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~  Thank you for expressing your Appreciation  ~
Dear Gerardus.....
This alphabet soup-keyboard lady does not just read your articles.... she DEVOURS them. I have been supping at your banquet table for some time now for I only eat one article a week. It takes me that long to digest them. The poetry is for dessert. What is happening is that I am now nibbling on "Be Still"..... it hits "Me" where I live. In Oneness,

What is now going on is a lot of excitement at the thought of receiving "Be Still" in book form as it was originally written. I try not to live on an emotional level, but such acts of kindness always overwhelm me! :'-) Thank you! The articles I have read in depth are "Introduction & Summary" (isn't that where you gave me the alphabet metaphor?) About article: "A Tale of Two Forces" (wonderful!...keep rereading it, for you are an island of sanity amongst all the recent hysteria) and your lovely "The Realization of Self"....and now "Be Still" in book form... I am very pleased...
Cynthia Moore ( cynch@seanet.com )   Mon, 13 Jan 1997

The books came today!!
Dear Gerardus (and Ellen, if I may),
The books came today!! My cup runneth over....actually, my tearducts are over-reacting to your kindness and generosity. :-) It is very tiresome sometimes to be always crying when you are happy....it embarrasses all concerned. Well, I will keep this brief, for I know you are busy. And besides, what is there to say? It is all feelings for me right now.
Cynthia Moore ( cynch@seanet.com )   Thu, 16 Jan 1997

Here is a cookie for you!
Gerardus here:  Thank you Donna! Remeber - the donated Cookes will be issued as I get them...
Donna here:  It is not a concern that any cookie goes any farther than you. It is more my concern right now that if I create it, I share it, and you are the cookie man, so I hope you don't mind, for whether you know it or not, kind teacher, you are guiding the next generation of cookie makers. Thank you kind sir! I hope for all my lessons to be filled with as much joy as cookie baking!
Donna Cook / Donna van Drie ( donna@sce.cornell.edu )   Fri, 17 Jan 1997

Hey, what I am trying to say is.....thanks!
Dear Gerardus,
Lots of energy today! Since my reading of your articles Metaphysics #1 and #2 are a prime ingredient, I thought I would touch bases with you. It is not important that you reply....I know you are busy. Gratitude is one of my happier emotions and I feel a necessity to express it to you.....
Cynthia Moore ( cynch@seanet.com )   Thu, 23 Jan 1997

Did you write this??
Hi, Gerardus.  Where did you get this: "The World of Man will advance only in the same ratio as his thoughts do. His reality is his thought in form".  Did you write this?? I would like to use it and I want to give proper credit to the author. And then - Thanks for such a nice letter back to me!
Angela Clifford ( ANGELAC@ccsso.org )   Fri, 24 Jan 1997

Hi there Gerardus !! ! ! !
Just thought I'd respond to your question. I have been sharing your yummy cookies with anywhere from 4 or 5 to 18 people, depending of the theme, or should I say flavor of the day :-)~ ...... of each particular cookie. They're great, keep up the mixing and blending of many more cookies for us to taste and ponder..... Much thanx, Love, light and laughter,
Phyllis ???????? ( PHYLLISSA@aol.com )   Fri, 24 Jan 1997

Hi to you all from Zimbabwe, Africa,
I am enjoying visiting your site - some wonderful things there!! I am trying to print out the article "The Ascension is life lived from Joy" and I am only able to print out the first 2 pages. Please could you sort it out as I know my group would really love to read this article as we do not get a lot of this type of article in this part of the world! Many thanks, May you always be in Joy,
Elaine Turvey ( turvey@baobab.cszim.co.zw )   Wed, 29 Jan 1997

Hi Gerardus......
I envision a world in which every human being
has awakened to the knowledge
that we are the Creative Force in Human Form.
When this awareness becomes realized within all of us
Love is the result!
Everyone will know then that all of us are
One Family... One Being and have One Purpose.
To share our abundance freely and love the Self We Are in Human Form.

That is so beautifully put...I could not have said it any better myself and I have tried to vocalize it... Maybe I would do better to try to say it in Spanish....:) Take care......
Cristina ??????? ( cristina@gold.interlog.com )   Sat, 1 Feb 1997

The roving eye is looking at you....
I keep coming back for more. I continue to be impressed. When my boots feel heavy, I park my snowshoes near your fire and they become "light" from the warmth....the weight melts away. I have an award I would like to give you for the exceedingly deep and personal vision of your work. I will be honored should you choose to receive it. The first (Jan) when to the "House of Light" in Tasmania for their work in relationships. I have selected yours for February. I hope you will allow me to list it on a special page with a short review of your site. I know there are too many awards in the world already. Feel free to decline. This is a thank-you gif too! And it makes a fine coaster under a JAVA cup... Keep sending the cookies mom,
JAMES CLARK ( Theion@worldnet.att.net )   Mon, 03 Feb 1997

I'm a student who just wanted to Congratulate you for doing such a great job on writting. I was looking for some poems to use as samples to analyze. When I found your poems I knew yours were the ones I wanted to use. So I decided to send you a congrats note to let you know I really enjoy your poems. Sincerely,
Laura ( Thndrella@aol.com )   Tue, 4 Feb 1997

"I have come to your prison to unlock the Gate"
Dear Gerardus: thank you for the poem; it was profound and powerful; was that one of yours? The very first line: "I have come to your prison to unlock the Gate" brought tears to my eyes. Many thanks. I'm currently staying at the home of my ex-wife, Patti Collette, and helping her create the Heaven on Earth Foundation here in Sherman Oaks, Ca in the Los Angeles burbs. I didn't "obey" her when I was married to her and don't now, but we are still good friends and we try to support each others' visions and dreams. Keep up the good work.
Ed Elkin ( EdElkin@aol.com )   Tue, 4 Feb 1997

Your Cosmic Cookies.....
I loved them, and am hungry for more. Thanks very much,
Paula Moran ( gemhound@dnet.net )   Sun, 09 Feb 1997

...... Cosmic Cookie 970208 .....
Hi Gerardus, So True! So True!!!
I go to work, say, with a Star Trek novel, no problem. Even if I come to work with (horrors!), a Horror novel, no problem. But come to work with something like "The Journey of the Soul", by Shepherd Hoodwin (a Michael book, by the way, and very good), and two or three of them were SO worried about me ("I just can't help but pray for your soul", one woman said), and others were joking, "Oh yeah! Just more of his crazy, New Age stuff!" Thanks for continuing this! How many do you have on this list? ( Gee here: Abour 200 members Ken )
Ken Parker ( parkerk@kparker.nai.net )   Tue, 11 Feb 1997

How I've missed you!!!
Thanks for a very funny, very revealing post, courtesy of Lorri...that was delightful. I don't know if you're in touch with Evin (Starbuilders) but he has written two very funny parodies/commentaries on the typical Ashtar Command/walk-in type lister, not as direct as yours but still quite amusing. Where do you hang out these days? I'm hungry for some Cookies! Miss you, mister... L&L,
Meredith Tupper ( mtupper@sprintmail.com )   Mon, 17 Feb 1997

Just a Line or Two......
Whatever level our energies meet upon, may they continue in the spirit of mutual respect and friendship that Gerardus TROS has manifested throughout the period of communication I have enjoyed as a kindred, searching soul. Perhaps, someday, our physical illusions will greet each other's auras in friendly rapport. Wherever you are, Gerardus, my best wishes for your continued successes; I would add, "may the Force be with you," but I know it permeates your very being. Until our next exchange, then...Peace, love, and of course, laughter. (Gee here: Harvey and I communicated for a while and he was not directly open to my stuff. Fine! We would joke about a lot and I would say something like: "Well, I know that you are right Harvey - but I don't agree with it! Then we would laugh for hours... well, maybe he didn't... but I did...! Fun Guy!! )
Harvey Freilich ( ivri@worldnet.att.net )   Fri, 11 Apr 1997

I have missed seeing your name...
Hi, Gerardus.  It was good to see a cookie come from you... I've been in a slump lately, and when I feel ok about it I'd like to talk with you. Know that I'm thinking about you and hoping that your side of the world is filled with sunshine and good feelings. love,
ANGELA CLIFFORD ( ANGELAC@ccsso.org )   Fri, 11 Apr 1997

I found the Cookie Jar...
Dear Gerardus - Last week when I tried, I couldn't access your web page, but today I was successful! I didn't enjoy the cosmic cookies that much, but I fell in love with your poetry and felt my soul resonating on your wave length. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. You're right, there's a lot of metaphysical wisdom within some very nice images. Love and Peace to you and yours-Doc
Dr. Kathryn Kornegay ( C372SSN@semovm.semo.edu )   Mon, 21 Apr 1997

Joy's Jottings ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. ..
Dear Gerardus.... i enjoy your cosmic cookies each and every day !!   you do a wonderful service for the world. now i shall be coming to your site on a regular basis. :)  i happen to be the editor of the links section of an online electronic magazine MOONDANCE. having visited your wonderful site, i am thoroughly thrilled with it. i now plan to add your fabulous soul site to the links section of MOONDANCE. thank you for brightening my life, as well as the friends to whom i forward your beautiful soul food.
J. Robinson" ( J-O-Y@ix.netcom.com )   Sun, 27 Apr 1997

No cookies for two days. :-(
Hi Gerardus! Well, I didn't get much chance to enjoy the disks because my computer crashed and it has been in the shop for two days. I'm not kidding when I describe my PC as an extension of myself....felt like I had lost an arm or leg. And I was suffering from withdrawal of "cosmic cookies". No cookies for two days. :-(  En Liebe und Freundschaft....
Cynthia Moore ( cynch@seanet.com )   Wed, 30 Apr 1997

What list are you going to be on?
Hi Kathryn and all!
You said: Well here is one who would UNSUBSCRIBE if you would get off...... I enjoy and "learn" each time I read something from you. So Gerardus, if you unsubscribe from this list, please let me know which list you are going to be on. I would like to be a subscriber there.

Cynthia here: My sentiments exactly. It was wonderful to see so much meaningful dialogue taking place. My PC has been in the shop for two days and I was looking forward to what I would find in my mail tonight. Your farewell was the last thing I would have wanted to see, Gerardus. Please reconsider it. You would be sorely missed. Thanks, Kathryn for your wonderful words. As ever....with love,
Cynthia Moore ( cynch@SEANET.COM )   Wed, 30 Apr 1997

The Nature of God...
I've been receiving your Cosmic Cookies for a while now and thank you very much for sending them. I find they expand my awareness and make me think of things in new ways. You sent out one last week (#970501) that prompts me to send you this email. It brings up the idea that God is Ugly as well as Beautiful and that God displays itself in War and Misery as well as in Love and Goodness. Do you have more writings on the subject or could you refer me to writers or books that have discussed this subject ? Thank-you for being you Gerardus,
Sirleen Ghileri (srleen@skyway.com)   Mon, 5 May 1997

Have a super humorous day!
Good Day Gerardus, -- Thank you for letting me know about your web site. I find it hard to believe I have not been there before. I have played on the net for over a year. I thought I have been to every site. You have done extensive work. How long have you been studying Spirituality? You have some fascinating info. I have been truly studying for the last five years. But I have known things since I as very young. I find it the most wonderful. I have found out so much about myself and the people who are in my life now that I have learnt to open up. Each day is such a beautiful experience.
Anna Marie B. Nielsen ( carter@shockware.com )   Tue, 13 May 1997

Thanks for the wonderful poem!!
Hi Gerardus... I hope you are having a terrific Friday!! I am finally beginning to express my love for myself and the universe again! Thanks for helping me through some very rough times... love,
Angela Clifford ( ANGELAC@ccsso.org )   Fri, 16 May 1997

Jottings from Joy... ... ... ... ...
dear friend ... thank you for the beautiful poem and gift THE LIGHT OF BIRTH, so very very much. i enjoy your work a great deal, as do my friends with whom i share it. you are a very special soul, talented, wise, giving, a beacon light in a sometimes darkened world ...
Joy Robinson ( joyr@juno.com )   Sat, 17 May 1997

Poem: The Nature of God is Love
Gerardus wrote: "........You are the Universe, You are Life, You are the Creator, You are God! However, at this particular time and at this specific space (location) "you" are looking at your Creation from Debi's viewpoint. This is so because God or the Energy of Creation has no eyes itself - It uses yours! ........"

Dear Gerardus - Thank you so much for your reply. Such beautiful and eloquent are your words. Definitely, you KNOW God. Did you author that beautiful poem? I've printed it out so I can read it from time to time. Blessings to you always,
Debi McLaughlin (dmclaugh@bgsm.edu )   Fri, 23 May 1997

Nothing Greater than You!
Gerardus and ALL Dear Ones: Methinks it's "time" to give this a whirl...a brand-new list couldn't be more exciting to me!...I have long (how long?) looked forward to receiving the Cosmic Cookies and now we have Cookies live and interactive...be still my heart...Could it be that we are a part of the speeding up process...? Light added to light ...synergy at its finest...? (BIG smile ) Gerardus, for the record, I adore you...have visited your homepage on ocassion and have put on quite a bit of "weight" there with all the delectibles I find on each visit...! Thank you, thank you for following your heart and starting this discussion group... ( Gee here: I think May 18 1977 was the day TriLite was created )
Nikki ( NIKKRN@aol.com )  Sun, 25 May 1997

God Bless Gerardus...!
Your Site is a UNIVERSITY. Wherever I go I make its fame. LOVE and good stars. your admiring, grateful student who for years told people, the best is cheapest. Amending it to "the very best is FREE".  Free like air on a good mountain.  God bless Gerardus...!
The sender of this entry asked me to take the name off - I did! Sun, 25 May 1997

Thank You...!
Dear "One" who calls himself Gerardus,
Today's cookie, more properly "invocation" made me cry. As I read the closing words, I felt the point of love from that center we call the "heart of God". It did indeed...possess my soul at that moment. I am experiencing what you felt at your dinner table the other night. The experience started with an overwhelming emotion in my throat area...an uncontrollable urge to communicate this love to someone. I live alone...so no sound came out of me...only the thunder of silence. Thank you for being the instrument through which this came. As ever....with love,

More later: I wonder if you have ever entered your website and read it with total detachment from the one who was the instrument through which that astounding information was transmitted. It is a perfect example of what being truly helpful is....getting out of the way and letting the One Who Knows do the talking.
Cynthia Moore ( cynch@seanet.com )   Mon, 26 May 1997

You make a real difference....
My dearest Gerardus, Your wisdom & wit truly make a difference in my life. Thank you for who you are and what you are doing. You are truly in the light.
Jheree ( Jheree@aol.com )   Thu, 24 Jul 1997

The Unit Speaks....!
Gerardus: Words are insufficient to express my gratitude for you, and your words. Thank you,
Alexander ( theunit@juno.com ) Wed, 30 Jul 1997

You answered it just right....
Lead us not into temptation??
Answer?: Help us not to get lost in the illusion of separatesness. The Ego and its power games! Help us to know that we are One Family..."

Cynthia here: I am writing to thank you personally for this...I love it!! Again thanks. Regards...with love,
Cynthia Moore ( cynch@seanet.com )   Wed, 30 Jul 1997

Hello, Gerardus, my friend!
Yes, I do still wake up to joy in the mornings! I think about you everyday...a product of the cookies!! :)  They always make me smile! Thank you for being you...such a wonderful and beautiful person! And thank you for sharing that with others, especially me!  I will ask for a subscription to the thought of the day -- thanks for the source! I'll write more when I get a chance. Love to you and Ellen. Take care,
Angela Clifford ( Angelac@ccsso.org )   Thu, 31 Jul 1997

I love your poetry...!
Hi Gerardus, I was subscribed to your CCC-L mailing list then unsubscribed and now I want to subscribe again and I can't find anywhere on your web page the address to subscribe. It's a really great list, I love your poetry, I believe totality in what you write about, so could you please let me know what the address to subscribe again is? I find the messages inspiring every day... Thanks,
Betty Opramolla ( bettyo@capital.net )   Fri, 29 Aug 1997

The Gracious Guest List!
Please add my name to your special guest list. I would be quite honoured, indeed! I enjoy so much your own unique fanciful spirituality. As you do, I suspect, I enjoy words so much-especially when they seem to print themselves-quite apart from my original intentions. They are like little children - so free spirited - with little hearts and minds all their own. They all cavort and conjoin in wonderous ways. I'm so proud of Them, Me and you sweet Gerardus. Much love and many blessings.
Jim Keller ( jkell@earthlink.net )   Sun, 31 Aug 1997

Course of Miracles Book...
Gerardus here: I do not agree with the way C.O.M discusses things.
Sess is in 100% agreement this statement.
Gerardus: I bought the "Course of Miracles" a long time ago. I never read it. Anybody wants the book cheap?

Sess: My library was 'gifted' with this book/set of books (because Marriane Williamsons books came with the gift) and although I, too, never read past the content pages; I have them available for those clients who find 'expression' within them.
Gerardus here: Boy - this book sounds dumb. Had to laugh at myself here - WOW!
Sess: WOW! Ditto.   ( Gee here: Not all Teachings are for all people... )
Sess ?????? ( RdsBrm@aol.com )   Sun, 21 Sep 1997

Address Change Please...
Gerardus - I so enjoy your cosmic cookies!!!  I have a new e-mail address...could you please change this in your mail-out list?   new address: hebert@polarnet.com   Thank you so much!! Although we are as many rivers...we all travel to the same source...
Laurie Hebert ( lhebert@northstar.k12.ak.us )   Sun, 28 Sep 1997

Kudos... Kudos...
Greetings Gerardus -- Very impressive site. Your content is rich and looks as if you've put a lot of work into your efforts to share with the world. Godspeed to you and yours. Take care,
Marcus S. Robinson, D.C.H. ( wetware@frontiernet.net ) Mon, 29 Sep 1997

The "secret path"....
Thanks Gerardus. I am enjoying TriLite!! I have been to your web page several times. This was the first time I saw the mailing list. I read some of the archives to check it out. Nice meeting the person behind the webpage. LoveLight *&* Laughter

I had to go to your site to see about this magic 7. I was hoping you had a search engine because as you know there are a lot of words on those pages. :) So after five minutes of browsing I found the Funlist. I don't qualify. About 5 times in a year. It was worth looking for because I saw your banner again and I had to smile. Love the way it ends. Yup, I hung in there to the end. So I might get a fixation on your banner and visit just to watch it. :) Your humor is what I like about your website.....
Cathy Roller ( clovelox@rconnect.com )   Mon, 29 Sep 1997

Oh Boy! I am happy to meet you, Gerardus. There is a wealth of information coming from you and you have a sense of humor too. Misschien moet ik Nederlands praten. Ik ben het nog niet vergeten, al zit ik in dit land sinds 1952. I am looking forward to your wisdom, Gerardus. Hartelijke groeten van Harrie Scholten. Bridgewater, near Adelaide, South Australia
Harrie Scholten ( harrie@affairs.net.au )   Fri, 31 Oct 1997

I'm going Nuts about Cookie 971105
Lieve Gerardus ( Dear Gerardus ),
You did it again!  You summarized a whole TriLite discussion of weeks in one Cosmic Cookie! It reached me just in time as our secretary did not allow me to eat more than three "bastogne" cookies at tea time. Anyway maybe I should say it with the following! HUGS, WITH LOVE,

                              ************ LOVE ***********
                        **    Great job!  ******  You can !   ** 
                    ** You are terrific!   ****  You are special! ** 
                 **  Let's talk about it!   **   Very thoughtful!   ** 
                  **  Thank you ! I really appreciate your efforts! ** 
                    **   You are special ! You are a big help !    ** 
                      **     Nice ! Well done ! Way to go !       ** 
                        **    What do you think about it ?      ** 
                           **   You can do it ! Wonderful!    ** 
                             **    I Am proud of you !      ** 
                              **  You are trying hard!    ** 
                               ** You brighten my day!  ** 
                                 **  ! Good ! Neat !  ** 
                                    ** I Love you ! ** 
                                     ** I really ** 
                                      **  love  ** 
                                       ** you! ** 
                                         **  ** 

                 Annelie Boogerd ( boogerd@nat.vu.nl ) Wed, 05 Nov 1997 

      Gerardus here:
         I am staring and staring and with every blink your Heart beats Annelie? 
            ... Does anyone know what that Cookie was?  I do not anymore ... 

Cosmic Cookie 971111
Hi Gerardus........ Just wanted to send you a little excerpt from a post I received this morning. I have not included the author's name as I did not ask his permission to send this to you. But it was important to me that you have this little reminder of the large part you have played in the raising of the consciousness of so many of us.  QUOTE:  "We co-create, and as co-creators, we need to take responsibility for the things we create (knowingly or not) in our lives. I have been greatly influenced by Gerardus, Evin Almana and the environment of Spirit Web as a whole".  Your poems and essays (and cookies) continue to be a source of knowledge and inspiration to so many of us. Just wanted you to know that. As ever...with love,
Cynthia Moore ( cynch@seanet.com )   Tue, 11 Nov 1997

Doctor Gerardus.....
Gerardus wrote:   The aspect of God I am has lived many many lifetimes and finally it has reached a state of awakeness in which it knows that it is awake. In my awakeness I am aware that the air I breathe, the food I eat and the Light of the sun that keeps me warm are the very benefits of a Universal Welfare System that sustain me. Therefore, I have complete trust in the universe and its workings, for deep down I know, that I am what I am because of the universe - not just because of me and the reality I think I create. The body-mind I am is the instrument of the Soul I am. And the Soul I am is the very God or Infinite Light that lives within me. It does this because it enjoys being me...

Very well put Gerardus. Is this one of your "cookies"? You have put in very easy to understand terms some of what I think is true. It is not always easy to communicate this way of thinking to others, but I must say -- this should qualify you to be called "Doctor" Gerardus. :-)) Peace and Integration,
Lee Ali ( alilas@coastalnet.com )   Tue, 20 Jan 1998

Your Cosmic Cookie 980210
Hello Gerardus, my adopted internet father! Hope you are doing well. This cookie piqued my interest because I'm still (still!) working on this area... anything you can add would be helpful.

--- Evidence exists that when James Clerk Maxwell came out with his Theories on Electromagnetic Waves there were two Components to his Discoveries. The Formulas of the First Component are used by Scientists all over the World. Government Scientists however use the First and the Second Component Formulas. The Second Component Calculations are kept hidden from the Scientific World of Today. ---

According to my teachers, the first part is about contour integrals and how energy (light) follows geodesic null lines or pathways of least resistance (space-time distance). Maxwell gave us the field equations for it.The second part is about the speed of light in a vacuum. The vacuum has measurable permeable and permittive properties, and limits wave propagation. I'm told that Maxwell knew about this, but kept it to himself. To this day scientists still don't know how make sense of it. My teachers call it vaccum polarization. Does that make any sense to you? If you can lead me to Maxwell info I'd sure appreciate it! I've been working on this for months now... off and on for years... Grinning ear to ear (-),
James Clark ( theion@worldnet.att.net )   Tue, 10 Feb 1998

New Input...

Hi, I have learned from Gerardus.....
I must thank all at Trilite, and especially Gerardus, for waking me up from my deep slumber. You see, loneliness made me sleepy. Can you image going for years out of touch with the spirit. It was painful being an open mind in a closed-minded world. I am renewed, energized, and greedy for real knowledge. I have learned from Gerardus. I will seek truth within trusting my inner voice. I really never was a good follower. Love and hope,
Jim P Floyd ( JimPFloyd@aol.com )   Thu, 10 Jul 1997

I was subscribed to your CCC-L mailing list then unsubscribed and now I want to subscribe again and I can't find anywere on your web page the address to subscribe. It's a really great list, I love your poetry, I believe in totality what you write about, so could you please let me know what the address to subscribe again is? I find the messages inspiring every day when I read them.

Thanks, seems I'm now subscribed. This time I saved the info so hopefully I can find it if I need it again. I wanted to tell you that I have your poem #06119-1980 "You Did Right" hanging on my refrigerator. When I first read it it made my cry all day. It's so beautiful. It still makes me cry. Thanks for all the inspiration.
Betty Opramolla ( bettyo@capital.net )   Sat, 30 Aug 1997

Your Gracious Guest List....
Please add my name to your special guest list. I would be quite honoured, indeed! I enjoy so much your own unique fanciful spirituality. As you do, I suspect, I enjoy words so much-especially when they seem to print themselves-quite apart from my original intentions. They are like little children-so free spirited-with little hearts and minds all their own. They all cavort and conjoin in wonderous ways. Although they are quite free and independent, I can't help but think that they are really Me. I'm so proud of Them, Me and you sweet Gerardus. Much love and many blessings.
Jim Keller ( jkell@earthlink.net )   Sun, 31 Aug 1997

Hi Gerardus,
Can you tell me how to unsubscribe from the Trilite email list? I need the address and commands.
BTW - I enjoy your cosmic cookie everyday ....*big thanks*
Bright Blessings - Lisa (andean@lexicom.ab.ca )   Wed, 17 Sep 1997

The CosmicCookieCafe is one year old today.
Happy Birthday to us!! And thanks, Gerardus, for all the time you take to extend your joy and light to the rest of us. Here's wishing you and your's a joyous holiday season as we celebrate our Godness.   Love & Light - Jerry Littrell ( jerrylit@airmail.net )   Mon. Dec 01 1997

Gerardus - Happy one year birthday today!
Your daily offerings delight the palette, broaden the mind and warm the heart. Truly food for thought and fare for the heart. Although never sentimental, but always sacramental, your wide assortment Energizes, Enlivens and Enlightens. A sacred recipe no doubt. Hmm, yum. Blessings.
Jim Keller ( jkell@earthlink.net )   Mon, 01 Dec 1997

Lieve Gerardus,
Happy birthday to the CosmicCookieCafe and to the barkeeper (is barkeeper an english word in Dutch it would be "barman") Just a question, these gods in disquise, masters, angels only teach when asked? How do they market themselfes, in order to attain their desire, to teach?
Liefs, Annelie ( boogerd@nat.vu.nl )   Mon, 01 Dec 1997

and keep 'em coming. I love your cookies!
Diana Makes ( positive@pobox.com )   Mon, 01 Dec 1997

The CosmicCookieCafe is one year old today.
Very sincere greetings on the Cafe's birthday, yesterday. Thankyou for the wisdom and light each day. Love & Ligbt from the Island Continent, and me.
Malcolm ( beyond@senet.com.au )   Tue, 02 Dec 1997

Dear Gerardus,
Please add Wendy Aielli to your cookie distribution list.: wpc2m@server1.mail.virginia.edu
Thanks so much for your efforts,
Kirk Crady ( kcrady@NRAO.EDU )   Tue, 02 Dec 1997

Especially enjoyed the cookie today! Contained some choice nuggets. It's my birthday tomorrow (12-10) Can I get a special treat? Please, please, please? Not that I'm needy or anything...
Blessings, Jim. ( jkell@earthlink.net )   Tue, 09 Dec 1997

Hi Gerardus,
I hope you did not forget how to bake a cosmic cookie birtday pie; in case you lost the recepy, it follows below.

12 cosmic cookies
1 lb cosmic cookie dough
0.5 lb cosmic cream
1 ounce wisdom nuts
1 ounce raisins, soaked in spirit

Put the 12 cosmic cookies on the bottom of the cake tin, mix the dough, cosmic cream, nuts and raisins to a smooth mass. Lay it on the cookies in the tin. Bake in the cosmic oven for 1 hour at 160 degrees Celcius, (please calculate yourself to Fahrenheit!)

0.5 lb homemade cosmic marzipan (NOT that prefixed stuf from soi beans!) cosmic flowers as many cosmic candles as years Jim has lived cosmic toping ink in Jim's favourite colour to write a special wish. Role the marzipan until it is thin and has a big surface, wrap the cake in the marzipan. Carefully write the birhtday wish and decorate with the cosmic flowers and the candles. Light the candles and serve with coffee and tea, on special occasions you can serve this one with icecream as well. Wish you happy baking!
See you all at the party tonight!
Annelie ( boogerd@nat.vu.nl )   Wed, 10 Dec 1997

* Be like flowers, they open and close when they need to *

Excellent piece of philosophy!
Thanks a lot for all your wonderful "cookies"! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Very Special and Happy New Year! May 1998 bring you Joy, Peace, Health, Happiness and Enlightenment, and take us all a step closer to the Dawn of the Golden Age !!!

P.S.: If memory serves me well, you are Dutch, aren't you? So... Vrol˙k Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig en Voorspoedig Nieuwjaar.
Donald ( dg@sympatico.ca )   Fri, 12 Dec 1997

Halo Gerardus and Ellen,
I want to thank you, Gerardus, for your generous words of welcome when I first signed on to the list. I have had several people contact me; it saved my Christmas!! Thanks!! Your list is amazing in the number of enlightened people that are magnetized to it. I am awed.

Ellen, I hear you're quite accomplished in numerology and herbology. I was wondering if you would like to trade a session for doing a numerology reading on me. I know Christmas is upon us, so if it's not a good time, that's fine. If you agree, I will go ahead and do a session on you and you can do the reading after Christmas or whenever you get time.

Gerardus, your "cosmic cookies" are a disguise for cosmic GEMS and DIAMONDS. Awesome to think how many people you have helped by bestowing your wisdom. Thank you for being you.
Much Merriment to you both this Christmas,

Carol Hathor ( Fri, 12 Dec 1997 )   popcorn@theofficenet.com

CosmicCookieCafe 971216
Here Here! For today's Cosmic Cookie!
On Self-Knowledge, Self-Reliance, Sovereignty unto self!
Jim Keller ( jkell@earthlink.net )   Tue, 16 Dec 1997

Dear Gerardus,
A belated Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you! And thanks for the gifts you give us each day of the year in the form of your inspired and inspiring cosmic cookies. Your sincere and exuberant expression of Self blesses us all.
Love, Artful Ann ( ArtfulAnn@aol.com )   Sat, 27 Dec 1997

Hello Gerardus,
I suspect there are not 10,000 more guests because they are not aware. Some of the more recent cookies have been exactly what I needed to hear and have been inspirational, i.e keeping me focused during a rather unsettled time. I am grateful that you have the time, wisom and guidance to send them out every day. I especially love to share them with friends who are at a level to understand them and grow thru them. Keep up the good work!!
J. B JONES ( J.B.Jones@usa.dupont.com )   Tue, 06 Jan 1998

Hi Gerardus,
Geez, I love your cookies ... they are SO DELICIOUS! How? But you know what, I get two of them everyday because somehow I subscribed twice under two different emails that go to the same mailbox. They are a little too fattening to get two of them each day! Can you please check your records for me and see which two of these addresses are on your list:
diana@sna.com (I think this is the culprit)
Thanks so much for your help -- this will really help clean up my mailbox!

Gerardus here:
This is the only address on my list --- ( positive@pobox.com ) --- of the three addresses you mention above. I have no idea how you can get two cookies per day. On the other hand - maybe you need them - Hahha hhahah!   You can go " who " to CCC-L-Request@UserHome.com and find out yourself what addresses are on the list.
Greetings with Love - Gerardus

Wed, 07 Jan 1998   From: Subject: Re: Favor, please
THANK YOU!! I checked your "who" list and the diana@efficiencyexperts.com is also me!! THAT'S the one we need to delete!! Can you please do that for me? Geez, I'm glad I found another subscription for me ... I was beginning to think that maybe I DO really need two cookies everyday!! (and I probably STILL do!) Thanks for your help!
Diana Brock Makes ( positive@pobox.com )   Wed, 07 Jan 1998

Gerardus, You wrote:
Time and or Space will be transcended by many of us. How can I know if I will be one of the ones who will transcend? What steps can I take to assure that I will? By the way... I just love your Cosmic Cookies. I look forward to my daily serving with much anticipation! Thank you for sharing, and for prying open this little mind a little more each day. :) Thank you.
Julia ( invest1@bellatlantic.net )   Thu, 08 Jan 1998

Gerardus here:
I do not remember what my answer was. Most likely I wrote: remember your Cookies and the details will fall into place the way the Cookie crumbles...

- - - Introduction - - -
Dear Gerardus,
I'm writing to let you know how much I've enjoyed the Cookies I've received over the past few months. A very good friend of mine introduced me to your world and I now look forward to your messages everyday. It's funny how much you remind me of my friend, Kirk. He is such an insightful person and a great writer, I have often thought he could do one of these types of things himself. When two people remind me so much of each other, I often wonder how that could be if they are not linked genetically. Do you have any idea why that might be? Is it just that they may have been brothers in a former life or brothers in a simultaneous life? I guess we are all spiritual brothers and sisters in a sense, but what about those who have amazingly similar characteristics, other than just being astrologically similar? Thanks for your help with my question


Dear Gerardus,
Thanks very much for answering my questions. It's been hard for me to get time to write back. All of the answers you gave make perfect sense, not that I was ever doubtful. Secondly, I wanted to say that perhaps it was appropriate after all to wait and write because this weekend's Cookies were absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed them with a passion. I guess you could say I "pretended" that they were written just for me. Even though I don't know you personally, there is great depth in your writing that has touched me immensely. Thanks for giving so much of yourself. Sincerely,
Wendy Aielli ( wpc2m@server1.mail.virginia.edu )   Thu, 8 Jan 1998

My name is Julia....
Hello All.... I'm a daughter, wife, mother and seeker currently living in Eastern Va. I've been actively seeking for the past 3-4 years (sometimes more so than others). I've gone hear and there, listened to this one and that one, read this that that and the other, but for the most part haven't found whatever it is I am searching for. That great EUREKA... THIS IS IT!!! So until such time as that occurs in my experience, I will continue onward. :)
Julia Kal? ( invest1@bellatlantic.net )   Wed, 14 Jan 1998

TriLite: Leading Edge: Visions of Earth Future....
Gerardus wrote:
The aspect of God I am has lived many many lifetimes and finally it has reached a state of awakeness in which it knows that it is awake. - - In my awakeness I am aware that the air I breathe, the food I eat and the Light of the sun that keeps me warm are the very benefits of a Universal Welfare System that sustain me. Therefore, I have complete trust in the universe and its workings, for deep down I know, that I am what I am because of the universe - not just because of me and the reality I think I create. The body-mind I am is the instrument of the Soul I am. And the Soul I am is the very God or Infinite Light that lives within me. It does this because it enjoys being me...

Very well put Gerardus. Is this one of your "cookies"? You have put in very easy to understand terms some of what I think is true. It is not always easy to communicate this way of thinking to others, but I must say -- this should qualify you to be called "Doctor" Gerardus. :-))  Peace and Integration,
Lee ( alilas@coastalnet.com )   Tue, 20 Jan 1998

No Subject...
Your cookies are so much my truth as I see what IS and what isn't. They encompass, now, all that which I have tried to express. I am sending you no more alternate cookies. I will just happily reflect the expression of me in you. Thank you for being there and for communicating. With the love of shared viewpoint.
Muriel ( muriel@senet.com.au )   Wed, 22 Jan 1997

Hello Gerardus, my adopted internet Father!
Hope you are doing well. This cookie piqued my interest because I'm still (still!) working on this area... anything you can add would be help (Cookie has been omitted) According to my teachers, the first part is about contour integrals and how energy (light) follows geodesic null lines or pathways of least resistance (space-time distance). Maxwell gave us the field equations for it. The second part is about the speed of light in a vacuum. The vacuum has measurable permeable and permittive properties, and limits wave propagation. I'm told that Maxwell knew about this, but kept it to himself. To this day scientists still don't know how to make sense of it. My teachers call it vacum polarization. Does that make any sense to you? If you can lead me to Maxwell info I'd sure appreciate it! I've been working on this for months now - off and on for years. Grinning ear to ear....
James Clark ( theion@worldnet.att.net )   Tue, 10 Feb 1998

Right from Wrong...
You make me chuckle....I love your posts... ( This must be the shortest love-note of all - Gerardus )
Mona Turner ( monahawke@coinet.com )   Fri, 13 Feb 1998

Would you offer God a cigarette?
Beacon here:
The God I perceive is one of Unconditional Love and is indeed everywhere in both sunshine and gray clouds, whether I am washing dishes or stroking a cat. I greatly enjoy sending a bit of *glow* to others, and if they choose not to accept it, well... maybe next time. :)  Each moment offers new opportunities to share a little light with others and the world around me. You, kind sir, have just added a wonderful blessing to my day! Thank you for the lovely light you've shared with me! :)  *light-hugs*
Beacon ( sflynn@nckcn.com )   17 Feb 1998

To Gerardus,
Gerardus would you please place me back on your Cosmic Cookie List at my new EMail address JeffreyElliott27@email.msn.com and also your TriLite List. Your Cookies are one of the wonders of each new day and I thank you.
Jeffrey Elliott ( jeffreyelliott27@email.msn.com )   Tue, 3 Mar 1998

- - - The Gift of Receiving - - -
I would be delighted to receive a cookie a day. Your wisdom shines through all your words. I only just saw the cookie gift as I have been sick with the flu and neglected my mailbox (:((corry
corry ( marganon@mail.on.rogers.wave.ca )   Tue, 10 Mar 1998

I'll play....
Please put me on your list for a cookie a day, Gerardus! I too resonate with the giving and receiving stuff, I particularly liked the comment re not denying others the joy of giving. Thanks with a smile,
Teresa ( Teresa.Tanner@digital.com )   Tue, 10 Mar 1998

Dear Gerardus,
Please change my address from: jrrussom@ix.netcom.com - to: John@Russom.com
I don't want to miss one of your nourishing cookies! Please add a cookie twin to your list at: Caroline@Russom.com -- My wife also enjoys your cookies with a little tea! I sometimes forward them to her, but they can get a little stale during cyberspace transport....
All Lightness and Well Being,
John R. Russom ( John@Russom.com )   Tue, 10 Mar 1998

Dear Gerardus,
Hello - I enjoy your cookies but I had thought you were sending them to the list so i did not write to you - but please include me on the list *Smile*. Love,Light and Laughter
Anna/Brad Hall ( abhall@ora.auracom.com )  Tue, 10 Mar 1998

Ditto - To what Anna said, ( Anna/Brad Hall   abhall@ora.auracom.com ) add me on too please.
Love and Light.   Lia ( lia@global.net.au )   10 Mar 1998

May I be put on the cookie list?
May I be put on the cookie list?

Gerardus here:
You are on it now Snowbird! Are you really a Snowbird? I am one too!! I travel South in the Fall and North in the Spring. We are in Apache Junction right now, AZ. Aboutb 70 F. Just nice. In the summer we live in Edmonton, Canada... First Cookie tomorrow morning!
LongLiveLightLoveAndLaughter - Gerardus

Snowbird here:
I hear Edmonton is quite beautiful. Yes, I am really a snowbird, but the reasons are quite different. The first being, I am from Colorado, a mountain girl. The second - Snowbird is a heart name and it is almost the same as my spirit name. I teach and practice non-tribal Native American Earth Healing. I loved my cookie today... and I think the CCCafe is a great idea. When I get my schedule cleared a little I will send you some tidbits that you can use or not. Let me know what kind of things you would like.Well hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow filled with light and laughter.
Hugs   Snowbird ( snowbird@kinn.com )   11 Mar 1998

Hi Gerardus,
You for some reason have attracted - not a few - Masters to TriLite. How did you do that?   It is an absolute pleasure reading the exchange between Alexander and E.J.  Also, Paul, whom I know from another list. Mahrouk - who will keep you toes to the fire.  Ami - the grounded spiritual person.  And of course last but not least, you my friend the cookie man. Please, no one take offense at my calling you names. :-) Thanx
Peace and Integration, Lee ( alilas@coastalnet.com )   Fri, 13 Mar 1998

WOW -- this one is deep! Good food for thought!  Hope you're having a lovely Sunday.
Diana ( diana@positiveprojections.com )   Sun, 15 Mar 1998

Signed your guestbook...
Chuckling aloud, I am !  Thank you for your humorous reply!  I loved it!  However I am in a VERY female body this time around!!  Did I seem male to you??  You made a reference to not speaking of my wife!   Heeheehee My husband loves to listen to me, but has not yet comprehended anything I say, He just thinks my Mind wanders to places unknown!  How did you come to your realizations???  What made you search?? Namaste,
Maris Elliot ( elliot@ctaz.com )   Fri, 27 Mar 1998

Just a "thank you" note!
I have beeen visiting your site from time to time over the last 6 months and have it as a place of comfort and solace in my busy and stressful life. Why you devote the time, effort and resources to this magnificant project - only the God within you knows. But you and It are very much appreciated.!  Thanks again,
Paul C. Blackbyrne ( blackie@visionol.net )   Fri, 03 Apr 1998

TriLite: Re: poetry/sweet mystery....
TriLite Members were wondering what TROS meant.  Gerardus explains first and then Annelie explains -- Tros means bunch in Dutch. Like in a bunch of bananas. In English it does not mean anything except that one could use it as an abbreviation..."

Annelie here (native and active Dutch speaker):
Or as the acronym you had (and still have?) on your webpage Gerardus. And besides a bunch (eg. of grapes) "Tros" means also the ropes/chains that ships use to tie them to the land (in a harbour). In movies about the former ages with sailing ships the captain called "Gooi de trossen los" (untie the ropes or chains -- or throw the tros loose -- let the tros go) when the ship was ready to leave the harbour. So maybe Gerardus, you are our "Tros" between 3D reality and spiritual ship Earth? :-)  Love, light and joy,  ( Good explanation Annelie! )
Annelie Boogerd ( boogerd@nat.vu.nl ) Wed, 08 Apr 1998

TriLite: Buddha = Gerardus?
This message was sent by: rothk@juno.com (Kris L Roth)
Alexander, thank you so much for that posting from a forgotten site. I've printed it, and I think I'll read it with my children often. It is wonderful. Jessica, thank you for the welcome, and for the Conversations With God excerpt! I'd never read it, and it was fascinating, and certainly much to think about! Kimberly, thank you for sharing your experience! What an awakening, and how fortunate for you to see your life as such! Cynthia, thank you for sharing your dream! I understand! Paul, I never understand you easily, but thank you for giving me something to try to figure out! Gerardus, thank you for your warmth and knowledge! Ami, thank you for your eternal optimism and love! Shari, thank you for trying to figure you out with all of us, and for sharing!

Gay, thank you especially for that celebration of yourself, in your post telling of your life! Owain, thank you for that beautiful, poetic trip I went on with you! Alexander, thank you for your wisdom and humor! Athena, thank you for your knowledge! Marhouk (sp?), thank you for catching me off guard, always! Jewellia, thank you for your food for thought! Maris, thank you for your happiness! Wow, I can't believe I've made it this far, with all these e-mails, and stuff to digest. I know I've left some people out, and I'm so sorry! But, you've all helped me in strengthening my own Faith. I think I've posted before that I sometimes get people who see the world through more "practical" and cynical eyes than I, tell me I'm way too idealistic for this world. Occasionally, it causes a bit of doubt in me, until I relax enough to feel my Truth again. So, thank you all, for your own specialness, and for sharing with me. I am honored. Love,
Kris Roth ( rothk@juno.com )   Tue, 5 May 1998

Just a "thank you" note!
Dear Gerardus,
I have been scrupiously "lurking" on this List for the last several days as I attempt to put into practice some of the behaviour wisdom that you have so intelligently and considerately proposed in recent past writings. A reference (sample) quoted below. (I have underlined those parts of specific importance to me at this stage of my understanding/learning.)

When we come to understand that there is Justice in the Universe
we are not concerned about what is right or wrong. All we can do
is focus on the Beauty in our World. What we focus upon becomes
the reality of our surroundings... Light... Love... and Laughter.
~ Gerardus ~

I have found that by accepting what we are, or think we are, we change and
find that all we ever were or thought we were was nothing but an temporary
experience of the Observer. The Observer in us does not change. Only the
observed and our mind changes...
~ Gerardus ~

John again: As the Observer, ("lurker"), what I observe in the "conscience" of the List, is that the most difficult challenge I have is not in the "knowing" but in the "changing of the mind". ( "... be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed..." -- that kind'a stuff). Watching how you "walk the talk" is truly inspirational... and cause for MY attendant humility - not to YOU big G, but to the Christ is see in you. But, the YOU has a lot of work yet to be done so I wish you good health and abundant energy... (a poor metaphor, methinks. There's unlimited energy - we just have to keep our brushes clean and bearings lubed)... I thank you - and salute you sir! Yatahey! ( Gerardus here - you are most generous with your praise John! ) John Granath ( ICMEINU@aol.com )   Wed, 6 May 1998

I really want to thank you...
for your inspiration every day.  It really helps me stay balanced and reminds me who we really are!!  I think your words are very wise and they resonate in my heart.  Again thank you.
Love and Light, Terry ( TFr2122@aol.com )   Thu, 14 May 1998

Great Job!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Gerardus, I am just sending a little note to say how much I enjoy your web-site. It is humurous and serious at the same time. It sure is fun reading all your ideas, (because I have had the same ones for years). Knowing there is a kindred soul in the Universe makes life all more enjoyable, not that I find it anything else. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!
DenisioB ( DenisioB@aol.com )   Thu, May 14 1998

Greetings Dear Gerardus ...
Dear Diary ... Day # 26,681 on this solar-orbiting speck of Cosmic Dust I have discovered GERARDUS EVERARDUS TROS and spent some time in A SPACE OF LIGHT ... suddenly I feel that my searching for answers to the questions
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
is about to take a giant leap forward ...

... Greetings Dear Gerardus ...
I spent the first three years of my retirement reading comparative religions. One day I suddenly found myself back at the beginning, click! Jesus said: The Kingdom of Heaven is within thee ... and all along the track this same message was to be found ... and now this ... I live alone in a geriatric ghetto, in Grotto #7 ... with my computer ... so of course I am NOT alone ... I try to commune with minds that challenge my own: so now I have been belted a dazzling blow: I look forward to spending many hours 'at your place' ...
Terry Mackrell ( Terence.Mackrell.1@uni.massey.ac.nz )   Wed, 20 May 1998

Just a grateful thanks...
This is the gr-8est site i've seen. i'm new to the internet stuff and only have access cuz' of my job. i needed this beautiful enlightenment of this site cuz' i'm going through a "funk". thanks and blessed bee
Scott Kathan ( ers-03@aaawa.com )   Sat, 23 May 1998

Dear Gerardus,
I would like to receive your Cookies.  Who writes them?  Love
Sabine ( sabine@coastnet.net.au )   Tue, 16 Jun 1998

Dear Cookie Lovers - Any day soon...
Any day soon the Daily Cookies will stop coming in for a while.  My wife Ellen and I are in the process of moving into our motor home full time.  The big day is June 25th.  Before that I will have to dismantle my Computer/Audio/Desk and mount it into the RV.  When all is ready we will go on a trip to B.C. Canada to visit family and friends.  All this means no phone connection - no email - no Cookies!  I have been too busy to prepare a batch of Cookies in advance to be send by someone else.  Several people have offered to do so.  Thank you for doing so and sorry for not being able to get a batch ready to be distributed by you/others.  Towards the end of July I should be back on line and will continue to send you your Daily Cookie.  Until then - so long...
Greetings with Love - Gerardus   Sun, 21 Jun 1998

Bye dear G-man...
Bye dear G-man and take care of yourself.  May you be happy and at peace in your new home and do a heap of baking on the web!   Much love to you.
Mahrouk ( frv@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in )   Sun, 21 Jun 1998

Have a wonderful trip, Gerardus!:)))
Colorful, bright, happy, plentiful, like the Summer fields, in blessings and joys!!!  And thank you once more for the daily beauty you add to my mail box!:)  Lots of Love and the Best of Luck with all the practicals:)))
Milea Angela Froes ( romamaf@au.dk )   Sun, 21 Jun 1998

Any Day Soon...
Safe and Happy Journeys my friend. To you and your wife. You certainly deserve it.
Deborah ( dbs@cobweb.com.au )   21 Jun 1998

Gerardus what do you mean ?
Gerardus said somewhere:  it was my God doing things through me... I let it!

Mahrouk here:
Gerardus what do you mean ?   Who is this 'my' and 'I' ?????   If God or Consciousness is All there is then how can God be 'my' and how can 'I' the illusion let It (Consciousness) work.  That sounds like you could NOT let it work.  Gerardus what do you mean? But "I'' wait till end July.  I know you are busy and tired.  Stay well and have a great holiday.
Mahrouk ( frv@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in )   Sun, 21 Jun 1998

Gerardus here:
I'm not sure what I answered then!  Must have been something like: I can also refuse to listen and do something else, something different...

My friend,
My friend,
Have a pleasant and safe trip.
Paula G. Porter ( paulag@mail.bna.bellsouth.net )   Sun, June 21 1998

Thanks Gerardus,
I'll miss your daily message.  Your trip sounds fun and is probably much needed.  I look forward to your return!!!  Thanks for all you do for your readers.
- Doug Clark ( kundalini@novagate.com ) Mon. Jun 22 1998

Lieve Gerardus,
Congratulations with your new home and have a good time!  I will miss your cookies!!  Something less nice now. I received the following horrible message (text below).  It looks like the sender used the cookie list for this mailing.  I do not like it, is it possible to save the cookielist from this kind of messages?  This make the list secret for anyone but you?
Love, Annelie ( A.Boogerd@DZL.RWS.minvenw.nl )   Mon, 22 Jun 98

May God bless you,
May God bless you on your move!
Evelyn Duncan ( EDuncan368@aol.com )   Mon, Jun 22 1998

Hi Gerardus,
Gerardus I will so miss the cookies and will so look forward to your return!!  Thank you so much for sharing all these incitful poems and thoughts with me (us).  Have a safe and wonderfully happy trip and move!!   **Hugs**   Love, Light and Laughter
Anna ( abhall@ora.auracom.com ) Mon, Jun 22 1998

Dear Gerardus,
Best of luck with your new life!
tw. :) ( terjewi@mail.hf.uio.no ) Mon, Jun 22 1998

Welcome back!!  Good to have the cookies again!! :)  How was your trip?  Hope you had a great time!  Love, Light and laughter
Anna ( abhall@ora.auracom.com )Thu, Jul 23 1998

Hi Gerardus, ahhh lovely...
as a fellow poet i know just exactly what you mean!!!!!!  you better believe it! they do send stuff and love us indeed but only a particular soul can write a certain poem, so there is much to be said for us too(G)   love always. ami
amarylla smart ( amarylla@powernethk.com )   Mon, 27 Jul 1998

So unique - ever-flowing...
I very much enjoy the cookies. So unique - ever-flowing, like there is a message to be deemed. How can I get a donation to support the cookie list, to the list keeper. Put me down.
Stephen Wales ( swales@nbnet.nb.ca )   Wed, 29 Jul 1998

Well put Gerardus...
I have enjoyed the essays on your page very much. Found them via Val Valerian's excelent site. Out of interest what was the gift you gave to the 10,000 caller? Good to see you on the list.
Charlie Cubes ( syzygy@hotmail.com )   Sat, 08 Aug. 1998

Hi Gerardus,
This, I think, (speaking about Cookie) I shall print out and put on my bathroom mirror.  It seems to be what I need to hear right now.  I hope you are well?  How is the roaming life going? 
Paula Porter ( paulag@mail.bna.bellsouth.net )   Sun, Aug 16 1998

Stars & Harvest...
Maris here:
From what I have read from others writing, and the two invitations I received to join Harvest by him, I sense unrest! BUT it is a good thing, for it has solidified somewhat, the commitment that most have to seeing Gerardus's dream for us to prosper from his work and join together in a unity of ideas and experiences, discussions and dreams come truer by the moment! So many have benefited from Gerardus and I am sure many in a backward way have benefited from this whirlwind of turmoil! Maris, rambling in the desert like a tumble weed..........  Hey G man...when you bringing the little lady this way?
Maris Elliot ( elliot@ctaz.com )   Sun, 16 Aug 1998

- - - What an absolutely amazing site - - -
What an absolutely amazing site!!!  Thank you for sharing. Regards,
Roseann ( rgabrys@concentric.net )   Tue, 18 Aug 1998

Spirituality, Depression, and the Magic of Trilite.....
Jessica said:
Oh...one more thing....Trilite has been quite an educative place for me. Not only have I learned a lot about spirituality and different views, but Trilite has been a classroom full of things I never heard of and have now learned, or things which I have heard about, but never had much information on...Wiccans, The Philadelphia Experiment, HAARP, art, herbs, many, many books and authors, Indian cultures...I could go on and on......thank you all for a wonderful education :-).

Sam here:
I feel the same, Jessica. Trilite is like the group of friends I never had, the group of friends who never judged each other, who always listened to each one speaking, who could argue without fighting, disagree without battling. I love this group, all of you. You are exactly what an email discussion list should be, and almost never is. Thank you.....
Sam Earle ( samearle@hotmail.com )   Sat, 22 Aug 1998

The same here...!
dear Jessica, you almost sound depressed that you are not able to feel lonely anymore. yes, trilite is a wonderful place to be in, many interesting people, amazingly sophisticated and intriguing ideas and thought. and, yes, i have to admit that trilite is different than most mailling lists i've encountered. i think that when a group of open minded meet, education and learning for each part of the group is inevitable.
elad vernik ( aqua59@hotmail.com )   Sat, Aug 22 1998

TriLite Bubbles... .. .. .
Well I'll flow - found my way here via the Cosmic Cookies and so to the archives and pics and after the opligatory time of lurking was just wondering how to introduce myself as new subscriber, now decide perhaps there isn't a special way, just start, so here goes...
Piers Clement ( piers@cable.A2000.nl )   Mon, 07 Sep 1998

Please enroll my sister,
I know she will love your messages.  Millers@ismi.net   I love getting your poetry.  You and I think a lot alike.  Your just consistent at writing it down.  What a blessing!  Love and Light,
Terry ( TFr2122@aol.com )   Thu, 10 Sep 1998

Thank you for the notice below.  ( Any day soon... )
God-speed upon all your comings & goings!  Peace-Love-Light!
Fidelis ( fidestrada@mailcity.com )   Mon, 28 Sep 1998

Greetings, Gerardus, Welcome Back!
Gerardus here: We encountered the usual. Wind, rain, mist, more rain, snow, heat and more wind. Some people thought that I was drinking behind the wheel. They made gestures to Ellen, who drives behind in the car, that I was drunk. Could I have been that lucky?

Kathie here: I laughed at the thought of you weaving your way across the continent, though I am sure at times it was quite frightening. Maybe if you are stopped by the cops, you can plead yourself, "High on life," or better yet, "Blinded by the Light." I am about halfway through with your book Be Still...and cannot help but wonder if N. D. Walsch saw your book before writing his Conversations with God? Anyway, still reading and digesting your tasty book. Mostly lurking,
Kathie ( Ddsm4@aol.com )   Sun, 25 Oct 1998

Dearest Gerardus - Thank you, thank you, thank you...
How does one speak, when ones heart is so full of love !! . I have been searching for you, I think, most of my life. My physicality flits through me at this time, I am stumped for words of expression, in how to communicate with you. Your gift to humanity, is everlasting, my love blends with you from this day forward. WOW !!!   My cartridges are forever running dry in me copying these words of wisdom for myself and those surrounding me. I am a metaphysical tutor- lecturer, your words will be surrounding my podium, from this moment. I would love to hear from you. I would also like to donate my contribution, please forward me details. Thank you for awakening, Australia. Love Miraelle.....
Margret Kelly ( sunbird@spiderweb.com.au )   Sat, 14 Nov 1998

How beautiful, Gerardus!:)))
Thanks for one more pearl in my mailbox! (Poem 12249-1981)  Have a very Sunny Sunday, independently of the weather outside your window!   With love,
Milea Angela Froes ( romamaf@au.dk )   Sun, 15 Nov 1998

About Your Poem - 12250-1981
That poem, dear G., is brilliantly sensitive, abysimally deep.
Would that I could have expressed myself so eloquently...
John Granath ( ICMEINU@aol.com )   Sat, 21 Nov 1998

Dear Friends, (About 25 of them)
I would like you to know what I think of you - as has been so beautifully and thoughtfully expressed by my friend Gerardus.  I'm forwarding his poem as a teeny gift - in remembrance of your gift to ME ... your presence in my life as a joygiver and friend.  If you enjoy this token, and, should you like another "Cookie" from the ovens of Gerardus; you can subscribe using the instructions at the bottom.  The Cookies are 100% Fat Free and contain NO calories but they DO promote a high level of mental nourishment.  To one and all - Love & Laughter and Happy Holidays!   CosmicCookieCafe 981205
John Granath ( Jongranath@aol.com / ICMEINU@aol.com )   Sat, 5 Dec 1998

Cookie Monster here:
Chef Gerardus: This, honorable sir, is the most delicious cookie of yours that I have tasted.
Thank you.
Sam Earle   Tue, 08 Dec 1998

Hi Sam...
Glad your taste is in excellent condition!
- Gee -

Hello Gerardus,
This morning I needed a reminder and you with your magnificent way with expressing your thoughts put me in such a thankful state of consciousness.  I am very thankful for you and grateful.  May your life be filled with magic and rainbows!  Happy Holidays,
Terry ( TFr2122@aol.com )   Wed, 9 Dec 1998

You did it again . You made me smile!  It's so comforting to know there are real people out there who know who they are.  With the climate of the times one wonders.  Again I thank you for all the work and all the Light you generate for humanity and the Planet.  It is a pleasure to work with you!  Yours in the Light.
Terry ( TFr2122@aol.com )   Fri, 11 Dec 1998

Merry Christmas - Dear Gerardus,
Dear Gerardus (and I mean it, you have become dear to me), thank you for this personal note.  I am always moved to find bits of personal human attention in that vast computer array of the Net.  I subscribed to your Cookies in June 1997, when I was dealing with the aftermath of one of worst manic depressive periods in my life.  I have found much consolation in your two-sided view of life as a joke and life as a most serious endeavor to attain godness.  Thank you again, and 'gelukkig kerstfeest' for you too...
Eduard Maat ( e.g.maat@AMC.UVA.NL )   Thu, 24 Dec 1998

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