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QuikNote via Pages...
Hello Gerardus...
I appreciate your effort in sharing your thoughts. Like you said, these are your opinions and no human can tell anyone else what the Truth is. But fortunately for me, your written thoughts do not contradict my belief system. Fortunate for me I can rest more peacefully as I have found a clear reflection that doesn't disappoint my conscience. Of course we find hints of the truth everywhere, but are easily confounded by ego interpretation. Your writings have little conflict. Thank you, I will continue to read, reread your work to help clarify some of my own inconsistent thought processes.
Curtis J. ( curtisjamesjunior@yahoo.com )   Jan 11 2005

There is nothing more to know...
Hello Gerardus...
Jediah here commenting on what Gerardus wrote:  I agree...there is nothing more to KNOW....I found a quote of Edgar Cayce's that is my favorite: "When every thing is trusted, there is no thing left to understand".....I personally separated the two words for impact: every thing & no thing as I have spent heaps of time with NLP and believe most of us "skip read" such words without any focus on the intended meaning...Yes, I am a writer and enjoy your thoughts....They often match mine..Aloha,
Jediah ( ImuriPty@cox.net )   Wed. 23 Feb 2005

QuikNote through Website...
Hello Gerardus...
I just came across the site - I can feel that what I am about to learn is powerful.  I will keep in touch.
Francois   Mon. 14 Mar 2005

Leonard about Cookie #507...
Hi Gerardus......that is a cracking cookie you just posted here on TriLite.....there have been some real beauties in my daily inbox recently....but I resist reposting them on TriLite. Might it be a good idea to institute a regular weekly Cookie on TriLite? Say a Friday Cookie?....such wonderful Truths.  With Love,
Leonard. ( rainbowlen@yahoo.com )   Thu, 17 Mar 2005

My favorite Poet...
Hi there, Gerardus hope you are fine, did notice a new e-mail address for you, thought so just confirming that my favorite poet has just moved or something like that. Happy belated Easter from a hugh fan.
Mary Jean ( maryjean.smallman@ualberta.ca )   Tue, 29 Mar 2005

Your Cosmic Cookies...
Hello  :)
A friend has been sending me your cookies and they are really great. I was wondering if it was ok with you that we post some of them, with full credit of course, in the inspirational section of our ezine, InnerSight?   http://www.theawakeningcenter.com/innersight/   Thank you very much for these.
Rhonda (rhonda@theawakeningcenter.com )   Tue, 29 Mar 2005

Another Brilliant One...
About Poem:   By Love that's Free
Another brilliant one!!...........It takes some people many lifetimes to figure this out......brilliant, simply brilliant Gerardus.  Love and Light,
Triple Trinity / Patti Webber ( tripletrinity000@yahoo.com )   Sun, 17 Apr 2005

I like your poems the best...
Hi Gerardus,
You capture the objective mind and the open heart. I never tire of the exercise to bring the two together. I wish you lived next door so we could communicate more. Hopefully I'll complete my next Little Golden Primer which is going to be on Sacred Relationships, and I'll ask if I can use this poem to be included in it. Poem: By Love that's Free.

How are you? Has spring arrived there? Denver had a snowstorm last Sunday. I had gone to Grand Junction to see clients for the weekend, so missed most of the mess. I've been writing short stories for children (and adults who are awakening in their hearts). Of course, they are a metaphor of my process. The healing goes on. Hope things are well -- Blessings,
Phyllis ( SPHampton@aol.com )   Sun, 17 Apr 2005

Thank You My Friend...
Hello there,
Thanks for the response, I wasn't expecting it. You resonate with all of my beliefs, so.....I looked, saw what you had on your delicious pages and left. I know that if I get disconnected, you are only a web page away to re-connect. Thanks for being there Gerardus. Peace my friend,
Deborah ( deborahmckenzie49@yahoo.com )   Fri, 20 May 2005

Beautifully said...
Thank-you for your time and effort that you give us all daily. Love and Light Ramona
This was about Cookie 32   http://www.soulwise.net/allcooks.htm )
Ramona West ( mysticneptune@yahoo.com )   Fri, 27 May 2005

We will stand together smiling...
Hello Gerard...
With sincere condolences I have written a little poem in honor of your son.
Your son in this poem is reflecting on his life just past...

Response from Gerard:

Dear Gerardus,
We, my wife and I, were touched by the poem you wrote. I translated it into Dutch as well as I could. The poem reflects our thoughts and feelings. I sometimes wonder why these sad things are necessary and I am again reminded by your slogan: "We are not here to save the world etc..... which you say in the poem: "we will stand together smiling about our sadness that made us grow in awareness".  That's what it is all about. A heartfelt thank you for your condolences and the beautiful poem...

Here is the Poem:

Dear Family...
In Silence I stand
Wondering about the Living
Who are wondering about me
Amidst Questions and Sadness
While I am busily weaving
A Graceful Unbroken Whole
Of all the things unsaid
And the Pieces I left behind.

At Times I was not listening
And often I was not trying
But now I know that in the end
That will arrive in Time
We will all stand together
Smiling about the Sadness
That made us grow and gain
In Awareness and Understanding
Which is Love...

Gerard Engelbarts ( g.engelbarts@chello.nl )   Monday, July 04 2005

Boy oh boy...
It has been a long time, sir!   Was I Gawain or Sun Dog... was it ascension on irc or conversations with God list.... or was it another list? Something on Spiritweb I believe....   Anyway, saw your name and website on a links page from a Children of the Law of One website and had to say hi.
"HI"!!!!!   Craig Bryant craigcbryant@charter.net   Tue, 12 Jul 2005

This Dream Called Life...
Gerardus here:
This is what I wrote to the TriLite List:
In the past we have spoken about Life being a Dream. I feel that this is so INDEED!  We all slowly learn to create our own Dream or Life and the more we dream or live - the better we become at creating or dreaming...

Well, if this is indeed so - there is no need to awaken as long as we are capable of making our Dream a pleasant one. Why stop dreaming if it's enjoyable?   Comments anyone?
- - Gerardus

Hi Gerardus....
This is the Greatest TRUTH you ever stated... IMO!   With Love, Leonard
Leonard A Wilkinson ( rainbowlen@yahoo.com )   Tue, 19 Jul 2005

Hello Gerardus...
I really enjoyed your site .. spent quite awhile reading and absorbing. I have a little yahoo group also .. do you allow people to ever post your Cosmic Cookies on their board with a link back to you? .. come visit sometime if you would like .. thanks friend for sharing .. and blessings ...
Teresa Shirley ( msswv123~screen name )   Sat, 30 Jul 2005

Today's Cookie...
Hi Gee ~  it's Teresa..all my friends just call me T....todays cookie is fabulous...I was just thinking on that last night...I live in Charlotte NC which is right in the center of the bible belt. It's a tough area because people use a lot of guilt trips to try and get you involved in religion. I have found that anything they don't understand they deem as evil or satanic...and that really traps them and keeps them from ever thinking higher about God.

I have another friend Gary Arvidson and he and I have a lot of conversations about higher consciousness..I passed some of your writings on to him and he has enjoyed them as much as me...and commented to me that "it was great information"...

Well hope you have a great weekend..and keep those Cookies coming...they really give me something to focus my mind on for the day and think about..and today was quite a synchronistic one since I had the opportunity to be in a very religious group last evening....blessings T
Teresa Shirley ( msswv123@yahoo.com )   Sat, 6 Aug 2005

Hello Gerardus...
Have been a reader/fan for a long while. Sorry to read about Elizabeth Ellen, I know how you must feel. I will send some healing energy and hope that if its meant to be, that you two will unite again. I didn't know that you started to write with Rene Mueller? I used to read his website all the time and was disappointed when he quit publishing.

Thank you for all your work and dedication. You certainly have accumulated a universe of information and arranged it into one convenient location. I have spent many hours on your website digesting information and I look forward to my Daily Cosmic Cookie. Thanks again and best regards...
Jim Ledyard ( ledyardj@att.net )   Sept, 28 2005

Thank you Gerardus...
Thank you Gerardus for your constant contribution to humankind, and your beautiful words of wisdom. Sometimes we just need to "stop" and say "Thank You"... with love,
Patti Laessig ( anaquea@dwave.net )   Mon, 17 Oct 2005

I read your very interesting article...
Thank you Gerardus - I went to your website and read your very interesting article. It is wonderful. Bears thinking about and re-reading to absorb it. I like the laughter you talk about. What a concept laughter is. My favorite along those lines is the delightful Annette Goodheart, author of "Laughter", who told me that she taught her first course at UCSB entitled Laughter, and it was so popular that she taught a second course called Advanced Laughter!   I have indeed read the Holographic U, many years ago. I loved it.
Julia Swanson ( juliaswanson@comcast.net )   Fri, 28 Oct 2005

Another QuikNote for Gerardus...
Oh my!  I found your site and love what you write/express as Expressive Writer.....thank you for posting these wonderful ponderings. I am waiting to discover MY SELF, and your Writings pushed me a step closer. Thank you.
Deb Berlin ( debster5555@yahoo.com )   Nov 28 2005

Celebration of Spirit...
Sharon' Poem was on an email list.

Celebration of Spirit
the body is a ship
that sails the currents of inner and outer waters,
touching the breath of worlds beyond memory
amassing treasures hidden in the cave of solomon,
sealing eternity with the stamp of immortality
to open on the day of remembrance

Gerardus continues the Poem
To never forget for all dreams are real
functional or dysfunctional,
it makes no difference
for all are but the scenery,
projected upon the minds of souls
in order to awaken to The Infinite Light they are.

Sharon here: Gerardus,
Thanks for the beautiful continuation of my thoughts... proof positive that we are one!
Good to hear from you. Blessings,   Wdestiny44@aol.com   Sharon 444   Fri, 2 Dec 2005

Cookie Lover John...
Good morning Gee.
I like your Cookies so much. They nurture that part of me that thrives best when ego is absent -- and 'it' can be a tough foe at times.
John Granath   Jongranath@aol.com   Wed, 7 Dec 2005

Nine years of Cosmic Cookies !  WOW!  That's 3,287 Cookies !!
Thanks for the GREAT-expression of love and creativity. You are a blessing to ALL mankind! Keep the ovens hot -- I'm addicted to your cookies and, miraculously, have not added a single pound regardless of my consumption. I'm looking forward to many more years of your morsels. With love and gratitude,
John Granath   Jongranath@aol.com   18 Dec 2005

CosmicCookies 060106...
Hi Gerardus,
Thank you for this one! In our wisdom school we are studying this very thing, and actually acting it out as hive consciousness! How are you? Life has been a bit weighty for me, but it is a process of clearing the mind, which I am getting the hang of more and more. Have a great New Year. I enjoy your wisdoms -- especially your poems -- and pass them on frequently.   Love, Phyllis
SPHampton@aol.com   Fri, 6 Jan 2006

Post To TriLite...
Gerardus' Post to TriLite:
The world is nothing but lies anywhichway we look at it. The weird truth is that all lies are necessary in order to awaken human souls. This means that all things are exactly as they should be! Including all that snoring... Is there ANYBODY awake out there?

Hello Gerardus,
Just to tell you that I read your mail and agree with it. I don't know if I am still snoring or a little bit awake. I especially liked your last comprehension of the words of John Wheeler. So you see that, though you don't get much response these days, your wise words are still appreciated.
Gerard Engelbarts   g.engelbarts@chello.nl     Tue, 24 Jan 2006

About Cosmic Cookie 060202...
Sending you a beam of Light...!   Incredible Gee ~ love it!!!   ...Blessings.
Teresa Shirley   msswv123@yahoo.com   Sat, 4 Feb 2006

It is refreshing and uplifting...
Judyette here:
I get your Cosmic Cookies in my inbox daily, and enjoy reading them! Thank you for sharing your poetry. It is refreshing and uplifting.
Judyette   spaceagefuel@gmail.com   Thu, 23 Feb 2006

CosmicCookies 060417....

John here:
There is never "too much" laughter -- your jokes are healing. My best to you ... and, Ellen.
John Granath   Jongranath@aol.com   Sat, 6 May 2006

Hello Gerardus...
I Love YOU, because you are part of myself, and because you send your love to me. It's like a chain that is being reinforced and getting us closer every time I discover that we are all part of this experience thanks for shining and sharing all your light. I just needed to share this moment of inspiration with you thank you...
Pablo   pabloxcool1@hotmail.com   Sun, 21 May 2006

Thanks for the smile...
Cosmic Cookie

Some Governments spend Millions of Dollars
in order to discover
other Intelligent Life or Beings in the Universe.
This means naturally that they have assumed
that there is Intelligent Life on this Planet.

Ha ha ha ha!   So true, G-man!  Thanks for the smile.
Peace to you,
Meredith Tupper   meredith@pintsize.com   Sat, 24 Jun 2006

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and awareness with everyone...
I love your cosmic cookies and find the conscious awareness behind them enlightening, although in this one, I think that there is nowhere that God is not. So time, space, or angle would not be an issue, only to us it seems to be an issue, possibly because we tend to think linear. That is my thought on that, what do you think? Thanks for sharing your knowledge and awareness with everyone. ( Cosmic Cookie 060629 )   Jaynee jswspirit@yahoo.com Sun, 02 Jul 2006

AWSOME / CosmicCookies 060804...
Note: forwarded message attached.  Hi, I love what you have to say. {AWSOME} GOD BLESS.
Debra Ballard   ballardsaplay22@yahoo.com   Fri, 4 Aug 2006

I am on the cookie list....
Hi Gerardus,
I am on the cookie list. Another goodie today you mailed! Thanks and be well.
"Marianne R"   mamodeo2001@hotmail.com   Thursday, 17 Aug 2006

Speaking about TriLite... I love you guys...
There is so much I want to say about this forum and it's members...but, I'll simplify. I love you guys. Thanx for being you. With endless Love and Gratitude. Ivey B. Stowe   iveystowe@yahoo.com   Mon. 21 August 2006

(((( GEE WHIZ ))))
when i think of you, i do realize it's a miracle i am here you are truly one of the nicest & rarest of spices in my life, one of the all time, best Record_keepers i spent a considerable length of time on www.soulwise.net the other night, and, marvelled at what an excellent job you are doing btw. i love your poetry that ALSO goes too, for all the other wonderful folks here on tri-lite. (((((((((big hugs to all of you)))))))))))
Susan Lynne Schwenger   muchgathersmore@yahoo.ca   Mon, 18 Sep 2006

Yes.... all too apt... ( CosmicCookies 061002 )
Hi Gerardus,
Yes.... all too apt. Thank you for your gems. I am glad they still come by, after all these years.
Arnim Littek   arnim@logical.co.nz   Tue, 3 Oct 2006

It is beautiful....

Cosmic Cookie

We must sing the song of creation consciously.
For with conscious human participation
the level of creation on earth will advance
to unprecedented levels.
The beauty of the earth is just beginning
and it's completion is beyond our wildest dreams.
Gone are the Days of Domination
vanished are the Times of Conditioning
for Mankind has awakened to its Royalty.
The Light in Humanity
is growing brighter by the Day
and the many Masters of Creation
are pleased by the Glow of our Brilliance.


Hi Gerardus et all!
I just wanted to comment on this cookie. It is beautiful.  It gave me a "buzz" of excitement and hope and belief and encouragement. While I was in the midst of experiencing these nice feelings/thoughts some little program kicked in and said " you are being naive "pie in the sky" fanciful" in short, deluding myself. This program, implanted by my father I suspect, has kicked in many times before but it is not mine, nor is it me. So years ago I implanted my own counter program which overrides the critical one and reverts to my first feelings/thoughts of hope and belief. I am able to do this because I believe that regardless of what parents siblings friends or critics of any nature say, if we believe in something and it happens to be "going with the flow" of creation and our own *best* interests (or even not) then literally anything can be made to happen. So take heart everyone I say, and continue to spread the word of hope and encouragement to your friends and family etc. for if we all embrace it, a new day will dawn, I am sure of it, all it takes is belief. Someone once said that the only reason that the sun rises everyday is because the vast majority of the population of the world "expect" it to, so it does. Thanks again G.
Joe / Seosamh   joeq76@hotmail.com   Thu, 27 Jan 2000

Psychic Surgery...
About Gerardus' Article "Psychic Surgery"...

Meredith here:
Gerardus, this is great! Thank you for posting it. I remember your discussion about this on TriLite a long time ago, and your experience made me rethink my opinion of psychic surgery. Your detailed recollection and photos really bring your story to life. Again, thanks for sharing!   Peace,
Meredith Tupper   meredith@pintsize.com   Sun, 10 Dec 2006

A truly fascinating story...
Gee, G,
A truly fascinating story and amazing photos. You were quite the handsome dude then! I am very pleased to have read about this subject from someone I know and trust. May you live to be 178, or as long as you wish!   About Gerardus' Psychic Surgery...
Sam Earle   searle47@comcast.net   Sun, 10 Dec 2006

Bob Barkhurst here...
Bob Barkhurst here: 1964 graduate of Ohio State University, B.S. in Education, currently living in St. Petersburg, Fl.   ...a long time student of Gerardus' work, I feel it is overdue check in time saying "Hi, and thanks."   ...have chess board, will...invite you to St. Petes for r/r. Be our guest. Bob and Patricia Barkhurst. Thank you Bob - too far away for now...
Bob Barkhurst   frclocks@yahoo.com     Sat, Dec 23 2006

HAPPY CHRISTMAS & birthday to GEE WHIZ. HOPE you have a very happy day... i always get "warm fuzzies" when i think about all the wonderful gifts of your gathered knowledge, the articles, and, the poems, that you have so carefully placed and/or written upon your website www.soulwise.net over the years Your sharing...it has so much value, to so many I thank you for your friendship, it's deep, wide and expansive you are truly, one of the most wonderful people i know you call aces, aces and, spades, spades yet, you do it in a way, that your mind is open, and accepting, and, one can always feel that smile upon your face .... so often your words, they touch me, and, allow me, to continue on a path that i know, leads to grace you are a gift & a treasure to me, as, well as many others thank you for always sharing yourself, and, for putting this group together, where you also share all of your friends with me here remembering you...

on your special day, is easy, since it is "christmas" day so, it becomes a "doubly" special type of day thank you for sharing yourself, openly with me, over all these past years you have so often, offered up the waters of thoughts, and, as, a result you have made many different buds over the year, start their bloom, in the "tri-lite" garden thank you, for allowing me the "lotus"...a spot within your garden GEE WHIZ ... (i think i gave you that nickname) because, i can't ever remember exactly how to spell your real name and, besides, GEE WHIZ suits you, to a tee you always seem to be able to fill "the empty slots" with a "slug", (pardon the garden pun) that so often shines of energy, light 'n love ahh, i'm positive we are all different types of fertilizer that keep this garden growing THANK YOU for sharing your uniqueness with me Have a wonderful day, on Monday, and, many happy & healthy returns for another year HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   LOVE,
Susan Lynn   muchgathersmore@yahoo.ca   Sun, 24 Dec 2006
( Thank you for your kind words Susan! --- By Golly I am still blushing! - Gerardus )

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