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.. OldSoulNotes ..

OldSoulNote 001
The world we experience is the result of our thoughts.  We are the creator of the world we live in.  The world is our thoughts manifested in the actions of life.  Think differently and the world will change.

OldSoulNote 002
We can feel and sense the power of the universe flowing through us.  It is in us and we are of it.  This power surrounds us.  It protects us and it guides us.  We are the children of the universe and the masters of ourselves.

OldSoulNote 003
We are thought in action.  We are the action of universal consciousness.  We are consciousness in a matter body.  Our body is the body of God!

OldSoulNote 004
Our identity is God's identity.  Our knowingness is God's knowingness for the one mind is our mind.  We are the spirit of God expressing love for all that is.  We are all that is surrounded by the love of perfection.

OldSoulNote 005
Our life is a self-expression of God for we are God.  Our life is perfect for God is perfect.  We are the life of God and we express the abundance of the universe.  We are the expression of love.  We are God as man.

OldSoulNote 006
The very life we live is universal consciousness in action.  The world of the physical is a world of appearances.  It is thought that is visible.

OldSoulNote 007
The energy within us is the power of God.  This power will heal us for it will heal the world of man.  This power will enlighten us for it will enlighten the world.  The words we speak are the words of God.

OldSoulNote 008
We are one with God for the spirit of man is God.  Our life is reflecting a perfect whole for we are at peace within the Love of God.  Oh spirit within us radiate our Love to the world of man.

OldSoulNote 009
Since our life is the result of our thoughts there is nobody we can blame for what we experience.  We are the sole cause of what we are and experience. 

OldSoulNote 010
We are the eyes of existence and we behold the beauty of creation.  We only see the pleasant and the beautiful for our eyes only see the face of God.  We see and deserve all the abundance of the universe for we are God living in our own creation.

OldSoulNote 011
Whatever we need we receive for the universe radiates abundance.  The goodness and the abundance we receive are the birthrights of the gods we are.  Great God within us help us share our abundance with the world.

OldSoulNote 012
Man is universal consciousness and all things are created by consciousness.  We are the authors of creation.  We are not the product of it.  The creator within man is God dreaming that it is man.  There is only God!

OldSoulNote 013
We are the creator of the universe dreaming that we are human.  Most people think that they are themselves but all of them are the creator dreaming.  None of them is really real.  Ordinary life is a dream.  Enlightenment is the awakening!

OldSoulNote 014
Since we are God we do as we please.  We create and we destroy.  We pollute and we purify.  We hate and we love.  We kill and we heal.  We remember and we forget.  We do all this within the one mind we are for all games are played in consciousness.

OldSoulNote 015
Man is the presence of God in creation.  Since we do not know this we create accordingly.  To recognize our identity as creation is wisdom.  God and man universally are the one rolled into the other.

OldSoulNote 016
The activity of the total universe is the play of God.  The reality of the physical universe is an illusion.  However, the beauty is real!  Creation is an infinite idea.  It is a play in consciousness or mind.  We are the players and the play.

OldSoulNote 017
You are greater than you could possibly imagine.  You Are God.  Yet at the same time you Are man.  You are God and man simultaneously.  You don't have to believe it, you are anyway!

OldSoulNote 018
Every human being is a different expression of God.  Every human being is God differently.  But God they are!  God the creator lives in its own bodies all over the universe.  You are this greatness.

OldSoulNote 019
An open mind is the first step towards enlightenment.  Enlightenment means that you experience God's total presence living as you.  You know then that at all times all is well with the world.  Mankind is God asleep dreaming lives.  Man awakens to his greatness only after many dreams or lifetimes.

OldSoulNote 020
The universal force or the light or God only enters its creation in a hypnotized state of mind.  This mind is the mind of man asleep.  To awaken or realize enlightenment is an absolute certainty for all human beings.  Man is God asleep!

OldSoulNote 021
Awareness is the insight into what is, which is knowing.  We all come to earth in order to become aware that we are the creator of the universe.  When we descended into our creation we temporarily lost our awareness as the creator.  Don't worry about it.  Just enjoy being man!

OldSoulNote 022
The body of man is an extension of the soul of man.  The body lives in environments into which the soul could never enter.  The soul of man has many extensions all over the universe.  The soul or Spirit of man is the very creator individualized.  It's a personal creator doing its own thing!

OldSoulNote 023
Peace is the acceptance of what is.  Peace is not having things your way.  Your life are your thoughts manifested into physical reality.  Thoughts do not exist in time but you do!  Your future is created by your thoughts of the past.

OldSoulNote 024
God is like air.  And air is used and abused.  God is also like electricity.  You can use it to bake a cake and you can use it to kill.  God or universal energy is a neutral energy.  To learn how to use this neutral energy is the task of every human being.  This energy doesn't care how it is used!

OldSoulNote 025
Thoughts are things that exist beyond time and space.  Time and space are aspects of our mind or consciousness.  The physical reality of time and space is the playground upon which we exchange our thoughts for happenings.  Yet all activity takes place in mind.

OldSoulNote 026
Whether you know it or not the miracle is!  For all of us are the very miracles of manifestation.  We are God descended into matter bodies.  We are the very void of silence alive.  We are man, we are God and we know it!  Life is a universal celebration for God and Man.

OldSoulNote 027
I am the universal poet and creator.  However I appear as an ordinary human being.  Sometimes I am masculine and sometimes I am feminine.  Once in a while I appear as a queen or as a queer.  However, one thing is for sure.  I never appear as myself.  I am God and I am all of you!

OldSoulNote 028
Life is not a test.  Life is a celebration.  Life also is a discovery and an experience.  And above all life is a must.  You can never be dead.  Living in a human body is but a small aspect of life.  The purpose of human life is to mature as a Divine Consciousness.  Full maturity is enlightenment.  Be prepared to come back.

OldSoulNote 029
Creation is a never ending thought or an infinite idea.  Thoughts manifest themselves in physical reality.  You and I and the world are thoughts within thoughts within thoughts.  We are processes of thoughts.  That's why we change.  The physical universe and all we observe are thoughts that are perceived by our senses.  Our reality is a sensory reality.

OldSoulNote 030
You are the physical expression of your soul.  The only way for your soul to experience the physical world is to project itself into a physical dimension.  Your soul has many physical expressions.  You are but one of them.  Your soul is a representative of the only real thing.  The real thing is God for there is only God. God is an infinite neutral force.  You are this force!

OldSoulNote 031
The world for most people is what they see.  Their reality is created by their senses.  What they perceive has been projected by thought.  Most people do not know that their life on earth is the result of their own thoughts.  That's why they suffer.  Most people are lost in their own creation.  Nobody can help them.  They have to learn what to think!

OldSoulNote 032
Intuition is really remembering.  Man knows all things but he has forgotten most.  The world is a spaceship of our own making.  The moon is also a spaceship.  It is inhabited by a different species of Universal Life.  When you have overcome all skepticism, you are at the level of God.  You are anyway, but you don't know it and that is why you behave the way you do.

OldSoulNote 033
Great God in which I dream, awaken me.  Great God in which I trust, heal my mind.  Great God in which I dwell, heal my body.  Great God in which I think, clear my thoughts.  Great God in which I breathe, clear my lungs.  Great God in which I am aware, speak to me.  Great God in which I live, obey my words.

OldSoulNote 034
You are the presence of the creator in creation.  You are the son of God, you are a Christ.  You and you alone control your destiny.  Your destiny is determined by your thinking.  You are here to learn to think.  You are here to learn to love.  You are here to partake of the good things of life.  You are here to share in the abundance of creation.  You are the son of God, you are the Christ!

OldSoulNote 035
Truth is beyond learning for it is beyond time and space.  Truth has no opposites, no beginning and no end.  It merely is.  Darkness is not anything by itself.  Darkness is a lack of light.  An ego is not anything by itself either.  Egoness is a lack of Godness.

OldSoulNote 036
Matter is a self-organizing activity of the unconscious side of mind.  It can be measured by the sensory system that in itself is created by mind.  The physical universe is an unconscious creation and it is measured by the consciousness or God who discovers that it is a precise measurement of itself and that it is good and understandable.  The consciousness or God in Man is the creator and the measurer.  We are here to measure and enjoy our creation!

OldSoulNote 037
Look into the mirror and behold the face of God!  This might seem preposterous to you but the more absurd you find this, the more wrong you are.  The face of God is what you see.  And just in case you want to see the naked body of God, look at the entire universe.  Whatever you see, it is God.  You can't miss!

OldSoulNote 038
Experience is the school in which we learn that all action is the result of thought.  Thought is the power of the universe and it is more powerful than we can imagine.  Thought is God at work!  Thought is the very force that created the entire universe, visible and invisible.  Your thoughts will promote you to the level of Christness.

OldSoulNote 039
All my lives are but different dreams.  Since all my dreams are real, I keep forgetting that I am not awake.  Great God within me, let me awaken to the creator I am.  Great God, awaken the world of man.

OldSoulNote 040
Most people think that they have been created by some God.  This is nonsense.  Man is God experiencing creation.  The only way for God to experience creation is by means of man universally.  In other words, the God in man created the universe and mankind in order to experience itself as the creator and as the created.  There is only God. 

OldSoulNote 041
It is difficult for man to understand that he is God, for man has entered an aspect of his own creation in which he has lost contact with his source.  Man is the effect of his own cause or source.  Since he is the effect at this very moment, he cannot look back at his cause and recognize himself.

OldSoulNote 042
God is the only One who lives in its creation for all of creation is God.  If this indeed is so, who lives your life? Do you live your life? Are you you or are you God? Who are you?

OldSoulNote 043
The Bible says Adam fell into a deep sleep.  And nowhere is it stated that he ever woke up.  Being asleep means being separated from the source.  Indeed our conscious mind or our ego mind is separated from the source of existence.  Our unconscious mind or source mind is still perfectly connected.  This means that we only have to consciously reconnect ourselves in order to awaken.

OldSoulNote 044
My thoughts are the forerunners of my future days.  I will meet what I think.  My destiny is a self- created environment in which I will encounter what I have thought.  I am the creator of my reality.  I am responsible for my reality.  I am the law!

OldSoulNote 045
The world of man believes in the source of scarcity.  This is the source into which the abundance of the universe mysteriously disappears.  Since man believes in scarcity, there is scarcity.  For what is believed in, is created.  Man believes in things that are even worse.  Like damnation, hell and evil.

OldSoulNote 046
God created your body and lives in it.  Now that She lives in it, She has forgotten who She really is and who created this form.  Remember, you have a personal state in creation.  As a matter of fact, the whole Shebang is yours.  To get to know this again is what you have accepted by living in a body.

OldSoulNote 047
The right hand of God attends to boredom.  That's where the masses hang out.  The left hand of God opens doors, the doors of awareness.  Please enter these doors without fear.  You will find that behind all doors your very self is waiting to welcome you!  All doors are opening into the Christ mind.

OldSoulNote 048
You are the universal mind ajar.  Open it up and you will be the Christ.  Open your mind and you will realize that you and the father are one! We all live in the one universal mind.  This one mind in action is creation itself.  This one mind or consciousness is all there is.  You are the eyes and ears of the creator.  You are the very mind of God.

OldSoulNote 049
Creation is the dream of God.  Since we are this God, we can change our dream any which way.  To bring this about however does not depend on others.  It depends on us!  At all times we create our reality by our thinking.  Our thinking is our responsibility.

OldSoulNote 050
Matter is a vibration of the unconscious side of mind.  Matter then is vibrating mind.  Human beings and all other entities are vibrations of the conscious side of mind.  Since we are this mind, conscious as well as unconscious, we are the medium that vibrates.  It is therefore possible to know what's happening any place, any time, for what's happening happens to us!

OldSoulNote 051
Physical reality is an illusion that is experienced as real.  The body and its senses are attuned to physical reality and therefore this illusive vibration is perceived as a reality in and by itself.  Our physical universe is a vibration of consciousness that is attuned to our senses which convey to us a reality of separation and division.  The separateness or division however is a cosmic illusion for the vibrating energy of consciousness only portrays to our perception a specific reality.  This reality is our physical environment.  Matter is vibrating energy or consciousness.

Infinity, time and space, past and future are concepts of the physical plane.  This plane is an illusion however and it is only real to those who believe in it.  Since infinity, time and space, past and future are part of the physical environment these concepts are part of the illusion.  Physical reality is like a dream when sleeping.  It is a reality that is agreed upon by a hypnotized population who believes in it.  Realities are created by beliefs.  Infinity, time and space, past and future are illusionary concepts that are created by the combined activity of the senses and the brain that fools the hypnotized human mind.

The realness of the physical universe is a dream that is experienced while we, as God, are asleep.  The physical is only real while we are dreaming.  Our physical environment is a cosmic dream that is absolutely real to the dreamer.  We, as God, are this dreamer.  When we leave our body we escape this physical reality for a while until we reincarnate again into human form.  Attainment of the Christ consciousness is the permanent awakening from the dream of creation.

OldSoulNote 052
To attain the Christ consciousness means to have transcended the matter dream.  Only a Christ or a Buddha is awake!  All human beings eventually will attain this status and title.

OldSoulNote 053
Ignorance manifests itself as fear.  Fear is a lack of love.  Love is gained by awareness.  Awareness is gained by experience.  Experience is gained by living lives.  Since living lives is what we are doing - All Is Well.  Wisdom is realized ignorance.

OldSoulNote 054
The earth is a school for young souls.  Do not become confused by their childishness.  Allow them to worship their idols.  Remember that the majority of earth souls live in ignorance of their greatness.  Love them by letting them be.  Strive on in discovering your Self.  You are the force called God.

OldSoulNote 055
I have peace of mind for I have accepted what I am.  I am the great God dreaming.  I am dreaming the dream of creation.  I am the Father dreaming that I am the Son.  I accept being the Son of God.  I accept being the Christ.  Great God, in which I dream, awaken me.

OldSoulNote 056
Matter = Energy = Consciousness.  The atoms and molecules in our universe are not really things in and by themselves.  The energy and awareness of atoms is consciousness.  The substance of the entire universe is consciousness.  Consciousness or mind is the infinite processor of the combined energy of all divided awareness.  Consciousness or mind in various vibrations produces the illusion of physical reality.

Consciousness manifests its ideas into forms by means of forming vibrating bodies of itself that are the forms of the ideas.  The idea is the very form!  All matter bodies or vehicles are consciousness or cosmic aware energy in forms that are equal to the idea consciousness has of itself.  Consciousness is a self forming cosmic putty.

OldSoulNote 057
In the physical plane of illusion the human body does not really exist except as a teaching device for the mind.  Consciousness, mind or soul is the creator who in its travels through the universe experiences its creations and learns from them.  It does this by living in its creations by means of inhabiting a body with its consciousness.  The body also has a built in ego-mind.  This ego-mind finds the body absolutely real.  The ego-mind is the fool of creation.

OldSoulNote 058
An immature mind believes in miracles but a mature mind knows that miracles are natural.  Since human society lives with an immature mind people believe that the world needs to be saved by a miracle doer.  This is nonsense.  The earth is a school for human maturity.  Every human being, one by one, has to learn that he lives in an immature society which thinks itself to be mature.  Maturity is sanity.

OldSoulNote 059
The human form we live in and our character, portray the very show of creativity our soul knows how to muster.  Our personal qualities are our soul displayed.  Our level of maturity and sanity are the signs of evolvement we have reached within the illusive time spectrum of our human drama.  The earth is a cosmic school of learning in which we try to advance ourselves with what we have created up to now.  We will do this again and again.

OldSoulNote 060
When the human God mind started out in creation it was innocent and totally ignorant.  Many ages and ages have passed and finally we have arrived at the present.  Some of us are learning that we are dreaming and others declare to be awake while yet asleep.  A few have totally awakened!  They are the Buddhas and the Christs.  Creation is a cosmic factory that produces more and more enlightened beings.

OldSoulNote 061
Every human baby that is born is inhabited by a human consciousness or mind.  This human mind was never born and will never die.  The baby however will grow old and disappear.  The human baby is brand new every time.  Not only is it brand new every time but every time it is more evolved.  The human mind has been on earth many times.  The human mind or consciousness has learned to create and manifest better human bodies for wiser human minds.

OldSoulNote 062
Your conscious mind is not the great mind that created you.  Your conscious mind is a specially designed aspect of the great mind.  Your conscious mind is an instrument that lets you function in a physical environment without detecting immediately that the physical environment is a mass of vibrations of cosmic energy or consciousness.  This conscious mind, the mind it thinks it knows, is the very hindrance to get the real you promoted to the regions of Buddhahood.  Your conscious mind is the very weight that keeps you where you're at.

OldSoulNote 063
Our conscious self is but a small aspect of our high self out of which we emerge.  The conscious self is an instrument of perception that seemingly roams around on physical planes relaying information and experiences to the high self who dwells on other planes.  The high self forwards little selves into locations of creation or other planes in order to experience modes of different Life.  Locations of creation or other planes are states of mind.  All states of mind are within consciousness or God.  A state of mind is a certain experience or awareness.

OldSoulNote 064
Time and space are an illusion within the reality of the Absolute. Meanwhile, perceiving in the physical worlds is be based upon a very specialized code of not perceiving.  Within consciousness or within the absolute all past and future happenings are occurring simultaneously.  To not perceive all happenings at once and perceive the ones we do perceive means that we are very specialized indeed.  The human machine most amazingly and expertly is God disguised by skin and bone.

OldSoulNote 065
The human body, brain, mind and spirit working in combined activity is a cosmic Bio-Computer housed in a human body through which we experience our physical universe.  The physical universe is our creation.  Man is the creator by means of the God he is.  God is the medium of creation.  Man is the means.

OldSoulNote 066
For existence to be existence is normal.  For existence to be man is a miracle.  You have to be man first before you can understand that you are God.  Existence is an expression of love for itself.  Mankind is the only expression of love that can understand its own lack of love.  A lack of love is caused by a lack of awareness.

OldSoulNote 067
Consciousness, mind or the inner universe is what you see outside of yourself including yourself.  The whole phenomena is a cosmic illusion.  The inner and the outer universe are the one mind being itself.  The total universe is consciousness or mind that projected itself into a dream called creation.  All projections are aware of themselves and of others at different levels of perception.

OldSoulNote 068
Innocence is wisdom and it is unaware of evil.  God is innocence.  The innocence of God is the state of mind of the Christ mind.  The Christ mind knows God for it knows that it is God.  It is the self recognizing the self.

OldSoulNote 069
Most people use their mind to simplify their life.  I use my life to simplify my mind.  Great God in which I dream, awaken me.  Great God in which I am aware, speak to me.  Great God in which I am, possess my soul.

OldSoulNote 070
There are millions of worlds, some better, some worse.  All of them are schools for consciousness.  Consciousness living in bodies visible and invisible is the creator learning about its own creation.  The creator creates unconsciously and the whole of creation is our school.  In this cosmic school we learn about ourselves consciously.

OldSoulNote 071
The great unconscious creator rises from unconsciousness into consciousness by being born into the physical creation.  From the regions of time and space, the great creator grows and evolves into beings of great intelligence.  To become great is a matter of conscious self development.  Don't wait for the masses.

OldSoulNote 072
The atoms, the molecules, the rocks, the plants, the animals, the people, the stars, and the galaxies are vibrations of aware energy.  This energy, this consciousness, this miracle is the very God and creator that is.  And all things, great and small are the creator being itself.  And I, in all my greatness and smallness, I am this creator!

OldSoulNote 073
Television pictures on your screen are dots of colored light.  Most people think that the picture is real.  The realness of it however is made up by the viewer.  Things are the same in ordinary Life.  The reality of the physical world is made up by the people living there.  There is no world as we perceive it.  You are the creator watching your own created movement of cosmic energy.  It is your mind in action.

OldSoulNote 074
The entire universe, visible and invisible, is a gigantic mind dreaming.  It is your mind.  All happenings or dreams in this mind are thoughts or ideas of the dreamer.  You are this dreamer.  These thoughts or ideas are not objective or real.  They are the mental reality of the creator.  Once again, you are this creator.  To become aware of your total dream and know all happenings in the universe is enlightenment.  This means that you are the master of creation.  Then you are the Christ!

OldSoulNote 075
My body is the extension of my mind and what I experience, I experience in mind.  What I become aware of and is recorded in my mind becomes part of the universal mind.  For my mind is the same mind.  The more and more I become aware of either by experience or by direct awareness becomes or is part of the great mind.  Eventually I will know all Things for my intuition or direct awareness is the creator's mind in action.  My mind is that mind!

OldSoulNote 076
Our higher self is our real self.  It is the Christ of Creation.  Our real self manifested many aspects of itself into the physical reality we call the world.  It experiences all these aspects simultaneously.  You and I experience only the aspect we are.  We are little selves.  We can experience other aspects of our real self at all times however.  The more evolved we become the more we will learn to do this.

OldSoulNote 077
The world is a state of mind.  The world is not really real or a place.  It is relatively real.  The world is real in mind only.  It is not real as solid matter.  All things are a state of mind.  The world is a thought formation that slowly changes.  It changes when we change our mind and that's why it changes!

OldSoulNote 078
Truth is something that has to be discovered.  It cannot be bought, rented or given away.  Once you have found it you know that it includes all religions and sciences.  Before you discover truth you suffer from a cosmic itch.  Truth is the ultimate joke on yourself.

OldSoulNote 079
God is not the creator.  God is the very substance or aware energy out of which the universe is made of.  Sentient beings or spirits are the creator.  These beings have always existed.  God and spirits are two of a kind.  They are one but function differently.  Sentient beings or spirits are the great experimenters of the universe.  Spirits fool around with God and God keeps them happy.  It's a funny universe.

OldSoulNote 080
All people create their own God.  This is an ideal arrangement for everybody can have his own foolish creation.  Naturally all these different gods exist in mind only.  Like the rest of creation does.

OldSoulNote 081
When we recognize what we really are and what our brothers are, we will realize that judging them - in any way - is without meaning.  In the presence of knowledge, all judgment is completely eliminated.  The presence of knowledge enables recognition to replace perception.  All of us are the creator playing roles.  The world is awesomely complex.

OldSoulNote 082
Innocence has no attitude.  All attitudes are ego based.  To diminish our ego and become more God like, we have to drop our attitudes and opinions.  To be unbiased, innocent and loving is being the Christ.

OldSoulNote 083
Great God in which I live, make me see the Christ in all my brothers.  Great God in which I am aware, speak to me.  Great God in which I dream awaken me to the Christ I am.  Great God in which I trust, possess my soul.  Great God in which I dwell be what you are in me.

OldSoulNote 084
The evolution of the individual I am, the unfolding of my personality, the enlightenment of my soul and the illumination of my spirit can only happen to the same degree as that I let life flow through me.  Life is the very God of my existence.  Life of God flow through Me.  Light of love, fulfill my being. 

OldSoulNote 085
The personality or soul we are is an expression of the universe in whatever stage of development we happen to be.  All stages are perfect.  All stages are God living as Man.  Great God in which I live make me see my brothers as they really are.  Make me see them as God alive.

OldSoulNote 086
The physical universe is the body of God.  It is a manifestation in forms of the mind of God.  The manifestation of the physical universe may have beginnings and ends within itself - but the Nameless neither begins nor ends.  The manifestations of consciousness are essential in order for consciousness to reach self realization.  The body therefore is essential.  Consciousness needs something to be conscious of.  Consciousness creates and thereby knows itself as itself.

OldSoulNote 087
If the creator or the soul can create and sustain a body at the present, there is no reason to deny its ability to create again and again in order to fulfill itself.  We are souls or spirits now as much as we will ever be.  The laws of mind and spirit do not change with the passing of the physical body.  The laws are forever.

OldSoulNote 088
Involution is the idea.  Evolution is the unfolding of it.  Involution precedes evolution.  Evolution follows the idea with precision.  Life or existence is the primal mover.  Life moves within and upon itself.  Every time I have an idea and act upon it I am life expressing itself.

OldSoulNote 089
You are not your face.  You are not your name.  You are not what you eat.  You are not what you have or have not.  You are not what you wear.  You are not what you drive.  You are none of the Above, so who are you? You are the creator of the universe.  You are the great nameless force of creation.  You live on earth in order to experience your own creation and to fully accept the responsibility for it.

OldSoulNote 090
Keeping yourself busy is the goal of the ego and solving difficult problems is the most rewarding occupation the ego can think of.  The more difficult it is, the greater the reward seems to be.  Keeping the ego busy is but delaying and delaying finding the inner self, the God you are.

OldSoulNote 091
Religions always reinforce the ego either by praise or by guilt.  Praise and guilt are the cornerstones of the ego.  The ego is a self created God of insanity.  The ego is a false identity.  It is a self created thought-form of your past deeds.  The activities of the ego keep you from becoming interested in the real you.  The real you is the Christ.  The ego is the anti-Christ.

OldSoulNote 092
To give yourself the most misery is to deny or reject the God you are.  As long as you keep living with the god of insanity, the ego, the more hell you experience.  The ego is the very source of ignorance.  Deep down the ego neither likes nor loves itself.  It is the source of hate because of its feelings of inferiority.  To fight your ego is useless.  Your ego does not exist, you only think it does.

OldSoulNote 093
Miracles are the expressions of love.  The human being is one of these expressions.  The creator in all its unconscious knowing expresses itself as itself and voila mankind.  You and I are expressions of love.  We will recognize this more and more because we slowly become more and more aware.

OldSoulNote 094
My activity is the activity of the great mind working through me.  My life is the activity of the creator manifesting reality.  My reality, my thoughts are inspired by the only realness in the universe.  I am that realness.  I am the creator.  I am the Christ of creation.  I and the father are one.

OldSoulNote 095
I am in the light and of the light.  The light surrounds me and it protects me.  I am the very light of the Christ.  The Christ I am shines forth from the being I am.  I am life, I am Love.  I am the very son of God.  I am the Christ, I am the light.

OldSoulNote 096
God is existence.  Existence is impersonal.  Existence can not be a person.  However, you and I are existence personified.  We are the very God that is in the form of a human being.  We are consciousness personified.  We are the very light of the Christ.

OldSoulNote 097
You can never lose the God within.  However, it is possible to forget about it.  That's the position most people are in.  To remember who or what you really are means to forget about who you think you are.  Whoever you think you are is but the memory of your doings.  You are the very light of God. 

OldSoulNote 098
Change your thoughts and you change the universe, you change God.  For the universe is the expression of God.  Your thoughts and God's thoughts are one and the same.  They are from the same mind.

OldSoulNote 099
God is not a guide.  Guidance implies that there is a right way and that there is a wrong way.  There is only God's way.  Whatever you are doing now or whatever path you're walking you are walking the path of God.  Because you are God.  Not until you understand this are you going anywhere.

OldSoulNote 100
To be centered in consciousness means that you neither love nor hate.  It means that you are neutral or divinely indifferent.  Only then compassion arrives.  Because awareness has entered your mind.  An aware consciousness is neither for nor against.  It is neither me nor you.  It has no ego, it has God.

OldSoulNote 101
The physical universe is created by mind.  The physical universe and all the worlds in it are the playgrounds of the mind of God.  The spiritual universe is created by imagination.  The spiritual universe and all beings in it are the relationships of the visions of God.  The visions of God are beyond human imagination.  Poets, however, can see the shadows.

OldSoulNote 102
God is existence.  Existence has no opinions.  And whatever opinions you have, they are holding you back.  As long as you have opinions you are biased.  To be biased means that you are an ego with a certain attitude.  Existence or God is neutral.  Attitudes are human.  Neutrality is God.  Existence is neutrality in action.

OldSoulNote 103
Most people are like a container.  The container holds their life.  They do not like what is outside the container.  They always stay inside of it.  They live in a prison.  Life is more than they like.  It also is more than they dislike.  They are afraid of what they really are.  They Are life.

OldSoulNote 104
When the human mind opens up into the universal mind the ego disappears and the heart of God reveals itself.  Thinking then is redundant.  For then we know and feel what we are all about.  These feelings are the feelings of the heart.  Then we will experience that our human mind was a self made prison.

OldSoulNote 105
Your conscience is a self made concept.  Your conscience is the result of all the feelings you experienced during all your lifetimes.  Most consciences are biased.  They are full of personal conclusions.  Conclusions are the result of conditioning.  Conditioning is very subtle brainwashing.  There are no right conclusions!

OldSoulNote 106
The universe of time and space is the breeding ground of the sons of God.  The Buddhas and the Christs are the products of time and space.  Time and space are the mills of creation.  Sooner or later all of us will be raised to the greatness of understanding that the world was but a dream to awaken from.  However, all dreams are real.

OldSoulNote 107
Soul of the ages I am, open the channels of my mind and inform the masters of the universe that I am on my way.  Insist that they speak to me so that I might awaken to the light I am.  Remind them with kindness and gladness of heart that I am their servant and equal.

OldSoulNote 108
The ego of man is an aspect of man that does not realize that it is a self created falseness.  It keeps looking for the origin of the universe as well as for the origin of itself.  Both of them are non-existent.  The universe is!  Which means that it never had a beginning and that it does not have an end.  Changes within it however most certainly exist.  The universe is nothing but change.  Big bangs however are not beginnings.  The riddle of the origin of the universe is part and parcel of the universe.  All things are inseparable and one including riddles and explanations.  All ideas, opinions and theories are aspects of the universe.  The proof is in the pudding.  Parts or portions of the universe, including explanations, are illusions of the human consciousness.

These illusions are to be transcended.  The physical reality of the universe or the visible reality of the universe is a projection from the invisible universe.  The invisible universe provides the energy for the visible universe to exist.  The visible and the invisible are vibrations of cosmic energy or consciousness.  The one we see and the other we don't.  They are like the many different phenomena of electricity and its applications.  Some are visible and others are not.  All are from the same source, consciousness.

OldSoulNote 109
All things are created from chaotic cosmic energy.  Scientists call this energy quantum foam.  Chaotic cosmic energy is unselective consciousness.  This kind of energy is not anything by itself.  It is undetermined or free consciousness.  Chaotic cosmic energy can be aligned by thought.  Once this energy is aligned by thought it assumes the position or posture of the thought.  Chaotic cosmic energy or unselective consciousness responds to thought like water to its container.  Thought and its power or selective consciousness is the one and only original creator.  Selective consciousness or imagination always existed.  Creation however, in any plane, is optional.

OldSoulNote 110
I am the one consciousness or universal mind.  However, I am not consciously aware of this.  I have seemingly divided myself into separate beings, creatures and things.  All beings, creatures and things are aware as the creations they are and all are alive in their own manner and degree.  I am then all beings, creatures and things with different levels of awareness and I live according to what I am.  I am consciousness in action.  I am the unconscious creator of the universe and I am conscious and aware as my creations.  I am them and live as them.  Since my self awareness is in my creations, I cannot be consciously aware as the creator.  So who really am I? I am the unconscious creator of the universe and I am conscious and aware as all beings, creatures and things that live all over the universe I am.

OldSoulNote 111
Many many ages ago we, as human spirits, had the desire to live in a physical reality.  Our desire and need for physical experience was sufficient to solicit the help of our older brothers.  Under their guidance and supervision the earth was prepared for human existence.  For ages and ages and more ages we prepared ourselves with great anticipation for incarnations into forms of matter.

In the beginning our bodies were but clusters of matter and energy.  These forms had no resemblance to our sophisticated bodies of the present.  At the start of our physical endeavor we could get in and out of our matter bodies easily.  We only lived in them for short periods of time.  Time and space were commodities that were absolutely strange to us and since they are a self-created brain mind activity it took many experiments and millennia to create proper time and space awareness.

Slowly but surely we accomplished creating matter bodies of greater complexity and started to occupy them for longer durations.  The matter worlds were wild and dangerous and in order to grow and prosper we often called upon our older brothers for help and guidance.  We finally have arrived at the present and we have advanced to the stages in which we are so familiar with living in bodies that the thought of living without them is quite upsetting.

We desired to live in matter forms and now that we do we think that matter is the only commodity.  Our return to the spiritual world is advanced considerably by remembering our source.  The source is the very self or creator we are.  Living on earth is carrying the matter cross.  It is the burden of our desire.

OldSoulNote 112
Imagination is God in action.  All realities in all dimensions are imagination on display.  Imagination is the creator of creation.  Creation is a free play of the creator.  You and I are this creator.  At this very moment we live in our creation, in our own created matter bodies.  Most of us are still lost in our creation.  Before we can appreciate our greatness we must be able to enjoy what we have created up to now.  Start enjoying, it's mandatory.

OldSoulNote 113
Ideas from our human creative mind enter into the universal mind like seeds into soil.  The universal mind has within itself the power to develop our original thoughts or ideas.  That's what the universal mind is for.  The universal mind or creator is the unconscious side of our consciousness.  Consciousness originates and the unconscious creator produces.  That is the law.  Your law!  Ask and you shall receive.

OldSoulNote 114
Once you have come into the world and have created a mature mind you have accomplished what you came to do.  There are no other feats to accomplish except being here and knowing this.  You are God living in a certain aspect of your creation.  Living in your creation does not mean that you have to compete with others for first place.  Being man as God does not mean that you have to own more than others.  Being rich or poor is of no value.  Being here and understanding who you really are is sufficient.

OldSoulNote 115
The infinite universe is not out there some place.  It is within the very consciousness you are.  There is no universe out there.  You are experiencing images of your own infinite mind.  You keep thinking however that you as a person are separated from all the rest.  The infinite universe is the very self you are.  The self you do not know.  There is only you.  There is only mind.  By expanding in awareness your small world becomes an infinite universe and all things become you.

OldSoulNote 116
Man is not just Man alone - Man is also God.  God is not just God alone - God is also Man.  Man is God and God is Man.  Mankind and all other brothers in the universe form a united family relationship that is created by the universal consciousness in order to relate to itself as itself.  This universal consciousness or mind is present in different degrees in all universal participants and relatives who are all relating by means of this one consciousness.  This consciousness is the one and only link between all beings, creatures and things.  We are a consciousness family of one!

OldSoulNote 117
Indeed, indeed, the universe expands.  The universe is an expanding thought or idea.  Actually it is an infinite amount of ideas which are expanding or contracting at all times.  Universal consciousness or mind thinks and thereby produces the universe.  Thinking is creating.  Every thought or idea you and I have changes the universe and makes it either bigger, better or different.  The thoughts or ideas of all thinking beings are the universe as manifested.  Our thoughts and the universe are the same thing.

OldSoulNote 118
The universe is the result of all thoughts in the same way as our body is the result of our thoughts.  Our body is the visible aspect of our mind.  Body and mind are one.  Our body and mind are both vibrations of energy.  One aspect is visible, the other is not.  Our mind has produced an instrument that enables it to live in a physical reality.  By means of our body, our mind lives on earth.  Our body is our idea of ourselves.  We have lived in thousands of bodies.  Our body is an instrument that lately has become the master.  In order to change this, we must become more aware of the real master.  The real master is our consciousness or mind.  To recognize our real master is good work.

OldSoulNote 119
The reality of the world is the reflection of the thoughts that create it.  These thoughts are yours and mine.  The way we think and what we think is directly responsible for the world we live in.  We live in and with our thoughts.  Although at the present we live in a world of chaos we are still the creator of our own reality.  The chaos should not bother us one bit.  When we understand that all of us create our own reality we begin to grasp the great difficulty of trying to help others.  We can only help by example and education.  Loving others or feeding them is not sufficient to change them.

OldSoulNote 120
Life has no end result or reward.  Life itself is the reward.  The inner search has no reward.  The search is the reward.  Who is to reward you? God? You are God!  Life is God being itself.  Be yourself.  Different stages of life are better or worse than other stages of life.  Some lifetimes are harder than others.  We will meet whatever we need in order to expand our awareness and love for ourselves.  To love ourselves includes everybody.  Life is universal justice.  Life is absolutely fair.

OldSoulNote 121
Life as a human being is experiencing a dream.  The dream is real.  The dream is only real until you awaken.  Then you could ask where is my dream? You however are no longer there.  So who is there to ask? The awakening is the realization of the Christ consciousness.  It means the culmination of all the human dreams you endured or enjoyed.  It is not a reward.  It is your birth right.

OldSoulNote 122
The past is memory.  The future is imagination.  Both are products of mind.  The past and the future are aspects of the present.  We think about them now.  Time and space, past and future, are relative realities.  They are aspects of our dream.  The dream of the creator we are.  Great God in which we dream awaken us!

OldSoulNote 123
Forget about the past and forget about the future.  Live in the moment of nowness.  Living in the moment of nowness gives you a crystal clear awareness.  A crystal clear awareness is a state of pure meditation.  It's knowing God.  It's knowing yourself!

OldSoulNote 124
The only God you will ever know is the God that lives within.  Do not be concerned about your ego.  Do not pay attention to what does not exist.  Live knowing that you are forever.  Forever is the moment of nowness repeated.

OldSoulNote 125
Oh soul, Oh beautiful soul take me under your wing and guide me on my way.  Remind me and guide me in silent words towards the happiness I am.  Remind me and guide me to find the self I am in God.  Remind and guide me to find the Christ I am.  Beautiful soul come and possess me.

OldSoulNote 126
When you are looking at yourself you are looking at your thoughts in form.  The very being you are is the creation of your thoughts.  Most of these thoughts are beyond your conscious knowing.  This is as it should be.  Your conscious awareness should be free to appreciate your life in the physical reality.  Your body is sustained by its own consciousness.  The person you are is the creation of the soul you are.  In all the ages of existence your soul has been creating bodies.  You are the very creator in action.  To discover this is your task.

OldSoulNote 127
Science and religion are the outer and the inner expressions of our consciousness.  They represent the two sides of our being.  Both are aspects of our dream of creation.  The one is man, the other is God.  Not any one thing is really real or solid.  The only absolute is our universal consciousness.  This consciousness dreams about science and religion.  Neither discipline is either right or wrong.  Their approach is from opposite ends.  They are both aspects of the same dream.  All Things take place within the one consciousness we are.  Not any one dream is really real.  Yet no dream is ever forgotten.

OldSoulNote 128
God speaks to me in a million ways.  In every flower, in every tree, in every brook and in all the birds that fly on by I see the God I am.  The sound of God is not only the silent voice within but it also is all the sounds without.  In love and in war I sense the God I am.  Sometimes loving, sometimes fighting but always there undeniably.

OldSoulNote 129
The universe is created by those who live within it.  It is a closed system that is free and unlimited.  All that is within it is the very creator in all its forms.  Some forms are more aware than others.  No form however is more or better than any other.  All forms are partners and relatives who live and play in a cosmic playground that is their very home.  How beautiful it is depends on you.

OldSoulNote 130
Mysticism and the new physics reveal that the reality that is experienced is created by the consciousness experiencing it.  Which means that many people could witness the same happening together while yet each one of them experiences different happenings.  Funny isn't it? Most of us knew that a long time ago.  That's why people always disagree.  They see what they create.  I don't blame them after all they are the creator.

OldSoulNote 131
Darkness is not a problem.  Shine your light and it disappears.  The ego is no problem either.  Once you know who you are - your ego will disappear like darkness.  Where God is ego cannot be.

OldSoulNote 132
We all are a consciousness and we all are on different levels of awareness.  We are this way because we are becoming aware at our own speed.  To discover that all of us are the universal mind is the task we have accepted when we became seemingly separated and isolated.  With this arrangement it is possible to relate to ourselves by seemingly being others.  It's the joke of the universe.

OldSoulNote 133
Mysticism and physics have reached an understanding of nature that cannot be expressed by words or language.  They have reached a position where words no longer express their knowing.  It means that they cannot speak about something as existing or non-existing.  Nothing seems to be real or unreal.  They are on the edge of discovering that physical reality including the world is an illusion.

What they are saying is that we are and that we are not.  They are looking directly into mind or consciousness and they have discovered that we are dreaming.  People who have reached Buddhahood or Christhood have awakened from the matter dream we call creation.  They are capable of changing creation at Will.  They have mastered the matter world and they are able to change our dream.  It's called doing miracles.

OldSoulNote 134
A crystal clear mind is not fooled by perception.  A mind like this knows that the world is a posture of vibrating energy or consciousness.  Physical matter is vibrating cosmic energy or thought being itself.  Creation is thought in form.  Investigations of matter have proven that it is vibrating energy assuming postures or force fields that are created by our thoughts.  Our senses accept these postures as physical forms.  Multitudes of vibrating energy postures flow in and out of each other.  They are synchronized and separated by space time orientations.

This makes it possible for us to perceive only one world at one time.  However all worlds do exist simultaneously.  All worlds flow in and out of each other for all things are vibrating energy mixtures.  We only see one world however for all others are vibrating energy constructions with frequencies that are beyond our perception range at this space time conjunction.  The universe is like a three dimensional movie that we are able to enter and experience at any space time interval by traveling the space time continuum.

This is how we enter or incarnate into different worlds as different people.  We are all these people simultaneously.  Whenever we leave our body we are able to travel beyond space time to any past or future world in the universe.  We enter any world scenario at will by synchronizing our mind or thoughts with a certain desired life environment in order to fulfill the ultimate attainment of our soul or spirit.  We are time and space travelers who seemingly stand still while we live in a body.  The body is a taxi through time and space.

OldSoulNote 135
The creative source or universal mind is a mind that functions as a multi-mind.  This one universal mind behaves in all its thoughts or creations as if they have an independent mind of their own.  All thoughts or creations of the source are creations with free and independent minds for these minds in turn are creators themselves and create according to their liking.  The creative source or universal mind is a holographic creative source that multiplies itself into duplicate sources.  All duplicate sources are perfect in and by themselves for all are perfect clones of the original.

We as man are thoughts from thoughts from thoughts but yet we still are the original creator.  We could consider ourselves split personalities with different qualities of the one and only mind we are.  The one and only mind we are is the dreamer who dreams creation and at the same time lives as all the created who all have independent and different opinions about the original dreamer and its created activity.

We are not only many people all at once we also are ourselves and the creator all at once.  We are the beginning and the end.  We are the creator thinking that we are man.  We are man thinking that we are the creator.

OldSoulNote 136
All things already exists, for all things are in the universal mind.  We are this mind.  All we have to do is awaken to the absolute reality of this mind.  Great mind in which we dream, awaken us!

OldSoulNote 137
Reality is what we experience.  What we experience we experience via our mind.  Our mind can only dream.  Dreaming is thinking is creating.  What we experience is our dream and our reality.  Our reality is a dream.  We are God dreaming reality.

OldSoulNote 138
We have always been spirits.  We always will continue to be spirits.  Human beings we are only occasionally.  While we are human as spirits we will learn about physical reality.  We have created this physical reality.  We are creators.  In order to experience our physical reality in a physical way we live in it as human beings.  Only then can we experience how good a creator we are.  We created a lot of pollution that slowly will kill billions upon billions of life forms including billions of human beings.  It is a positive lesson for it will teach the masses that we are the creator of the world and all that is in it.  We will create again all that was lost.  The thought of all things is always in the mind of the creator we are.

OldSoulNote 139
All lives are lived in mind.  In your mind in the soul's mind in God's mind.  It's all the same mind.  Since mind is beyond space time your mind should be able to recall lifetimes of the past as well as of the future.  Now if mind is all that smart how come you are struggling to understand all this?  Because ego minds like to.  Ego minds always like to struggle.  It makes them feel real.

OldSoulNote 140
The creation of the physical universe was a daring endeavor that was accepted by all the spirits of mankind universally before they were physically expressed.  To be projected and expressed in a physical body was the wish and desire of all participants.  Once you have started this daring challenge there is no alternative but to finish it by becoming enlightened.  Once you are enlightened you have learned that the matter universe is a gigantic dream in which you were lost.  You were day dreaming in a cosmic way.  All dreams are real.

OldSoulNote 141
Never again my dearest friend will life for you begin or end.  For you have reached a stage of life in which you will be without strife.  Yet there is still much to learn in this here mind and earth sojourn.  But you will always know beyond a doubt that you are God within and out.  And for now my dearest friend this little poem has reached the end.

OldSoulNote 142
The universe does not contain any observers.  It only contains participants.  All things in their own way create or change the universe.  This small composition will change the universe.  Even if it is not understood.  If you didn't do anything all your life you would still change the universe.  You can't help but participate.  You are it!

OldSoulNote 143
In the past scientists had almost ruled out the existence of consciousness or mind.  They assumed that matter was the only reality.  At the present they have determined that matter actually does not exist and that consciousness or mind is all there is.  There is evidence that the matter space time matrix is a creation of the human consciousness.  It also has been postulated that there is an area that does not exist in either time or space.  It is the dream land area of our mind.

OldSoulNote 144
The universe in all its forms spiritual, mental and physical is a forever growing process of becoming.  This process of becoming is the collective production of all the free minds within creation and their independent creative contributions.  The universal mind lives in all free minds and stays forever in the background ready to be shared among its participants.  It's like a bank into which all of creation deposits and withdraws without records.  The bank never goes broke.  It's a closed system.

OldSoulNote 145
You cannot know your own perfection until you have noticed and honored all those who are created and perfected like you.  The perfection or misery you see around you depends on your state of awareness.  A Christ or Buddha sees perfection.  An ordinary man sees confusion because he is still confused himself.

OldSoulNote 146
You are not your thoughts neither are you your ideas.  You are the very self having these thoughts and ideas.  Thoughts and ideas are the cosmic nourishment of creation.  Within this nourishment are the ingredients of greatness.  On these ingredients you raise yourself to forever grow in awareness.  Awareness is unlimited.

OldSoulNote 147
Our conscious mind is the pilot of our God beingness.  This mind sets the goals and the inner creator brings them about.  We are on this earth to follow the path of our feelings.  Our feelings are the causes of our experiences.  All of us create the realities necessary to bring us home.  We create what we need to arrive.  Our conscious mind is the window through which we observe what the inner mind has created for us in the world.  We must examine this outside scenario for if it is not to our liking we must stop creating it.

We alone as the creator are responsible for what we experience.  The universe and the world we experience is the product of our feelings.  We cannot blame the product.  We must change our feelings.  Our conscious mind is the maker of distinctions.  It is endlessly creative in its actions.  Our conscious mind is free.  Since it is free we are therefore able to judge ourselves.  Free will is necessary in order to create our own reality.  We are self-choosing God beings in a universe that leans our way.  We are here to learn and enjoy.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Remember the more you think you understand the more you don't.  The more magic you see the more you miss.

OldSoulNote 148
The universe, high and low, is the being I am.  Sometimes I am physical and sometimes I am only in spirit form.  Whatever I am I am.  My spirit form is my natural form and my physical form is optional.  My consciousness is seemingly divided among the many forms and spirits I appear as.  All these spirits and forms are aware as independent separate creatures in creation.  However, I am all of them, knowingly and unknowingly.

OldSoulNote 149
I am the only one in the universe and the universe is my being manifested.  I never speak of my infinite greatness.  It is self-evident.  Before my greatness can be known one must equal my greatness in being in order to grasp the infinite being I am.  The infinite beings who understand my greatness appear as individualized God personalities.  They function in different capacities in order to be what I am in them.  I am the one in all as all.

OldSoulNote 150
Our lifetimes are but dreams.  Real, yes, but dreams.  Since time and space are aspects of our dream all dreams take place at the same time.  There is only the present.  All beings, worlds and things are but temporary illusionary objects within the dreams of the God we are.  Our dreams are real.  But yet when we awaken from our dreams we will know that there is no other reality than the reality of the absolute consciousness.

OldSoulNote 151
Look at the world and what do you see?  Images, images and nothing but images.  There is no real substance out there.  What you see, sense or bump into is neither solid, fluid or gassy.  It is a cosmic energy force field in a power posture.  It is a force field of energy that your conditioned conscious mind experiences as physical reality.  What is out there is not physical at all.  You accept it as physical substance.  You create it and your creation fools you.  It is self-created magic by the great magician you do not know.  You are this magician at play.

OldSoulNote 152
Within the forces of matter is a sleeping consciousness which contains all the power of the universe.  In every particle, cell or atom is hidden the omniscience of the creator.  The full force of creation is within all its members and particles.  Consciousness is consciousness.  Unlimited, undivided, always itself.  Consciousness is the source of thought.  Creation is thought being itself.  Thought being itself is consciousness at play.

OldSoulNote 153
We, the childlike laughter of the infinite.  We, the eternal delight of the universe.  We are the very play of creation.  Creating ourselves and then forgetting who we are.  To find ourselves playing the game of God in man.  The consciousness we are is the source of all creators in creation.  We are the very life of delight being ourselves in others peeking out.

OldSoulNote 154
The universe, high and low, is a relationship.   It is a living relationship in which all things affect all others.   It has always existed.   In this relationship entities are created by thoughts and these entities produce new thoughts again.   These thoughts in turn change all entities.   Which produces more thoughts again.   The one thought creates the other and all entities, thoughts and things form the relationship the universe is.   All thoughts, entities and things are alive.   There is only life in the universe.   There is no death.   This life is the dream of consciousness.   Forever changing, forever new.

OldSoulNote 155
Your conscious mind is seemingly separated from the consciousness of the universe.   Your conscious mind can focus upon the inner reality of itself.   This however has to be practiced and perfected.   Your conscious mind can be in touch with the very source of your being.   Your conscious mind is an infinite screen that can reveal unlimited awareness.   To create this infinite screen is what human life is for.

OldSoulNote 156
Our feelings have cosmic realities.  They project outward and affect the environment we live in.  What we feel inside, we create outside.  Our feelings create time and circumstances into which our experiences occur.  We create these happenings and we are responsible for them.  We should let our feelings create happiness, abundance and love for the world of mankind and for ourselves.

OldSoulNote 157
Matter is space bundled up and space is matter spread out.  Matter and space in different ratios are the infinite chaotic void or quantum foam out of which all things are created.  Creation, high and low, is the manifestation of its thoughts.  Thoughts align the chaotic void or quantum foam and mold all things according to their patterns.  The chaotic void or quantum foam is the unlimited or infinite supply source of chaotic or free dancing energy out of which all things are created.  Thought aligns this free dancing energy into patterns of all varieties and complexities, including life entities.  The thought is the entity, be it stick or stone, be it man or clone.  Thought expressed in the matter world is the physical universe as we see it.  Matter is solidified thought or trapped consciousness.

OldSoulNote 158
Matter in the form of electrons and atoms does not really exist.  Matter is not a substance.  Electrons for example sort of pop in and out of our dimension as required and they certainly do not behave as small rotating balls or mini solar systems.  Physical things are forms that are molded from free cosmic energy foam and are perceived by us as physical objects.  Our matter world consists of dancing energy fields that continually mix themselves with all kinds of other energy fields.  Dancing energy fields do not necessarily limit themselves only to our three dimensional reality.

Our three dimensional reality is sculptured upon the screen of our awareness in a similar manner as our TV pictures are painted on our TV tubes.  Bits and pieces at the time.  Our surroundings are energy force fields that are picked up by our senses as pressures and are translated by our mind into material reality.  Also we do not live in a three dimensional universe.  We live in a wide open multi dimensional totality.  We are but aware of a very small aspect of this totality.

Our senses limit us to a three dimensional existence while we live in a wide open unobstructed universe.  We have hypnotized ourselves and only see the shadows of reality.  Our universe is a multi dimensional infinity but we only perceive a sliver of the total.  We are cheating ourselves.  We only see but one paper flower and miss the infinite garden of beauty because our awareness sense is very limited.

OldSoulNote 159
The combined effects of our brain and mind create our time and space awareness.  This allows us to experience our daily life.  The dramas of our daily life take place within a limited time and space cosmic theater.  It is like a private enclosed universe with definite boundaries and laws.  Within this man-made environment our ideas and feelings align free cosmic energy and build the stage for our life on earth.  Our emotions expressed in cosmic energy patterns become our existence on earth and we perceive and accept this as the matter world.  Our feelings create our environment and reality.  When we are asleep our brain waves change and cancel out our time and space awareness.  When we leave our body at so called death, time and space collapse entirely, for brain activity has ceased completely.  The mind however, free from the body, then continues its journey and meets other experiences either on earth or other places depending on its needs.

OldSoulNote 160
The universe is like a gigantic symphony.  It is absolutely beautiful and it plays forever.  Everyone participates in this symphony and all of us play our favorite instrument.  None of us sounds the same as any other player but yet we create spellbinding music.  When we listen while we play we sometimes feel that others are out of harmony.  We feel this way because all we really hear is our own tune.

OldSoulNote 161
Some scientists tell us that about ninety percent of our universe is missing.  They call the missing parts the dark areas.  It is quite likely that they are right for about ninety percent of our brain is in the dark as well.  Whenever we are able to open ourselves completely to universal awareness and its revealing scope we will easily rediscover the missing ninety percent of ourselves.  The universe is not something with a specific quality or a certain boundary.  The quality and the greatness of the consciousness depend on the quality and greatness of the consciousness that is experiencing the beauty of its own reality.  The universe is as beautiful as the clarity and greatness of our awareness.  For a man living on the street the universe does not even exist.  For a Buddha or a Christ, beings with crystal clear awareness, the universe is an overwhelming and perfect whole.  Not a neutron is missing.

OldSoulNote 162
The entire universe, high and low, visible and invisible is a dream that is accepted as reality by the participant in the dream.  Consciousness or mind is the dreamer.  All participants exist within the reality of the dream.  They are the sole creators of the dream reality experienced.  To become aware that you are dreaming and experience that you are the consciousness of the dreamer is awakening to the God you are.  Being a fully awakened participant means being in full control over creation.

OldSoulNote 163
Opinions about the universe are about as reliable as the opinions of a book of which you have but read one word.  Whether the writing you are reading is wisdom or nonsense is up to you.  Millions of people all over the world are suffering.  Are these people God in action?

OldSoulNote 164
Before we were fully capable of living in physical bodies full time we had trial periods of living in them.  It's like astral traveling in reverse.  At that time we divided our existence between living in the etheric plane and the physical plane.  At the present however the material plane is like a human trap.  We can only get out when the body expires.  We sure have improved being physical.  Haven't we?

OldSoulNote 165
Before we entered our physical creation we had to take measures to insure ourselves that we would stay in the physical for the duration of our endeavors.  By means of the fear of physical death and by forgetting who or what we really are we have succeeded in prolonging our visits to earth to enable us to continue our creative experiments.  Basically our resistance to change and our ignorance keeps us firmly attached to this earth plane.  Our real home is the etheric plane.  There we live in energy bodies.  Living in the etheric is easier than living on earth.  Living in a physical body is tough.

OldSoulNote 166
We as a consciousness and therefore as a creator create our own physical body and live in it.  We the creator and we as our creation are so intermingled that the one is almost the other.  There is a constant interaction between ourselves and our manifestation as long as we live in it.  We however do not just create the body we also create its experiences.  Our thoughts are all powerful.  There is no power greater than thought.  Thought is the almighty creator.

OldSoulNote 167
We, the source of creation, have descended into our own matter world in order to experience our physical creation.  We, the source, are mankind.  And every man, woman and child is the source.  We, the source, have deliberately become human beings.  And now that we are human we love ourselves even more.  Mankind is beautiful and we are its creator.  Remind yourself of this.

OldSoulNote 168
The many simultaneous lifetimes you are living are like the many simultaneous channels on your TV.  Your soul is able to tune to any lifetime it wishes like you can tune to any channel.  Neither your Soul nor you are bound by time and space.  Your soul and you are manipulators of time and space.  Your soul is the producer of your lifetimes while you are the watcher of your shows.  Your soul and you are one.

In order to keep you in the physical as a body beautiful, your awareness and your desires have been focused towards the physical.  Which is similar to living in a beautiful three dimensional movie theater in which you have been watching the movie since birth.  No wonder you don't know anything about the outside world.  Before you can leave this movie theater for good you have to finish watching and producing the show.  Whatever you do however and wherever you're doing it you will always experience your own production.  You are the creator of your life always!

OldSoulNote 169
Our body is our sculpture and our temple.  We form it, we live in it and it is our being in flesh.  We as consciousness will always identify with some kind of image of ourselves.  Consciousness needs something to be aware of.  We will always be a combination of matter, energy and consciousness.  Being human means being all three.

OldSoulNote 170
The world and all the things in it are not of a solid physical substance.  All things are energy vibrations.  Physical life is a state of mind.  Physical things are forms of energy.  The entire matter-time-space continuum is a dreamland in which spirits experience a physical state of being.  Our physical world is a breeding place for consciousness, human consciousness.  At birth we enter our illusion and we find that our world is real.  The physical creation is a cosmic dream.  Only gods can enter.

OldSoulNote 171
The reward of life is in the moment.  There is no heaven, there is no hell.  There are only states of mind.  And in the infinite ages of the universe there is only the moment.  The moment in which we are given the opportunity to appreciate the state of mind we have created.  When we have learned to raise our awareness to cosmic communion we have entered the kingdom of God, the Christ consciousness.  We can reach this kingdom by living in the moment of nowness.

OldSoulNote 172
All beings in the universe are equal and our relationship forms the diversity of creation.  We have always been here.  We only create different roles for ourselves in order to keep it interesting.  On earth it appears as if there are old souls and young souls and as if there are creators and the created.  But in absolute reality there is only one consciousness.  We all are this one consciousness relating to itself.  We are the universe at play.  We are the play of God.

OldSoulNote 173
The changes in the world at the present are symptoms of the transformation of the third dimensional way of life to the new or fourth dimensional way of life.   It is a transformation as well as a transcendence.   This change will be a major feat for the human race.  The world as we know it will disappear in order to clear the way as intended for the next phase of human expression.  The old way of living in ignorance of ourselves will be replaced by the new age of understanding.  We are becoming four dimensional which means more aware, more psychic, more Christ like.

We will have peace and prosperity.  We will have abundance and love in the world.  Religious belief systems will disappear.  We will finally start to understand that we are the creators of our environment and that we are God living in our own creation.  Before all this comes about however the world of man will be shocked to its foundations and many billions will leave our plane of existence.  All our institutions as we know them will collapse and will have to be replaced by a new age way of dealing with ourselves.  The new age to come will be brilliant.  The transition period however will be most painful for the three dimensional individual.

OldSoulNote 174
Part of enlightenment is knowing that we live in a self-created human instrument or body in order to experience a self-created physical reality.  Physical reality is a certain aspect of our creation and it completely fools human understanding.  Our very existence within the physical creates our experiences for as always we are still the creator.  Once we master our created world we will know that the whole thing is a mental construction.  We awaken and continue as the source, as a Christ or as a Buddha.  As a human being we are God asleep and we dream a lot of different dreams.  One of them is believing that the matter world is something in and by itself.

OldSoulNote 175
A soul is not something that has been given to us in the distant past or when we were born.  Our soul is a collection of experienced emotions and the responses to these emotions.  We have accumulated these by living human lives and other kinds of experiences.  Our soul is a self-created character that is the collective memory of our personal thoughts and deeds.  Our soul is our cosmic memory.  Young souls have empty memories.  Mature souls think they know something.  Older souls know they know nothing.  That's why they smile a lot.

OldSoulNote 176
Like our soul is the creator of our body so is the earth soul the creator of the earth.  Our soul and the earth soul might seem different spirits or creators.  However their differences are but functional.  There is but one spirit or creator.  We are it!  Since many people do not think that this is so, they separate themselves by their thoughts.  They create their own reality.

OldSoulNote 177
In the life you are living you are the force of God playing roles.  Your role is to be you.  After every role or lifetime your body will expire and your spirit will leave.  Your body will disappear but you keep on living.  In each self created life episode you are the student in your own cosmic curriculum.  Only you know what you like and need.  You have been many characters but as always you represent the same force, your way!  This is a secret of life.

OldSoulNote 178
When you were born you brought with you a mind full of knowledge.  The mind or soul is reborn hiding within a brand new body.  All you experienced in all your lifetimes is stored in silence within your mind or soul.  You are using part of this knowledge now.  And some of it is in reserve.  To remember what your soul knows is intuition.  Some people are better at it than others.  It's a matter of letting go of yourself.  Most people are in their own way.

OldSoulNote 179
Our future is manifested by our thoughts and ideas camouflaged by matter, time and space.  All events in the physical are arranged by the timeless mental atmosphere of our minds.  All we ever encounter are our own ideas.  All events are happening the way they should for we are the manufacturers of the thoughts and ideas that create the world as we encounter it.  The reality of our life today are our thoughts of all our yesterdays.  Thoughts are timeless creators.  There are no exceptions.

OldSoulNote 180
Many parents think that their children are an extension of themselves and that their own lifestyle should be continued by means of their children.  Some parents feel that their children go astray when they deviate from their way of life.  This is not so.  We all come here to do our own thing.  This includes being a thief or a murderer or committing any other crime.  Parents are only channels through which souls enter into the world.

People come into this world to become mature minds or souls and eventually reach the Christ consciousness.  This takes many lifetimes and often the souls of parents live in bodies that are their own grand children or great grand children.  We incarnate within groups of people that form our own consciousness raising families.  Within these families negative and positive activities against or for other family members can be worked out by being born into a certain family to balance the cosmic scales of justice.

That is why sometimes there does not seems to be any justice in the world and life somehow does not seem to be fair.  This unfairness is the balancing of previously unbalanced situations that are being corrected in certain lifetimes.  The Bible calls it an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth.  Your own Christ mind is the judge.  Universal justice always prevails.

OldSoulNote 181
Do not look at the world of man from man's point of view.  Look at the world from God's point of view.  Man only sees bodies.  God sees itself communicating through and as bodies.  All human bodies are human phones communicating and amplifying the words of God.  The source of life within human bodies is God incarnated into flesh.  Communicating with others is communicating with your own source.

OldSoulNote 182
Future changes to mankind will be devastating to the old three dimensional population.  The world as we know it will end and a new age of understanding will begin.  Our next phase of learning will be based upon spiritual maturity.  Spiritual maturity means that one knows that he is God in creation.  This will make religions redundant.  Our space bothers will come to earth and they will show mankind the ways ahead.  Greed, aggression and distrust will be replaced by cooperation, compassion and understanding.  There will be many troubles directly ahead however the next millennium will be brilliant.

OldSoulNote 183
All lifetimes are lived simultaneously for time as we know it is an aspect of our dream.  Karma or balancing our lifetimes therefore is an elusive activity and should be reflected upon with the understanding that reincarnation is looking at lifetimes from an earth time perspective.  The high selves or Christs we are, we are now and our lifetime episodes are reflections within the nowness of their/our infinite moments.  High selves dream-think-create to be such and such and voila we are the realities of their creativity.  They are our creators in the same sense as that our thoughts are the creators of their existence.

Life is a cosmic paradox in which all of us are equal and create each other.  For all of us are the one consciousness that is entertaining itself by seemingly being different entities.  All creating takes place in consciousness.  And thinking that we live on earth is a conclusion made by a hypnotized aspect of a seemingly independent or separate consciousness.  There is not anything separate in the universe.

There is only mind entertaining itself by having billions upon billions of dreams.  All dreams are experienced as real by the dreamer who dreams he is separate from the universe and thinks that he is awake!  Since many creatures or entities are able to think and therefore are able to create the universe is an expanding mind or consciousness that becomes aware of its dreams as realities within seemingly different dimensions and aspects of itself.

OldSoulNote 184
The physical world, the world we believe in has conditioned mankind to think with words.  Any language therefore is limited by its prison of syllables.  Beyond the prison of syllables are the unlimited expressions of consciousness.  To communicate by mind or consciousness is using the language of the universe.  To evolve to these modes of expression is the future of all human beings.  The silent language of consciousness is the language of the gods.

OldSoulNote 185
When we come into the world as young and inexperienced human souls our first three problems to overcome are food, money and sex.  The fourth one is the awakening of the God within.  This last step however is not anything like the others.  The God you are as a human being has to be given lots of time to awaken.

This God came here to sleep and dream and the very dream is the method of awakening.  To awaken this God too soon is dream interference.  So let this God sleep and dream.  Sooner or later all dreams will end and the dreamer will awaken to find himself in the kingdom of God.

OldSoulNote 186
Many people think or feel that they should not live the way they live.  It gives them a feeling of dissatisfaction.  They become self-accusing.  This negative state of mind is a burden and in the long run will affect their health.  Because of religious conditioning they do not know that the very God and creator is living and experiencing their life for the purpose of educating itself.

The personality or the ego of the instrument through which the creator expresses itself will never become educated or mature.  The personality or ego is the very obstacle to overcome.  Human beings who blame themselves for imperfections are reinforcing the very obstacle to be transcended.  We all should live the best way we can and smile.  We are supposed to be human.

OldSoulNote 187
There is nothing about the present that is not as it should be.  For all things are the result of the combined thought of mankind.  Our thought is the creator.  There is no other force but the force of God in man.  This is the only creating force and creates in either ignorance or wisdom.  Mankind is the creator in action, good, bad or ugly.

OldSoulNote 188
From the very depth of our etheric human existence mankind as a creative force started their daring physical endeavor by descending into their own physical creation.  For millions of years we practiced living in animal bodies by getting in and out of them.  Slowly we improved these instruments as required and taught them to communicate with each other by means of speech and notation.

We became so fascinated by our creative efforts that eventually we completely identified with living in all kinds of physical bodies.  Because of the millions of years we spent on earth we forgot our etheric homeland completely.  Many times the human race was close to extinction.  But then, as well as in the present, we have the assistance from our older brothers in ways we do not even recognize yet.

The universal law of love is always in effect and higher planes of life assist lower planes.  Except for a few mature beings like Buddha, Christ, Lao-tzu, Krishna and some other great souls mankind has been totally in the dark about its true identity.

At the present we are entering a new age of understanding.  And in not too long a time thousands of human beings will reach higher levels of awareness.  The knowledge and wisdom gathered by experiencing our own physical creation will be part of us forever in our ancestral home of the etheric. Living in physical bodies is a temporary but tough undertaking.  Our whole physical endeavor is most daring for nobody really knew what we would encounter.  We are lost gods in our own creation.

OldSoulNote 189
We have indeed succeeded in creating a most complex physical body and live in it.  All we have to accomplish now is to find our way home.  Great mind in which we create show us the way.

OldSoulNote 190
After millions of years of experimentation by trial and error, by ignorance and wisdom, mankind has finally arrived at the present.  One great difficulty was to live fully in time in a self- created bodily form.  And now that we live in a body in a matter-time-space reality we cannot imagine living beyond it.  The turmoil in the world at the present is the bottoming out of our matter-time-space world creation.

All of us are completely fooled by the superhuman efforts that have been accomplished.  Many of Us are completely seduced by the body beautiful and its ego syndromes.  The matter world is a make believe world and is a shadow of our greater reality.  We live here but we don't belong here. All of us will be returning slowly to our original higher dimensional energy states.  Our future time on earth will be spend by concentrating upon the perfection of our mental capabilities.

OldSoulNote 191
To feel no other, means that the world and the universe is felt as the being you are.  It means to feel whole.  It's the feeling of enlightenment.  To feel that way is to be the Christ of Creation.

OldSoulNote 192
Any virus, bacteria or killer bug has just as much right to live and flourish as any other being in the universe.  The size, shape or action of any creature is absolutely irrelevant to its right to be.  All of them have their place in life.  All of them are the self or God.  Disrespect for viruses means to have no self respect.  For all life in different functions is the very self we are.  To respect others is self respect.

OldSoulNote 193
To renounce the world because it is vain or sinful or to renounce it because it is an illusion is a sign of ignorance.  The world is a mass thought construction of mankind and it is a valid reality in consciousness.  It is a mass mind image of cosmic energy.  All beings, things or realities in the universe are different mind or consciousness constructions.  All of them are only relatively real.  The one and only real thing is consciousness itself.  We all live in it and are it forever.

OldSoulNote 194
Suppose that your body or the world is space and that your mind or awareness is time.  Now with a little bit of imagination you could let your mind or awareness and time travel all over your body or the world or space.  Then stop where you want to be.  Do you know what you would see? Do you know where you would be?  You would see what you see now.  And you would be where you are.  For as always you are witnessing the reality of your being.

OldSoulNote 195
Our body is a condensed aspect of our mind.  Our thoughts have become physical reality.  To learn that this is so is the reason for living on earth.  We must also learn that our mind or consciousness is universal mind or consciousness.  Neither God nor devil has forced us to be where we are doing what we are doing.  We came to this reality of miracles as voluntary participants - so that we may learn to become the magician.

OldSoulNote 196
The universe is made out of thoughts and the density of these thoughts determines the level of reality.  Within physical reality thoughts are semi-solid and matter or solidified thought within this reality falls within a certain density range.  The type of physical matter is determined by the vibrational differences and the density of cosmic energy or consciousness.  Matter is vibrating mind.  Solidity and density are relative and energy bodies can move through matter without any hindrance or resistance.

Living in an energy body is a funny experience for you can move through a brick wall.  You can also move from place to place by thinking.  Moving from place to place is moving from thought to thought.  The whole universe is nothing but a great mind through which thoughts or things move like patterns of sunlight move through the deep blue sea.  All thoughts or things combined make up the great mind itself.

Some aspects of this mind are visible because these aspects or thoughts radiate a specific cosmic energy field that can be detected by certain sensors.  These sensors are the senses of our physical body.  What we sense in our physical universe are energy fields or pressures.  In the universe there are only thoughts.  Thoughts are radiating energy fields that influence each other in certain ways.  No energy field re-acts the same as any other and therefore the universe is diversity.  Not any one thought or thing is identical to any other thought or thing.

OldSoulNote 197
Would you create a universe and live somewhere else? Would you create a world and let people pollute it? Would you create a human body and then let them spoil it? Would you create a mouse and then let the cat eat it? You certainly wouldn't.  Well neither would I.  I do all things myself.  I am the almighty God and creator and I am you!

OldSoulNote 198
By the time you have learned how to think you have already formed many opinions.  Then before you know it you either try to defend or transcend them.  All this creates tension or contraction.  This tension or contraction is the very feeling of discontent within you that becomes your personal resistance to freedom and happiness.  In order to be free and happy you must drop all opinions and attitudes.  You must become an impersonal God mind and radiate divine indifference.

OldSoulNote 199
Religions are supposed to release mankind from the inner feelings of inferiority by having them surrender to their gods.  Most religions however create inferiority in the first place.  The gods of all religions are false gods for they are man-made.  The original problem therefore is not resolved.  Religions and their different beliefs create tensions between different societies and most often this leads to war and destruction.  Sometimes wars are necessary however because immature people need an outlet for their negative energy.

Religions are institutions that have control over the activities of their followers.  As a result most people renounce self-responsibility for they believe that their gods are responsible for their existence.  Mankind in the previous stages of development needed a self-created cosmic parent.  This period of mankind is coming to an end.  All religions eventually will be transcended and abandoned.  Mankind will grow towards their Christ-self, the true God they are.

The only key to real happiness is direct intuitive awareness that you are the God that is.  Self- knowledge is the only salvation and happiness.  Knowing that you are God however does not make you a Buddha or a Christ.

OldSoulNote 200
Your will is God's will.  And whatever you do is fine with God.  God or existence is not picky.  As a matter of fact God could care less.  God is an impersonal force like electricity.  Living on earth teaches everyone how to use this force.  The earth is a school where semi-conscious beings awaken to crystal clear awareness.

OldSoulNote 201
The essence of the universe is mind.  This mind dreams billions of independent personal realities simultaneously.  All these independent realities form and are relationships of mind with itself.  Dreaming is a must in order to relate.  Dreaming is projecting aspects of yourself into a certain state or activity.

Mind is so powerful that these aspects or realities become actualities in different dimensions of time and space.  These actualities or people find themselves separated and independent from any source and adopt their own identities for they have free will.  With their limited awareness they believe that some god or creator created them in order to be looked up to.

Sooner or later however some people become aware that they are dreaming and that all other people or realities are parallel dreams or aspects of the same consciousness as they are.  Most people however find this a most hilarious idea because they all think that they are wide awake.

OldSoulNote 202
All dreams or aspects of dreams are thoughts.  Thoughts are the projections or products of mind.  Thoughts are things.  The universe is full of things, all thoughts.  The universe is mind dreaming and projecting itself infinitely.

OldSoulNote 203
All things in the universe, visible and invisible, are cosmic energy in vibration.  Different frequencies create different material.  Compatible frequencies attract and incompatible frequencies reject.  The soul or mind is a vibrating cloud of cosmic energy and is super imposed upon a certain body.  The body is visible the mind is not.  Neither is the aura.  An experienced soul or mind can live with any form or body but a young soul prefers a good looking one.  A body is nothing more than a remote controlled Instrument.  Sooner or later it wears out and is put away.  The body is a space suit for the mind.

OldSoulNote 204
Our mind cannot ponder realities.  It can only relate to ideas about realities.  Our mind cannot relate to things.  It can only relate to ideas about things.  And here is another thought.  What is gold, what is water, what is air? What is wood or steel or cotton?  They are but names.  We have given all things a name.  But what are they really? We don't really know what anything is.  All we can say is that things are dancing energy.  And what is energy? Molecules, atoms, electrons, muons, protons, kaons, butter, cheese.  Names, names, names and more names.  What is it really?

OldSoulNote 205
We only experience a limited version of total reality.  Our perception is limited to a certain range.  We create our reality according to our limitations.  The more we understand, the more we can prove to ourselves that reality is a self-created dream.  Sooner or later we will see through our illusion.  We will know then the truth behind it.  One facet of the truth is that all of us create exactly what we need to experience in order to awaken.  The dream we create is our lesson.

OldSoulNote 206
The physical reality of the universe is a pattern of cosmic energy that is created by the collective consciousness of all Beings.  The physical reality of the world is a pattern of cosmic energy that is created by the collective consciousness of mankind and the beings responsible for mankind.  The beings who are responsible for mankind are our older brothers in consciousness who sometimes emerge from the invisible and seem to soar in UFOS.  They are the guardians of mankind, the keepers of the world.

The world and all its activity upon it is the direct product of man's consciousness and manifests itself in a process of constant change.  Whatever we experience on earth is a three dimensional scenario of cosmic energy.  It is the direct result of our thoughts.  This active and moving pattern of the world, in all its details and greatness, is literally the view of our consciousness.  What we see however is but the physical spectrum of the activity.  The energy exchange behind the physical activity that produces the physical effect is beyond our range of vision.  All activity in the world is the result of our thought.  It's quite a show.

OldSoulNote 207
It is quite normal that in a world full of creators, of which most are unaware that they are creators, the created result is quite hectic.

OldSoulNote 208
Scientists have come to the conclusion that there is no God or Supervisor who looks after the universe or actualizes it.   The relationship or mental activity of all live-in participants of the universe, high and low, creates or produces the cosmic totality.   This cosmic totality or the universe is the actual relationship of its participants.

All participants seemingly live as separate beings within the oneness of universal consciousness.   Each participant contributes according to its actions.  The creative power of the universe is our collective consciousness driven by individual wishes and desires.  The many worlds of the physical universe are but small aspects of the total reality of the universe.

The total reality of the universe might contain infinite realities.  All that exists however does exist in mind or consciousness.  There neither is an inner nor an outer, there is only consciousness.

OldSoulNote 209
Since the future is not determined, we are given the choice to choose it.  By choosing it we determine it.  Our mental activity or choice expressed in physical reality is the world as it is and as it should be.  We live here.  We express ourselves here.  To live any other place or to live in any other manner would make us prisoners of the universe.

OldSoulNote 210
Many people might consider themselves prisoners of some universal or worldly system.  They are only prisoners of their own mind.  Living on earth again and again will set them free.  Life is a process of evolution.  Each man is somewhere within this process.

When this process has come to the point where an individual becomes consciously aware of a process of evolution he can help his process by making it a conscious evolution.  Before this point it was only an unconscious development.  To make this evolution a conscious evolution is most commendable.

OldSoulNote 211
Matter is slowed down mind.  Mind is self- organizing life energy.  Life energy is universal spirit.  A human being is matter, mind and spirit.  The combination of these three determine the state of your evolvement.  If you're mostly matter, you're a mountain.  If you're mostly mind, you're a genius.  If you're mostly spirit, you're a living idea.  Whatever you are this time around the next time you will be more mind or spirit.  Evolution is consciousness doing its thing.  Which is changing matter into mind into spirit.

OldSoulNote 212
Our higher selves or our Christ selves consciously create images of themselves by thought and hereby produce new forms of life.  These images are you and I and everybody.  We are thought projections of our God mind.  We are children of consciousness.

We, as these children, take on our own reality and, in our turn and time, we also become creators of new forms of life.  We all are creators.  We are children born out of consciousness with the likeness and ability of the universal creator.  We all are aspects of consciousness with individual varieties and diversities.  None of us however is either more or less than any other being.  All of us are the same consciousness.  There is but one consciousness.

Since we live on earth at the present and are subjected to earth time, it might seem to us that we are created by beings who are higher than us or more powerful.  This is not so.  Our higher selves or Christ selves are thought projections or children themselves and are born or cast from the same consciousness you and I are.

This consciousness is the womb of all creation.  It is the same in ordinary life.  A parent is not more or better than the child.  The child is as much an expression of consciousness as the parent is or anybody.  The child is consciousness in form.  Whether it is young, old, ugly or beautiful, it makes no difference.  These distinctions are but human preferences.  Consciousness has no preferences.  It is always itself!

OldSoulNote 213
Some of us think that there was a time that could be called the beginning of creation.  There was no such time.  Yet, consciousness creates and destroys in cycles.  Consciousness does not always express itself into forms, either physical or otherwise.  Sooner or later there are changes in the mode of manifestation in which consciousness collects all its children and hides within itself.

This is the stage of non-being in which there are no manifestations.  Then all diversity and variety has ceased.  Then once again consciousness goes through a stage in which it dreams and creates diversity.  Different than before but not necessarily better or worse.  It is a cycle of being and non-being.  It's called the breath of God.

Scientists think of a beginning and call it the big bang.  Before this bang however there was another and another and so on and so on.  In every cycle consciousness expresses itself differently.  In different galaxies, different planets, different worlds, different people, different trees and different flowers in new and different manifestations.

Creation appears and disappears like clouds, like leaves on a tree, like you and I.  Yet as always, consciousness is but itself, you and I and the neighbors.

OldSoulNote 214
The universe is the dream of consciousness on display.  In order to appreciate this dream we have to experience it.  That's why we live on earth as human beings.  The dream of consciousness becomes reality and in order to recognize it for what it is worth we fall asleep and live the dream.  We are on earth to discover that our dream reality is our creation.  We must awaken from this dream, sometimes by pain and sorrow and sometimes by pleasure and joy.  But awaken we will.  This is what life is all about.

OldSoulNote 215
The persistence of perception makes us believe that the world we live in is solid and real.  Scientists prove that solidness is an illusion and realness therefore becomes appearance.  When we look from in here, what we experience out there is an interaction of energies.  This interaction gives us the impression that there is something out there.

In actuality, the in here and out there are one and the same energy fooling itself.  This energy is consciousness or mind.  We perceive the world the way we have been taught to perceive it.  Our conditioning determines what we perceive.  The way we see the world is created by the perceiver.  The world is a mind trick.

OldSoulNote 216
The earth is a school with a million grades.  Grades are not necessarily attended in sequential order.  We go through a grade or experience whenever the circumstances in the world are suitable to teach us that certain lesson.  The most difficult lesson to learn is that we are the creator of the lessons as well as of the school.  Every time we leave our body and we feel good about ourselves we are ready for a more mature lesson.

OldSoulNote 217
The fundamental activity of our matter world is indeed fundamental or rather an activity founded on mentality.  All events that occur in our space- time world are the result of mental forces.  These mental forces are the thoughts and ideas that form or create our matter-space-time world.  Whatever we experience in our material world are the reflections or results of mind.  We, in our matter-space-time capsule, are tossed around by thoughts.

OldSoulNote 218
To hang on to anything in life slows us down on the path of enlightenment.  Especially hanging on to ideas.  We have come here to appreciate our creation and the emptier our mind is the better we are able to appreciate.  Appreciation without personal involvement is enlightenment.

OldSoulNote 219
Life is the dance of cosmic energy.  It dances and woos itself continually.  The dance and the dancers are the same.  All things in the material reality are energy force fields disguised as the world of sticks and stones.  We are figments of this energy and our energy or soul is disguised as a human inhabitant of earth.  Human force fields or souls interact and dance to the music of life.  The rhythm and harmony makes them grow.  The dance of life is the dance of God disguised as man.

OldSoulNote 220
The dance of sub-atomic particles is similar to the lives of many people.  All events seem to happen by chance and life seems to depends on luck.  This naturally is not so.  All events in life for the ignorant as well as for the wise are governed by thought.  If you cannot think for yourself you fall prey to the thoughts and desires of others.  Events in all worlds, great and small, are determined by the actions of consciousness.  Matter does not move by chance.

OldSoulNote 221
Modern scientists have proven that the universe is an unbroken wholeness.  There are no parts, there is no separation.  Life on earth contradicts this.  However, the scientists are absolutely right.  All members or aspects of the universe are mutually dependent and interconnected by a permeating, universal, living energy that creates and is all things.  We are not just human beings living in different and separate bodies.  We are interconnected and directly dependent upon this permeating, universal, living energy.  This permeating energy is undetectable.  We are this living energy, our way!

OldSoulNote 222
There are only ideas in the universe.  There are no worlds, there are no planets, there are no galaxies, there are no realities.  There are only descriptions or ideas about worlds, about planets, about galaxies and about realities.  Man is an idea himself.  To know anything else but ideas or descriptions is not possible.  We, as an idea, compare ourselves to other ideas and thereby think we know others or things.  We are ideas sensing others ideas.  We live in mind or consciousness only.  The universe and all worlds are mind or consciousness structures.  All forms are posing mental energy or standing energy waves.

OldSoulNote 223
As long as our inner feelings are divided between love and hate, good and bad, happy and sad, nice and nasty or pleasure and suffering , our outer world is created that way.  What we feel inside, we create outside.  The God mind or creator under our command is an automatic manufacturer of the world as seen from the inside.  This is the way the universe works.

OldSoulNote 224
All things are really thoughts and all thoughts are really things.  There is basically no difference between a thing and a thought except for the range of vibration of the cosmic energy they consist of.  When we live on earth we are subjected to our senses which are normally attuned to the frequency range of matter.  When we are out of the body however we are more attuned to the frequency range of thoughts.  This frequency range is higher.

Things and thoughts are but a cosmic octave apart in frequency.  When we leave our physical body at promotion time we drop our lower frequency range of vibration and we keep humming along recognizing things in a higher frequency range.  Our world then has become an energy environment.  This energy environment is consciousness or mind expressed as energy.  In this energy environment we continue our life until we return to earth for our next physical expression.

OldSoulNote 225
The universal consciousness or mind is actually a multi-split parent mind.  All personalities, people and things emerge from this parent mind and live in a dream state of self reflection that does not allow them to realize that they actually are the one parent mind.  We are unconscious of our true identity.  We suffer from a separation syndrome that can only be healed by becoming whole.

This wholeness is what all of us are looking for, lifetime after lifetime.  During these lifetimes we try to fill our emptiness by engaging ourselves in all kinds of activities that in the long run do not really satisfy us.  We are hungry for our greater self, not for activities.  As a human being, we live in some kind of dissociated state from our greater or higher self.

We are sub-personalities of our parent mind and only by conscious efforts and radical realization can we, as individuated or dissociated dreamers, merge with our universal or parent mind.  This parent mind is the creator of the universe that by means of its sub personalities creates according to their individual wishes and desires.

All human wishes and desires however are not too effective towards inner fulfillment.  We are missing our wholeness of being in the first place.  Our wishing well has an empty source.  This wholeness will be found when we enter the Christ consciousness or the kingdom of God.  This is what all of us are working on life in and life out.  Great mind in which we live possess our soul.

OldSoulNote 226
Any being, thing or form is nothing in and by itself.  Only by its interactions with others becomes each identity what it is.  The universe therefore is only of value to itself because of its expressions.  All expressions of the universe are expressions of universal love.  The inter relationship of all expressions is the love affair of the universe.  Life, all life, is the expression of love.

OldSoulNote 227
In our three dimensional physical reality sub atomic particles appear and disappear spontaneously.  Human beings do the same thing!  Human appearances seem to last longer because the human time frame is at synchronism.  Sub atomic particles have the same importance to the universe as human beings.  Both are necessary in order to establish the other.  It's a mutual act of creation.

OldSoulNote 228
Eternity is in the moment for the moment is eternity.  Not a day nor an hour will ever be lost for the great mind in thought is creation.  Mankind is its memory.

OldSoulNote 229
Within the infinity of time and space all things exist only for an instant.  They do not exist before or after this instant.  Since we are living at the same time as our environment and the things within it, we recognize that all things are real.  Our life span on earth however is zero compared to infinity.  Within the infinite spectrum of time and space lifetimes bodies and things are but mind created dreams or illusions.  Within the instant of our dream, however, our life in the physical is real and lasting.  Human beings are only relatively real.  Like all other things, the only real thing in the universe is the universal consciousness or creator.  We are this consciousness.  We are this creator.

OldSoulNote 230
The light from a prism contains all colors.  The universal energy contains all things.  Man, the creator, is the lens or prism through which all things are created from universal energy.  Man, the creator, lives all over the universe, in different forms with different souls.  There are no other creators.

OldSoulNote 231
Miracle of miracles, mystery of mysteries, I am energy, I am man, bending and stretching, carrying and holding, energy as matter.  I see the world, forms and shapes, animals and flowers, boys and girls.  Alive and aware, each in their own way.  All participating within the one and all, creating the universe we are being God!

OldSoulNote 232
The universe as an unbroken wholeness can never become aware of itself by itself.  In order to become aware of anything the unbroken wholeness radiates itself into centers of consciousness or mind units.  These mind units become all forms necessary in order to create a universe of infinite variety.

Each mind unit or co-consciousness has the identity of the unbroken wholeness.  Each co-consciousness or mind unit creates its own role in the play of creation.  All centers of consciousness relate to all others for all forms, unknown to themselves are participating aspects of the one universal mind that loves all aspects as itself.  We are self expressions of love in an infinite and universal relationship.  THE UNIVERSE IS SELF EXPRESSED LOVE!

OldSoulNote 233
The entire universe, high and low, visible and invisible, is a stage upon which we play roles in order to entertain ourselves.  One particular stage or scene is not more important that any other in the infinite play.  All things are relative and equal...

OldSoulNote 234
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  The road to heaven is not paved at all.  As a matter of fact there is not even a road.  Any self-made path will do.  Self responsibility is the Engine...

OldSoulNote 235
It makes no darn difference who or what you are or what you do, for you are The Infinite Light manifested as a Human Being.  You do not even have to like yourself.  As a matter of fact you are allowed to hate yourself.  You are The Infinite Light anyway!

OldSoulNote 236
Everything is good for something.  So don't worry or fret if you are useless to yourself.  As a matter of fact it's a good way to be - someone else needs to practise on you...

OldSoulNote 237
All throughout Creation - The Infinite Light (TIL) breaks itself into different holographic fragments which in and by themselves are unique and reflect the One from where they emerge.  Each fragment continues to break into many other fragments which are whole as well.  They all reproduce and create new circumstances, which teach them who or what they really are.  TIL itself!  TIL doesn't know good from bad lessons.  It experiences itself, by expressing itself in as many possibilities as it sees fit in order to fulfill itself.  TIL is Love for Itself...

OldSoulNote 238
Possibly yes, I fated myself.  This is so because I as the Universal Self projected an Aspect of Myself into this world.  To once again - let it climb and shine to recognize its Greatness, including the Source from which it came and is.  In the mean time, Gerardus, is like a sub-atomic particle, which appears and disappears when its time has come.  Take him or leave him - he's here now - to be what he is, an aspect of the Light, in all his Beingness...

OldSoulNote 239
Sometimes I see the Universe as an infinite batch of dough from which all Cookies are baked.  Eventually all Cookies become Bakers who bake more Cookies according to their own liking.  Whichever way you look at it, all things come from the same Oven.  This Oven is TIL...

OldSoulNote 240
God's Plan is being executed by the Created for we as Human Beings are Co-Creators within the Manifestation within which the planning and the manifesting is in direct relationship.  To see that this is so is up to each individual and cannot be proven to others...

OldSoulNote 241
The universe is a Wishing Well of infinite proportions within which, words are the symbols of meaninglessness because of Semantics.  I agree with you that Reality and Illusion are each other...

OldSoulNote 242
I as Gerardus am an infinitely tiny fraction of the Universal Mind and only because of this, can I expand upon this infinitely small fraction and comprehend more and more of myself.  I am the Infinite Mind in a Finite Form in order to experience what I am.  I do this because I love what I am!  I AM the Infinite and the Finite in the present moment - simultaneously...

OldSoulNote 243
I like to compare our position as human beings, as if we are The Infinite Light and have stepped through ourselves.  We came out as Human Beings using our imagination.  As Human Creatures, all we need to do now is step back through ourselves and we have arrived.  Meanwhile, all we need to do is enjoy ourselves to the utter human limits and our enjoyment is the impetus to our arrival Home...

OldSoulNote 244
Many people will kill to defend their free will!  That's why they follow the Religion of their choice.  However, as followers they have put themselves in prison and lost their free will.  They have become inmates of their limited religion.  It limits their thinking...

OldSoulNote 245
Creation is a Holographic or MorphoGenetic Energy System that can be modified at will by those who have risen to higher dimensional regions.  Creation is God's Infinite Arcade within which all Beings play a self created and self involved Reality Game.  Creation is God's Arcade and all of us are interactive Players.  Life is the Game and there are no winner or losers.  The way we play the Game is most important for it creates the consequences we will be subjected to.  Cheating is not possible...

OldSoulNote 246
The way we see and experience the world, is the result of our mind and its habitual attitudes over many lifetimes.  Therefore, we are responsible for the way we experience the world, for our habits of mind create the flavoring of our experiences.  Needless to mention that our mindset is a very important creator in the universe.  The wonder of it all is in the ordinary.  How can it all be? Where does it all go? And why am I wondering and laughing? We as Man are the Thoughts of The Creator but We also are The Creator thinking...

OldSoulNote 247
What we experience in Life is decided by what we think and believe.  This means that if we only think rationally our life will only be a rational affair.  When we begin to think and believe irrationally our life becomes a miraculous journey.  It also means, we must stop thinking like a human being and begin to think like God.  Life is not about Believing our Life is about Knowing.  And yet Our Life is what we believe it to be!  Could anyone explain that to me?

OldSoulNote 248
At one time God winked at me and said Go for it and do your Thing!  I have been doing it ever since.  I just wish I knew which eye it was.  The greatest mystery is the Mystery Within.  We all have our Own!  Once the Light within you awakens you know that the God of the Bible - never existed - as it was only a concoction of man's mind.  The World, the Universe, Truth are not just things that are already made ready to be captured.  They are Self-Made!

OldSoulNote 249
The Enjoyment of the Moment is the Infinity of the Future.  That is why no Moment of Enjoyment ought to be skipped.  It would create a Future full of Holes reaching for the Past!  All I know is that I am a small aspect of the universe and that I know next to nothing of how it works.  I can't even turn it on or off!  I have no idea what my final destiny precisely will be.  One thing is for sure I trust the process.  I AM THE I AM...

OldSoulNote 250
All of us are enlightened already and because of this we have sent aspects of ourselves into different realities in order to experience other modes of Life through these aspects.  These aspects in turn must realize that they are aspects of their Enlightened Self and are free to do whatever they see fit in order to enjoy themselves while they help awaken more of us to the same realization.  Naturally all aspects are the Enlightened Self in the first place and we could say therefore All of us Are The Creator We Are!

OldSoulNote 251
Before an apple falls from the tree it is an aspect of the Tree.  As soon as it has fallen it is an apple with many trees within.  In the same manner as soon as we are free from the High Self We Are We are One ourselves with many within.  As Above so Below!  Know the Present and The Rest is Clear The Beauty of Self is present in the Moment of Nowness...

OldSoulNote 252
Everything is a thought dressed up in different energy vibrations in order to be and entertain the Thinker and its Thoughts.  Some of these Thoughts have reached far enough to become a Thinker as well and issues Thoughts on its own.  Since all this takes place beyond time there is but One Original Thinker.  The Infinite Light!  We are The Infinite Light in Human Form...

OldSoulNote 253
In the midst of the world in trouble entities in Human Form as old as the Universe itself gather invisibly to each other and play with words by means of incredibly complex gadgets.  Providing Recognition of Self and the pleasure of enjoying the One They Are.  This play is mutually conducive to many ready to receive via the medium of the One Mind.  It's how the Universe shares itself Thought by Thought...

OldSoulNote 254
Creation is an Infinite Relationship within which we accept finite roles with different functions in order to learn more and more about ourselves and the possibilities of this Relationship.  All in all it is A Universal Creative Play.  We are the Authors and the Directors as well as the Players of this infinite spectacle.  Before we discover that all of us identify with our roles too much and seemingly get lost in the details of our Universal Play...

OldSoulNote 255
The entire universe is an experiment in mind, in which we play games with ourselves.  In order to do so we all play different roles.  Some actors are seemingly better or worse than others.  This is an illusion or only a personal opinion.  The universe does not care about our personal illusions.  It is always itself!  We all are the same Being differently!  To recognize this we must honor and love all the aspects we are and the roles we play.  This is extremely difficult to understand for the mass-mind.  By means of experiences we will all gain the wisdom and awareness to grasp the above...

OldSoulNote 256
Nothing is right or wrong, but to those who call it right or wrong.  The many experiences mankind goes through have no meaning in and by themselves - except that they are meant to raise awareness within their Soul. If it does that - everything is right or wrong at the same time...

OldSoulNote 257
The energy necessary in order to gain awareness comes from the resistance that needs to be overcome...

OldSoulNote 258
Human Life means that we all live in different human bodies and all these bodies function as actors upon a Stage we call the World.  All Actors have different scripts which they use when they speak or write.  Once their acting carrier is over and they pass on - they come to the conclusion that their script was only a temporary personal opinion that has nothing do do with the Essence or Truth they actually are...

OldSoulNote 259
There is something about Life that cannot be explained, while all the things that can be explained mean nothing...

OldSoulNote 260
Consciousness is never still nor stagnant.  We are moving and dying all the time.  As human beings we progress in individual stages.  Few human beings wonder about things - while all the rest is asleep.  Those who are wondering must enjoy where they are - before their awareness enlightens them...

OldSoulNote 261
The reality of Human Life is lived in our awareness - not out there!  There is no out there.  We create this out there in our awareness or imagination and then we think it happens there.  We are the Infinite Mind having a physical experience...

OldSoulNote 262
Women already have the Christ Mind but since men confuse them a lot it is not apparent... (Almost everything I write is true)

OldSoulNote 263
God and the Devil live side by side within us.  In order for us to awaken fully they will both have to come out and express themselves.  Both will have to be accepted by us.  Eventually we pick one of these forces as our orientation and go with it.  STO or STS - it makes no difference, they are both TIL at work...

OldSoulNote 264
The trouble is that once we have picked STO or STS as our orientation we become blinded by our own thoughts and call all opposite forces evil or bad.  They are both TIL expressed in a different manner...

OldSoulNote 265
What is said by anyone makes no difference once we know who or what we are!  Human Life is a Game or Play that is an illusion or a lie that is experienced as reality.  It makes no difference what this reality is!  The object of the Play is to awaken Human Souls.  The Play is but the method!  The Play does not have to hold truth nor water.  It's just a Play or a Set Up...

OldSoulNote 266
It might even be possible to awaken people by means of a movie.  That is what the earth-school really is anyway, for physical reality does not really exist.  It's all played in mind and it is subjective.  Our awareness is a subjective screen directly reflecting what we perceive.  What we perceive is different for all of us...

OldSoulNote 267
There are worlds within worlds and dreams within dreams.  When the reality frequencies of two or more worlds coincide, extra ordinary occurrences are noticed.  Happenings of the past seem to appear amidst our present reality for example!  This is most flabbergasting to those not familiar with the manners by which our realities are generated.  All realities are virtual and they are Holographic Projections from higher dimensional realities.  These exist all around us, but we only experience the dimension we are attuned to.  We do this on purpose!

OldSoulNote 268
Our Soul is a holographic energy system which is constantly projecting aspects of itself into other realities.  These aspects appear real to our senses.  Our body is a lens giving reality to the illusion we are subjected to.  Human Life occurs amidst a very complex and illusive reality that fools us.  We are fooled by our own body and its Holographic Interpreter the human brain.  That's why life in matter is a Celebration.  We are the Light of Creation living as Fools in Matter!

OldSoulNote 269
Our body is the secret clue to physical reality.  Without it we are not able to witness it or live in it.  Our conscious mind our senses and our brain form a biocomputer that makes us believe we live in something different than mind.  This is not so!  All is Mind and the specific reality systems we live in require specific instruments in order to experience Life.  Our body is that Instrument!  The Universe is a Holographic Phenomenon from within all of us participate and create the actuality of all things.  Our Thoughts Create - All That Is!

OldSoulNote 270
We all live as if in a dream in which we assume or take on individual identity to give validity to the reality of the dream.  This so called dream takes place amidst an infinite field of energy we could call The Infinite Light.  The most persistent question is whose dream is this? The answer to this question lies within us, because all of us are The Infinite Light looking at ourselves from a view point that lies within the reality of our dream.  All Entities are specific aspects of The Infinite Light...

OldSoulNote 271
We all have different truths and different values in Life.  Could it be that we are all different on purpose in order to realize that neither truth nor values are as important as tolerance and understanding? Did you know that when you say something doubtful half a dozen Souls jump on you and when you say something right no Soul ever beeps a boo? Human nature you know is hard to beat.  I am full of it...

OldSoulNote 272
All subatomic particles have a tendency to exist only.  They are not really real except on paper.  All these particles come and go and are created and disappear almost at random.  The amazing thing is so do people!  What is the difference? I think that particles and people are created and disappear according to the laws of the universe and that the Source has put the whole thing on automatic pilot.  After that it takes a vacation being particles and people to see what's going on.  Who is that Source?

OldSoulNote 273
Life is a dream and in this dream we are confused until we awaken.  Best thing to do is to live our Life and do what we want to do without harming others.  Our awakening will happen when we are ready.  We cannot tell when this will occur as long as we are dreaming.  The process of awakening has a thousand steps...

OldSoulNote 274
We are all working together in the world, because the political games, including the killing and suffering, is what is needed in order to awaken the masses from their unconsciousness!  If we were all truly conscious or aware - there would be no hate or killing.  The only way to cure this unconsciousness is to experience the actions created by it!  War is the creation of unconscious creators or egos.  Only and because of their experiences will they be able to see that they are unconscious.  The pain is the alarm clock...

OldSoulNote 275
One cannot be told what the Truth is - but only our insight because of our experiences makes us realize the Truth.  It's what many have been trying to tell us in the first place...

OldSoulNote 276
We have lost our way because of the stories we have been told.  They have confused us!  Until we realize the Truth We Are there will be more and more stories.  We listen to them in order to realize the Truth We Are.  This realization is a process in time we need to learn to enjoy.  The Truth is superior to any condition - human or otherwise...

OldSoulNote 277
What difference does it make to the people of Iraq, when one Bully defeats another Bully and the people in Iraq think all their troubles are over presently? In the long run, it might even be more difficult for them to be free than before since they are now dominated by a greater Bully...

OldSoulNote 278
Enlightening to me means experiencing enough of myself to make me realize the Greatness I really am although what I am at this moment, a simple human being, does not diminish what I really am.  My Human Form is but one of my disguises.  To fully embody my Greatness is full Realization.  Only a few people have accomplished this in the last few thousands years.  Many more are to follow soon.  Eventually we'll all have our Moment of Glory...

OldSoulNote 279
Our Soul is a holographic energy system which is constantly projecting aspects of itself into other realities.  These aspects appear real to our senses.  Our body is a lens giving reality to the illusion we are all subjected to.  Human Life occurs amidst a very complex and illusive reality that fools us.  We are fooled by our own body and its Holographic Interpreter the human brain.  That's why life in matter is a Celebration...

OldSoulNote 280
People, Teachings, Books, Religions and other seemingly useful things are sign posts one can only lean on for a little while.  Human Life only becomes a glorious path when we collectively start to live what we know.  It is called Wisdom in Action...

OldSoulNote 281
In the universe there are basically only two things Energy and Information.  We are this Energy collecting Information.  In order to do that we have created an unlimited amount of Forms which are grouped together and have relationships in an unlimited number or settings.  All in All - We call it Life.  We are this Life!

OldSoulNote 282
True Wisdom is, helping yourself by trying to help others when asked.  Helping others is difficult, for all of us think or feel that our own mixed bag of goodies is the answer.  Helping the World of Man for example is extremely difficult.  What we need are True Leaders - True Educators.  All we have now are re-electable Politicians, Bankers and brainwashed Religious Leaders.  What we need is Leaders who awaken the sleeping mass-mind...

OldSoulNote 283
I do not think there is a God who created it all.  There are only Beings, People and their Higher Selves, who create What Is.  These Higher Selves are like Parents and when we have become more aware, we will do our own co-creating.  Many of us do that already!  Our Higher Selves have Parents too, as well as Grandparents.  I cannot see an end to all these Parents and Children in this Universal Family.  There are infinite in number...

OldSoulNote 284
The Earth and its people are an enormous cosmic experiment for the purpose of attaining the ultimate realization, by means of a biological path in which each lifetime is but a tiny episode of an infinite dream.  Meanwhile, Human Life is not about money or power!  However, you will only know that when you have enough of it to fill your belly and impress your neighbors with your toys until you become bored with it!

OldSoulNote 285
All things are vibrations - energy vibrations.  Some we recognize, many we don't.  The vibrations we do not experience do not exist for us.  There is even an energy so chaotic that nobody recognizes it.  This is the Source out of which all things arise!  It is the unaligned Infinite Subconsciousness - The IS.  Things arise from The IS and manifest when this chaotic energy becomes aligned with certain thought-frequencies and form realities...

OldSoulNote 286
For many thousands of years we have been living with the misconception that God or The Infinite Light is some other Force.  This is not so!  We are the very One - the very Force - the Very God That Is!  The Infinite Light speaks to us by means of our own Consciousness or Awareness.  To become more and more aware, means coming closer to the Light We Are.  I feel that we as Human Beings know less about Life than a monkey knows about computers...

OldSoulNote 287
Our scientists are telling us that there is no Objective Reality.  If this is so, what do you and I experience in this Realm? What is it that is out there? And is it out there? I feel that what is out there, is our own Mind in which we live and what we experience is a self-created reality or dream that varies according to our expectations and belief systems.  In other words, all of us create, see and experience something different while all realities are present at all times...

OldSoulNote 288
The past is the mirror upon which we project the future.  This future is created by the Thoughts and/or Emotions of our past!  This means to me, that the more wisdom we were able to collect the more we are able to project or create a future to our liking.  Meanwhile, all I have are temporary opinions that change from day to day.  We are the Truth and have opinions...

OldSoulNote 289
Here is the famous statement - All Things are what they should Be!  This does not mean that all things are what most people think they should be. The average human, in a next to unconscious state of mind (The default state in which most humans live), is not capable of knowing that all is exactly as it should be.  Due to a severe lack of awareness most human beings find fault with the world.  We are the creators of the world and we are here to learn!  Meanwhile the state of the world reflects our abilities. To improve upon our creation must be done in an individual manner.  We as creators cannot tell others what to create...

OldSoulNote 290
What is a Soul?  A Soul is an Aspect of TIL - The Infinite Light. Or an Aspect of God if you like. God is Spirit and what we make of this Spirit becomes our Soul.  A Soul then is a self-made indestructible Being and we are it!

OldSoulNote 291
What is this Pain?  The pain or lack of joy we carry within ourselves and/or are to others, is caused by the experience of our separation from our whole Self or God. When we become aware of Who or What we really are - we are able to transcend that pain or loss...

OldSoulNote 292
About Violence and Peace.  Each member of Humanity is being tested by their choices.  If it ever came to pass, it's better to be put to death by any tyrant or by any Mr Push, than chose Violence over Peace.  That is the test or choice for all Humanity - One by One...

OldSoulNote 293
What is a Hologram?  Everything we encounter in our daily world is a Hologram.  It is energy in a certain manipulated form.  Nothing is real except the Creator of the Hologram.  We are this Creator!  To know that this is so has stunning implications.  The body we live in is also a Hologram.  It contains our very Soul which is an aspect of the Universal Creator in an individualized form.  The Creator is present within its creation by means of The Soul We Are!

OldSoulNote 294
Life is a play in mind where our thoughts become reality.  Sometimes this reality confuses us and most often we become lost in our own play.  We may call upon another then to help us out.  Sometimes they are able to help us, other times we become even more lost.  It does not matter!  We still are the same Infinite Creator witnessing its play.  Some plays are created and played unconsciously and cause us to lose our bearings.  Eventually we will all wake up to full consciousness because of our plays...

OldSoulNote 295
Are Religions necessary?  Yes, they are for those who need them!  Those who need them are in the Kindergarten of Life as a human being - young Souls in human bodies.  The Kindergarten School Playground is a big place.  It more of less takes up our whole world.  In the mean time, for some of us, it is time to prepare ourselves for Grade One...

OldSoulNote 296
What is happening in the world is the result of our collective thoughts.  It is our thinking that becomes manifest.  It's like a dream that becomes real!  It is useless to go out there then and change the physical reality in the world for it is the product of our thinking. We can't change the conditions on the outside without changing our thoughts.  We begin with ourselves...

OldSoulNote 297
The goal or purpose of life on earth is be human for a while and learn that we are neither the body - nor the human being.  We an eternal Soul or God or The Infinite Creator having an experience as a human being.  We are here to experience the illusion that we are human...

OldSoulNote 298
Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword.  It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.  And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry.  Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.  How do I know? For this is what I have done.  And I am Caesar. -- Julius Caesar.  How the Dickens did this get into my OldSoulNotes?   Julius... Oh Julius... you are sneaky...

OldSoulNote 299
About violence, poverty, abuse and other seemingly negative experiences. Yes, the cycle can be broken, but we can only break it for ourselves.  Not for others.  We have come here to experience the world of matter and become educated by it.  We do not come here to follow or to experience what others have prepared for us, we have come here to experience what we have created for ourselves.  We are the Creator and live in our own Creation...

OldSoulNote 300
I feel that the God We Are works through us.  We are It... Whatever we do therefore, means that we facilitate our Infinite Subconsciousness - The IS - to become more aware!  This works automatically for it lives within a Conscious Being now.  This Conscious being, in the meantime, becomes the witness to the process.  We are waking up God!  Since we are this God - we are waking up our very Self...

OldSoulNote 301
The universe is a dream in which it created an infinite amount of figments, which actually are very tiny aspects of the universe or universal mind itself.  This means that not only the universe dreams, but these figments, or we, dream as well.  In our dream there is a slow progression towards awakeness.  This happens by means of what we dream and create ourselves.  Dreaming IS Creating...

OldSoulNote 302
From the above, it follows that we begin as a very small aspect, say an atom, and grow towards bigger and bigger structures of mind.  Means, we move or progress from atom to rock to plant to animal to human - all this in our so called dreaming state.  Within and between the different dreaming states there are quantum leaps.  They are caused by wake-up calls and we are supposed to notice them.  Once seen - we learn from them and slowly we awaken more and more.  Eventually and before we know it - we are Bingo The Buddha!

OldSoulNote 303
Doing without the Ego in this 3D world would not work.  The Masters or Teachers of Mankind know this and since the majority of Mankind is asleep, they take advantage of these Egos and let them rule the masses.  These Egos rule the masses as if they are animals, they rob and steal from them!  The funny thing is that this is exactly what the masses need in order to awaken - Ego and all.  Slowly the Ego is replaced by Soul...

OldSoulNote 304
We are here to slowly come to higher levels of Awareness.  In the mean time, since we think we know something - our very knowing of this something - blinds us to the understanding of the infinity of Life and its possibilities.  This understanding will open up to us in the higher densities.  Presently we think we have some answers and make up the questions in order to fit the limited human mind.  Meanwhile, there is nothing to be accomplished - but to be and to accept.  Once we are able to do this in silence - the very marvel of the mystery will open up to us.  It lies waiting within...

OldSoulNote 305
I makes no difference what you accomplish in the world.  Fame, Position, Money, Recognition, Being Liked or Loved, Being Known, Being Adored, Being Look Up To, Being Needed, Having Children, Not Having Children, Married, Single, or a Brilliant Career, all these conditions change like the weather.  They do not last!  Instead, all you need is to learn to love yourself.  This will give you an Eternal Inner Smile...

OldSoulNote 306
To discover that one's life has been a complete waste up to now is the most valuable realization one could make in any lifetime!

OldSoulNote 307
We Are The Truth and the reality we create, in a collective manner, is our expression.  This expression, in all its greatness, witnessed by the smallness of us, makes it possible for us to realize that We Are the One Infinite in Finite Form...

OldSoulNote 308
The Universe or the Universal Mind is the medium in which we create our dreams.  Our lives are the result of our dreams!  Sooner or later we will all awaken to the Reality We Are...

OldSoulNote 309
Friendliness is liked better than Truth!
Truth is Simple - Just drop your Opinions!
If you wait long enough... Everything is True!

Clouds are the Experiences of the Sky.  They all pass but the Sky stays!  To the *I* all Experiences will pass as easy as the Clouds.  The *I* is what we Are...

Life is not forever this or that.  Life is Everything NOW!

At one time, I was very sure of myself.  I discovered that the more sure I was, the less I understood that I lived in an illusion where all beings were figments of a Consciousness that in the end will turned out to be my own...

OldSoulNote 310
Higher Selves and Higher - have human beings as their children.  It does not matter what kind of sit ups these human beings do and/or whether they pray before or after meals.  When the Higher Ones are ready to move on - the universe will move and 3D humans will move with it!  I do not think that there are human beings on any planet somewhere who could prevent the universe from evolving to higher levels as scheduled by the Great Ones.  How Great They Are... no human knows...

OldSoulNote 311
The Infinite Light is the Intelligence behind our Mind, the Love behind our Heart and the Impetus behind all Manifestations.  The Infinite Light is the Omnipresence and Essence of Creation.  This Light is You - You are this Light!

OldSoulNote 312
When we are subjected to certain electromagnetic fields we experience different aspects of our mind.  These other aspects seem to include UFOs and other alien experiences.  All experiences are real for our mind contains all experiences or things.  Not necessarily are alien experiences pleasant or without danger to our well being.  Some Alien Beings are friendly and others are not...

OldSoulNote 313
What is the Cosmic Christ?  It is my understanding that all of us in the world are aspects of this Energy, and that this Energy multiplies itself when we begin to act accordingly.  This means, sharing who and what we are without asking for anything in return.  We are individual Lights within the Infinite Loving Light We Are.  Creation is endless pleasure - the trouble is finding the Beginning.  Go ahead... you are allowed to laugh or smile...

OldSoulNote 314
What we are and think we experience is experienced by our Greater Self.  This Self is Infinite and we as a physical beings are but one tiny aspect of this Infinite Being.  We are like one Cell in the Body of this Infinite Being and all we need to do is grow towards the level awareness of this Infinite Being.  We are this Being whether we want to or not...

OldSoulNote 315
Life in whatever matter form or spiritual state is a modification of the Radiant Creative Force.  To know this is to realize the insignificance of individualized existence.  To live Life with Joy however makes it significant...

OldSoulNote 316
Good things happen to me when I do not think.  That's when true insights hit me hard.  I call it intuitive inspiration or radical knowledge.  No thinking is involved...   I just know for I am ready to know...

OldSoulNote 317
This is Gerardus  Atom Built, Molecule Maintained, Matter Ready, Perfect Illusion.  Expert in Absolute Metaphysical Nonsense that turns out to be True.  Soul Inhabited!

OldSoulNote 318
The more knowledgeable we become - the more we slowly realize that we are infinitely small and great at the same time.  When the Light hits the Heart it kills the individual Mind!

OldSoulNote 319
No thing stands alone in the universe and all things flow forth from one another.  Life is a Dynamic Flow from which the Source of all Things is reflected in its Manifestations.  Simultaneously there is a continuous feedback from all Manifestations to the Source to keep it up to date...

OldSoulNote 320
Theories and Paradigms are Mental Spectacles through which we look and find what we are after.  This is so because we always create what we're looking for.  The Universe is a Wishing Well...

OldSoulNote 321
I do not see Gods or Egos - all I see is the Creator in different poses being itself within its creation, searching for the silent voice of itself, speaking to itself so that it may awaken to its full glory and the recognition of itself by means of the experiences needed to awaken this Infinite Creative Force.  We all are This Force - Equally...

OldSoulNote 322
Becoming Conscious of Consciousness means to me - that one becomes fully Conscious of Life and knows that The Universe or Life is what we are in our Totality.  We realize!  We can only experience this - we can never convey or express this in words.  I figure that the inner mystery of All That Is - is what We Are...  We are Truth - Truth is Reality...

OldSoulNote 323
I do not see positive and negative forces in the universe.  The entire Creation, in which the Creator slumbers, is an Awakening Infinite Giant in the process of discovering that it is experiencing itself!  Here's something to remember Sometimes a comment from the heart hits people in the Head! 

OldSoulNote 324
GOD = TIL = MAN.  We are Light Beings and have Human Experiences.  We are not Human Beings with a bit of Light somewhere.  Celebrate and enjoy the Knowing that you are Man as well as TIL.  TIL = The Infinite Light = MAN

The Universe or Life to Humanity is like the Ocean to the Fishes.  We all swim in and do not recognize it!  May the Light that lives within - enlighten the world without!  Fear is the Result of Ignorance - Love the Result of Awareness...

OldSoulNote 325
The Light of the Infinite shines through each Human Lens differently in order to confuse all of us!  We will be confused until we know, that all Beings are the same Infinite Light playing tricks on us.  The Infinite Light is very bright and its blinds the Masses...

OldSoulNote 326
I think that consciousness is like cyberspace.  Zillions of letters or notes originate there and are re-created on the other end.  In the mean time, they all come from the same space that is no space at all and seem to move through another space that ain't no space either.  What are these Letters and Notes? They are CyberSpaceLiteDingies creating perfect illusions on a piece of glass some people call a screen.  Most often what we are staring at is not there either because the symbols are not produced.  Only the light around those symbols is produced.  Talking about weirdness.  OhmyGod...

OldSoulNote 327
The Internet is like Creation.  It's not a specific space or force all by itself, it is created and exist because of Millions of Human Co-Creators who each in turn issue their home pages and posts.  Creation is a similar kind of accomplishment.  It is a collection of Thoughts and Ideas, which have objectified in different realities.  Meanwhile, you may ask me anything you like, but believing my answer is a dumb thing to do...

OldSoulNote 328
In my view, all human conclusions and/or truths are only temporary acceptances of wise sounding nonsense.  We are the Truth and we do not have to prove this with words.  The majority of people suffer from word trouble with semantic overtones in the first place.  They cling unto words as if words are the most Absolute Power - to the power of Ohmmmmmmm?

Love is my Existence - Knowledge my Goal - Laughter my Sharing...

OldSoulNote 329
FreeWill Choices - this is what God/TIL does with its Dream-Figments (you and me and everybody).  It has set us free in order to do what we feel like.  FreeWill Choices.  In such a way, that every choice creates a new reality from which we learn.  We have experiences and this gives us Knowledge and Wisdom.  These two include Love - setting all free...

OldSoulNote 330
Human Life is the continuation of experiences and actions of our choice.  Most are the result of the requirements or maintenance of the Vehicle we live in, as well as the responsibilities that come with it.  It brings us to different places in mind that give us the opportunity to become more aware because of our experiences.  Eventually we will be able to stay away from the places where we had to exercise the STS orientation.  We are all passing through...

OldSoulNote 331
The Internet is created in order to keep people busy and divided!  No doubt in my mind that it is as controlled as the stock market!  Meanwhile, the world is a Lie wherever you look.  The Truth is in What We Are.  Not in what we think we experience or read about...

OldSoulNote 332
All I agree to is that, yes, great changes are coming up.  The thing is, I am not waiting for them, and/or are anticipating them, and/or know what they will be exactly. I am too busy Being Here Now!  I know that I Am Forever and that the bodies I live in, are the means to experience exactly, what I need to experience in order to know that I am just fine the Way I Am...

OldSoulNote 333
Thinking aloud now  maybe we make our own rules and they have to be learned by playing the game.  Once you know the rules - the game is over!  In the end we are all Winners.  Just in case you need rules anyway you may use the following

Rule #1 - There are no rules.
Rule #2 - Do not make habits a rule.
Rule #3 - Play as if you know the rules.
Rule #4 - Never adopt the rules of another.
Rule #5 - Forget about all rules - just play.
Rule #6 - Never worry about playing without rules.
Rule #7 - Rules might become habits because of what works best.
Rule #8 - Wisdom is the rule of sanity and ignorance the rule of insanity.
Rule #9 - Where rules count - rules take over and people become robots.

Let it be known...
That I am never surprised by how smart or wise people are - but the stupidity and ignorance of people floors me again and again.  It reminds me of my own...

OldSoulNote 334
Loose Thought!
Believing comes from what we heard...
Knowing comes from what we experienced...

OldSoulNote 335
The Creator to me, is an infinite underlying universal energy.  This energy is of an unconscious nature.  It is unconscious or unaware because it is completely absorbed in creating creation.  It is so absorbed that it has become, or is - its own creation.  It has no self-awareness!  It has lost itself within creation.  This is why the Creator is unconscious.  It becomes aware in Creation as You and Me and all the other Beings and Entities...

OldSoulNote 336
When we as the created have reach a certain level of awareness, we are capable of becoming self-aware.  After that we become God-Aware!  Our self-awareness can expand and expand, until we eventually become totally aware.  At that moment, we discover that Creation is a Self-Expression!

OldSoulNote 337
The Creator is not self-aware - this is the reason that we are able to reach a level of self-awareness by which we recognize that We and Creation are One.  It means naturally, that we are the Creator and the Created simultaneously!  This is why Life is a Celebration...

OldSoulNote 338
The Universal Mind is our Mind.  For us though, what we know as our mind is actually the Universal Mind opened to an infinitely small crack.  To widen this crack is done by having experiences on earth as human beings until we attain the Christ or Buddha Consciousness.  This State of Mind is, as far as I can see, the highest attainment that is humanly possible.  I assume that there are states of mind that are beyond the Christ or Buddha State of Mind - because there is no end to Infinity...

OldSoulNote 339
God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones that I do and the eyesight to tell the difference...

By the Way... Truth lives in a hole in the air...

The illusion of the whole Hole of Nothingness is the Fullness of its Reality...     I've no idea what that last one means.  Probably nothing!

OldSoulNote 340
In my experiences, I have found that anybody's view is at best, and at worst - my view!  IOW all people are nothing but another pair of eyes to me.  The interpretations of the illusions we all observe might be different, but in the end - none is important - because *We Are The Truth* and whatever we experience is magic - Our Magic.  Since we are different magicians, we come up with different shows!  All this is so, because we are individual aspects of the same Universal Holographic Mosaic that is full of Magicians...

OldSoulNote 341
Some short ones here
Authentic Souls are Rebels in the Eyes of the Ignorant...
Not thinking momentarily is better than a month of thought...
Life is Involution and Evolution.  It's a Change of Scenery we call Experience...

OldSoulNote 342
Full enlightenment is like a time bomb.  One cannot fool around with the timing.  It happens irregardless of your wishes.  The universe knows its time and people.  Meanwhile, living a normal life might mean that you're not moving on any path.  Maybe you're at a View Point...

OldSoulNote 343
Enlightenment, at whatever stage or state of mind, is the result of an evolutionary process which eventually produces a human body with a human mind that is able to become more and more enlightened.  This is a process in time and therefore in human terms expressed as Evolution of which awakening is a characteristic. I'm not sure whether I really said anything there...

OldSoulNote 344
Trying to explain reasoning with your mind is something different than others comprehending an explanation coming from your reasoning.  I cannot explain it any further, except to say that we live in a dream reality or illusion.  This basically means - that anything goes.  Reasoning or no reasoning!  Possibly the more we reason - the more we fool ourselves...

OldSoulNote 345
Human Life is not about who is Good, who is Bad, who is a Fighter or who is a Lover.  Human Life is about the awareness present in the actors called human beings who are occupied by Human Souls.  All these Souls or Universal Energies come to earth in order to awaken...

Billions and billions of Human Souls come and go for millions of years.  And finally, when they see and understand what this earth is really for - they graduate to different densities of the universe to continue their lessons somewhere else.  For a very long time, there seem to be no end to the lessons that need to be learned...

Meanwhile, all these Human Souls are entertained by, and exposed to, thousands of Stalins, Hitlers, Saddams, Bushes and Blairs, who in their hunger for power perform their stunts in order to put on the show.  The idea is that all Souls sooner or later must see right through the nonsense of it all.  This nonsense-show is the curriculum all Souls must transcend and they need to become Crystal Clear in Understanding, Insight or Awareness...

Life is about Awareness, about Insight, about Understanding, not about who is right, who is wrong and/or who is doing what to whom.  And it also is not about who is a bigger Bully than somebody else.  The show continues and the Stalins, the Hitlers, the Clintons, the Bushes and the Blairs appear and disappear, while only a few Human Souls learn enough to know what is!  Billions of them are deceived by the lies and the nonsense they are told.  Life is an investigation...

OldSoulNote 346
I have seen and heard Mr Push.  He has spoken and inspired the people of his country and the countries of what he calls the Free World.  He has once again programmed them with his words that the United States and the Free World are going to fight for Freedom.  Little do the people know that Freedom is an Inner Thing.  It can never be attained by killing people or children...

OldSoulNote 347
All things are consciousness, energy, or vibrations of universal mind.  Not necessarily do all vibrations or things have self-awareness however.  In the case of the earth and other planets, yes, they have self-awareness of what they are.  Awareness and self-awareness is present according to the need of creation to make it what it is - a conscious creation...

OldSoulNote 348
If you think that there is something wrong with the world and that it should not be this way, you are still trying to save the world.  It means that you still have attachments to this world and this could means that you are not ready to go to 4D.  This is my idea at this moment.  I suggest that you do not believe what I write!  Life is your responsibility...

OldSoulNote 349
To gain awareness is the trick.  To gain awareness is done in all kinds of manners, in all kinds of lifetimes.  Souls look at the Eternity of Life - which is deeper than Blood and Suffering...

OldSoulNote 350
War is the Servant of Business.  Business is the servant of Politicians.  Politicians mind-control the people and create wars.  This is the normal cycle of human life in a 3D world.  Different cycles of human lives have different scenarios.  All things change!

OldSoulNote 351
Realities are created from the Inner to the Outer.  By this I mean, that the more Soul-Energy is settled in the body, the more the soul is able to create while living in the body.  IOW souls create reality and the body is only an instrument and witness.  By means of the body the soul checks what its creation is all about and makes changes when they needed.  Since most people are more body than soul and the soul takes second place, there is a tendency to think that creation is accomplished by some other Force.  There is but one Force - it is the Force we are...

OldSoulNote 352
To become aware that our Soul is an Infinite Being is a process we all are working on.  This work is done by living lives as human beings at this particular moment in time.  Simultaneously, we are infinitely present as The Infinite Force in higher densities.  At this particular time period however, most people are not aware of their true Beingness.  They feel separated from their Infinite Self.  Most people act and live according to the conditioning they have received.  Most often humanity's conditioning is based on Tradition, Religious Stories, Selfishness, Small Mindedness, Greed and Violence.  To transcend this conditioning is our task...

OldSoulNote 353
We as The Infinite Light enter our own creation and have different views, because we all are the same Light differently.  This is meant to be so!  It is of no use for the Light to produce two of the same manifestations with identical views or opinions.  One of these manifestations would be redundant.  There are no two things completely identical to each other.  Even snowflakes know that...

OldSoulNote 354
The universe is an evolving Consciousness.  We are this Consciousness as individual and different states of awareness.  Specific states of awareness are able to take advantage of the fluctuations of the energy waves the universe consists of.  Some fluctuations are similar to tornados.  One's advantage depends on one's readiness and awareness.  It is like catching a ball - if you're not ready or don't know it's coming, it will pass you by...

OldSoulNote 355
Life is about Knowledge...  Knowledge is Awareness...
Awareness is Understanding.  Understanding is Love. The Expression of Love is Life!  Meanwhile, some expressions only love themselves.  They are also Expressions of Life or Love...

OldSoulNote 356
The more we become aware, the more Free Will we have.  However, the more we enjoy Free Will, the more we leave things alone.  The world is exactly what it should be - it's a reflection of what we have created.  It is our Mirror...

OldSoulNote 357
Human beings are Reflections of Souls in Matter.  Souls are 100% thought!  Reflections of thought therefore must never assume that they are physically real.  They must also avoid taking themselves too seriously.  It would solidify their reflections even more.  This would make it impossible to get rid of them.  This would mean incarnations ad infinitum in which they search for their Light while their Shadow confuses them...

OldSoulNote 358
Life is an enormous Cycle of Change from Ignorance to Wisdom.  It is Timeless - Yet Infinite.  It can be enjoyed and understood in One Moment.  The Moment of Nowness!  Use it well...

OldSoulNote 359
I have discovered that half of the world is beautiful and the other half is ugly.  Trying to improve upon this balance is useless for it is supposed to be this way.  I am enjoying the beautiful half.  Sometimes, I am distracted by the other half...

OldSoulNote 360
The nature of our free will is to follow our inclinations.  Our inclinations form the nature of our being.  Sometimes by following our inclinations we feel that we have lost our free will.  Our free will is what we are!  Free will is a phrase most people have trouble with.  It's a human blind-spot that needs to be transcended.  It matters not!  A rose is a rose as much as a human is a human being.  We both follow our inclination or nature.  Both of us are God doing its Thing...

OldSoulNote 361
I wish that I could divide myself into a thousand different aspects and read all the books I ran across.  Then on the other hand, if I could do that, I would probably discover that one of these aspect wrote these books in the first place...

OldSoulNote 362
Our actual true body is the entire Universe!  The miracle is that we live in one of its infinitely tiny Shadows.  To understand this is no mean feat. That's why it is a Celebration...

OldSoulNote 363
Life on this world is like a movie.  The good guys and bad guys play their roles in this movie and create very interesting and dramatic events.  When the movie is finished, they all come together and have a drink in the local bar.  They laugh a lot, have fun and joke about the roles they played.  They come to the conclusion that this dramatic movie is really a comedy.  The movie last forever and the players change roles as often as they want.  Eventually, all players get tired of the whole thing.  One by one they all move on to more interesting worlds.  In those worlds they slowly discover, that they are The Light projecting the infinite movie in the first place...

OldSoulNote 364
Somehow, it seems that as long as we able to put our truth into words, we think that we have found a Truth.  Naturally nothing is further from the Truth.  The universe could not care less about words.  That's why I wonder - are words a human weakness?  Then, I think/feel - no it's not a weakness - it's just one way of knowing that we are human.  We will be human until we know how to transcend it...

OldSoulNote 365
The universe, in my view, is an undetermined and undifferentiated as well as an unlimited amount of different levels of Energies or Essences.  From this, we create Ourselves and our Levels of Being.  This means, that all of us can have different thoughts, ideas and understandings of this fascinating Essence and all be right simultaneously!  We all create our own particular reality in which we dwell and participate within this infinite scheme of realities and/or possibilities.  Naturally, the fact that we all could be right, also means that we all could be wrong...

OldSoulNote 366
Life is a course in remembering Who or What we really are.  Meanwhile, we are directly connected to the infinite source of wisdom that lives within us - yet we look for advise outside of ourselves.  Weird... very weird...

OldSoulNote 367
The Universe is Energy showing different aspects of itself grouped into different realities.  Entities of all kinds within the limits of these realities think they experience a reality that is separate from the Whole.  This is not so!  The Universe is one Phenomenon that shows different aspects of itself. Its reality is an Unbroken Wholeness - containing within itself all realities or illusions...

OldSoulNote 368
When we truly know who or what we are, we are not affected by the affairs of the world and/or by what others call us, for we have the unshakable knowledge that all Beings are the same Being or Energy and that all are playing their roles to reach that wisdom...

OldSoulNote 369
I see the state of the world as a backdrop to the classroom it really is.  The classroom where all is possible and no one is barred from growing towards a higher level of awareness by means of his own resources from whatever position he is in.  Therefore, don't let the world deter you from becoming more involved in conscious living...

OldSoulNote 370
Our relationship in the universe is multi-dimensional.  Most beings in this world dwell mainly in the lower mind/level.  This is the level where we experience dualities.  We have created these dualities, in order to experience them.  In the mean time, during these experiences some of us recognize that we are all One in the first place.  This knowing, enriches the experiences of the dualistic worlds...

OldSoulNote 371
I feel that there is but One Truth!  That Truth is that there are Many - we all have our own!  I like my own Truth the best for it grows and grows.  I am here to discover that I'm All That Is.  It's an infinite Self-Discovery!

OldSoulNote 372
Although all opinions are important, we still need to go beyond them, for all opinions are like stepping stones in the process of becoming stumbling blocks.  We need to experience all things - but hang unto none...

OldSoulNote 373
The Past and the Future are the possibilities of the Present.  All Possibilities are Real!  One needs to know how to pick them.  That's why Life is our own Creation...

OldSoulNote 374
There are no higher or lower Beings, there is only One Being manifesting different Aspects of Itself.  The result is that many Aspects of the One Being think that there are all kinds of Beings of which some are superior compared to others.  Not true!  We are all equal but different.  To learn that this is so - is sometimes humiliating.  Eventually it makes us smile...

OldSoulNote 375
If there are no Good and no Bad acts... no Victims and no Victors... no Accidents and no Coincidences - we might as well burst out laughing.  If we do not - that's no Accident or Coincidence either.  The cause of that is just plain Unawareness.  Unawareness is a nicer word than Ignorance.  I think they mean the same thing...

OldSoulNote 376
We all have become the result of our choices.  This means that we are the consequence of our own free will.  It also means that what we experience isn't important, but what we think about it is!

OldSoulNote 377
Our life on earth is not a pre-planned expedition that is executed to the point of precision according to a pre-arranged script.  In my view, we implement upon a general script and create our own life within certain limits.  What we do is up to us.  It's up to the individual fraction of The Infinite One We Are. The Infinite One never moves - it's up to us to shift...

OldSoulNote 378
Most people want to know everything about the world.
Very few people want to know everything about themselves...

OldSoulNote 379
The world is a specific location in the One Mind.  That's where we go in mind or thought when we are born.  Once we are there, we slowly remember who we really are by means of the realities we experience.  These realities are self-created scenarios and they all take place in our mind.  There is no Objective Reality except from what we think about it...

OldSoulNote 380
The ego is an illusionary self that is slowly replaced by the real *I*.  There is but One *I*.  Which is TIL - The Infinite Light.  This Infinite Light however, is used according to the inclinations and talents of the Christ-Self within.  We all have different functions in TIL.  None is better or worse than another...

OldSoulNote 381
Experience creates Awareness and Awareness automatically produces Love.  When we are aware of this, we realize that we are all climbing the same mountain but find ourselves at different levels.  All climbers are but one Being climbing the mountain different ways.  This One Being is Love in Action expressing itself in the many climbers we think we are...

OldSoulNote 382
It is an enormous accomplishment and celebration for The Infinite Light or TIL to become a mere human being - who finds himself existing in the shadows of its own Greatness. These shadows are the matter illusion we live in.  Most human beings are totally lost and in complete ignorance that they are TIL existing in its own shadows...

OldSoulNote 383
I feel that we are Energy-Particles and that the universe is made out of Cosmic Energy Waves.  We are surrounded by these Waves and can't comprehend them, because we are not able to recognize them.  These Waves are invisible in a space/time scenario.  I feel that we used to be Waves and have changed into tiny Particles.  We ended up in a self created time/space reality.  Once there, we have trouble finding our way back to become Waves again.  In the mean time, we are oblivious to who or what we really are.  In a way, we use tiny Particles to measure Waves.  We suffer the apples and oranges problem!  We have stepped through ourselves while we were not looking.  Hmmm?  Does this mean that we are dreaming and unconsciously create our surroundings?  Are we The Infinite Creator dreaming our Creation and need to awaken in our Creation or Dream?

OldSoulNote 384
We only live one life and in this one life we play different roles.  All roles are played by different characters or personalities.  We as universal energies (The Creator in an awakening stage) become these players by means of merging with the body-minds of human bodies.  We as Souls seem to be alive as human beings.  Meanwhile, we think that we live different lives...

OldSoulNote 385
Reincarnation is an illusion.  All we do is exist in different levels of our own mind.  This one mind is the Creator's Mind - which is our Mind.  All the rest is illusion.  This illusion is our reality!  We as the Creator in human form are slowly awakening to our own unlimited Greatness by means of the dreams or lives we seem to live.  To discover that this is true - is up to you...

OldSoulNote 386
Life is not about who is right or wrong, who goes to church or says prayers.  It is not even about who loves God or hates her, or about helping others directly or indirectly.  It is about awareness first and foremost and when that has been reached - helping others becomes our second nature.  Once we are awake - helping others is the noblest form of Love possible...

OldSoulNote 387
The itinerary of my present incarnation was planned very carefully.  There were many highlights and stopovers, good times and hard times. However, now that I am traveling the planned journey, I have forgotten about all these plans and I just do what I feel like.  Everything is working out fine!  How nice to find 'you' here...

OldSoulNote 388
We all live in The Mind of The Real or Absolute.  Now and then we seemingly pop out of that Mind and have our trips in dreamland.  We need to remember here, that the two words "illusion" and "reality" stand for one thing - the temporary or finite reallusion...

OldSoulNote 389
All illusions are realities that are absorbed by the Real.  The Real is The Infinite Light or TIL.  Which in actuality is the only Energy there is.  All the rest in, and of creation are temporary illusions or finite realities.  However, some of these reallusions (combination of illusion and reality) could well last 10 billion years.  Strictly speaking Souls do not live in time anyway.  Makes me wonder... are Souls reallusions as well?  Maybe Souls are temporary or finite replacements for TIL...

OldSoulNote 390
Imagine that we are The Infinite Light and we are aware that we are this Energy.  Since we are all powerful, we are able to make our Energy vibrate with any frequency-pattern we see fit.  By means of these vibrations we create all things and beings in creation.  Then imagine that we transfer all our power and awareness to all the aspects we created according to their form and beingness.  Then imagine that we began to live in them!  This means that we are living as the created right now and 'are' all things and beings.  Do you think that anything could hurt us when we know that all things and beings are us?  Fat chance...

OldSoulNote 391
All of us are engaged in a performance in which we are actors and we play our roles by showing up in this world.  By means of our acting we learn more and more about ourselves and the purpose of the show.  The purpose is to awaken from a long sleep and gain more and more awareness!  We have Free Will - yet we are tied to an invisible string that makes us dance when we need to.  We are instruments of The Infinite Light and there is no way that we could do anything that would not awaken us...

The only requirement of a human being is to awaken.  Not to try to correct or change the show or others.  Whether or not anyone is able to awaken others is a big question in the first place but many try!  Yes, one could utter a word or two, leave a book or magazine at someone's house, or leave it on one's own coffee table.  There is no guarantee that others will pick it up and read it.  I have seen this in my own home.  The book was picked up, looked at and rejected as nonsense.  So much for trying to help others to awaken.  If the Soul is not ready, no other Soul could or should do anything...

OldSoulNote 392
In any show there are so called good guys and bad guys.  They are actors and play their roles.  The only difference between a Theater Show and the Show on Earth, is, that we all know that the Show in the Theater is just a show.  The Show on Earth is accepted as real as people make it their reality.  Many are willing to die for it.  It is not needed - it's even silly!  It's just a show.  Almost all actors do not know that they are acting.  The only thing required of a human being is to accept 'what is' and see through the show.  One could call this as Hands-Off, but from where I am looking it is Minds-On.  One is allowed to laugh anytime...

OldSoulNote 393
Many people think that there is some kind of solution to Life. They call it searching for Truth of for God.  They do not know that the solution to life is knowing that a solution is redundant.  Life does not need a solution, because we are the Solution!  It's in the choices we make. This means we make choices based on our inner desires.  We live and accept Life - the way we think best.  Which means that we accept what is and surrender to it.  After that we may want to change our present conditions.  So first we acknowledge what is, then we accept what is, and then if possible we change our conditions and improve.  By living this way - we will become what we must...

OldSoulNote 394
In order to raise our awareness, we need to have something to raise it against so to speak.  So, we are brainwashed by religions, political lies and monetary lies from birth and the trick is to transcend and see through them.  Basically, all worldly-systems are a specific reality that is pulled over the eyes of the masses.  This reality is the guideline of the sleepers.  Sooner or later we will all awaken...

OldSoulNote 395
Thinking that the world is saved, promoted or brought to a higher density by means of the efforts of average human beings - is like thinking that the viruses in our body determine our State of Health...

OldSoulNote 396
Criticism, condemnation, or an attack upon the world or others is an attack upon oneself! All this becomes Crystal Clear when we understand that the world and others - in the so called "out-there-world" - do not exist. There is no such world!  The world only exists within our own Mind - nothing exists "out there". Also - if our mind is negatively oriented - how could anything positive exist in it?  When we live with a negative oriented mind the "reality" we create is formed by means of negative concepts. This negativity bounces right back as self-attacks. The world always reflects back to us what we think we see out there. We create our own reality. Jesus possibly said this a lot simpler - Do Not Judge!  Accepting and loving others is accepting and loving Ourselves...

OldSoulNote 397
All books, myth and philosophies of the past do not amount to anything compared to what is available today by means of the present Visionaries and Channelers that are available for free on the Internet. From that "collective-concoction" we create our own opinions and correct them whenever we need to. In the 3D World of Mankind there is no Truth - there are only opinions. Truth is what we are and opinions are what we have...

OldSoulNote 398
As I see it - it matters not one iota what kind of game we play and who is winning or losing. Whatever the game or play is, and whether it is an illusion or a reality, it does not matter one iota - both viewpoints give us the opportunity to see through it and say Aha! The kind of game does not matter - it is the awareness we gain from playing or watching the game. It's not the game or play itself that counts. Plays do not count but gaining awareness does - that's why the world is fine the way it is..

OldSoulNote 399
I was pondering about what I have experienced in this lifetime. It was a very interesting lifetime, but it was also a lot of work and deliberation. Suppose one would make up a balance sheet and mark pos and neg on it. Might come out even and most likely one would conclude - Why Bother? IOW: Once we know that we are "The Essence or Life" or "The Light" all the rest of life is but another dream or illusion...

OldSoulNote 400
The Observer looks at Life with Divine Indifference. He is detached because he knows that there is only change - forever - in all worlds. Also, the observer is aware that there are positions of awareness that exist way above the observer's own understanding or awareness. IOW: there is an Eternal Progression of Awareness that is reached by means of experiences and/or Quantum Jumps in Awareness. Some people call them Revelations. After they happen these people are in a different orbit. Things are more clear then!  After this some of them spend the rest of their life writing or teaching others. Others just sit on their butt and smile...

OldSoulNote 401
Trying to explain that Human Life is really a 3D human folly, leads to endless words and semantics that distracts from the real thing. I leaves us stranded with a semi-sullen-soul in a world full of tinsel and nonsense looking for brilliance. It is not there! To recognize truth in what is said in these Notes - is the first step out of it...

OldSoulNote 402
The Creator is Consciousness. This Consciousness dreams! Its Dream is Creation. In its Dream or Creation this Consciousness has the freedom to express itself in an unlimited fashion - the result is an awakened level of awareness in all entities of Creation. The Creator awakens to itself by means of the Created. We are this itself...

OldSoulNote 403
Human Life is a dream, but to live it unconsciously thinking that it is real, means that we are lost in an illusion. Illusions cannot be fixed or changed by dreamers. One needs to be awake to do that! The funny thing is - that once we are awake - there is nothing to fix anymore...

~ !   Please never never Worry - Life is only an Experience   ! ~