhile.. The link from your website is most heartwarming, thank you :^)   In Oneness & In Manyness,
Antares ( Antares@tm.net.my )   Sun, 20 Jun 1999

TriLite Email List
I would like to subscribe to this list.  Thanks :-)   I am enjoying the Cosmic Cookies I receive daily.  Thank you so much!
Sheri ( saguilar@ggusd.k12.ca.us )   Tue, 13 Jul 1999

I look forward to reading all of your website.....
Thank you! And thanks for the quick response! You have a very cool website! I've just started to explore it (started out with Tale of Two Forces) but already I see many similarities to Barbara Marciniak's Pleaidian material. You've studied that, no doubt? Great stuff - both yours and hers. This is the type of material I LIKE!
Kathleen Eggen ( keggen@gte.net )   Sun, 25 Jul 1999

Cookie Twin...
At least thrice a week.  They love them.  Congrats and thanks Gerardus for sharing your divine gifts with the world.  You shall reap infinite blessing for being so selfless in a super materialistic plane of consciousness.  Peace Profound to you.
Jean-Hervé Paul ( jpaul07@hotmail.com )   Fri, 30 Jul 1999

Poem on Love and Freedom!
Dear Gerardus,
First of all, let me thank you for the wonderful cookie you have sent [the poem on Love and Freedom]!:) How interesting, so often you send cookies which bear a direct relation to whatever ongoing in my life at that moment. Whether that is due to whatever special intuitive abilities you may have, or due to a possible connection we may enjoy on levels superior to the one we are aware of on this planet, I cannot say. I can only state the facts as they have been, and of course both enjoy greatly this synchronicity, and thank you for it, in most sincere appreciation!:)
Milea Angela Froes ( romamaf@au.dk )   Mon, 30 Aug 1999

I love your thoughts of wisdom ....
Your cookies are incredible...i think a lot like u, but you're more focused, and sure of yourself, your writings are more inspiring, but no less thought provoking.....i should swap reality theories with u, and see what u think about em?...  maybe...anyway...thanks for having me on your list. keep up the good work....
Donovan Smith ( donovan@inorbit.com )   Tue, 14 Sep 1999

Meeting Gerardus and Ellen,
OK, time to brag!  I met Gerardus and Ellen!  Unfortunately it was only for a measly hour and I so wish it could be much longer, although even if I could spend another 5 hours there it wouldn't be enough...  G, I have to say, when I was sitting with the two of you, I felt that strong energy coming from above - the feeling, state of being I experience with very few people.  I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about - it's that powerful "something" which straightens your back, opens your channels - call it Kundalini rising, Divine Energy descending - whatever the name, it was it.  It happens in meditation and all but it also happens when one meets certain people.  So, I feel like I have a new connection to you, G, now.

When I returned to my husband's aunt's home and found myself amidst a different kind of energy, I felt totally out of place at first but in such a calm and tranquil state that nothing bothered me (and believe me, Mani and I RAN happily from there on Monday - she is a very tormented tantrum-driven, closed-minded woman).  I even had sort of a revelation about his aunt and how she torments herself inside and I felt such sadness for her...  Well, thank you and Ellen for meeting me with such warmth.  You are truly great!
Happy, Shakti ( olga@resourcewizard.com )   21 Sep 1999

Gerardus - about all these members...
I don't know why you don't have 2000 of them....doesn't seem an impossible dream to me!  I forget how I first stumbled upon you - but I'm glad I did.  While I've found a kindred spirit with whom my thoughts seem to jibe, you never fail to cause me to reflect on something new.  Perhaps you need to advertise your "cookies" in additional bakeries.
Penny ( silkyn@bellsouth.net )   Tue, 30 Nov 1999

Hi and Congratulations,
I do have some questions to ask whoever writes these, is that possible, ?   are you able to ask questions to this spook and get an answer or not?   the one about the earth poles switching ends.. this one is the one i'm waiting for, but i would love you know how much time we have left here.. i want to stop working and enjoy life to it's fullest type thing.. at least a month or so's notice would be loverly~!!.. also ask them , i would like to know how I learn love and compassion.  thank you very very much for these, it's as if they were written just for me.  love n light dude.
Tony Anastasi ( tony@domainsnservers.com.au )   Wed, 01 Dec 1999

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! May the coming year bring you continued health, love and light!  Namaste
Penny Conlan ( silkyn@bellsouth.net )   Fri, 24 Dec 1999

Merry Christmas - Happy Birthday
It is my Dad's birthday also.  My dear little Fuzzman [the most wonderful black, double-pawed kitty in the world] went to see what Christmas is like in Heaven at 3:13 AM this morning.  I hope he is happier than I am right now.  Love & Namaste,
Candace Gosselin ( pcg@srnet.com )   Sat, 25 Dec 1999

Y O U !!

I took a poll - off list of course, and 100% of those informed of the momentous occasion asked to to be included in this greeting - wishing you a happy anniversary of your birth!  How nice - to be born within a few hours of the 'once in a hundred and fifty years' event - the syncopation of the full moon with the winter solstice.  Next go-round maybe you will narrow the hours down a bit.  Keep coming back Gerardus - we love you! Yahtahey!
John Granath ( ICMEINU@aol.com )   Sat, 25 Dec 1999

No Cookie or Poem today...
Gerardus wrote:  Aha!   Only a Christmas Wish....

                  Merry Christmas!!

- - Gerardus

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, my friend!
Much love and light to you,
Meredith ( meredith@pintsize.com )   Sat, 25 Dec 1999

Thank you for your cookies...
Your cookies are fun.  Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year's to you and yours.  True Masters are God's Incarnate and not disguised from those who see.  Blessed are those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.   Thanks for sharing your gift.  Sincerely,
Mira Gregorian ( mracle@earthlink.net )   Sun, 26 Dec 1999

Delicious Cookie - 12/30/99
I particularly enjoyed this cookie.  It reminds me very much of the poetry of Rumi.  I can't copy it all because I don't know what copywrite laws allow. But a short excerpt goes: "The idea that the soul will join with the ecstatic just because the body is rotten - that is all fantasy.  What is found now is found then."   I have a little volume of 10 Rumi poems (versions by Robert Bly) - one of my favorite books of all time.  Thanks,
Regina Llop ( rllop@e-machines.net )   Thu, 30 Dec 1999

A Morphic Field or Aura is a Spiritual...
Hello Everyone, I have been a lurker all the time, couldnt resist posting this on Aura (another list). This definition has been presented by Gerardus in "CosmicCookies" of 28th Dec 1999.  Hope this helps in discussing about aura amongst the list members.
Soundara Rajan (usha@mcdecom.net )   05 Jan 2000

Live as if you are the world and everybody in it - Gerardus
Right gee, I really love this quote, it encompasses just about everything and if you think about it, it is the potential solution to all our petty individual problems.  If I am the world and all in it, then i treat it all like me and I love me. Also if it is all me then I have nothing to fear or worry about as there is nothing outside to threaten me, it is all me!  The answers are there I am sure of it, the hard part is for us to make them a reality.
Joe - - Seosamh ( joeq76@hotmail.com )   07 Jan 2000

From TL at OneList - Cookies with Inspiration...
HI Gerardus et all!  I just wanted to comment on this cookie.  It is beautiful.  It gave me a "buzz" of excitement and hope and belief and encouragement.  While I was in the midst of experiencing these nice feelings/thoughts some little program kicked in and said " you are being naive "pie in the sky" fanciful" in short, deluding myself.  This program, implanted by my father I suspect, has kicked in many times before but it is not mine, nor is it me.  So years ago I implanted my own counter program which overrides the critical one and reverts to my first feelings/thoughts of hope and belief.  I am able to do this because I believe that regardless of what parents, siblings, friends or critics of any nature say, if we believe in something and it happens to be "going with the flow" of creation and our own *best* interests (or even not) then literally anything can be made to happen.  So take heart everyone I say, and continue to spread the word of hope and encouragement to your friends and family etc.  For if we all embrace it, a new day will dawn, I am sure of it, all it takes is belief.  Someone once said that the only reason that the sun rises everyday is because the vast majority of the population of the world "expect" it to, so it does.  Thanks again G.
Joe - - Seosamh ( joeq76@hotmail.com )   27 Jan 2000

Yours was the first ever lightworker site I saw several years ago.  I was most affected.  Glad to see you are a part of Abe.
Ivey Brown ( iveysmiles@hotmail.com )   Wed, 23 Feb 2000

About CosmicCookie 000224
I'm not telling you anything new in saying that perfection is not quite a universally accepted standard.  Another one of those concepts that comes asunder on the rocks of human frailty, like justice, good/bad, etc... Ciao for now,
Arnim Littek ( arnim@med-dev.com )   Fri, 25 Feb 2000

Hi Joel - Gerardus here:
Did we meet on this screen before?

Hi Gerardus. Another list I think.  I'm a big fan of the Cosmic Cookies. :)

Gee again:
We come to the point then, that Life becomes "Our Own Investigation" and that is exactly what it should be - why listen to me so to speak. But when it sings in your heart - take note!

Joel here:
Well said.  I agree completely.  Good to have you on board!
Joel Dobrzelewski ( dobrzele@msu.edu ) Wed, 08 Mar 2000

About Funerals...
Hi Gerardus - I would like to see what you think about funerals - Shall we cremate and spread ashes for the wind - I do'nt like graveyards and all that.  THANK you a lot for all your beautiful 'cosmic cookies' !!  Love...
Jostein Aasali ( jaasali@go.telia.no )   Thu, 16 Mar 2000

E.T. Earth Mission ...
Thanks again for your reply and the trufax web site, it looks huge and I will have a browse around next time I am surfing.  I have been reading more of your articles and they are brilliant.  Pure gold.  As you can probably tell I have been VERY impressed by the E.T. Earth Mission etc. material and yours is very similar in nature.  So I can at least feast on yours in the meantime !!!!   I will keep in touch.  Very best regards.
Fiona Stones ( xanethar@xtra.co.nz )   Mon, 20 Mar 2000

Hi Gerardus, about Cookie 000320
Gee wrote:

Today's cookie is particularly salient for me, thank you!
Arnim Littek ( arnim@med-dev.com )   Mon, 20 Mar 2000

Hi Gerardus,
I have been receiving your Cosmic Cookies for over a year now.  I really have enjoyed them.  Every once in a while you come up with a real gem that truly resonates in my heart.  Recently I received 000324 and it is really beautiful.  It no longer remains in my files. So I was hoping you would send it to me once again.  I thank you for the work that you do to help us all become more aware. It is a pleasure to be serving the Light with you on this sweet planet.   Love and Light, Terry ( TFr2122@aol.com )   Mon, 3 Apr 2000

Dear Gerardus,
A friend often forwards me your cookies, and I find them very interesting.  I have a question for you, because there seem to be two ways to look at truth: exclusive or relative/pluralistic.  This could also be seen as either/or (exclusive) or both/and (relative/pluralistic). So you can either have exclusive or relative. So relative is indeed exclusive, after all. Why do your cookies go against exclusive, absolute truth?   Just wondering,
Erin Quinn ( etquinn@hotmail.com )   Fri, 14 Apr 2000

Gerardus here:
I do not remember what I answered.  The question still confuses me some and I probably answered Erin by asking how she knows what absolute truth is...

Going around the world - YES!
Thank YOU Gerardus. You are the center, the cause of all the show.  Without your mouthwatering Cosmic cookies we wouldn't know that we could "say goodbye" to the CIA, FBI and so on, would we? (lol)   Great cookies cookies.  Long life to your Cosmic bakery.
Jean-Hervé Paul ( jpaul07@hotmail.com )   Sun, 16 Apr 2000

Gerardus here:
I think Jean sent my Cookies to at least 20 other people.   There are Cookie Lovers who have Cookie Lovers nowadays...

O-D' ing on Cookies! Buurrrrrrrrrrrr r r r pp! Thanks
Thank you Cookie Lovers for being on this Cookie List.
If it was not for you I would not be doing this.

AND, IF it was not for YOU, I would not be enjoying my "daily dose" of sweets!
VBG :-))  John ( ICMEINU@aol.com )   Wed, 19 Apr 2000

At one Time I was God ...
Gerardus here with one of his Cookies:

At one Time I was God but I became bored wth it.
I fell asleep and dreamt that I was Gerardus.
This was enough to keep me awake.

Eventually I began to search
why and when I fell asleep.

I discovered that my sole purpose was
to be Gerardus to the fullest.

My discovery is my Celebration.


Awesome Gerardus, thanks.
~^^V^^~  Vilik Rapheles ( vilik@peak.org )   Fri, 21 Apr 2000

Quick Notes...
Comments- Hello Gerardus... I sure do love you.   Peace & Out,
Lucy ( Lucy left no email address )   Mon, 8 May 2000

Hello there.......
Hi Gerardus,
Thanks for taking the time to write, I appreciate it very much. Thank you also for your kind words, I've read quite a few of your posts and have always concurred with them. You are one of the core of the group that kept me reading when I initially thought it was just a cranks corner! Hey, I know humility, I'm eating it now :)  I salute you Gerardus - - Love and Light,
Steve.A.Oakes ( steve@stonesinger.freeserve.co.uk )   Fri, 12 May 2000

maxine dunn ( maxxi_98512@yahoo.com )   26 May 2000

Dear Gerardus,
This morning's "Cookie" was the most delocious of allllll..thank you..how we do love it when someone says something so eloquently that reflects an inner voice that is so often mute...will try and desolve the crumbs slowly....love ...."In the light"....
Maxxi ( maxxi_98512@yahoo.com )   Sat, 17 Jun 2000

Response to your cosmic cookie...
Hi gerardus ... i am annamarie and wanted to respond to your cosmic cookie for the day---i receive them daily and they are exuberantly a great inspiration to the start of my day... as they also confirm for me that there are others out there who go to the unknown to know and have the courage to share it....i thank you for your sharing of thoughts from your knowings...
AnnA-89" ( tiger26@sprint.ca )   Sun, 20 Aug 2000

Found your sites yesterday via the cassie's....
Love those 'cosmic cookies'. Good to know you have such a sense of humor, I am beginning to wonder about some 'others'. I mean, you can think an idea to death, get REALLY depressed. What is the point then? For me humor is the key, why not enjoy this trip, jeeze none of us are going to get out of it alive... Soul, yes.. physical body, not from what I've read. (Oh tell me this is true, I want all my teeth back!) Getting ready for the show!!
Sandra ( sandrafd@webtv.net )   Sat, 2 Sep 2000

Dear Geradus,
I met a funny little elf that wiggles her ears very fast and likes to pretend a lot.  Especially about being more elf than that of the grown up person that elf really is.  I realize Geradus that play is very important. But, Geradus, playing so much.. makes it difficult to keep a straight face when it comes to the grown up things in life.  Geradus, I am very happy to meet you.  I am quite impressed with all the big thoughts that you have.  lol...  I enjoy your wisdom and your humor.  I agree with today's post too.  Very much!!!  Peace and Golden Light to you Geradus, Your American Friend,
ellie ( nurmet7@oknet1.net )   Wed, 13 Sep 2000

Hi Gerardus,
Love the cookies and wait for them each day.  I noticed what appears to be a new comment line at the bottom of each cookie...is this a new addition?  Does it have anything to do with the new group list recently announced?  I didn't know if I should ask for fear of asking a dumb question...but I know you do offer surprises from time to time lol...  Thanks again for the daily inspiration.  It seems that events are indeed moving forward towards that 2012 date mentioned.  Namaste ..
Ledyardj (Florida) LedyardJ@aol.com   Sat, 16 Sep 2000

Here it is...
I'm not subscribing to anything right now.  I don't want to hear or talk about Lizzies, being food for same, and all that.  This is not a concept that I am comfortable with in the first place, I never needed 4D reptilians and their minions to create the unhappiness that has been a large part of my life.  It so happens I am no longer unhappy - quite the contrary - but I'm weary of discussing metaphysical concepts for the time being.  I guess it's contradictory to deny the reality of 4D STS beings after having directly encountered them, but you see this is no longer a part of my life.  I don't wear a T-shirt saying "I am a survivor of .......".

I have entered a different fork of the road.  I like you Gerardus, in fact I am charmed by you, and also astonished by the patience you display with some of the people you have to deal with.  And the abuse you at times endure.  My temper has been sorely tried more than once.  I often have felt like a cat sharpening her teeth and claws - my words are my weapons.  But wasted on their target!  We'll talk again.
maria guzman ( twister@3rivers.net )   Fri, 27 Oct 2000

Hey Gerardus,
Hey Gerardus! i was just wondering how it was that there had been no messages from Trilite lately, then i realized i'd set myself no mail.  So i went back and read them all!  Fond memories of the great days of Trilite and your inspired, whilst gentle, guidance of the group through all its waters troubled and otherwise.  Een waardige stuurman! (a worthy navigator)  Maybe a (virtual) party for the last day of Trilite? - invite some of the members from early days? Success with your other ventures
Piers ( piers@cable.A2000.nl )   Sun, 05 Nov 2000

Dear Gerardus, Permission Please...?
I am writing a workbook entitled Your Journey of Healing, A Workbook. I would like to include Cosmic Cookie 000313 from Friday, March 10, 2000, in the workbook, because I think it does a great job of explaining how cosmic energy works. These ideas are an important part of my message as I teach people how to manifest healthy bodies and prosperity. I have an email newsletter and quite often forward your cookies and poems to my "Cosmic Networkers."
Lois Grant ( lois.grant@pop.mindspring.com )   Fri, 08 Dec 2000

Hi Gerardus,
Liked this one a lot Gerardus!! (Poem 21459-1983 )
Thanks, you're a poet!
Joe ( joeq76@hotmail.com )   Sat, 09 Dec 2000

Delicious cookie!
Just got this cookie, and it was so delicious, I wanted to share it. ( Cosmic Cookie - Truth is not some kind of Divine Ornament )  Maybe some/most 4D-STO-C-ers already got this??  Anyway.....   Thanks, G!
Kathleen ( k.cat5@verizon.net )   Thu, 28 Dec 2000

You are just too cute Gerardus.  Man I am glad to have people like you in my world.  I do this kind of thing too...  I suffer from an insatiable curiosity about everything and a chronic case of hoof in mouth disease....  Ah well....  I also have an incredible sense of humor.  I enjoy looking at the world through your eyes and mind.  Your angle of view is so refreshing.  I do not know why your world is so crowded right now... slow down if you can see a way to.  There is no telling what you may be missing in the struggle.  We all need your views, your thoughts, your contribution....  Your time... your thoughts.... they are important.
Debra Mohon ( listen2@swbell.net )   Fri, 29 Dec 2000

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