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I am the Light of the Christ.

Thank you for this Gerardus. It's a lovely "pray". I shall include it in my little ceremony that I do every day! (we call it "antenaje" in spanish, I don't know how to translate it :(. It comes from "antena" (like that thing at the top of some TV's... ;) and helps you to be in "contact" with the I AM. Love to all. "Peace to all beings in all planes". (Gee here: Obdulio's Soul passed over a few years ago!
Obdulio Andrade-Salas ( oa1@stir.ac.uk )  "Light Workers List" - Mon, 20 Feb 1995

Hello Gerardus...
Thank you for your kind, supportive, and loving words, Gerardus. I sincerely wish you all the best life has to offer. In Oneness
KenDon ( Jal Kae ( jal_kae@gate.net )   Mon, 20 Feb 1995

Tue, 21 Feb 95 / Cosmic Cookies - 027

! All Realities are Virtual Realities !

Every Human Being is a very special designed Instrument
of its Higher Self. We are what we are on purpose, and
our work is to learn to grasp, that we and the Designer
are one and the same Creative Force. This Force is the
only Force in the Universe and it expresses itself into
different Dimensions, Entities and Functions so that it
may enjoy its own spontaneous and infinite creativity.

Thanks Gerardus, for the lift and the Light. "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" -1 Corinthians 3:16 Amen! with love,
David Meurin (dmeurin@wimsey.com )   "Light Workers List" - Tue, 21 Feb 95

Article: * The One Thing Sublime *
I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy and appreciate your writings. I thought you should know that! I thought the essay you wrote about The One Thing Sublime a while back was especially great. I have passed that essay to several of my friends (some of whom are not actually New Age oriented). This essay has been the focus of some stimulating and thought-provoking discussions. I think it has helped expand some minds, including mine! So, I just wanted to say thanks! Your work is very inspiring. I hope you get it published some day! Love,
Danielle C Heskett ( dchst18+@pitt.edu )   Mon, 5 Jun 1995

Thank you, Gerardus....
Thank you for sharing your dreams and poems. I find that they get to the point on issues that tend to become wordy/tedious in human expression. I like the short and sweet of Poem 31 - it speaks as a Father/Mother would to his/her Children. See living entities - we are not forgotten; we are a vehicle that our Creators express themselves through. Every living thing is a vehicle/host of infinite expression, in infinite ways...  Exceptional wisdom, Gerardus. Blessings.... ( Gee here: I do not know what Poem 31 was/is... )
Julie Rose (julie@intercon.com )  "Light Workers List"   Mon, 12 Jun 1995

In the peace of the golden dawn....
Dear Gerardus,
Thank-you for serving up more of your deLightful cookies. You have a way of bringing my focus back to elements which really are the crux of the experiential biscuit! ;-)  Thanks also for your welcoming poem, (Feelings). My feelings are doing much better, as I allow the Spirit of love and truth to flow through me--and on to you, fellow worker of Light!
Jan | MS LYNX WILSON ( FLAV71B@prodigy.com ) July 19 1995

Article: The Time Lords and their Pulses....
Dear Gerardus,
Thank you so much for your Wisdom and insights. In Light,
Deborah Brazo aka Athara ( athara@srv.net )   Tue, 15 Aug 1995

Warm Greetings....
Hello Gerardus--
I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed your writings. I like your Spirit and Soul. I am a new comer to Lightwork-l but have been developing my own Inner Light for quite some time now and your writings seem to make it glow a bit brighter - I wanted to share that with you. One of your postings "Cosmic Cookies 51" - I am wondering if these are your own or a mixture of what you have read and heard elsewhere? I would definetly want to be sure of giving you proper credit for your vision and creation when sharing these "cookies" with my friends.
Left no Name ( ABL@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU )   Fri, 25 Aug 1995

Gerardus, thank you!!!
I guess I feel as though I am just waking up *at my age!*  But, you know, the world feels a lot safer and life is so wonderful and filled with joy! My friends say that I scare some people because I have the edges of a youngster... I agree. Naming the nameless? At meetings I often when speaking use the word Power Greater... than God, for that very reason. Oh boy, I'd love to talk some more (could go on for a long time now that I've discovered I have a voice) - but work calls. One of the aspects of Being involves honesty. ARGH!! Laughingly,
Deborah Wright ( dwright@WPI.EDU )   Fri, 8 Sep 1995

Boy have I missed you!
Dear Gerardus,
Reading your writing just now reminded me of what I have been missing the last month or so. In my humble opinion that little paragraph below is priceless because it contains so much truth. Thank you for being *here*! Love,
Craig Bryant ( gawain@inlink.com )   Mon, 11 Sep 1995 (Lightwork-L List )

The Celestine Prophecy...?
Gerardus here:
Please sharpen your ax or take my critique with a lot of salt. I like my own stories better - this must be because I'm a self-lover maybe.

Deborah here:
I dunno Gerardus ... I kind of like your stories better too ... but then I'm a "no shit" direct person. I like my truth straight up :~)   In Light,
Deborah Brazo aka Athara ( athara@srv.net )   Sun, 1 Oct 1995

Book: CREATION... The Perfect Mirror
Just finished reading "CREATION... the perfect mirror". Wonderful! Brilliant! I really enjoyed myself, thank you very much for making this available!
Ray Parnell ( RAYDUDE@TWICS.COM )   Sat, 14 Oct 1995

Cosmic Cookies...!!
Gerardus, I went to the pages that you referenced and am now printing the other cosmic cookies. I have to tell you, I AM OVERWHELMED WITH AWE! I am a 54 year old student who has been on the path for several years. It looks to me like you have gone the length of the path and are retracing your steps to smell the roses that were along the way. I tried to link to the mailing list, but did not get through. Perhaps it is blocked where I'm now working (MCI) as a consultant. I'll try it from my PC at home later. I will start reading the many articles. Any suggestions of where to start? So you do not need to send me anything. I can get it from your pages. I do want to be on your mailing list and learn a lot more from you. Thanks!
Tom Greaves ( 0007168628@mcimail.com )   Mon, 23 Oct 95

You're back.....
Hi Gerardus,
So wonderful to hear from you again. I have been wondering about you and visulizing you stewing over your computer and phone lines putting all the cables back in and messing with the configuration so that you are on line again. ;-)  I guess in my way my thoughts were sending you light and love. Sometimes I wonder about how prayer differs from just sending someone good thoughts. I don't think it does much. It is interesting how some people, you in this case, my friend, can more readily generate that cyclical process of sending and receiving love without seemingly much effort. Hope you are enjoying your move. Cheers,
Paula Suvanto Duggins ( pms@space.mit.edu )   Tue, 24 Oct 1995

Don't forget the Inner Ears and Inner Eyes, as well! Love, ---- "The INNER LIGHT shines with the brilliance of a billion stars! To see it, one must close their eyes and turn their gaze within!" Basking in the GLOW!
Terry Rogers ( afn16278@freenet.ufl.edu )   Tue, 24 Oct 1995  ( Lightwork-L List )

The Light is dazzling...
Hi Rebecca - Gerardus here:
I hope that telling you my experiences will help you. I do not call my writing "channeling" but let's say: I am in a writers trance. I know exactly what's going on, for I need to find the keys with my two fingers. IOW: my eyes are open! The words just come and I do not care where they come from or whether they are suitable for the occasion. It turns out that more than nine out of ten times I do not have to change anything afterwards and it all seems to fit.

Many of my poems were 'received' as fast as I could write them down (pencil) and lately I write without thinking at all. This is the trick. I feel that my guides and helpers do all the work and I just click the keys. I need stillness around me and be completely at ease with myself. Emotional conditions disturb the flow and I feel that all you need is a bit of practise and a lot of patience... get out of your own way...

Hi lightworkers :)
Gerardus, I just have to say, that was beautiful. Thank you and Bless You. Your dancing makes me dizzy. It feels to me that this list has entered another dimension this week. The Light is dazzling.love,
David Meurin ( dmeurin@wimsey.com.ca )   Thu, 26 Oct 95

Your Internet Pages...!!
I checked out your internet pages. Wow! You really put a lot of thinking into your work. I am impressed with your love for truth. I liked some of your poems that I read. I am interested in knowing about you personally. Whenever I find someone who seems to be very wise I am interested to know about them. Such questions I like to ask is, have you found peace or perfect love? Do you still struggle with your ego? etc... When I hear about how others have struggled to overcome the obstacles of life I like to hear how because it might help me in my struggle. If you are a busy person I will understand. May you grow in your peace...
Eli Williamson-Jones ( elwF94@hamp.hampshire.edu )   Fri, 3 Nov 1995

- - - - Cosmic Cookies 62 - - - -
Dear Gerardus,
I am somewhat of a "Newbie" to the Lightworks listserver. Immediately I was interested in what you had to say. Your gentle approach to others as well as the clarity and confidence you display have consistantly uplifted me. Having the opportunity to cast a vote on Cosmic Cookies, I send out an enthusiastic yes! Them be powerful words that all of us need. Thank you for their beautiful organization. Love,
Melissa Ortiz ( mortiz@rides.raynet.com ) Tue, 7 Nov 1995

Response to Soul / Gerardus insults....
With regard to the insults to our new Soul Man I have one thing to contribute: "Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause." It's ok if you disagree, but please, for the rest of us tone down your language and show some respect. Please tell us why you disagree and how your beliefs/ thoughts differ.
Angela Clifford (ANGELAC@CCSSO.ORG )   Thu, 16 Nov 1995 ( Meaning List )

Comments about Soul Gerardus...
To all people exploring the MEANING of life, I have noticed that there are a few people on this list who are disturbed by some of the things that Soul has to say. Let me just add my two cents worth here. I personally find it very hard to disagree with anything that Gerardus (Soul) has to say, because in my own independent searching, I have reached pretty much the same conclusions that he has. And you know what.. I haven't even read any of the Seth material! *grin*. All of the truths to which I adhere are based on knowledge/experience. I do not have one ounce of "faith". That is why I, like Gerardus, am very confident in what I know. I wish harmony in your lives --- good luck in your searches!
Danielle Heskett ( danie@PGH.NAUTICOM.NET )   Wed, 22 Nov 1995

Cosmic Cookies in the office elevator...
Yeah, good idea! It's such a little thing and takes virtually no effort, but the potential for spreading light is tremendous. If someone walks into that elevator and comes out smiling, maybe feeling energized from a Cosmic Cookie -- hey, mission accomplished!! Gonna go plot which Cookie to put in the elevator at work... muhahahaa! See ya * Lurk mode ON  Peace,
-Randy :) (osiris7@cris.com ) Wed, 22 Nov 1995

Gerardus, I love your posts also, oh wise one.
Gerardus here: Needless to say: that our Physical Creation is an enormous accomplishment and therefore every opportunity to celebrate our existence within it ought to be an enlightened enjoyment if not an ecstasy. The time has come for all of us to awaken to this Occasion of Greatness! SO BE IT!

Interpretation:by Iron:
Every being is beautiful, realize it and you can only love this plane of creation.Now that is the best reason for a party I ever heard! Celebrate each second. In your collective honour I send you my light and love ...
Iron Simek ( ibsimek@mail.ccinet.ab.ca )   Mon, 27 Nov 1995 ( Lightwork-L List )

I defend Gerardus......
Geradus makes a lot of posts, yes... But you also have a delete key, if you don't like what he's saying DELETE IT!  It doesn't take to long. You know what will probably be in his posts you don't have to read them all, delete them all right when you see them. Personally I like his posts, as much as I disagree with them. Isn't the whole point of the list to discuss our beliefs civilly and develop our own meanings (or lack thereof) from them? He hasn't been rude or antagonising to anybody and he's certainly brought up interesting ideas...
Ray Mcintosh ( ncwoome@MAIL.OEONLINE.COM )   Mon, 27 Nov 1995 (Meaning List)

Cosmic Cookies in mass quantities??
Hi! I'm Chelsea, and I'm on the lightwork mailing list... I have greatly enjoyed your Cosmic Cookies, as has a friend of mine... we were wondering, is there a web site (or something like that) where we could find them in mass quantities?? Thanks---
Chelsea Amberle Fischer ( caf0001@jove.acs.unt.edu )   Mon, Dec 4 1995

I always count on you......
Hi Gerardus,
I got a kick out of your recent post listing all the things people can get into looking for the magic button. You left off a bunch more things that I have done over the last twenty years, but what the hey, huh. (ever hear of Concinnity?) Oh well, we are here to have fun and spread light and joy and love. I've also heard we are supposed to be having a really good time at it. I must admit that I suffer from the disease of seriousness.I had a good time reading your post. You gave me a chuckle and a smile. Cheers to you,
Paula Suvanto Duggins ( pms@space.mit.edu )   Mon, Dec 4 1995

I wonder about all this...
Gerardus here:
Affirmations, Subconscious Technique, Superconscious Technique, Meditation - open eyed and closed eyed, Weekend Work Shops, another Teacher, another Book, Touch Stones Technique, Visualization Techniques, Third Eye Opening Classes, Direct Connections to the Higher Self Classes, Emotional Balancing Classes, Grounding Techniques, Out of Body Techniques, Rebirthing Technique, Multi Dimensional Knowledge Techniques, Ego-Diminishing Work Shops, Spiritual Confidence Classes, Transformational Counseling. Etc. Etc.  I wonder about all this...  Somehow it seems to me that so many are looking for a Magic Button...

Gerardus, my poor simple friend! Haven't you seen the light??! Perhaps the Ascensionomatic Beamo-Translucer 2000 will help. It slices, it dices, it ascends even the most negative of souls, all in an instant! Nothing could be easier, and if you act now, we will even throw in a free Pan-Galatic Garble Blaster!   ( Thank you Marcus - I finally get it I think.  What a relief...! ( ; ) =   )
Marcus Reinart ( reinart@genesis.net )   Mon, 04 Dec 1995

Hey Gerardus.....
I especially liked your message that you sent to Nick. Sometimes my intellect doesn't agree with all that you say but when you send a message like this one I am forced to agree with you because it feels to me that you are speaking with your heart out of compassion and love. This is one thing that I will always be in concensus with you on. May you grow in your love and compassion... -PEACE- Your friend...
Eli Williamson-Jones ( elwF94@hamp.hampshire.edu )  Tue, 5 Dec 1995

Thanks, Gerardus, for your pearls of wisdom.
As I guess you know, they relate very closely to my situation. Almost (?) prophetic, perhaps. I especially like the line about it being "unwise to expect wisdom where none is present". "Don't throw your pearls to swine" is perhaps how Jesus would have put it. cent cent. There. ( I don't like to be in debt! Hahahaha! ) Take care,
Steve ( stevepq@hkbu.edu.hk )   Tue, 05 Dec 95

Simply wondering and how wonderful!!
There are tears in my eyes Gerardus.  May I arrive at 68 as wise and wonderful as you. Thank you,
Rebecca Red ( red711@mail.optimum.com )   Mon, 11 Dec 1995

I love this and it make a great amount of sence.
Hi Gerardus,   WOW, I'd say right now you are mainly genius for coming up with this.
( I know you give the credit to your spirit guides but it doesn't matter )  Thank you!

... Cosmic Cookie ...

A Human Being is Matter... Mind... and Spirit.
The proper Combination of these three
determine your State of Evolvement.
If you're mostly Matter... you're a Mountain.
If you're mostly Mind... you're a Genius.
If you're mostly Spirit... you're a Living Idea.
! A balanced Human Being is one third each !


Craig Bryant ( gawain@mail.inlink.com )   Tue, 12 Dec 1995

I rejoyce in this! :)
Dear Gerardus!
Thank you for the inspiring poetry you write! You have my deep appreciation for that!:)
Warm regards, to you and your wife,
Milea Angela Simoes Froes ( romamasf@aau.dk )   Mon, 25 Dec 1995

Happy Birthday!!
Hi Gerardus!
As you can see, WE ALL LOVE YOU here! Feels wonderful, doesn't it! Love,
Terry Rogers ( afn16278@afn.org )   Mon, 25 Dec 1995

Laughing Hard..!!
Gerardus here:
Consciousness is funny stuff - it can divide itself and one aspect does not know what the other is doing. Entire universes are relying on this... ( ; ) =

Michelle here:
*laughing hard* :) I hadn't read this line when I wrote my two cents worth to your first response.
Michelle Whithers ( Withers2@aol.com )   Tue, 26 Dec 1995

A toast to you, Sir.  Happy '96!
Gerardus, you are a true prophet of the elixir, no doubt about it. Many happy returns to you, for your artistry, your vision, whatever it took to get you the way you are, your endurance...  A toast to you, Sir.  Happy '96!
Bruce Schuman ( origin@rain.org )   Sun, 31 Dec 1995

Sense of Humour!
Hi Gerardus,
I've been a lurker on LL for about six months and I am now 'moved' to tell you how much I have enjoyed your wisdom and sense of humour. Thank you for relaxing and having fun with it! Namaste - Nik "The Chick"
Nikki Hunt ( huntni@cqu.edu.au )   Wed, 3 Jan 1996

Here we go again!
Bob says:
I have admired your posts, many times, often times in silence. However, this is twice you have mentioned something I have posted. Of course, there have been a couple of posts, I thought you might of had your finger in a light socket, but most of the time, I know you have your "inner pulse" in the L I G H T socket. I consider it an honor to have you agree with the likes of me.... It gives you "credibility" in my eyes! :-)
Bob Hall, D.D. ( bobhall@telepath.com )   Sat, 6 Jan 1996

You have a very interesting home page.
( Mon, 8 Jan 1996 ) Hi Gerardus!
I am sure this is your E-mail Address. I sent something to another address also so I hope you got that one too. You have a very interesting home page.

( Thu, Jan.11 1996 ) Thank you for writing me! So, do you live near Washington D.C.? Does 19271225 mean anything? I was just curious. I hope everything is going well with you. I will be exploring your HOME PAGES in the future.
Stacey Nelson ( slnelson@terminus.com )   Mon, 8 Jan 1996 and Thu, Jan 11 1996

Thank you for the article...
Hi Gerardus,
Thanks for the articles, which I'm still reading. My computer is at work so sometimes I'm a little slow at processing all the information 'cause I have to work. Actually just had a bit if excitement here. We all had to evacuate the building for a fire alarm, while it was pouring with rain outside. So we all trapsed out and got sodden. Fun stuff here!! Since there has been 2 more fire alarms gone off, I'm wondering if I'm missing some deep spiritual message!!! Either that or I'm definately wet behind the ears. Is it me or has the LL list stopped all communications. I haven't received anything for about a week. Keep laughing. (( PS I'll let you know when I've finished your other articles and need some more of you wisdom. TA! ))
Nik "The Chick" ( huntni@cqu.edu.au )   Tue, 9 Jan 1996

Thank you for being part of the support system...
Hi Gerardus,
Thank you once more being being so very insightful to my comments and thoughts. Just lately have I experienced an ethereal feeling of 'something' when I meditate. Yesterday, when I was in a state of relaxed semi-consciousness. And felt a very warm almost hot engulfing..hug..for lack of a better word. It felt almost white-hot in sensation and sight. This has never happened before. I welcomed it but am trying to figure out what exactly it was. As I have never seen my guides; although I know that I have some. And I am in heavy pursuit to learn what my life's task might be. I am so very glad that something 'pulled' me into this group. I've had more support, love and understanding than I have felt in a very long time. Love...Peace...and Light...
Patricia ( rkpab@eastky.com )   Wed, 10 Jan 1996

... Cosmic Cookie 72 ...
Thanks for the thoughts Gerardus. I really liked the one about one in two hundred million people reaching enlightenment. Have a wonderful day ( although it seems you always do anyway! )
Rebecca Red ( red711@mail.optimum.com )   Tue, 16 Jan 1996

Hello Lover...!
Hey! I sent you a love note a few days ago, did you get it? My emails have been very badly behaved lately! I'll see if I can locate it in my archives if you didn't receive it. If you were ignoring me, well, I guess I'm just being pushy! In peace, joy and love!
Georgette GCARLSON@holycross.edu )   Tue, 16 Jan 1996

Julia says: Your Cosmic Cookie this morning was wonderful.....
Gerardus here:
Random choice poem for Julia... Sit back and relax!

Gerardus -- you're wonderful. Random choice? I don't think so! I am about to embark on a new project that will attempt to do exactly what the poem says. Thank you for your kindness. I needed that today.
Julia White ( Meyna@ix.netcom.com )   Wed, 17 Jan 1996

Hi there Gerardus from snowy Colorado..
I checked out your home page, and it is wonderful. Thanx for all the hard work and sharing your knowledge. Someday I hope to have a homepage, but right now I don't even have SLIP/PPP. See ya L8R. Love & Light...
Jacqueline Nusz ( jaxinc19@rocky.orci.com )   Wed, 17 Jan 1996

Gerardus says:
Well, Bob is right naturally - that's why he makes sense.
Then. I think Common Sense also means: com-(m)on sense (come on sense) come on awareness, start to make sense. Now - does all this sense make sense?

Fiona here:
Hahahahahaahahahahahahaha!! I know maybe it is unappropriate to send a single line of laughter to the group but Gerardus - you are just superb!!! I couldn't resist :) Peace to all........
Fiona Honor ( fionah@zip.com.au )   Sun, 28 Jan 1996

Hello Gerardus,
Hello Gerardus, I just read your reply to Nick on the subject of racism. Thank You.I won't argue you about the specific, we all find our own truths, and I doubt that it's important to you, but I think you have the correct attitude. It is nice to know you....
Benjamin White ( Whiteb@cofc.edu )   Tue, 30 Jan 1996

Lightwork List Owner speaking here,
Gerardus, I love your wit and humor. Unfortionately, I am gonna have to drop out of this particular conversation as I have other things to attend to, ie: Network problems. I did want you to know what was up, so you wouldn't think I was ignoring you. Regards,
Bob Garth ( bgarth@protree.com )   Wed, 31 Jan 1996

I came here via your .... "Paris Home Page" ....
I am smiling! I very much enjoyed reading "Hank" (Creation... The Perfect Mirror) and am very much enjoying being on the lightworker mailing list. L, L & L to you too.
Michael Jeffrey Bonnet   Fri, 02 Feb 1996

Thank You....
Thanks for your reply Gerardus (smiling while I type), the love & light I have within me is something that I enjoy sharing. The poem was lovely. Your insights over the months have been appreciated (even though not always replied to). May your journey be filled with joy.......

* * * But I Believe In Love ~~ I Believe In Dreamers ~~ I Believe In Miracles ~~ I Believe In You * * *

Frane Tafra ( frane@m140.aone.net.au )   Sun, 04 Feb 1996

Cookie Human Story.......
Gee here: The only way to make these cookies 'real' and 'interesting' however, it required that the baker became the dough of the cookies.

Dave here: Usually I rather enjoy the lyrical quality of your work, Gerardus, even though I don't necessarily agree with the underlying philosophy. This "baker became the dough" bit, however, just swishes on past me. I think I see where you're trying to go with the cookie metaphor, but I'm not sure you get there..

Gee here: Do you mean, Dave, that you did not understand it or you do not care for how the idea was expressed?

Dave here: I understood, I think, the point that it was trying to make, but ONLY because I am familiar with Gerardus' other work. Taken on its own, without the context of Gerardus' past work, it winds up being... *strange*. In other words, I did understand it, but if I didn't know Gerardus, I wouldn't understand it. Therefore, yes, I do not care for how the idea was expressed because I feel the "baker became the dough" metaphor is weak. (Gee here: I think Dave did not get the notion - that the Creator is Creation! )
Dave Voorhis ( dave@armchair.mb.ca )   Mon, 5 Feb 1996

Cookie Human Story....... Continued...
Hello Gerardus, hello all!
Wonderful story, Gerardus! Wonderful! I enjoy your whimsical way of making folks think! It really is too bad that we don't realize that we are all just parts of the same story... In peace, joy and love!
Georgette Vachon Carlson ( gcarlson@hcacad.holycross.edu )   Fri, 09 Feb 1996

I do read everything I can get my hands on from lightwork-l.....
Whenever I see Soul 19271225 I know something cool, funny and sometimes poignant will follow, and I print off your work and show it to my metaphysically-minded friends. We all think it's terrific that at 68 you understand more about 'Net technology than we do! And my father (approximately your age) refuses to use an ATM banking card. He dislikes computers because he's so intimidated by them. I hold you up as my example that he can conquer this after all.Chin up, buddy. Life is pretty grand when Gerardus is around!
Meredith Tupper ( meredith@worldfax.com )   Date: Fri, 09 Feb 1996

Your Cosmic Cookies...
Thank you again! You are a real light of the world. Love and Light,
Michael J. Bonner ( mike@gorgor.pa.tetherless.com )   Fri, 9 Feb 1996

Donna speaking here...
I love your sense of humor and PLAY... We humans can sometimes be too SERIOUS! Your message (which follows mine) certainly brought both a smile and a chuckle to my lips. ( Gee here: Whole bunch more here I left out ) Well, I can be a little chatty. Can you imagine my phone bills?! As to your other questions that I left unanswered...WHO KNOWS! It's a puzzle for me too! In Love and Light... I AM..
Donna DeLancey ( ddelancey@pittsburgh.net )   Sat, 10 Feb 1996

I love all your writings.....
Thanks for the reply. From responses I've gotten, this energy is global, for sure. You were fortunate that it lasted such a short time with you 'cuz it is totally unsettling. Hope you are well. I loved your people cookies - I love all your writings. Have a great weekend. Hugs and warm fuzzies.  P.S. Did you see your reference in the message about the red horse?
Julia White ( Meyna@ix.netcom.com )   Sat, 10 Feb 1996

Round and Round on the Mother's Belly ....
Hello Lover!
Thank you for your kind words. Women are better designed to feel with their bodies, Gerardus. It's just the nature of the beast. But with practice you can learn to do so as well. Having a loving and supportive woman in your life helps in that regard. But you are right, we are all different. Your poems and loving and connecting words are your way of feeling full body. And it's such a beautiful way, my friend. Very beautiful. -- In peace, joy and love!
Georgette Vachon Carlson ( gcarlson@hcacad.holycross.edu )   Wed, 14 Feb 1996

Wonderful as usual.....
Wonderful, Gerardus -- wonderful Cosmic Cookies as usual. You are a kind, warm and loving spirit. I'm happy to have met you. Namaste
Julia White ( Meyna@ix.netcom.com )   Mon, 19 Feb 1996

Wonderful as usual.....
Hello Gerardus!
I always love your Cosmic Cookies, but this one was just the thing I needed today to confirm an experience I had this past weekend. Thank you so much for that confirmation, lover, you're the best! -- In peace, joy and love!
Georgette Vachon Carlson ) gcarlson@HCACAD.HOLYCROSS.EDU )   Mon, 19 Feb 1996

Cosmic Cookies 77 .....
Hi Gerardus,
Thanks for the Cosmic Cookies....reading it was a great way to start off my day..... Love and Light.... Organization: Idaho State University
ANNETTE KAY MOE ( MOEANNE@UCS.isu.edu )   Tue, 20 Feb 1996

Cosmic Cookies 77 ..... Again...
That, my friend, was one of the most astonishingly wonderful mini-packages of wisdom i've come across in a while :) Thanks for sharing, you are indeed a 'godsend' ;)  peace,
Brad Ecto ( ecto@citenet.net )   Tue, 20 Feb 1996

Again, wonderful cookies.... .... ...
I am taking a short hiatus from the mailing list because I feel overwhelmed by the volume of information that is coming in from my 5 senses, and underwhelmed by the volume that is coming in from my higher self. Your message was a nice dessert. :-)
Michael Bonnet (mike@tetherless.com)   Mon, 26 Feb 1996

It's kind of like Gerardus says...
Hi Debi,
it's kind of like Gerardus says ... from Cosmic Cookie 80

The Changes in the World at the Present
are Symptoms of the Transformation
of the Third Dimensional Way of Life
to a New and higher Dimensional Ways of Life.
It is a Transformation as well as a Transcendence.
This Change will be a Major Feat for the Human Race.
The World as we know it will disappear
in order to clear the way... as intended
for the next Phase of Human Expression.
The old way of living in Ignorance of ourselves
will be replaced by... the New Age of Understanding.
- - -
We are becoming Fourth/Fifth Dimensional
which means
more Aware... more Psychic... most Christ like.
We will have Peace and Prosperity.
We will have Abundance and Love in the World.

His Cosmic Cookie 80 says it all .... and much more poetically than I. In Light,
Deborah Brazo ( athara@srv.net )   Thu, 28 Mar 1996

I'm going WAY out on a limb....
While I've got you captive - we missed you a lot while you were gone. We had terrible arguements, and bickered like I have never heard such a loving family bicker before. I wonder if you are some sort of backbone - spiritually - for the group. Your spirit is very strong. :)  Hope you have a nice day.
Michelle Withers ( cmwith@cris.com )   Fri, 29 Mar 1996

Isa here: I AM THAT I AM
I AM THAT I AM implies all that is. It forces me to think about ALL THAT IS. GOD ALLAH IN THE HIGHEST AND EVERYTHING CONTAINED THEREIN. And I thank you Gerardus for your lighthearted wisdom and wit. I AM THAT I AM,
Scott Albrecht ( isa@intercall.com )   Thu, 4 Apr 1996

Gift - - - Free Tape - - -
Hi Gerardus,
After getting good vibes from your comments on the Lightwork-l, I decided to check out your home page. After reading that I'm inspired to send you a tape of my music. If you would like a FREE tape, send me a mailing address and I'd be glad to send you one. I AM THAT I AM,
Scott Albrecht ( isa@intercall.com )   Sun, 14 Apr 1996

Sending you... Light - Love and Courage...
Hello Gerardus!
You are about the best friend a woman could want. I hope your Ellen appreciates you! Thank you, dear friend, thank you. It's a path for which I have confidence most of the time, but sometimes I just need that extra boost. With tears of gratitude in my eyes I return your love and hugs! -- In peace, joy and love!
Georgette Vachon Carlson (gcarlson@hcacad.holycross.edu )   Tue, 16 Apr 1996

I liked the message you posted to Nick...
Gerardus - I thought that was a very beautiful thought about an act of altruism being initiated by our very coming into existence on this planet. Very fascinating. I enjoyed reading what you said. Well, Hope you are having a good day. Well, talk to you later...   -PEACE- Eli Williamson-Jones ( elwF94@hamp.hampshire.edu )   Tue, 30 Apr 1996

Re: - - - - Cosmic Cookies 85 - - - -
Hello Lover! Thanks for knocking some sense into us. Cookies are a great way to make us smack our lips with fun and the yearning to learn more. If we only knew 24 hours a day seven days a week how wise and wonderful we are, we wouldn't need to ride an ass into town! No word on the house yet, but it's coming. -- In peace, joy and love!
Georgette Vachon Carlson ( gcarlson@hcacad.holycross.edu )   Wed, 01 May 1996

It does not feel good to send mail like that...
Gerardus: I thank you. It does not feel good to send mail like that, but it had just gotten too far out of hand....this seems to be one who does not understand subtle suggestions and hints. When it gets so bad that I am shaking when I read the stuff, that is telling me something. When I see you, and John, and my buddy Sherry on the receiving end of anyones venom, that tells me more. And, for better or for worse, I don't seem to have a problem saying NOW WAIT A SECOND, THIS AIN'T RIGHT. Thanks again...
Dave Amos ( C800057V@wangfed.com )   Wed, 01 May 96

Sunday's Random Poem....
Thank you again Gerardus for a wonderful poem. The mind takes us in circles, and like a false prophet betrays us. Often I forget this-and struggle in needless pain. Thanks for the reminder. "My heart" tells me we see a lot of the same scenary as we walk our different paths. Thanks again for sharing your view.
Joan Nameless ( Godessss@aol.com )   Sun, 5 May 1996

About our LW-L Manifesto....
First of all, once all the responses are gathered, let me suggest that the entire document be dedicated, in pure truth and love, to our very own Gerardus, who works to keeps us focused, amused and enlightened. It is my fondest wish that I encounter you again, Gerardus, in some future lifetime, preferably in closer geographic proximity. Although now that I think about it, you're probably going to ascend and I'll stay on this gerbil exercise wheel of life a few more times until I get the clue about how it all works... Anyway, here's to you! Lift high our glasses of bubbly in the name of Gerardus, master of Oneness and Laughter!

1) Why am I on Lightwork-l ?
To bring meaning to my otherwise chaotic life.

2) What is my purpose in this lifetime ?
To bring meaning to others' chaotic lives.

Meredith Tupper ( meredith@WORLDFAX.COM )   Mon, 6 May 1996

Re: - - - - Cosmic Cookies 86 - - - -
I love your laughter Gerardus! It's contagious!!
Jackie Prado ( JPra5296@AOL.COM )   Fri, 10 May 1996

... Samples of the Cosmic Cookies I sent to Lightwork-L ...
~ There was no Cosmic Cookie List then ~

Larry N. here, Gerardus. I love to read your Cosmic Cookie posts. It is as, without knowing, I am absorbing a larger view of reality. Or putting it another way, an emerging level of higher consciousness. I still enjoy "trying to understand" everything from the pyramid, to UFO's, to Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, to a computer game, to solving ego conflict problems. I'll never understand....really, but it is fun trying, and its fun talking about it. Blessings on you.
Larry Nielsen ( larrynn@PTCONNECT.INFI.NET )   Tue, 14 May 1996


Television Pictures on your Screen
are Dots of Coloured Light.
- - -
Most People think that the Picture is Real.
The Realness however is made up by the Viewer.
- - -
! Things are the same in ordinary Life !
- - -
What is out there is an Infinite Mass of Vibrations
out of which you create your Objective World.
You only create your View.


The Physical World is for learning
it is a School for Human Souls.
It is more difficult to learn about Life
on the other Side of the Curtain
for our Mind needs to be able to focus or center.
If this has not been learned on Earth
you're bound to jump all over Hell's Acres
in the Life hereafter.
On the other hand... if you believe
that you truly will die when you loose your Body
you will.... and sleep until you're born again.


The Reward of Life... is in the Moment.
There is no Heaven... there is no Hell.
! There are only States of Mind !
Even in the Infinite Ages of the Universe
there is only... the Moment.
- - -
By living in the Moment
Moment after Moment
we learn to raise our Awareness
to the height of Cosmic Communion.
This is the Level of the Christ Consciousness.


To renounce the World because it is Vain and Sinful
or to renounce it because it is an Illusion
is a Sign of Ignorance.
The World is a Mass-Thought-Construction of Mankind
and it is a Valid Reality in Consciousness.
It is a Mass-Mind-Image of Ourselves.
All Beings... Things or Realities in the Universe
are different Mind or Consciousness Constructions.
! All of them are only Relatively Real !
The One... and Only... Absolute in the Universe
is Consciousness itself.


The Story of Adam and Eve
is the Story of Spirit descending
into the Material Realm of Creation.
- - -
We as Consciousnesses
left the Edenic or Perfectly Balanced State
and lost the Awareness of our Divine Nature
in order to become what we are at the Present.
- - -
We traded in our Divine Knowingness
for the Privilege of living in our Creation.


! The Saviour was born... when you were born !
For there is Nobody in the World
or any other Place
that is able to save You.
- - -
? What do you want to be saved from anyway ?
? Or... what do you want to be saved for ?
- - -
You are here...
in order to experience your own Creation.
! You are the Creator of it !


Trying to understand
what the Creator and/or Creation is all about
is about as difficult
as a Rock understanding Poetry.
- - -
However... this does not mean
that we should just sit there and do nothing.
Our only Obligation to the Creator or to Ourselves
is... to do what we like or love best.
That is why some of us like Metaphysical Malarkey
and others play Hockey.


Gerardus Everardus Tros
- Share Freely -
~ For all Cosmic Cookies click Here ~

I fear I'm beginning to sound like Barbara Walters here...
Hello Gerardus!
I am a member of the Lightwork-L list and I read your Cosmic Cookies postings "religiously".....so to speak.... ;^)  I have gathered that you are a man of 70-something and frankly, the reason I am posting this message to you is because I find you to be a remarkable individual and wonder if you'll tell me how you came to be so insightful. Did you know you were someone special at a very young age, (i.e., were you "born" with inner wisdom).... .... Blessings,   (Gee here: Note was shortened a lot )

Later --- My Dear Gerardus:
What a wonderful reply you sent to my post! As is always true of you, I got much more in return than I had expected. Your message truly made me feel special. You have an energy that emanates right through from your words to my heart. Thank you, thank you.
Wendy Slader ( wslader@acad.bryant.edu )   Tue, 14 May 1996

Maybe God is just the Energy - WE create with!
Gerardus writes:
"Maybe God is just the Energy - WE create with!  IOW: the entire thing is up to us then!"
Janet here:
That sure is a possibility. Guess we'll never know, will we?
So we may as well use our abilities to their fullest. With love...
And Gerardus, I love the following:
* The Master knows that the Absolute contains only Illusions *
* The Masses think that their illusions are the Absolute *
Janet Smith Warfield ( jwarfiel@ix.netcom.com )   Thu, 13 Jun 1996

Books Received :))))))))) Many Many Thanks!!!!
Gerardus, After reading what I wrote in haste during my lunch hour... I'm afraid I didn't express quite enough JOY and GRADITUDE!!!! If I could amplify & express more heartfelt thanks & love to you I would certainly try it. But we have different talents, you & I, part of you talent is your ability to express your thoughts and ideas so very clearly, and convey complex concepts in startling simplicity, so that someone like myself can read them...and awaken further. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

If you felt a small part of the infinite joy & love that flows from my heart to you and thought I was being...too kind...Please bask in that love...in that adoration...it is the truth of what I feel & what I attempted to express to you. And yes, the feelings & the experience of them are powerful...but so very nice...and I find it difficult to express myself as well with words...somehow they are inadequate. Vibrating with, reflecting, and sending you: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{infinite love & brilliant white light}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Cynthia Sparks ( cmsparks@iwaynet.net )   Thu, 13 Jun 1996

Your beautiful poem....
Dear Gerardus,
I just wanted/needed to say thank you for the beautiful poem you sent. Nobody has ever actually given me a poem before. It lightened and brightened my way all day. Thank you.
Sash :) ( sashtia@oberon.ark.com )   Thu, 20 Jun 1996

I for one missed your wisdom...!!
Wow Gerardus... first, welcome back. I for one missed your wisdom. Second, what a daunting and marvelous scale this infinite unconsciousness has. So is our task to return to the unconsciousness with awareness... what a complicated dance that is. It's the way I feel about my art, trying to fool myself into authentic gestures. Thanks for the insight. Namaste,
Jane Hudson ( jhudson@world.std.com )   Wed, 17 Jul 1996

Did you get some flack from your Cosmic Cookies Posts on mm-l list? I haven't seen anything else from you and am concerned that some lowlife has convinced you go take your stuff elsewhere. Tell me it's not so...
Jeff Laymon ( jlaymon@ainet.com )   Tue, 23 Jul 1996

? What is Learning ?
Elizabeth here: May I quote you in a book I am writing called "Raising Your Children Spiritually"? I like the way you put it. In laughing delight!
Gerardus in a Cookie here:   ? What is Learning ? Learning is not gathering Information or Facts and memorizing them. Learning also is not... being introduced to what the Federal Board of Education values. --- Learning is being taught... how to think for yourself. Learning is being taught... how to follow your Intuitive Mind.
Elizabeth Beckman ( ebeckman@hagwgate.ha.osd.mil )   Tue, 30 Jul 1996

I find myself butting heads...
Gerardus..gosh, your words on self-confidence really rang true for me when I read them... I think that is an important piece I've been lacking in trying to muddle through some life issues...love of self..self-confidence..yes indeed! But, (isn't there always a but)..what about when we run into people who have "self-confidence" that seems to thwart us...maybe it's just me, but I find myself "butting heads" with someone in my life who I'm trying to learn from. It's like his love of self is SO overwhelming, there is this inflexibility-kind of thing that happens. It's like "my self-confidence is bigger than YOUR self-confidence"...do I then need to take a step back?? What would you do? Thanks   ( Gerardus here: I am not sure what I said but it must have been something like this: You will always find that we are in the right situation in order to learn more about ourselves. Egos are hard to live with. Meanwhile - - We will only stop pretending when our heart has grown bigger than our ego!

Gerardus...gee, thanks much for your response to my questions on self-confidence...it seems to be a key i've been missing in my jagged search...also ..your "Minding my Path 101" is great! Jeez, just to be reminded that living joyfully is the point..you have such a gift for poking gentle fun at the way our minds twist sometimes! Wow! It's funny, I was playing a computer game in which I was "lost" when the "Minding your Path 101" email alert flashed on my screen, and I stopped and read it...the words perfectly echoed my games situation...heehee! I love such "coicindences"... Golly, I just forget to laugh sometimes, you know??
Melissa Pettigrew ( PETTIGREWM@GACSRV.GACTR.UGA.EDU )   Thu, 1 Aug 1996

Your wife is very pretty!! Also!
Heehee...Gerardus, I looked at your picture on your webpage... very handsome! To be honest, I've always had a sort of white haired, white-bearded, kind of "floating, father-time face on a cloud" image of you from your posts...(:))  For a while, I thought you worked in Washington, DC because of the "Capitol Hill" web address..(silly me) until I found out about GeoCities. Your wife is very pretty!! also! How long have your been writing, Gerardus? That is an amazing body of work on your webpage? Does your wife partipate in the spiritual stuff too? Hope i'm not being too nosy... Cheers!
Melissa Pettigrew ( PETTIGREWM@GACSRV.GACTR.UGA.EDU )   Wed, 7 Aug 1996

Who are you??
Someone on my local board sends some of your stuff to me. I'm not quite sure what your Original Conference Material is based on. What is the actual "subject" you comment on. I love what you write. You sound very much like a student of The Course in Miracles. True? Tell me more about yourself, knowing I know nothing about you. Thanks.
Gina Artrip ( gartrip@edwpub.com )   Sat, 10 Aug 1996

Gerardus.... wonderrrfffuulllly put. So humble... so witty... so you whom I honor and adore (just saw your web pages and was overwhelmed with your proliferation). Thanks for being you.....
Vicki Downey ( VLD@LIMBACH.COM )   Wed, 14 Aug 1996

Lowest IQ - Softest Heart - Biggest Smile - Loudest Laugh!
Dearest Gerardus, I have never 'corrected' your writings before, but I feel I must point out that in above statement (describing yourself..?) , you only got 3 of the 4 statements correct. But I guess that's not a bad average! :D   Love & Hugs & Blessings. ( I corrected the above!   Wonderful IQ - Softest Heart - Biggest Smile - Loudest Laugh = G-Man ) Sherry Sherry ( sherry@WIZARD.NET )

Thanks for being you again.....
Hi Gerardus,
Always amazing how you seem to turn things round, again, I couldn't agree with you more. In light and Love,
          ||                                                                  || 
          || Get lost in Gerardus' Grist and become a Genuine Gerardus' Goof  || 
          ||           It's the next best thing to Enlightenment.             || 
          ||                     (Smiles required here)                       || 
          ||                                                                  || 
          ||            Life is a School for Apprentice Creators.             || 
          ||  In this School we learn how to re-create the entire universe    || 
          ||          according to our own individual inclinations.           || 
          ||                   Mine is Love! - What is Yours?                 || 
          ||         So bring your Heart and leave your Mind at home.         || 
          ||                                                                  || 
          ||          http://www.nitehawk.com/daydove/welcome.html            || 
          ||           http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/1225              || 
          ||                                                                  || 
          ||         Light... Love... and Laughter!   *!* Gerardus            || 
          ||                                                                  || 
Mark here again:
Excellent again, Gerardus, truly excellent. Your words bring such life into what people make of something. It's uncanny. Cheers for being with us, It's an honour. (Oh yeah, and yes that's the British spelling of honor-heeheehee). In light and love, Mark Hohenberg ( honks@ATLAS.CO.UK )   Fri, 16 Aug 1996

She returns.....
Hi sweeting,
Once again I follow my own links and wind up here. Such an astounding conversation I had on Monday that when I saw the key wording again of your site I had to write.  ~ metaphysical ~   Such a much misunderstood term. With LOVE.  Huggs untill next time!
Kate Dennis ( katie@tscnet.com )   Thu, 29 Aug 1996

Gerardus here: I feel honored! Another Feather in my cap. Thank you Julia!

Julia here: I saw your pix for the first time this morning. Such a scholarly, dignified, stately looking aristocrat. My, my, my. Not at all like I pictured you. ;)
Julia White ( meyna@ix.netcom.com )  Mon, 02 Sep 1996

The Golden Feather Award...
Good Morning, Gerardus. I am very pleased to announce a new award on the Internet - The Golden Feather - and to tell you that you are one of the first winners of this award. :)   To see the award, and to read about its meaning, visit http://www.boondock.com/gfeather   I hope that you are pleased. I also hope that you will display a tiny replica of the feather in an appropriate place on your site as an indication that you endorse the ideals and philosophy behind the award. Congratulations -- and continued prosperity to you.
Julia White ( meyna@ix.netcom.com )   Mon, 02 Sep 1996

From myself (as me), to myself (as Gerardus)!
So, thank you Gerardus! It would be wonderful to meet you someday and just talk about metaphysics, religion, spirituality, and you know...EVERYTHING! You're so cool and I have learned so much because you were brave enough to put it out there on the net for all to see. I someday hope to do the same. Until we meet somewhere in no-time, or eternity, the universe of ideas is open for all to share. Take care of that soul!...I need a cookie:)
Chad D. Sundberg ( sundberg@badlands.NoDak.edu )   Sat, 7 Sep 1996

You are a brilliant soul....
Hello Lover!
I love thou as thou art, Gerardus! You are a brilliant soul that shines brightly in my life. Thank you for your love and friendship. BTW, looked at your homepage with your photo. Pretty handsome, Gerardus. A wonderful kindness in your eyes that one seldom sees in folks from your generation. Thank you for sharing. In peace, joy and love!
Georgette Carlson ( gcarlson@holycross.edu )   Wed, 11 Sep 1996

Geez Gerardus...this stuff is wonderful.
About your Cookies - I'm really beginning to understand on an experiential level the phenomenon of the "vibrational" dimension. I appreciate so much what you have to say about it. I'm interested in the ways that sound and spin function in forming the vortices of matter. Thanks. In light,
Jane Hudson ( jhudson@world.std.com )   Wed, 11 Sep 1996

I strongly recommend.....
Dave here: I STRONGLY recommend Gerardus' Questions and Answers pages. He has thought up a lot more questions than I have, and has some pretty good answers, too.
Dave Amos ( damos@WIZARD.NET )   Mon, 16 Sep 1996

It's delightful to hear from you again....
Dear Gerardus,
I have been delighted by your postings. I have yet to find anything I disagree with. A whole lot I agree with. I like to think that we are kindred in many ways. At times it almost.... ... . ...
Paul P. Tifford ( aq650@RGFN.EPCC.EDU )   Fri, 27 Sep 1996 ( The Bridge List )

The Community of Spirits.......
Hi, Gerardus. It's good to see your "stuff". You do it better than anybody, from the deepest and truest place. So, I'm glad to have you around, even if just for a while ( ?? - Gerardus ). For a guy with your prodigous channel capacity, lots of networks and channels and web systems are probably esssential. I know you keep building them, in lots of directions. You left your imprint behind, in ways that glow. That's great.
Bruce Schuman ( bruce@origin.org )   Sat, 28 Sep 1996

You are very perceptive my Dear Friend.....
I do feel the ants between my toes, but I'm not absoultely sure it's guilt yet. Maybe. As you perceived, there's a "disturbance in the Force" that surrounds and penetrates me. I am just an infant, so I'm trying to understand it and learn how to deal with it. Once in a great while, I seem to encounter a personality that is completely out of sync with my own. I know that when I look into the abyss I have to confront my own deficiencies. Sometimes it takes a while for me to assimilate the lesson. I appreciate your answers to Monika's comments on Karma....   Anyway, thanks for your Light!  Profound Peace,
Dennis Houchin ( dhouchin@maxinet.com )   Sat, 28 Sep 1996

Dear Gerardus.....
Your Cookies are wondefully rich and flavorful! They lighten up the Bridgewalking like fireworks at night! Keep on! With LOVE to you all.
From Iceland - Einar Adalsteinsson & A.S.B. ( annasb@ismennt.is )   Tue, 1 Oct 1996

Good God, Man! - Adios... A Dios.....
Hi Gerardus,  Just wanted to thank you for doing a particularly fine job of manifesting as Gerardus! Thanks for shining your light on the Bridge, again. I hope you don't mind if knock on your door once in a while... Who knows? I might need to borrow a cup of sugar, or I might stop by for some cookies... Do you currently hang out on any other lists, or do all of your E-mails come from GOD(s)? Thanks again, Friend.
Dennis Houchin ( dhouchin@maxinet.com )   Wed, 02 Oct 1996

Your Web Pages.....
Mr Tros,
Your pages contain enough information and wisdom to fill many human lifetimes. They are teaching our embodied selves what we already know at higher levels but have somehow lost touch with over 'time'. This re-educaton will, I believe, get us back on track to achieving higher levels of consciousness. So, it's great to see how quantum physics is an emerging science, spirituality, consciousness, mind, matter and metaphysics into a "real" science. I have one request: please comment on Harold Waldwin Percival's "Thinking and Destiny" and, specifically, his Law of Thought. I sometimes think that I am the only person in this world who has read it (more than once). Sincerely,
Jim McDermott ( jmcd@cts.com )   Mon, 25 Nov 1996

I've missed your banter and your sparkling wisdom!
Hey *!*...how I've missed your banter and your sparkling wisdom! Time has truly passed slowly since you've been out of my email life. ;-} I **do** enjoy teasing you.... I hope you don't mind too much, but it does bring a sparkle to my life when I have the opportunity to tease/banter with you. Oh, you had asked me once on Lightwork-L not to take your name in vain... since I can't promise to control myself, I've bowed to your request and will now and forever call you *!*. Thanks for the invite...I've already hooked up with ccc-l-request@goingv.com to subscribe to your Cosmic Cookies. Blessings (and much laughter) to you....
Vicki Downey ( VLD@limbach.com )   Fri, 13 Dec 96

Greetings Gerardus.....
The Cosmic Cookie Cafe is great! A good dose of Gerardean thinking really helps my energy level. Just now as I sat down to check my email, I realized that I've been spending a lot of energy worrying about a new relationship that I'm in. Then I remembered to welcome the fear, and it went away. Now I can't even think of anything that makes me worry. And on top of all that, I read a Cosmic Cookie and the optimism poured in. I need all the energy I can get.
Chad D Sundberg ( sundberg@badlands.NoDak.edu )   Sun, 15 Dec 1996

I feel like singing.....
Thank you for this Christmas present - yes! Christmas present!!!!!  I'm going to copy this, enlarge it and paste it everywhere I look just to remind myself that what I think is what I create! And by this time next year -------- I'll expect to have increased my abundance in all areas of my life significantly!!!!!  I often think our abundance increases and we don't even realize it cause we don't take the time to become aware - "count our blessings" type of aware..... with this cookie, I can envision more awareness..... So, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!!!!  I feel like singing.....
Donna Cook" ( donna@sce.cornell.edu )   Thu, 19 Dec 1996

Glad to be part of the Cosmic Cookie Cafe!!
G'day Geradus! I'm glad to be part of the Cosmic cookie Cafe!! I'm not on LW-L, I fell off a while ago then couldn't catch up, I'd like to hop back on though. Do you have an address with subscription destructions? I intend to enjoy them, I love your wisdom! Have a very creative, enlightening and Merry Christmas and I hope 1997 is filled with much light, love and laughter!!! Namaste.......
Niki Hunt ( n.hunt@cqu.edu.au )   Fri, 20 Dec 1996

What I can say is that your work is beautiful.....
So, I feel happy if/when I can help spread it around, knowing that this does not go against your purposes. You can count on my sending your invitation to a few more lists I belong to, where there is room for such announcements, and also where people can be receptive. I've got at least four other lists in mind (perhaps I can figure out more), though none so full of people (and spiritual-oriented ones!) as the Brazilian discussion list (that one list is enormous! well, just think of the population of Brazil, 200million, and that can give a relative perspective, by comparison with regular mailing lists). You bring us good food for the soul!:) God bless you for this! Fondly,
Milea Angela Froes ( romamasf@aau.dk )   Thu, 26 Dec 1996

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